Adnan Rajeh – Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #17

Adnan Rajeh
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la Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa rasuluh. Mubarak Al and the beginner or have you been converti Ioannina Mohammed in Wagga digital signage manual

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so I now know we're basically standardizing 40 minutes before

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it used to be 30 standardized to be 40. I think 40 is reasonable along this time, there's only 1314 left. I'll start porting to this in sha Allah to Allah before Aisha

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people are here I'm here might as well maybe that way we can get through a few a few more verses Yanni. And you can talk about if you

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want to do it number 78. Actually the first wonder

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what do you do when you have got jihadi Wadjet? aback or momager either either you can fit Dini mean how Roger militare ABBYY Ibrahim, who was American was mostly me and I'm young Kobe Luffy had the corner was who Lucia he then either you can water Kuno Shuhada.

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Primo saw that. It was like, Well, I tell so well, I tell Seymour Villa Who am I will lock on Fannie Malema will one Yeah, men nicely.

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So as I explained yesterday, and we spent a little bit of time talking about the theme, the themes of the sources that we that recovering, they were talking about, so to hedge,

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circle hedge as a part of this cluster from a straw to a nebula, which is the largest and the longest cluster in the Quran, by far.

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talks about the fact that carrying this message because this cluster talks about carrying the message meaning the carrying the message means as and when you take Islam, you're not only just adhering to the rules yourself, but you're carrying the message to others and you're spreading that to others and you're acting as a

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as a guardian to what the message is you're protecting the message, you're making sure you're taking it to others, you're performing Dawa and you're so carrying the message is also the benefit that people are going to get out of it. So that's what this means. And these tools just talking about what that what's going to be needed the requirements for that to work and some of the challenges. And so what that tells us basically, that getting the message is a journey. It's not an action. And this journey is going to have ups and downs and difficulties are gonna require flexibility is going to require require perseverance, grit requires some degree of striving in order for us to actually

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achieve what we hope to do.

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And in that sense,

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edge is a very appropriate name for the surah because that's what hedges hajis a pilgrimage which is a journey. That's what actually it is you're supposed to go to Allah Allah Allah calls upon you and your answer is the bake Allah Humala bake Oh Allah I am on my way, I'm coming to you. The bake Hola, hola, Baker, la sharika Baker, you call me and I respond and I come to you. And I'm on my way. This is what it means. So it is a journey of its own. And it's symbolizing the journey of carrying this message that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed upon us this message we're not the first or last we're the first not we're not the first people to carry it but we are the last people who will be

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carrying it in terms of a nation and in this at the end of sort of just the final one but yeah, he do feel that he has a god he and strive for Allah, the way Allah deserves to be strike striven for.

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How does Allah Allah deserve to be strived for? Pray for him subhanho wa Taala which means there is no limit to how much you need to stop. That's what Jihad means. Jihads means you're going to push yourself which is identifying difficulties are going to strive and strive against them. You're gonna continue to move forward.

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Who would you to become one Magi Allah, Allah, Allah this verse is one of the most beautiful verses in the Quran. Want you to welcome one gyla Alikum demon hello and he chose you for this. He chose you for this mission. And he did not make upon you within your deen difficulty.

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did not make your deen difficult. He didn't put restrictions upon you and Islam. So the next time you think about Islam, and if something comes to mind as a restriction, it's not. That's just the, that's just the perception of your knifes. Your nerf sees everything that does that is not whatever it wants a restriction. If the left is not getting everything that it wants at all times, that's the restrictions like a child, unless you're gonna let your child do anything they want. Anytime they want it, then for them, you're restricting them and you're becoming a disciplinary. And that's okay. That's okay. That's how because that's their perception. Their children don't understand your

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analysis. There's still a child on the inside, it will see every restriction as every rule as a restriction, but you and I should have the intellect to identify that's not it. That's not it. Well imagine a confit demon how much he did not make this faith in this religion in this law for you difficult. middle letter A B, come Abraham is the way of your father Ibrahim alayhi salam

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who was a mark and will Mussolini and I mean probably worth he had. He is the one who called you Muslims back many, many many moons ago when he was around and in the Quran with he had Leah Qunar WOSU Shahid and Ali Khan for the Prophet

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Muhammad So Islam to be an example for you the standard the golden standard that you hold yourself to Allah your salatu salam he that's what he does when he serves for us whenever we want to see if we're doing well we compare ourselves to Muhammad SAW Allah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Do you see are you like him? Are we acting like him speaking like him thinking like and behaving like him know that we need to hold ourselves to that standard via Kunal masu, shahada, Shahidan, alikoum, otaku, shahada, Allah, nothing for you to be examples for others. Because if you're going to take the prophet as awesome as your example, you will live up to that example you'll become example for

