Sulaiman Moola – The Most Forgiving Human

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the culture of the lemme of the sea, where evil and immoral people have become role models and have become celebrities. The segment also touches on the culture of the lemme of the sea, where rewarding qualities have been found in the culture. The segment also touches on the history of the physical and mental characteristics of Libya, including the "any human can do" and forgiveness as part of one's life. The segment also touches on the struggles of Muslims with addiction and the importance of forgiveness in addressing problems.
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da da da da La Ilaha Illa de la sharika canon Vanessa Vanessa molana Mohammed Abu hora pseudo

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con la Mota Baraka with Allah

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for calling me the

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ministry Ponyo Jamie Bismillah Walkman you're watching

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very useful Allahu Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah alayhi salatu was salam, honorable Malema Ikram respected brothers and elders. One of the greatest tragedies of our times is that the most evil and immoral people have become role models and have become celebrities. A person who has a certain skill in a sporting field, he becomes a sport in Star youth flock towards him, embrace Him, revere him emulate him. Yet at various sporting stars, social life is in total shambles. And we see the media features this from time to time, there is only one human whose life has been molded and groomed to perfection on every possible level. And there is the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Lacan and a comfy rasulillah he also has

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Salah Indeed, there is a perfect example and a perfect role model for you. Any human coming from any background at any point can relate to the life of navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There are many people that are you know, they are excellent as far as their own sphere and field is concerned. Perhaps a brilliant businessman, but a hopeless father, a wonderful cricketer, but a terrible neighbor. He will excel in a certain thing and he will fall short in uncertainty, any aspect of the life of navia Kareem sallallahu wasallam if you will examine it. Maybe Elisa himself said Devaney, Robbie DB might align himself cuted me and my align himself nurtured me and hence my

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Allah perfected my nurturing. It is a law that says in the Quran, Allah Allah, Luca Nazim, no Mohammed Salah sallallahu wasallam we endorse the fact that you possess a blind character, why? Lm l mursaleen? Most definitely. You are from among the prophets, why in Nicoletta in our team, and you steer people towards guidance. In fact, you can safely be said that the salient qualities of the various prophets were the common qualities in the life of Libya Kareem sallallahu sallam, and hence it was by virtue of this sublime character of him that he molded the most barbaric of nations in a short span of 23 years and made the guiding star for humanity till the Day of damage with the loss

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of minimum lives. With the loss of minimum life in a short span of 23 years. Libya creme de la silla molded the most barbaric nations, and every quality of Libya. Kareem Salatu was Salam was responsible for attracting people towards Islam, and the beauty of the character of Libya. Iran is such that up to this day, those qualities of nearly saddam which attracted and captured the hearts of the most stones Kufa, those qualities and attributes still possess the same effect till today. Hence, even though only today will reflect the beauty of Islam. I say by and large, the media, he will have no will have no choice why they have, and they create an anti Islamic sentiment, if the

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Muslims they have to inculcate within them, the beautiful o'clock of Libya, Karim salatu salam without taking out any article without coming publicly on any radio station nationally or internationally, but prove the media wrong by virtue of the character.

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For example, the beautiful quality of generosity in the life of nivia Kareem sallallahu wasallam Subhana Allah what is remarkable quality like I said, hustler Jamia croissant he every quantity of his was unique nebulae salatu salam is working in a cafe by the name of someone up omiya who is working in a valley he has some sheep within the some kettle and nearly Salaam with him he heard that this particular herd in the direction a cow feed by the name of one evening omega is impressed at the wealth of Nebula Salaam

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for Adama Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Jaco is really staring. He's admiring he's obsessed. His inviolability Salaam, Libyan a Salaam looked at him and said so what you like what you see. He says I really love what I see. Every day.

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Take the sheep take the kitten whatever. He says do you literally mean I mean if a man is driving a beautiful car and you admire it, you say that's the closest you can get to it is admiring it's there's nothing closer you can get to my car and other other than admiring it.

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liberalism says, Take the sheep and goat, he becomes so impressed. He goes back to his nature and he says they are Chrome as lemo. fallen in the Mohammedan.

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When he seen this act of generosity, the first statement he added, he said, I swear by your love, no human can do this other than the heart of the prophets. I swear about my purpose enough to laugh at him behind him, none of sunovion it needs a perfect to make a declaration like this and to be so generous. He goes back to these people, he says, All my people accept Islam, I promise you, this man hasn't come to take your money, he has come to give you money.

