Sulaiman Moola – Lockdown Reflections #7

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need for support and collaboration between men and women in the face of crisis, including global issues affecting society and local support. They also touch on the definition of a good life and the importance of living in a healthy and wealthy life. The challenges faced by individuals with OCD, including negative emotions and struggles with fasting, are discussed, along with the need for positive environments for one's health and success. The segment emphasizes the importance of practicing Islam and embracing personal and group experiences to improve one's behavior.
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Before I formally commence with my address today, I think I would just like to put on record my appreciation and gratitude to the positive feedback that we've been received receiving on different forums and platforms both personally and to the radio

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without mentioning the names of either of the people simply because it was quite a few that has come through over the days. And it's always refreshing and rejuvenating to know that it is bringing in counsel and comfort to fellow listeners and viewers, that is one of the fundamental objectives of Iman, what are so bill happy whatever. So, this summary, so the what the while so is from Baba or in Arabic grammar, which means to mutually encourage and exhort one another towards truth and patience, and the challenges of each person continue in a different way and it is our moral, ethical and religious responsibility that we endeavor to share in the pain of others in a hierarchal Hopper,

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mankind amok woman Yo, Ron, absolutely. In fact, woman is a bizarre man is a direct shot at a fee Shambala Julio jamak in a hotel have come and can mark your true brother and SR is the one that will support you right through times, and will not ditch you or launch you or forsake you in a hot, cold, hot, warm and cold America, where many of our runoffs who lean back and the one who will take pain upon himself to remove the pain of others. Woman era was the man is such a dark shirt that a fee Shambala, Julio Jima, and the one who when he finds that you have been gripped and you know, you are fragmented, you are broken, you are shattered, then shut that fee, he leaves mark, he breaks himself

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to gather you together you so that is our duty, it is said and unfortunate that seldom do we honor this obligation and Alhamdulillah we are somewhat trying to do it in this time of the COVID-19. And at the same time, give inspiration to people because we constantly need this.

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There is a verse in the third use of the Koran and again look at the blood of the mufa Syrian so say you didn't at least Ali has salatu salam said to his disciples, man and sorry Illa Allah man and sorry Illa Allah who's going to help me in the cause of Deen? So we these are different aspects of Dean and we need to mutually support complement and assist each other. So in Macedo salute under this if it is written Jawaharlal istance, our Minelli Dean lead Dean will under hula unified tawakkol that it is absolutely correct for a person in any aspect of Deen to exhort others to encourage them to request their aid and assistance. And it doesn't go against the teachings of

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relying on Allah that rely on Allah but that doesn't mean you cannot mutually take help from each other. And then the the subsequent reflection is even more profound than the former one. Well, unelma meloetta unelma meloetta ma de la COVID Mela tema Allah

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and that your relationship your relationship with the friends of Allah is like your relation with Allah Subhana Allah and what's the deduction you say that recently his Salaam said men and sorry Illa Allah Who are my helpers to Allah. So that releases the the hint of the permissibility of seeking help someone in a crisis he or she needs help, we need to respond we need to respond.

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And I also would like to say that you know what, from my own interaction with social Okay, so social cases, that sometimes people might lag or delay, but they also have their own challenges in life. So you know, as much as we we at times need urgent intervention, but to the truth be told that we are witnessing a, a minor form of what Allah described on the day of the Yama as liquidly marry a man whom Yama even known you honey, that every individual will be gripped by a condition that will compel him and make him or her heedless and oblivious of others. They'll be so consumed by their own situation. And the truth be told, unfortunately, this is happening. When when the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that in nakooma, Sharona Yama Yama to fatten a rotten hula that you will stand up on the day of Yama, * barefeet and uncircumcised as Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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naka de una cama de la cocina con el amor LA, you have returned to us la casa absolutely, certainly, to Mona you have come to us Come on as holla Kanaka we created you over a mirage the first time. So the manner in which you were dispatched as a fetus from the womb of your mother and you came into the womb of this world, pretty much in the same way you will return and so are the Atlanta said was oh a da. So people will stand up * bare feet on cloth. So that means their bodies will be exposed on to be over LA, would it be that one would then would get exposed to the private areas of others, which is which is a merited question which is a meditate question. And he sallallahu wasallam said