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other people as well. theme will Salah to establish your prayers appropriately

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was like alright, I'm not forgetting. And whenever he puts a condo Salah Anita is a guide together, he's basically summarized all of the rulings of Islam because these are symbols if I'm the salah is the symbol of the acts of worship that are between you and God and eat Atlas Zeca is the symbol of the acts of worship that help other people. And that is an In Islam there are only two types of acts of worship, either something that is between you and Allah like reading the Quran and fasting and giving and doing with the spirit and within decurrent husband and praying these are just things that is between you and Allah and then their acts of worship like you're trying to determine who haven't

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been invalidated cetera and also that these help other people. So the Quran theme was Surah, two second, these are symbols, symbols of the acts of worship that fall under that umbrella. He's not saying just those two things matter. It's like where's Psalm Ramadan and how * and you know, these are hydrogels also, it's under the umbrella of Themify because it's something between you and God, but our theme was to perform all the acts of worship that you were commanded to perform. When I tell see Morgan Lehi who are moolah come in hold on to your Lord and His Word, He is your protector. And yeah many moolah when your manual so you

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the best Lord He is and the best protector. He is Subhanallah this verse at the end of Zulu Hajj is a beautiful it's just it, it takes us Subhan Allah it literally takes you on a journey. Strive for Allah subhanaw taala the way he deserves to be strived for. He chose you to begin with they did not make this faith difficult for you. This is the way of your father Ibrahim, he is the one who called you Muslims back and back when he was around and he was called the Muslims in the Quran as well. And the prophet is there to be an example and the golden standard for you and for you to turn into examples for others. So make sure you follow Allah has commanded establish your prayer and give

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yours a cut and hold on to the world of your Lord because He is your protector and what a great lord he is and what a great protector he is. That's the end of sweat lodge one of the most beautiful verses at the end of the sutra than you can possibly imagine. Let's do a number 33 OF SWORDS

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we'll order doesn't matter whom you owe me. He led ina CAFO who work at double will be the core of it. We're at Seraph now whom Phil hayati duniya Well, it's rough now whom Phil hayati dunya

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Basha boom I'm Miss LUCAM yeah Kurumi Mata Kulu Yeah, Konami, Mata cologne, I mean who is shrub who me Mata shabu, the story of me know, me, no one tells you that the value is people. The value is not in buildings, the value is in people. So the beauty of this cluster from two to a number that just just walks us down, you want to carry the message number one, know that you're carrying the beacon now from now on, it's being given to you as an amount you're responsible for it and the Quran is your way to look I have here are the four elements you need to build your society. So with Meriam family is the is the basic unit, it is the fundamental unit that through that Islam is going to

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continue it's going to be inherited, you're going to give it from your family is going to be built in there and to make sure it's done continues to go through families. Ba tells you that you carry this message and it's not designed to make you miserable. This message is designed to give you fulfillment. Yes, it may be difficult, but it's designed to fulfill you in this dunya Indonesian inocula. So Colombia tells you here your role model is Gambia, so to help tells you it's a journey to understand that will be ups and downs, you're required to be flexible, you need to be perseverance, and you need to strive for the sake of Allah. And so to me, no says the value is human

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beings. The value is in people, your investment needs to be in people. You have to spend time working and building people. That's what matters, everything. Nothing else matters. institutions don't matter. buildings don't matter. Name, logos. None of this matters. What matters is people. Are you investing in finance where the value is? Are you taking time to invest in people?

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And this is the problem that we have today because the way we've digitalized everything the world has shifted quite a bit. Now we care for quantity over quality. This is the argument I get on a daily basis from from brothers and sisters who are very loving and have a great intention. Why don't we expand? Why don't we reach a larger

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audience? Why don't we because there's no point because there's no point. So a million people watch TV

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do so much. I know none of them. They don't know me they're not gonna benefit from anything. It's Meaningless, meaningless Wallahi it is the how many videos have you seen throughout your life? How many inspirational videos have you seen? What have they done for you? How far have they moved you? It doesn't work. What Works is quality. The Prophet alayhi salam didn't reach millions of people himself. He reached millions of people through his investment in human beings. That's how he reached them. And that's how this has to happen. When we when we

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when we take quantity over quality, Islam doesn't work anymore. Yes. So you're reaching more people. So you have more views? So you have so what? Well, if that doesn't mean anything. Well, I just a headache. Rather, forget about all that work locally, focus, focus on the people that you have in front of you. Allah subhanaw taala plucked me out, put me here. And he did the same thing.

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I actually threw that over there. I got rid of this and put it behind him. Thank you think I don't need it was wonderful. Lovely. Thank you. Thank you. So take a look.