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So every quality of

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him was unique and outstanding. Today, I only want to explore one quality in the life of Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam. And really, we all have a lot to learn from this particular kellet quality of nobility salatu salam, and that was the nibio Bala, what a forgiving human he was, to forgive to overlook to pattern until and unless this quality will not become part of our marriages will not those marriages will not see prosperity. In any argument if a husband and wife will dwell on the past and revise the wrongs of the past it would only jeopardize that relation. But let us see how broad is the bosom in the chest of nearly Sam, that he can forgive in part and and give shelter

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to people that you you know who have committed crimes that are unpardonable. Let's look at for example, the conquest of Makkah, which indeed was the clinical manifestation of the quality of forgiveness in the life of Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam he leaves from Madina munawwara on the 10th of Ramadan, after Salah with an army of 10,000 Sahaba. And he kept it a secret so that the kuffaar cannot make counter preparations. He plans the invasion of Mecca, precisely in accordance to the time that ally had decided. The first setback that he faces was from one of his own near dear companions, and there is a Sahabi by the name of hatebreed needs to be built out of a loved one who

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who has a loyal faithful Sahaba but he had some non Muslim relatives in Makkah why he was notified of the agenda of Libya Salaam. He was overpowered by sentiments that what is going to happen to his family in Makati. He writes a brief note. He gives it to one woman and he says get to market quickly notify my relatives that delivery of Allah has intended invading Mecca, they must make the preparations. This woman thinks then at the end, she proceeds gibreel amin descends and tells Libya surrounding the verses are revealed in Surah mustafina the DOE Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam one of your companions had intended to divulge your secrets and this is the whereabouts you can make, you

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know adequate arrangements to intercept this woman Ramses II maybe some call it to the unknown

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and Abu Dhabi or his son said get onto your horses and kill it as fast as you can you come to this precise location to Rosetta coffin there is a woman that she has valuable information interceptor in that letter and bring it back this woman was brought back the letter was brought

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and when the letter was open, clearly in very bold handwriting This is from karate trivia we built out to the people of Makkah Mohammed saw some intense invading make preparations now via Instagram since called the savvy signal machine will be over let's not call in teenager Let me tell you why not beheading the very son said Come come down Omar. Allah revealed the vs lotta Tito how do we overcome Alia to call him bill mama duck. This is only we have a yummy out. Look at the patience of Libya Somalia. We are in a copper in a in a slum to Olivia Lima Muslim and I'm a genuine Muslim maka four to one or two. I have not abandoned you. Niva Nila has become Renegade, I became emotional over

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the sentiments of my family. And because of that I divulge your secret but I still love you and I reviewed you and I acknowledge what I did was totally wrong. But I realized that immediately revelation had informed you and my agenda and my playing field that we are external to sudama hurt the Sahaba and he said I have forgiven you and all my Sahaba you also forgive him, nobody can harass him. via Instagram resumes the journey. They come to a place called the Holy Father in the month of Ramadan.

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The cooker of mecanim absolutely no information. They come to the alfalfa from Makkah leaves to make a bust Uncle Sam accepted Islam, but literally Sam told him that you stay in Mecca, disguise your Islam and then inform me on the movements of the kuffaar. When it comes to the Holy Spirit, Sam said that our boss is final. Now we are going back to Makkah and you also join us in return the kuffaar there was a general perception in Mecca that at the conquest of Mecca either you embrace Islam or you flee for your safety net there's no other option. Either you come to this man, admit all your own. Ask for forgiveness embraces light or then you flee for safety as Sam came to Makkah, and when

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they prefer seeing this huge army around nearly salatu salam it was too late for them to even notify nevermind make preparations to have nearly saurons cousins who played a vital role against Libya Li Salaam. They came close to Libya to ask for forgiveness. One was nearly slums son, cousin, his

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His uncle son and one was an aviary. Serato sounds and the son said I don't want to see them till 11 come close to me. Maybe it sounds like Santa Maria Luna was but she interceded she said only Viva La even though I'm like what? After all they are your cousins Why don't you hear them out now via a Salaam accepted the intercession of whom Miss Alma those two cousins came they sincerely apologize that we have unless it okay I have been in your in this manner many people came up an example gave him and then he came into Makkah, all gays under the strong entity is the conqueror of Mecca, unlike how kings and monarchs enter like the Quran says, in Malmo, Luca De Luca