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the moment will be so intense that people will be consumed in their own situation, they won't able to look elsewhere, they won't able to look elsewhere. And this is the reality of what we are facing in the world that every person has his own private, domestic marital financial, economical challenge then there's the global issues then there's so many things happening anyway, we learn from this ayah that Java is still our main angle A daily deal to request a fellow believers to aid and support us and we are having

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a drive to help the poor Come and join us listen we go into the doors of brothers to invite them to the house of Allah Come and join us less than we have in this campaign during the the lockdown period come on board and then we're and many more are mela Tama la la.

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The relationship with the friends of Allah and May Allah make us his true friends is like having a relation with Allah Subhana Allah we always known and look at the deduction we always know that the friends of Allah are close to Allah etc.

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Well another more

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local morality mahalo.

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Why, because Ghana via a coup nano and saw Raka Illa Allah

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when say the now as I said men and sorry Illa Allah Who are my helpers to Allah, so grammatically, the format of that sentence the reply would be that nano and saw Rooker Illallah We are your helpers and we are your you know, we will aid you in the matter of Allah. But they didn't say that they said, Man I'm sorry in a lot Kalahari Yun and nano ansarullah replying to irisa that we are your helpers they said we are the helpers of Allah. So that means Look at the beautiful deduction. Look at the beautiful deduction, that helping the friends of Allah is like your own relationship with the Almighty. Allah in Olia Allah He La La him.

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So it is our duty to you know, mutually support each other. Today's verse that I want to touch on before we resume with the Hadith is a verse of the 14 Jews of the Quran, Chapter 16 verse 97. So what does Allah subhanho wa Taala say in this verse, Miami lasallian means occur in our own mean, fella No, no higher than Paiva it is the 14 Jews chapter 16 and verse 97. Miami lasagna Hammond Decker whoever performs a righteous deed that occur in our own male or female. Well, who were more men provided they are believers fell and no hayyan higher than Paiva. Allah with great emphasis say absolutely with certainty, we will endow them with a good life higher life by you by pure wholesome

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excellent. Now under this is in many afrc there's a very academic and a very stimulating discussion. What defines a good life what defines so this is the unequivocal declaration of the Quran. If you believe in Allah, and you do righteous deeds, Allah declares and promises that he will grant you a good life. Some say it refers to a good life in the latter in Arthur, but that is the merger opinion. Raja has the overwhelming view of the Jammu room of a city in the overwhelming River City and is no it refers to hire and pay but in this world, and then that brings to the fore the million dollar question on defining a good life. Commonly, averagely people will define a good life as a

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healthy life and a wealthy life. But that that definition is flawed. That definition is flawed not only from a religious perspective, but even from a mundane and material AI as well, simply because if you look at the stats of suicide, that it is more rife in affluent communities than those living below the bread line. So that that that contradicts the definite Well, you've got a good life just just by by human logic, that then you got it all going for you. It's set. It's happening. You're in a good wicked you have

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You wealthy and it's all happening. And then there are people living in absolute poverty in absolute poverty.

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We were talking of social distance now, right and we know even in our own country where those that are living in very basic accommodation, and they have very little to offer, it's literally impossible within their structures. On a recent trip into rural Kenya for three, four months back when we were inaugurating a village there, and I did an interview. So it was 100 homes, a Masjid and four wells and that constituted one village. And we drove does an amazing experience Amazing, amazing in all regards. So a flight from Nairobi to Mombasa. And then from Mombasa, we drove day one for like, three, four hours, with slept over. And then we drove the next day three, four hours

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because of course, the roads, you know, the it's rocky terrain, it's not the best of roads to drive on. Long story short, we entered the entire community village, there was the media representation, etc. There was a delegation of speakers and I was the final speaker there before we kind of handed over the villager on the donation of a system. And all this was, of course, under the banner of William Dodd and I'ma share this year, the amazing thing, this was a sister

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who had passed on in the UK, and there was some, it was subsequently discovered that there was some malpractice. So she was then compensated by the state, a whopping 100,000 pounds, you know, which, which is a handsome amount. It's like the 2 million plus with the current

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you know, what depreciation of the local currency much more and Subhanallah I met the father subsequently, they decided that their daughter has passed on her know, her name was Hawa. And I said to them, and even they I mentioned how our means, one who was created from the living will show me how early inequality between hygiene and I said Your house is still living. She is living if you go there in Africa, and you see, so each home kind of had a little block that that for the solace of the sister. Anyway, we the family decided to donate the entire 100,000 pounds as an investment in Arthur for the late daughter.