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You aren't here, you're living here. These are all awesome content. I put you why you think of helping someone who's living 1000 or 5 million kilometres away? I'm not talking about someone who's starving. Who requires your aid and money? No, no, of course you need to do that. But I'm saying and when it comes to when it comes to building this map carrying this message and building? Why are you thinking about someone who lives in a completely different context, when there are people who need you right there.

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Right, and Syrian

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Syrian proverb and misery Bula Barrera. And he's always he's always looking at to help someone else, he can't take care of his own family. He's focused on something. No, the prophet Allah is also focused on those who are in front of him, just like we need to do. And the moment he failed, the moment we'll talk about this, at the end of the month, the moment even for a split second, does for a split second, he didn't think of the person who was standing in front of them, I must say whatever he was told no, you focus on the person in front of you. Where are you living? Are you living here in London focus here, are there no brothers and sisters who could benefit from you, or you're not

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able to carry this message to them, or you're not able to carry this message from them, invest in them, this is what this is about. This is what moves me It tells us there right in front of you don't don't don't lose it. Don't focus on something way beyond that. That's what you want me doing tells us the value is human beings. And so the nor tells us that carrying this message is what will hold on to society, what is going to protect communities. So notice very valuable is a very important store. It talks about

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protecting communities and societies from the darkness that is lingering around it all the time. It's it's called newer. And so it's called light or enlightenment. And it tells us you want to protect your society, you need the light of Allah subhanaw taala. To do so in the light of Allah subhanaw taala comes through following and learning what He taught. And that's what sort of notice, the theme is. And it's obvious if you just read the first couple of pages of it, it kind of makes a lot of sense. So that I talked about the brother red book called Man, it's insulting me normally he's talking about the story of all prophets. So the first story is the story of Noah. And then

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after that, he starts a story of a prophet. He does not name the prophets if I was sending him Rasul Allah Minh, who was it? Scholars have.

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scholars have suggested every single prophet for this. For every prophet, there's some scholar who thought it was him for every one of them, all of them. And what I believe it is, is just a generic story that works for any prophet, which is backed up by the evidence of every scholar thought it was someone or someone different. I mean, this happened to everyone. It's the same story being repeated time and time again, what is it? Well call and medical lady in a cover room call me here, because there will be a fire in Fira

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and the people from from the you know, the noble people or the strong people or the wealthy people from the

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village or city of the Prophet, those who disbelieved those who refused to accept resurrection accountability. And then he says one more thing that they did, which is the point of me telling you this verse, what I turn off now whom Phil highlighted dunya

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we granted them more wealth than they would ever need in this dunya which is one of the biggest problems. Once the human being has more than they need, they tend to stop taking certain things seriously.

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They tend we tend to become a bit arrogant when we have more than what we need. We tend to start speaking in a different

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different acts different attitude. When we have when we're full, we have everything we want, we change a little bit. It's only when a human being is weak and scared and alone, that he started speaking with the correct and the

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correct words. And the correct attitude in the correct perspective, is that the moment when you're you identify how in need you are, that you start thinking and speaking, correct appropriately, when we have too much. And we don't learn and we don't have their proper deskey and we weren't educated appropriately, it goes to our heads. Well, I sort of know whom Phil highlighted dunya this generic story tells us that all those who refuse to believe and their profits went the response they were sent to them, yet a few problems they didn't believe and they refused the truth of of what was coming to them in terms of resurrection, but their main issue was What's wrong

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Now whom Phil highlighted dunya

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we had too much. So what because because they had too much they start everything through a lens of materialism. Everything was was based on on numbers on wealth. So what did they tell their prophets Maha Illa shadow mythical. This prophet is just a man like you. Yeah Kulu Kulu I mean who were shot booming mashallah Boonie each like you who drinks like you you're gonna listen what am I doing Basha on Mithila calm in NA comida LA has your own if you listen to a man I just another person like you then you're definitely going to be in a state of loss. I do come and eat I need to McQuillan come to Robin where a woman and Nico masala Jun is telling you that once you die, you're going to be

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resurrected again. How you heard her you heard Delima to iTune. How far away how far away this Prime Minister he offered you actually offers you actually is.

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At the end of that story, this guy that I'm Cordelia Laos before the mean, very soon there will be no regret all that they said very soon they will regret this approach that they had just give them time. Let's give them time, the problem of tariff. tariff is when you have weighed more than you need. And when you indulge in that you indulge in materialism, and you allowed yourself to be possessed by your own possessions. And you raise your children that way and and all that matters is money and all that you can only you can only value things numerically, everything has to be tangibly Yaniv calculable it has to be has to have a number beside it, or else it's not worth anything.

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The truth of this world and the truth, truth of life could not be farther away from that. And it hurts me to know that some Muslims can't even see it. I've lost the ability to see that that's the reality of, of the world. And I'll end with that show. Let's do 114 have sorted me know, just in case we don't get it was important.