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that when a tyrant roulette comes into any place, as we seen the invasion in Iraq, we seen what is happening with Mike with authority with pride with arrogance. levy on his column inches into my car, all the gauges are on him rewired suggests he did not even lift his gaze, he dropped it totally out of modesty. Don't you know attribute it to Allah Alhamdulillah Avada All praise belongs to Allah who fulfilled his promise and just awada nasaka who assisted his servant has a male Baba and gave defeat all the enemies of Islam.

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Now here is some come to the house of Omaha.

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He takes, he comes to the Kaaba, he performs to rakat namaz Saba Ikram. Can you imagine the sense of, you know, jubilation among the Sahaba enjoy the conquest of Mecca? navire surat with some good is the kuffaar in Makkah, they all congregate here. He then asks an open question to the congregation, given the atrocities that they had carried out against Libya. Salaam, Ramses Oh people, what do you think today I will decide with you. They all said we beseech you, we implore you to overlook the wrong we display to you.

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I will echo the sentiments of my brother Yusuf, when Allah reunited him with his brothers, because of the wrongs of his brothers, he was separated. What did he say?

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to young Pharaoh Lola Kuma, who I mean, there is no reproach on you. I have forgiven all of us in my life is May Allah also forgive you go you are free for the pleasure of Allah. at this critical juncture after he was gentle pattern. Then Allah

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gave a declaration that 15 farmers be beheaded wherever they are. One was the general part into one in all, but there were 15 elements of evil in society who didn't ever you see them behead them. One of them was applied in a hotel and this is what I want to draw your attention to. A Philippine hotel was a coffee, who initially was a Muslim, he accepted Islam. Libyan Islam had sent him out to receive some soccer from certain types and within another young Sahabi so when they came to that location, a Philippine hotel told this young boy Okay, you prepare the food, I will go and collect the money the second he agreed and subsequently I've been loving hotel when this young boy young,

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tender age, he went off to sleep. He was in deep sleep overpowered by tiredness when a Philippine hotel came back, and he found that this man was sleeping. He got so angry that in a fit of anger he killed a man. But there's don't ever underestimate the harm of anger and lust. When a man is overpowered by lust, nevermind Zina, he will perpetrate the act of *, and we see it happening around us. And when a man is overpowered by anger, then just because of the delay of one meal, he will kill a man. He killed him immediately he realized I did a blunder, the novela will take revenge and he will kill me also. So he abandoned Islam and he became a Catholic. He took the wealth that he

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gathered and he joined the forces of the copper scholars, right he committed three times. One is he killed the person unjustly. Number two, he abandoned his Islam he became Renegade. And he had a lot of slave girls used to incite them to sing by poetry about nearly salatu salam. And these were the crimes he committed around the conquest of Makkah. And he also made this announcement and lesson Oh people, Allah has made Makkah sacred, it is not correct for any man to kill anyone. However, at this critical moment, Allah has made it lawful for me to kill certain too far. Let it would not be correct for any person in the years to come to say that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam killed hence I

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can do the Vla Salaam made it very loud and clear in the football that he delivered in the football in the heart of that Allah has made it lawful for me, and after I have killed these certain prefer once again the sanctity of the Kaaba will return and hence no life and bloodshed can take place in Makkah. Abdullah Patel comes in the Kaaba savasana.

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Libya, Iran said wherever you see him behind him. This is an evil man rewired suggests between Nigeria as well as capital was beheaded

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another copy over my head given the command that he must be beheaded intercede, we haven't to explain the pattern of Nibiru salatu salam was it Rama

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Rama was the son of Abu Jamal Abu Jamal was the owner of the soma Amina nassima

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Kitab in Mali, he committed the most evil of crimes at the conquest of Makkah, etc.