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Right? I mean, they lost their daughter, and this was compensation because of some malpractice that was detected subsequently. Anyway, I did an interview in one small hut La ilaha illAllah. It was 40 degrees. It was extremely hot. It was sweltering. It was scorching. We were drenched in desperate perspiration. We had an entire convoy with us here, there was police presence around us, the entire village had come out in the numbers. And

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I get to the opening of this little hut and you got to literally crouch and bow down bow down to get in. I get in and I you know, I can just tear now to describe what was the size of that house.

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If two people sit there, and they stretch their feet out, their feet are going to be knocking against each other. And for me it was a reflection again of the hadith of Sharia law, that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make sense down ramezani he would nudge me Tibet storage layer, then I would withdraw my legs in then when he would stand up I would stretch my feet out the room being too small to accommodate me stretching my leg and then I'll be over libre straighten. And then I came out I had a look at it. I said can I meet the owner of this little hut. And finally he came and through an interpreter. We started speaking. It's a father. He his wife and four kids

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living in this year for kids. It's probably quarter the size of the studio quarter the size of the studio.

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I I hugged him, and I embraced him. He cried. I cried. It was an emotional moment. I said we've come here from South Africa just to let you know we love you for the pleasure of Allah and forgive us for coming so late. We have defaulted we have defaulted. And I often urge people go out go out give us the card by yourself give you feel it feel it's a number observed it of a loved one. Whoa.

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So then I asked him I said what do you sleep on? Just to understand it? So they brought the height of animals, right? The the skin and the height of animals, which is so you know, thin and and doesn't have any any cushion or any support to it? I asked him through the interpreter. Did you ever have an insomniac night? Did you ever have a restless night like for me Just the thought alone would would would would leave me restless? It says Alhamdulillah we have the most peaceful sleep. Yeah, we have the most peaceful sleep. Yeah. And then you sit there and wonder really speaking that you know who who has life. And these were his words. A lot is very kind to us. Allah has never abandon us.

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Allah takes care of us and you look around the man is

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Absolutely nothing. So anyway, here's the verse coming back to it. I digressed. And I apologize for that, but I thought it had some reflection and meaning that the owner might say the definition of a wholesome life is that alone will give you contentment regardless of your financial standing or your illness. And allow will give you the ability to focus on the reward promise in the latter world in that situation in which you are. So if your illness you constantly say, but I know my allies got great reward for me, I know my allies got great reward for me. I know my Allah has kept this for me. Yesterday I touched on the sentiments echoed by this sister who was just widowed five days back, and

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she says I kept on telling my husband due to the intensity of his cancer. And I said to him, I said, My beloved, my darling, I want you to be happy with Allah. I want you to be happy and I know that Allah is testing you because he loves you. I know that Allah is testing you because he loves you. So they're gonna say these two things define a good life, what is it, you will be happy Allah gave a divine joy, happiness and satisfaction in that situation. And you will have the sub sub is the mental awareness of the reward promised in the situation in which you are contrast this ayat with the ayah in the 16th. Jews in the 20th chapter, woman are on victory for in Allahumma in Santa

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Monica and the one who turns his back to me, he will have a straightened life he will have a narrowed life. Again, some say it refers to the grave as I say it refers to the world and pretty much they conclude on the same sentiments. That despite having everything the crave of more the the desire to secure more will create will leave them restless will leave them restless and abhorrent. Makana will hurt Rob don't mathema that a slave is a king as long as his content and a king is a slave as long as he has greed. And