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Or Ill be stoom ill Cadila, low and Cancun To learn more, at the end of this beautiful Surah total minimum value is the human being. At the end of it, we have this, this very intense review of certain moments of the day of judgment. And during what's going on during this, this image of what's happening on the judgment, there's a conversation that occurs

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between people who are standing there.

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And the question goes, like the caller, come libitum will early I had a scene, he started saying how many? How many years did you Did we live on earth like back when back? We were on earth? How long have you lived there?

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Now, granted, your multi ama can be as short as two like it can be as long as 50,000 years. Let's say these gentlemen who are having this conversation, we're on the learning on the longer side of things. And they were there for a couple of 1000 years. Get you even understand how what is your memory? How does your memory actually function? If you lived 1000 years at the end of 70? And someone asked you how long did you live? What do you remember? How many snapshots of your of your past? Do you remember 1520? A couple a couple of moments in your life. And that's that's when you're 70 if you live 2070 years, what you remember from everything that happened? How do you recall those

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early 70 years? Let's say someone's standing on the the judgment and have stayed there for 3000 years. He lived for 70 years. That's how long you live 80 years, he lived for 80 years. And you asked him he's been around he's been around around for 3080 years is how long it's been around for? If you ask them what those initial 80 years, what do you think he remembers from them?

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At that point, what does that person remember those initial 80 years?

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Almost nothing, almost nothing. If we're around for 70, we can barely remember what what happened. I imagine if you're living in the 1000s of years, but they're asking this question. It's not mockery. It's not silliness. It's real. This is literally their perception. We sometimes need these verses we think that people are making no no, no, they're not being they're not acting stupid. This is actually how they're perceiving things. They're saying How long were you actually around for?

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If you traveled at some point, if you're someone in their 60s or 70s. And if you traveled at some point to another country and spent some time here, will you not make a mistake in estimating how long you spent there?

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Well, you're not make Of course you'll make you'll say I was there for three years and then you're wanting to be like, you know, you were there for 10 months. And then you'll fight and argue your turn out wrong because you have a better memory than you do. And you just thought it was you're longer than they are you think it's much shorter than it was it's hard to remember these these these durations are impossible to remember.

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So they're honestly it couldn't be simpler. We either this you need how many years? Did we what are the number of years we spent on Earth? So the answer the serious answer followed would be snow, Yeoman. Obama yo, we lived maybe a day or or half a day I think it was bas le lad Dean asked the historians

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look for a historian, someone who, who studied history and see ask them how long was it How long was the time that we spent on Earth? Yeah, of course after 3000 years or 4000 years or 10,000 years or standing on your museum, the first ad or don't even don't even register

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anymore. You don't even don't even recall living them to begin with. But then and then an answer will be generated into the sky. It's an answer that they will hear the echo into the into the air around them. Paula is what they'll hear. It'll be in Kalia indeed. You're only wear that you're only there for such a short period of time. Now in Cancun tomb Tala moon only if you knew that then

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what are the scariest verses in the Quran?

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But honestly, one of the scariest ayat in the Holy Quran. No unknown quantum Ptolemy. If you only knew this back then.

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But a loss.

00:20:47 --> 00:21:23

Ah, if you only knew this, then it would have been merely fixed your problems? Yes, indeed. You only you're saying you only lived there for a day or two? No, there was way more than that. But you're right. You're right about one thing. You're right about the fact that it was very short. You're not right about the actual duration it was 70 years. But you're correct. It was a very short period of time. Only if you just if you only knew that back then. At the time when you were in it, you just recognize that it's a very short period of time now and quantum Dynamo but you didn't back then. Back then the 70 years seemed forever. The law that I have a lot of time of time. Oh, I'll improve

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later. I'll learn the Quran later. Oh, perfect. My prayer. Later, later, I'll become a better Muslim later. I'll start caring about things that matter later. I'll do it. I'll have time. I have time. You have time.

00:21:35 --> 00:21:35

You have time.

00:21:36 --> 00:21:38

Yo man. Oh Baglio.

00:21:39 --> 00:22:10

So PA, I lemma we may have to noon. We know exactly what they're saying amongst each other as they're discussing this issue. They're discussing how long we live. This becomes a discussion. You're welcome. You start winning? No, honestly. Hold on. We were there for and he's arguing. I think it was a day. I think it was an afternoon. No, no, no, it was I know what they're arguing. So Allah says We know what they're saying. If you have food, I'm telling him poly cotton ileostomy LaShawn the ones who are who gives like the biggest estimation the ones who like you know those tricks there's always someone crazy in the group who's gonna give like a an unreasonable Yachty

00:22:10 --> 00:22:20

prediction of some he's always a guy like that and someone who everyone's making prediction this person is gonna go completely out of what is normal. So the one who is gonna go as far out to say we were there for 10 days?