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Decided to flee from McAfee safety. He leaves both the boat and he goes to Yemen. His wife only Hakeem Binti hari pinhey sam comes and accepts Islam and she said we are asuna Allah in Arabic Rama takahara minca walk off and tequila hufa Minho Allah my husband a Chroma my father in law was a very evil man Abuja he had caused a lot of pain to my husband is also afraid you will kill him and he has fled from MCI mass can you kindly forgive him and pardon him? Let me le salatu salam says who are amin I have forgiven him in one word and to be honest unanswered I have forgiven him when this economic gets on to the boat and is sailing towards him and they foresee a storm he starts turning

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to his diet is a lot of people told him on the boat that you know what your your diet is, will not help you Yeah, you have to turn to the through Allah. Like I always say there is no atheist on a sinking ship, oh my god, for either rocky bulfin fulica maintenance to some deity.

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You will have to worship that one Allah. So he makes an agreement with a line in the center of the center of the ocean. Allahu Melaka

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in our feet and he Nima and a fee, our life You can't meet deliverance from this crisis in my life. When I will get to shore I will pledge my loyalty and my my allegiance to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam when it comes back to the show, his wife comes to embrace him. And she says you have to come in on the other

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side in us. I have come to you from the noblest of people. And that is Mohammed Salah is and don't destroy yourself coming accept Islam. So he agrees and as they're coming back to Macari via suggest he then tells his wife You know what I have a need for you and I want to have some conjugal relations with you. His wife openly declines and she says I have accepted Islam. You're a copy we can have religion. They come to an aviary Salaam. He knows the wrong he has committed it since before the release route. He says oh Mohammed my wife and she was totally veiled. She accepted Islam and she don't have a job. My wife claims to say you have forgiven me. The very son says yes, I have

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forgiven you the the claim of your wife is totally correct. Then he asked me what do you invite me really Sonam read the Karima and he embraced Islam. He didn't ask me any Surat was around make dua. Another thing I wanted to mention before he comes in the gathering look at the pattern of the Vla Salaam. Unfortunately Today we are carrying a lot of grudges in our hearts. You know each man is getting this one over petty things there's so much so in this in the heart although you forgive you meet your greed but the hearts are not clean. Libya is haram sejati Kumi Rick Rama tamamen and Paula ababu. Oh my Sahaba a trauma the son of Abu Jamal will be coming as a Muslim very shortly when he

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comes here don't talk to him about the wrongs of his father For verily insulting the disease offense delivering For verily insulting for in San Benito.

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Then it has

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led to a ceramics one of the stuff in a coma. He was just not the son of a great coffee but he himself it was gonna be an extra layer so make ba

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da da da da da da da Syrian serafina mo Do you read with a nickel must read it for what filled alumina Remini meanwhile Vinci was he oh and

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our love for him this man every hatred he displayed to me and Islam. I will not forgive him every step he took towards extinguish in your life. Allah forgive me every time he insulted me on my face or in my absence, it comes into divide the Savi started crying except that Islam is it only ever lived and so much to you but you can forgive me indeed you the number of Allah. Another calculated the number 11 listen to this brothers. I call upon the woman today mother in laws can forgive daughter in laws governing laws can forgive mother in laws I'll show on today of the Ahmed look at the vastness of the quality of kindness in the life of your neighbor. amongst the people that

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delivery of Allah said must be killed one was a person called hotbar. When I paid for your undivided attention brothers, this is an incident that will make you cry. Whenever you have a law after he got married to Khadija de la Juana. After five years of this relation, Allah blesses him with his first daughter, who was called CD Tina, Xena brother Yamaha, the eldest daughter of nearly Salaam, every father understands the sentiments he has towards his eldest daughter. As this girl grew up and she matured, there was a person in Macau by the name of Abu Dhabi. This was prior to the advent of Islam,

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like this man as a son in law, so she asked to be in a slum What do you feel? Can we get our daughters enough married to us? What countersued aligns us in law, your halifa would not go against the desire of Khadija in a hurry. Khadija, if you feel it's a good match for our daughter, I am happy and we perform the niqab. Hence, this marriage took place and we are in Serato sankaty thought as a nebrodi. Atlanta married to this person can never be when they really serve receive profit would any became the enemy of Allah at the advent of Islam, his wife and all his daughters accepted Islam. Of course, his son in law did not accept Islam, and the kuffaar tried every way to persecute

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navire salaam to such an extent that they came to the top of nabire salaam and atoning for it sorry about that you must divorce your wife. How can you have this man's daughter in your kneecap? They cause the harm in pain Coronavirus on every possible level. They said divorce this man's daughter. He said No, I will not divorce my wife.