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what did What did zulekha say? What did Zilla say when she seen Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam walk in any ad assume the throne of Egypt, she said Subhana manjaro ll mu Luca so behind Nemanja lol IBEW can be ta T, while maluka B then b matassa t. So behind them. So behind Nemanja I ll be the mu Luke and with it when mu Luca B then B Manasa. T. All praise belongs to Allah who elevated a slave to the throne because of his obedience, chastity and morality. And equally it's a point of reflection that Allah disgraced someone who was on the throne to the lowest point because of her infidelity and disloyalty and she was alluding to herself. We move on with the narrations here, the next Hadeeth

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here in chapter one, and that's Hadeeth number four on the strength of Anasazi nomadic radi Allahu anhu, in which he says that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either bitterly Allah Muslim ob Bella in fija de de la lil Malak octo Bella who saw the homily and Lady governor Yeah, Mel for in Scheffer, who was sallahu wa Hara who were in taba who have for Allahu wa Rahim Allah Subhana Allah. So the messenger sallallahu wasallam said and I saw the Alon Who said I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying when I saw he came into the film of the Vla, salaam at the age of 10, and he was 20. When the anatomy of a law passed away, we are the famous narration of that I

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served the profitsystem for 10 years, and the scholars say he started serving at the age of 10. And then he was 20. When the number of Allah sallallahu wasallam had passed on the messenger sallallahu wasallam said when

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I heard Nabi sallallahu wasallam say when I afflict in which Allah Subhan Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned Okay, that's the Hadith we've done before. It's the next Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says if a Muslim is afflicted with a bodily affliction, if a Muslim is afflicted with a bodily affliction, and that's the nature of the COVID-19 situation, it is said to the angel who records his noble deeds that continue recording the pious deeds he committed in the state of good health. If Allah grants him recuperation, subsequently he recovers well and good. Allah will forgive him and have mercy on him allow cleansing and if Allah grants him death, Allah will pardon him. So

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either way, it is a win win situation.

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So I often speak about the retirement package of Allah. People talk about retirement package right and in the retirement package, you got to invest yourself and then often when it's time to claim there's so many snags challenges, find

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you know, clauses which you didn't read adequately and now claim etc, etc. So yeah, we are told that when a person becomes ill Then the angel is told up to blow home sorry, homily continue writing. He is now unwell, he is not in a good condition his health cannot support him. So whatever good he used to perform would be continuously recorded.

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For him for insha Allah who if Allah then kills him because sallahu wa hora who is purified from his sins, and if Allah grants him death, then Allah will have mercy on him and enter him into Jenna. There is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, either Murray will have to do or suffer.

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Either Mary will Abdo suffer cootie Bella who Mithra makan a Medusa Han makishima This is the retirement package of Allah. When a servant travels or he or she becomes unwell, then a lot of records for that servant what he or she performed while they were at home, and they were well, so obviously travel limits you restricts you your time, your hours, your travel, it's difficult to continue reading all those

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out and wobba if and all those additional noir fill an optional prayer. So now you're on journey. But the key thing, the key thing, and I think this is very, very vital for me to share in a lot, what's the thought in my mind now. So currently we are facing a lockdown. And of course by the limitations of this state. We've been told to perform prayer indoors, those who used to perform their Salah, prior to the lockdown with congregation, they will still attain the reward of congregation during these days, even if they are unable to honor congregational prayer at home.

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But if a person did not perform congregational prayer in the masjid during the lockdown, that is that is you know what just a dream My brother to say, well, there's a lockdown and there's a crisis. So now by circumstances, we cannot go offer your prayer at home and you will still get congregational prayer, congregate if you're performing with congregation at home. Yes, you will get congregational prayer. But of course the bigger the congregation The more the merrier, the more the reward, but if you perform in at home without a country and for congregation even to form the congregation apart from the Juma prayer, the regular Salah right