00:22:22 --> 00:22:41

Or 10 days? Correct? Not what the number is that is saying you're correct. Not might not the number is wrong. You're correct by the concept, indeed, was a very short period of time. You just didn't know it then. Only if you knew it back then low income is almost like you can hear in the ayah Allah subhanaw taala

00:22:42 --> 00:23:02

it's almost like why didn't you know what that? Why couldn't you figure this out? Then? Couldn't you take a moment and figure out then that it was so short that it's not worth wasting that there isn't enough time to do anything, you barely have enough time just focus you have time you'll relax later focus now because this is short. It's short. It's not long, it's not we're not here for a long time.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:26

You just feel that the customer is feel that regret that remorse, that pain in the answer. Not that Allah is not in pain, but it's almost like the eye is filled with the pain of all of the hearts that are standing there in the Day of Judgment regretting the fact that they didn't use that short period of time appropriately. No, I'm not complaining to Tottenham. Alright, let's do it. 12 of swords indoor.

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in semi are two more who won me know now. Well, I mean, to be forcing him while you're on a call who

00:23:41 --> 00:23:43

if Mubi

00:23:44 --> 00:23:46

sort of didn't know that will tell us

00:23:48 --> 00:24:22

carrying this message is what will protect our societies. This message that we carry is what's going to protect our communities. And it does that by telling us a number of different stories and focusing on number of different aspects of behaviors that occurred during the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam is time and soon I begins out begins with talking about the Billa Zina the concept of adultery and fornication, how is haram and how there are punishments for it when it's done publicly. And when it's done in a place where people can see it. It's going to when it when it's publicized and normalize it's punished and it's punishable within Islamic law, because that's how you protect a

00:24:22 --> 00:24:30

society. Societies that normalize Haram are societies that have no light, it will find no enlightenment, a society that normalizes that which is haram.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:44

When you flipped when you turn the pages, so to know to come cross buy a gun come by this, this area that tells us this in the midst of the story of how this deal if the time where the great lie occurred.

00:24:46 --> 00:25:00

When I entered Allahu anha was late behind an army because he got lost and a gentleman whose job was to stay behind the armies and help pick up anything that was missed or lost or fellow over people were lost to help them that he suffered and Martin Allah who I knew he did exist

00:25:00 --> 00:25:21

actually that didn't he helped out a Shabak. And that was the end of the story. As simple as that. She arrived home. She had sat in the sun for so long that she had a bit of a stroke ahead, sunstroke. So she went and she was sick for a couple of days, in the midst of all that Ebola and already been settled, and his his posse decided that they were going to start spreading rumors to the spread rumors about eyeshadows Allah who is the one, they start saying horrific things about them.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:59

And they start speaking again. So we're going to talk about behaviors that you need to do behaviors need to remove in order for the society to stay, to stay enlightened, and that this message requires these ethics carrying the message of Islam without the proper ethics goes nowhere. You claim to be someone who wants to carry us down, okay? Do you in any form or manner participate in the Riba or an aneema? If the answer is yes, then you're going nowhere with your message, your message is not worth anything. Because the ascertain behaviors that you if you do not stay away from carrying the message will not go anywhere. And the message that you're carrying is not is not going to bring

00:25:59 --> 00:26:15

enlightenment. It is it has been darkened by the by the horrific pneus of these practices that you're that you're engaging in. It's a very important principle, it's very scary. And all of the all of the practices are sort of new talks about are very important. But this one by far is you know, outweighs all of them.

00:26:17 --> 00:26:36

Speaking of the honor of another person, speaking about someone behind their back and actually accusing them of fashion, and I didn't know any of it, and she didn't do it, she wasn't a part of it. She She did nothing wrong, and it was so fun. But then the rumors spread and spread and spread. And amongst those who participate in the spring, the rumors were some of the Muslims, some some of them were good people. Some of them were from Alabama.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:40

Some of them were from Alabama, who made the mistake and said something

00:26:43 --> 00:26:59

Sahaba were human, they made mistakes. And the difference is that they learned their phrases once the Quran said never ever allow yourself to speak ill of someone else again, they never did it again. It was the end of it. They they held their tongues and they looked away and they they lowered their gaze and they shot it out.

