Forgotten Etiquettes #18 – Stop Encroaching On Me

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Islam surely impresses upon us to be selfless and generous and not to be selfish and self centered. But that does not mean that people can violate you or invade you know, Islam affords you the right to excuse and decline. So in juice 15 Chapter 18 Verse 66, the narrative of Musa and Hadith from which we draw these great lessons, Musa alayhis salam asks, How can I accompany you and learn from you? Verse 67, Javier Alayhis Salam says in NACA Lanta, stuttering Romania, sobre, el Musa, you cannot bear with me, you cannot enjoy with me. In biannual Quran it is written we learn from this era it thoroughly early me, Allah manually will ask Dan who fear Adam,

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Italia Mi Mi mela Yattaman, who thought oh, that if a student comes to acquire a particular science from a teacher, and the teacher knows that student doesn't have the capacity to bear that you can excuse him? Listen, you don't have the capacity to learn this art and the skill. Likewise in chapter 24 Verse 28, Allah subhanho wa Taala says if you go to visit someone, and of course the Hadith teaches us that your visitor has right over you respect him welcome him Usher him in realizzare Kanika haka, but it could well be the time you went to visit was not good. We're in key Lella Kumar, J. Oh, if the host the owner bearable. Bates said to you on the doorbell, please go back. It's not a

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good time. For Giroux, go back, don't invade his privacy. It's not a good time. So Islam allows you the right to preserve your self esteem and not to be violated and trampled by people. chapter two verse 282. Allah subhanho wa Taala impresses upon the scribe and the literate person Wilaya Katie Boone, and yet Toba Kumar Allah Maha Allah. If Allah has empowered you with literacy, then don't hold your expertise, right for people and empower people. But at the same time, Allah says to everyone else, well, are you Baraka? tibone Wella Shaheed don't cause any discomfort to the scribe and the literate person, you need his help his expertise, be sensitive, and accommodating to his

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time. That is the beauty of Islam etiquettes that govern all aspects of our life. May Allah bless us with the ability to imbibe these beautiful etiquettes in our lives. I mean, you're blind I mean,