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so if you perform in what congregation you will get the reward let me be clear on this Yeah, but if you are performing Salah at home and you did not perform prior to that, then there isn't congregational reward for you. And my aim is not to discourage, but my aim is to motivate you so that we hasten in exploiting the opportunity of good before it's too late. So use the verse of the Quran hallein rorona illa Anta to whom Allah Malaika to Oh, yeah, a tiara book. Oh, yeah, Tia Baba Yaga big yo mighty bamboo it Rebecca Lyon Pharaoh nevsun, a man who had lambda con an admin Pablo Olga sabot fee Imani Hira, Allahu Akbar, it's a verse of the ages of Surah Al anon, in which Allah

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they delaine interning, it's looks like they're waiting for something. And they could only probably be waiting for one of the major signs of your Lord to come your mighty Arabic, which by the reference of the Hadith, in the context of this ayah is to know a sham, same in Muslim Bihar. The sun rising from the west is one of the final signs of Yama after the sun rises, and there's a whole academic explanation to how that will occur, it will dip down and then it will it will you know what rise again from the same side and not move to the east. And there's an explanation to it. I don't want to go into that detail. Your Mayor it on that day when one of the signs of your Lord will come

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lambda yada yada yada Rob Baker, on the day when one of the major signs of your Lord comes, it will not avail anyone his faith who had not brought a man previously. Oh, cassava tree Imani Ha ha, no will the repentance of someone available him who did not repent before. So if a person was in worship, then post the sunrise in from the west, his worship will still be rewarded, because he was doing it from before. Right? In the books of Fatah, we talked about when a person in kurita masala is there I just have a flash of it. Now, when a person becomes a judge, then it's not correct for the judge to accept a gift from anyone because that person's motive is now tarnished. He wants to

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curry favors with the with the judge and so that he will get some favors. However, if someone used to give this person who previously was not the chief justice, a gift, then he can continue receiving it. Because this was a practice that was continuing. We've been told not to fast on a Friday because it is a type of read. But if a person was fasting prior and Friday falls in then it continues. I hope I'm clear on what I'm saying. Anyway, I want to touch on this year again. Little more on the beauty of our Deen. So you became unwell and you want to address our elderly folks. You know we have a crisis. You will have the old folks that Subhana Allah they will exalt themselves to the

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performance of the six

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First of all, which is great, I don't have an issue, but sometimes the health is not good. They need to take care of it. And then you have the young, healthy active that are battling too fast the forest fires. So we tried to tell the elderly take the concession Allah gave you it's Allah that gave it to you. It's Allah that gave it to you. You will be amazed to know you'll be amazed to know in the books of FIFA and yeah, I referenced the famous book neural ibba

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class, you know hassanal Wolfie Sharon boulardii Rahim Allah under the chapter of Babu mela you see the song on what does not break fast What does not break fast? He speaks about manicaland asien Oh, Shetty. veneziane If you ate by mistake, and I hope I can be clear, because generally I dislike addressing a ruling because of its intricate nature. But I just want to show the beauty of Islam you sick. Now, even if you are unable to fast you're optional for Allah has given you the reward except what Allah is giving you. accept you. And I'm telling you these are two separate scenarios. The youngster you're trying to motivate him listen, you're not so sick, you can keep it and the ante and

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the cha cha and ma you're trying to take a knee or a tummy tuck or I'm Karina go and she's 99 I purchased hora de Mirage ohana rosani gala mala dechra m o m i understand my I appreciate it but this is what nebulae Salam said right the cursor in Salah listen to this what the polka say. And this is the teachings of our Deen that amongst the things that break the fast is what does not break the fast man Akela nasioc Oh Sherry veneziane you ate by mistake or you drank by mistake does not break the fast now the FDA has a

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in Canada Nancy in Canada Nancy put the rotten you that Kira who mandra who could work query her at the motor carrier he was in lemmya con Linares he put the rotten fell Ola at the motors Gary has mentioned in North America.

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This is mentioned in rural Eva

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La Jolla I would be in is beautiful. I was saying to someone you know who had a little condition of OCD, that sometimes your OCD condition and I don't I don't want to be insensitive to anyone who has any condition may Allah make it easy for everyone. May Allah make it easy for everyone. What the COVID-19 its glory days for those who have OCD because everybody's wiping 10 times everybody's you know, Washington Times wiping 10 times keeping safe distance etc. So each one has their own challenges. But sometimes the devil gets you into repeating your Voodoo so much and your prayers so much and then gives you the notion that faith and Islam is so difficult, but Islam is not difficult.