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But in these verses, this is what Allah subhanaw taala says because you need to make sure that you recite the second or third page of SUTA nor like at some point in your life in real depth. Like you need to just take a weekend off and just read don't get there very important to extremely profound. In the midst of these verses. He says to piloti Lola Lola means what you should have done that's what it's a it's one word in Arabic that that it means it's a sentence in English. What you should have done Lola insanely attimo when you heard people speaking of this rumor,

00:27:31 --> 00:27:45

one that means guna Well, Mina to be unfussy him Haha, what should have happened was that the believers male and female should have had good assumptions. And I shouldn't so far no, in themselves,

00:27:47 --> 00:28:12

they should have had good assumptions of themselves. Subhan Allah. Now that when you listen to the verse, you would think that no, it should be about the people who are being accused, I should have good assumptions about the people who are being accused. Someone saying that flat and flat and performed in Fantasia. I should have good assumptions in them, I shouldn't know. You should have good assumption yourself. Because what you think of others is merely a reflection of what you think of yourself.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:26

What we think of other people is just a reflection of what we think of ourselves. So when we hear a story, and we think, oh, yeah, most likely, most likely full on performance or anxious because you're thinking if I was in that position, I would have done it. That's why

00:28:27 --> 00:28:32

that's all it is. Please don't feel bad about people think of you, people don't think of you.

00:28:33 --> 00:29:00

People don't think of you at all, no one, everyone is very preoccupied with themselves, I can tell you that people don't think of you. But if they do take a moment to say something about you don't feel bad because whatever they're saying is just a reflection of what they carry on the inside is what they think of themselves. That has nothing to do with Allah, He has nothing to do with you at all. It has everything to do with them themselves, what they think of themselves and what they think of others and how they perceive the world is not personal about you.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:21

But when you have assumptions and people it's also the same thing. You're just projecting you're mirroring your your person, your assumptions of yourself. This is what the is saying what NLP means. Well, it means to be unfussy him Hi yah. They had good assumptions on themselves. We'll call Hi the if como bien and said this is clear lie.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:25

But here's my question to you. Did they know it was a lie?

00:29:27 --> 00:29:30

Like for sure. Did they know it was a lie? Could they swear by it?

00:29:32 --> 00:29:49

Were they with Aisha from the time she got lost? This time? She went to Medina. Yes, there is no Well then how are they going to say if como bien Hey, this is a completely because that's what you do regardless. Because it doesn't matter. It doesn't whether it happened or not means nothing. It doesn't change the equation at all.

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

You hear it when a hearsay comes to your ear, you deny it, you refuse it, you send it back. You say it's a lie. Even if there's a part of you that

00:30:00 --> 00:30:16

believes this truth doesn't make a difference. Did you witness it? Was it witness properly? Was it is it proven? No, then as far as it's not that we continue to say that it didn't happen, and we refuse to accuse people of things, this is the whole look, this is the ethics of Islam. This is how we perform this how we function as Muslims.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:31

Of course, I actually did not do neither to Stefan Martin, but that wouldn't have changed anything. Because that's not how we behave. And I'll give you the example. Because you are the beautiful example of this story, because they're the ones who behave, you know, perfectly.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:37

They're talking, they're saying, what you were saying to me, you, you hear people are saying?

00:30:39 --> 00:30:40

He said, Yeah, I did.

00:30:42 --> 00:30:43

Somebody was like, What do you think?

00:30:44 --> 00:30:46

Kind of Tasha? Lilla? Never?

00:30:48 --> 00:30:49

She would, she would never do it.

00:30:51 --> 00:30:52

And he would say,

00:30:53 --> 00:30:58

What about any soft one? What do you think of the other one?

00:30:59 --> 00:31:08

So he, she asked him, would you have done it? I love on my youtube or the Ilana. He cornered him with simple logic, that, would you have done it?

00:31:09 --> 00:31:15

He said, No, I wouldn't have known, I wouldn't have done him. Because software and hieromonk. So one is better than you. So he wouldn't have done it either.

00:31:16 --> 00:31:36

And that's exactly how you look at things. As simple as that. And then the iteration, you would go back and say, well, well, he would want to get her back, or the Allahu Anhu. So you say, Well, do you think I shall know? Well, is better than you? If you didn't know he could go back and try it and try and turn it around. But he didn't, didn't didn't work out. This is the way you think about

00:31:37 --> 00:31:46

when you hear a rumor about someone? Why are you going to assume the worst? You're assuming the worst based on a disease in your own heart? Assume the best you have any evidence? No.