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She hasn't done me any harm.

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As time continued and it became difficult the Muslims made hated. The Muslim migrated from Mecca to Medina and catina Long story short navire Sonam also made 102 Madina munawwara the first battle that was fought against the Cooper was the Battle of butter in the Battle of butter Abu Dhabi, the son in law via Instagram because he had not yet accepted Islam also joins the ranks of the Kufa although he was not so into Islam, but because he had not yet accepted Islam. He came with the kuffaar and he was amongst those that were captured as the prisoners of war. It was then decided amongst the Sahaba with the consent of Libya, Hassan did the prisoners can buy the freedom with ransom, and the

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relatives from Makkah came and paid money. They gave jewelry, the daughter of the Viennese around zenobia Lana is in Makkah, and she knows that her husband has been captured by the Muslims in Medina, she sends a very valuable necklace of her, which she received from her late mother teresa de la Mancha. And this necklace was brought before the VNA, salaam, rewired sisters, brothers, the very son was sitting with the Sahaba when that necklace came, he started crying like a baby.

00:21:04 --> 00:21:40

Button sadita and he started cherishing the thoughts of Khadija and he said Is this the desperation of my daughter Xena back in Makkah, he asked the Sahaba if you allow me, I returned this necklace back to my daughter, and I release my son in law without ransom subject to your permission, but it's very emotional for me. savasana be overlapped by all means if you say we are happy. The release Trump calls his son in law and he says take this necklace and go and give it back to my daughter and I'm setting you free. I only have one thing when you go back to mocassin my daughter She is a Muslim MCI is not conducive for her now the environment is hostile. Send my daughter back. He goes back and

00:21:40 --> 00:22:18

he agrees in the BLS and I'm praise Him regarding this attorney for sacani Bhavani. For what Bobby did, he was a very faithful and loyal son in law to me. He comes back to Makkah he tells the daughter of his wife, look at your father has you know set me free without taking anything and your father said that you must go back to Mecca. Go Go to Medina. She got very happy that she can come and join the beauty salon. He makes adequate preparations she mounts on to her camel and nearly Salaam sent to Sahaba as a deeply harita and another Sahabi he said disguise your movements come to a location try and make some mediation meet my daughter at this point and then use a an unusual

00:22:18 --> 00:22:45

route bring my daughter back home when the daughter of Libya is Salatu was Salam mounts onto her camel, the son in lovely Sam could not come so he sends his brother Kiana Ebner Robbie and he says just take my wife on the outskirts of matcha and then from the others will take her onwards and she mounts on top of a camel. She is pregnant she is making his return delivery on the on the deen of Allah. He comes to a certain location with the two other devices such as some confessing that the daughter of Mohammed is making 100 We cannot allow this let us

00:22:47 --> 00:23:26

one concrete by the name of a bar. A sweat comes. Allahu Akbar he comes and he strikes the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam she falls off her camel. She was pregnant for wirkkala subletting she falls onto a boulder as soon as she falls onto this boulder immediately she miscarriages the child who is the grandchild of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam she starts bleeding so profusely that her condition is not stable. She cannot resume the journey and this copier and others are sitting and enjoying what has happened. She's been returned to Makkah her condition is stabilized and after a few days she comes back to Makkah. She comes to Medina. But of course her condition and her health

00:23:26 --> 00:23:35

was not too good. The incident is very long brothers. She then comes to Marina and in due time then her husband also comes to Medina and he accepts Islam.

00:23:36 --> 00:24:13

When he comes to Makkah when it comes to Medina and Sam is very happy, and Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam, you know, performs the niqab between them to again and they live happily and merrily. In in Medina, the ATR of edraw Satan has a number of Yolanda died out of that same wound that she sustained in the journey of hatred with the novela said hierro panauti. You see, but this is my best daughter, she suffered the most for me. She comes to Medina and she stayed there. And because of this woman, she passes away Sahaba used to refer to her as a martyr because of the difficulty she experienced in in hatred. And one other point that was mentioned while she was been lowered into her