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Islam is not difficult. Some people feel if you use the public washroom you have to make goosal before you perform Salah no no no you know what I use the communal bathroom so now you coming up with your own conclusions which is not prerequisite of course purity is is important and merging the two types of purity is ideal. But if you have one that will suffice a fee JOHN BOEHNER takaharu is the first revealed in the context of the people of Cuba and that was it

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not to be Rama Rama so I'm My mind is moving but it's just an influx of different thoughts here. Listen to this year the folk aha say and I'm coming back to the Hadith if you're sick Allah still giving you the reward Allah still giving you the reward of all your optional Yes, your Ferrari you got to work on it, your Ferrari is you've got to work on it

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and you got to execute it and again there is a breakdown there is a breakdown if you cannot stand you can set if you cannot set you can you know lie down etc etc. So the footer has say if a person eats forgetful there's a difference between by mistake and he forgot. If you eat by mistake, you're fast breaks.

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If you eat by mistake, that means you know you're fasting and you ate then for example a person is performing and then he's gargling the water and and he knows he is fasting and by mistake the water slipped down his throat, then in a case like that his fastball break. Of course, there will not be any cafaro you wouldn't if you just have to keep the one fast because this is not forgetfulness. This is a mistake. So there's a difference between the two. It's written in the books of Fatah but you forgot you fasting and you ate the forecast say in cannoli, Nancy put rotten if the person who forgot that he's fasting and he ate us Akira who mundra? Ahuja cool those that are close by a

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brother Brother, you you fight Oh, Allah you told me and then he spits it out. What could he have either modeski reheat and it is disliked and repugnant for those that are present observing someone who is fasting and he forgot. And he started eating not to remind him it is macro on your part. It's your moral and religious obligation. Brother Brother you are fasting okay Jazakallah what elomi akula hoopoe per charge

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The man was fasting. He's got a bit of a touch of dementia, Alzheimer's. He doesn't know sohoton iftaar properly he doesn't differentiate between his family and stranger. He doesn't understand consciously but he is adamant that he wants to get up or other passionate, not adamant, passionate, and he gets up and now he starts eating. And you know, he doesn't have the strength. The books of fitness a fan, Ola either mooted ghee, then it is better not to remind him. And after you finish it, then you say Shut up. I think you've all Yeah, yeah, you see, you're right. Yeah, yeah, I was fasting. You remind him after he finished it. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah. I'm saying our Deen is

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simple. My last words of nebulae. Salatu was salam to mwonzora the Allahu anhu and he was going Yes, Sera, Sera bashira wants to know more how do you go in when you come back? It will be my mustard and it will be my grave and you will not see me as a little corny bada army ha de la la kitamura we must God will be recovery. And then he said Maha make it easy for people don't make it difficult for people. Give people glad tidings don't don't drive people away. I always say to people, whenever I counsel them, and they have a challenge and a situation, I said see humans you have to give explanation to Allah doesn't need an explanation. Rob bukem, Allah Moby Murphy, no fool. Second, you

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start calling you your mom called you. Now your mom or your dad or your teacher, things you didn't come up with? Hang on. I know you tried to call me but actually at that moment, just just hear me out. You don't have to give an explanation to Allah. Allah knows the sequence of your life. Allah understands your situation. Allah knows your intended fasting, and Allah is most rewarding. So the Hadith is here that when a large test is serving, and he's unable to perform any additional actions, the angel is told October Allah who saw the homily, he continue writing, and then in that if there is cure for him, then Alhamdulillah and if there is atonement for his sins, and if it is death, then

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it is gentle for him. And like I told you the retirement package of Allah, that when you age for the rest of your life, Allah will record for you all the good deeds that you did in your youth. So my young brother and my young sister, this is your time, exert yourself later in life, you won't able to stand the long knockouts in prayer. But remember, if you stand it now the reward will continue. May Allah grant us the beauty of our Deen that we can exhibit it correctly and convey it correctly as well. I mean, you're a bolide, I mean a dino your throne was Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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