00:31:47 --> 00:32:24

Why does it matter? Why does it matter to you? Why are you trying? Why do you care if this happened, or it didn't? Why would you like a fascia to actually have occurred? Why would you like a fashion to be proven? Why we like the fact that we talked about Muslim doesn't a Muslim craves sitter craves, hiding away these mistakes, not exposing people's flaws, not exposing their sins, not normalizing haram in a society. That's what Muslims crave. We love it, we live for this. So when this happens, we we hold our tongues, and we refuse to speak of it. And we have the best assumptions of people who refuse to assume bad things in them, because this is the ethics that are the that ALLAH SubhanA

00:32:24 --> 00:32:55

teaches us. Very important. This is very powerful in the Quran, continued reading the rest of them, the rest of these eyes and sort of newer are very specific and very accurate as they tell us and you know, I want to do one more is I believe it but but as you listen to them today and listen to the lead to translation, listen to them. Listen to what Allah Subhana Allah is telling us about this. What some people are gonna say at one point in the midst of these verses with that said, woohoo hyena. Well, when Allah He I'll leave when you thought it was simple to say something like this. But I didn't know I'm just we're just talking. We're just talking just a conversation. Yeah, maybe they

00:32:55 --> 00:33:23

did something you thought it was simple to say something like that is not not simple. And Allah Haldimand the eyes of Allah, this is this is horrendous. How could you allow your tongue to say something like that. And you know that because if you were the target of that type of talk and gossip, you wouldn't be happy. If you're going by your way, there's somewhere someone somewhere speaking about your honor and your dignity and speaking about you and about how you behave, and maybe you did this and it looks like you do that. It hurts you. Oh my god, it's pain that is almost undescribable

00:33:24 --> 00:33:31

to be treated the way you would want to treat if you were the target of dealing with that show. Just because we're running out of time. Let's do

00:33:33 --> 00:33:36

a number 30 of suits in your 31 to 30.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:52

What do you mean email? Oh, do mean other Saudi Maria Babu photo Jaya whom? That he got as Carla whom in a law her hobby room be my Asana own.

00:33:53 --> 00:33:55

Okay. Okay. So let's

00:33:57 --> 00:34:30

just talk about this verse. And I'll make an illustration. So this is what's known as extremely, extremely important. This 130 and 31. Together, you'll find you'll find them in this sort of talk a little more meaning tell them the believers in a whole domain of Assadi him? Well, yeah, vobu Furuya. Home, you want to protect the community. You want the community to be enlightened, you want to be able to carry this message appropriately, then you need to listen to what Allah subhanaw taala has to say. Now linguistically, this is what the verse actually means just to understand the word means the verse means the following and linguistically from a dramatic perspective, tell the

00:34:30 --> 00:34:56

believers and if you tell them they will listen and perform the following you will double Saudi him. If not tell them what means to gesture to lower their gaze No. is tell them movement tell the believers that Allah subhanaw taala commands them of certain things and they will and they will they will submit and accept and when they submit what they will do is your whole bloomin upside of him. We will do for them. They will lower their gaze and they will maintain their chastity.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

valleca is gorilla home this year.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:33

Is there that is more that's pure for them. In Allah hobby Don't be myosin own indeed Allah subhanaw knows all that they are doing and what they are cooking what they are hoping for and what they are imagining and thinking about he knows all of it. And then the I asked it will pull little mini it and then tell also the believers tell them the importance of what Allah subhanaw taala commands them and if you tell them then they will also follow and submit your Lagna minable Saudi hinda This is called the job of follow up in Arabic You don't buena mean Abu Saudi hidden now I have no photo Johanna. They will also lower their gaze and maintain their chastity. But then for the ladies is a

00:35:33 --> 00:36:03

longer idea because it talks about an extra piece that they have to maintain. What are you badeen Xena Tahuna illa wa Rahmatullah while you're breathing Are you hungry, hidden allergy you will be hidden and they will not show their adornments except that which is obvious, a bit like their face in their hands, and they will take the scarves of their heads and they will cover their necks and cover their bosoms. What are your Medina Xena, Tahuna, Illa liberality when you will only show their beauty to their husbands or their fathers or their brothers or their sons or the and it goes into Cohen's all of them behind him, all the men who are not allowed to marry these women so they can sit

00:36:03 --> 00:36:07

and they can be as easy as of ease as they want to be in that situation.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:43

This is what the Quran talks about. Before the Quran told women to wear hijab, it told men to lower your gaze. So before you get all upset, and up in arms, that ladies aren't wearing hijab, tell me telling me about your gaze and how much you lower it. Tell me how much effort you're putting in on a daily basis to lower your gaze, and not look at haram, whether on the street or on the screen that you carry in the palm of your hand, telling me that first and if you want to get up in arms, I'm not saying hijab is farther than that is clear. And that is never going to change because that's how Islam Islam Allah subhanaw taala ensuited the notice very clearly explained, and I get this question

00:36:43 --> 00:37:02

a lot that wears hijab, *, while you're believing the whole Marie Hinata Gob and they take the scarf on their heads, and they cover their neck and their bosoms is very clear. That's the linguistics. There's no other way to understand the verse from an Arabic perspective. But before he did that, before he talked about that piece, he talked about lowering gaze, and he talked about maintaining chastity for men first, and then for women.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:22