00:24:13 --> 00:24:17

grave, aviary Sam was so sad he stood by the side, he told him

00:24:18 --> 00:24:48

to give. And when the puzzle was over, he took out his own Mubarak cloth. And he says, Now put this on the body of my daughter. And then when he went into his cupboard, Saba said he was so sad. We didn't have the courage to look at him, nevermind us. He lowered his own daughter with his hands. And when he came out of the cupboard, somehow His face was radiant, and it was bright. We said whenever you have a law, what is the matter what is the method whenever you have a law degree or a salon said, as I was going into the grave, I looked at the darkness of the grave, and the loneliness of the grave. And I thought of the weakness of my Xena. I was really worried about my daughter what

00:24:48 --> 00:25:00

is going to happen to my daughter in the cover? I mean, what one law was gonna happen to my daughter make it easy for my daughter. And the angels have descended to confirm my daughter will be exempted from Aesop as a token of joy that my Allah has exceeded

00:25:00 --> 00:25:20

exempted my daughter from the severity of the grave My face is radiating. Brothers in a nutshell at the conquest of Makkah, my inner peace had killed a man who assassinated my daughter, her partner's one. But this man also comes running before nearly Salatu was salam, the man who put the spear through the body of Siena who caused the grandchild of near his son to die, he comes

00:25:21 --> 00:25:37

apart, they were through the thoughts, maybe some way give them in terms of presidential pardon, I swear by Allah Nita, the sky, dada has seen a more forgiving human than Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, who can shelter the murder of his own daughter

00:25:38 --> 00:26:14

salatu salam says, What do you want to have to say say, it says I want to be over law. I know I have done this pain to you and I've hurt you. And I was going to flee from you. But then I heard you're a very kind man, and you're a very forgiving man. You're a very merciful man. And hence I have come first for a mechanic who can me I have one thing to ask you. And that is Forgive me for the wrongs that I have done to your daughter, Libya, salat wa salam sighs, brothers, can we imagine I don't have time to elaborate. Can we translate the sentiments of Libyan Islam in any possible language, maybe a solemn silence and he says I have also forgiven him and might Sahaba you also forgive him.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:52

But as this was the kindness in the forgiveness of his uncle, who was assassinated in the Battle of Libya, he cried at this occasion so much rewired, such as he never cried in his life. He made the janaza namaaz of hunger 72 times. And you know what, when he was born, he was mutilated. He said, If it wasn't for the fear of my auntie Sophia, I would have left the body of my uncle Hamza on the floor, he was the foster brother of nearly Salaam. They both drink the milk of a nursing mother called to Eva Salaam said if it wasn't for the sentiments of my auntie, I would have left the body of homes on the floor, so that the butchers should come in eat on his body, and that he can stand up

00:26:52 --> 00:27:20

and be resurrected from the stomachs of the vultures on the day of the army, to air to the helplessness of his situation and the day of Tiamat the men who assassinated him at the conquest of mecanim era ceram said kill this man. But even this man knew that the Mohammed assassin is such a forgiving Maybe it comes before maybe a slump and he said their level of Buhari he asked me Allah forgive me eight years is left but the grief is fresh. Libya is Salam says you are watching. He says yes, I am watching

00:27:21 --> 00:27:40

Hamza You killed my uncle Hamza. He looked down he says yes, I killed the various sounds How did you kill my uncle Jeremy? He says I don't have the courage to tell you. Let me erase Ramses Okay, I forgive you. But do me one favor. Don't show me your face. Every time I see your face it revives the thoughts of the murder of my uncle, famous tatata

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if you can just avoid your appearance, it will make it easy but I have forgiven you also. Brothers there are so many ladies. I take this opportunity to ask every brother that has leave this gathering by forgiving let us clean our hearts. How long will we keep jealous jealousy grudge. Let us then relate to the life of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam who could shelter the murder of his daughter who could shelter the person who assassinated his uncle in 100 nebulae Salatu was Salam says that person who will forgive his brother for the pleasure of Allah you will enjoy the greatest of both in gender. As I mentioned the sisters but one quality May Allah tala inspire us with the beautiful

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o'clock of Nivea creme de la la Sallam said we can also learn to forgive our partners, one nubby complained to Allah My wife has very evil character. Allah said that this is the share that I have put of difficulty in your way that you enjoy and you forgive. Allah speaks about forgiving in the Quran. First step is soft culture mean overlook in a good way, forgive in a good way we know about a beautiful house and a beautiful car. Allah speaks about beautiful forgiveness. There is forgiveness in such a way that you don't make reference or you don't get in the heart. Allah inspire us all.

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