Like when I tell the young men to lower their gaze, they think it's a joke. They think I make I think I'm joking around with them. It's funny, everyone laughs because, of course, we're not going to do that. Move on, it's just something more productive for your own sake, for the sake of your own for the value of your time shift talking about something that there is hope that will listen to

00:37:24 --> 00:37:57

only let me tell the believers, the purpose is not tell them that they should lower their gaze. No, no, no, that's not the first set of verses tell them if they're true believers, then they will lower their gaze. This was the if means we're lucky. Here chef, job a column called lil Minneriya, who now Yahoo donor is much known because it's not saying tell them this, no, tell them and if they're believers, and they will listen, and they will lower their gaze, and they will, if you're a true believer, then you'll listen to this. And you will lower your gaze and you will maintain your chastity. And you understand that's pure for you. And the ladies will do the same. And the ladies

00:37:57 --> 00:38:12

have one extra command where they need to cover. And because of an extra command, there's extra juice. For every extra command and the dean, there's extra fuel. So yes, you are testing your trial and life, when it comes to this aspect specifically, is a little bit more

00:38:13 --> 00:38:47

difficult than what men have to do. But you do get paid for it. It's not for free. You're not doing this for free. You're not doing this. And then on the day of judgment, we get we get rewarded for chastity in the same way. No, you get rewarded for chastity more than we do. Because you have to cover your head you have to put up a job on and you had to do things that we didn't have to do, so you get murdered for it. But this is the commands of God. We don't change this time because people don't like something anymore. This is Islam. We don't change its face. This is what it is. Now if you're not adhering to that. May Allah subhanaw taala guide you. You shouldn't be judged. You

00:38:47 --> 00:39:18

shouldn't be mistreated. No one should look down on you and because everyone has sinned, but but it's still a part of the deen. All we can do is make dua that Allah subhanaw taala grants you the strength and the ability to adhere to it. So yeah, I mean, may Allah do that for our sisters because they're struggling, they carry they they stand every day. They're the front liners of Muslims in the world. I can easily blend in and no one knows that I'm a Muslim. Well, not anymore. But maybe when I was younger, it you could do it. But for Allah our sisters know, they wear the hijab, they are the frontline. They are the frontline of Islam in this world and that has to be acknowledged by us as

00:39:18 --> 00:39:47

they continue to carry Allah because they're not because we're minorities living in countries where they don't have the ability to hide who they are and they have to come out and that's beautiful. May Allah bless them May Allah grant them the strength to do that and to carry the deen the way Allah subhanaw taala asked him to actually for humanity is a organization that we have supported from the day it came out just sister Ron yella Wendy is a part of it and Yanni we all know the law and the family and may Allah bless her for everything she does. She is there the only group that have offices in Philistine right now and they're doing a lot of work with our brothers and sisters in the

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

parts of Philistine that don't find the support that they need. And they're going to leave Jani some of these pamphlets outside the pickup and Sharla if you have time, take a look at them and and maybe offer some Jonnie boob.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:29

This is a perfect time there's no better time on the planet to give donations than then then doing it than doing it now then giving especially your brothers and sister living parts of the world where they don't have the safety that you have that you and I enjoy, they don't have the sustenance that you and I enjoy. So take a moment to look at it and this is a organization that has inshallah very trustworthy and they're doing a lot of great work and show us with Oracle if you can take them out and do that and the I think the Mac if when is the Mac dinner tomorrow the market slot is in Charlotte tomorrow so if you haven't it I don't think are the tickets I don't think any tickets left

00:40:29 --> 00:40:43

if there are please regardless of whether there is or there aren't continue to support the organization institutions of our city, the moment that Muslim institutions aren't supported then we all we all pay for that so make sure that you go if you're able and you show them support that they require

00:40:45 --> 00:40:58

and tough boys on the 14th so we have and then we have the tough white floor which is on April 14 And I think the tickets are also available for online for those who would like to purchase them and support them they're a very important educational institution in the city and we should try and support them as much as possible.

00:41:01 --> 00:41:31

All right, finally, please again, if you're I see bottled waters in your hand. Those are yours. Okay, that's yours now. Okay, I'll let you know don't leave that here you take that home with you all right, we don't have you don't have enough garbage so to speak. So take them bought water bottles that you have with you because we're having a problem with the amount of water balls are staying here so please take them with you. And you open the drink them just take them throw them out somewhere else inshallah and please fill out the census and use the QR code. Very important. I'll talk about this little bit more tomorrow but please take time and fill out that census and it's not

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per individual it's per family. There's make sure someone in your family fills out that census in the survey so that we can shout Allah Yanni. Share the data and start planning programming across the coordinating shows around the country to let you know when to stop people to click on some alarms early he also have his main article of people.

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