Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #31 Last Ayah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Arabic language uses words and phrases to emphasize important points, including "ar," "has," "has" and "has." The speakers discuss various examples of stories and experiences, including a man claims to be a generalist and a woman claims to be a generalist. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of "ar" and "has" to confirm information, and the importance of storytelling in presentations and events. The segment also touches on dis attached behavior and the importance of staying from a situation and not giving up on promises.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi over a cat.

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So Allah hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah no Muslim no man fauna, and finally my LinkedIn was in the element, camera. I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase our knowledge. You ask Allah azza wa jal to bless this gathering in sha Allah and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como McFarlan Khedira sejati calm Hassan Al

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so inshallah Tada.

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I've been saying for two weeks, we're going to finish so that use of

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looks like I'm in love with the surah I want to finish it.

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Today we have the last so I have to finish it. And maybe next week we'll make some kind of trivia about the whole Surah see who was listening and who was not.

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I know Hamza is gonna get all the answers. Is it all the time of the Hadean most of you have

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the idea that the sort of ended with

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although he may not share it on your neurology in

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the hall he can if he can still see him either, either, actually, only

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Mercabarna herdy Three of Terra. Whether I can just do Kalevi by the way, HFC ILA cool Nisha II well, who the who? Ragna Well,

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Natalie accompany me no don't

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look at Cana vehicle see him, Abraham.

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Indeed, in their stories, there is Abraham, you will explain what the eyebrow mean. For everybody know, for those

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who will el Bab el Bab will explain when we get to them you just translate first for those people of understanding the people of intelligence.

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The stories

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that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us they are not Makana hadith of Torah. These are not fabricated stories made up amusement bedtime stories. They are not fabricated tales. These are stories that prove

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these stories prove all that has come before and is a clarification for all you need to know. Yeah. Muhammad salallahu Salam and at the same time, they are guidance. Rama there are Hooda and they are mercy for those

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people off Eman.

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What does or what did the store the story start with the surah.

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What did the soil study what did the sort of use of start with?

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Several courses right. It started

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by saying, We are your Mohammed we are going to narrate to you the best of stories. Allah I get goosebumps when I hear Allah saying about something the best, you know, and he couldn't be any better than that.

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And Allah said, I'm going to tell you the best story and it ended by saying lack of care and efficacy him Ebro.

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In this in this story, there is an eyebrow is a noun or a verb. What is it?

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know, as a noun with a template of Bhutan is a noun

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what is the verb

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Abba, what does that mean?

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Gross you know you always hear on the news, marble, Rafa

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marble you know the crossing of Rafa which is between Gaza and Egypt Abra

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Abra is to cross like, for example, let's say I want to cross the bridge, I want to cross this river, from this area to this area, okay. And there is a river here in the middle. So Abra

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means I'm crossing from ignorance to knowledge.

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So in these stories,

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you will move

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from being ignorant about this topic.

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The story of use of insulin, you're moving from ignorance to light to knowledge.

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So, the story and started by asking ourselves the best of story and ended by saying this, there was an Abra and we have learned and we have seen in the past seven eight months, that there are so many albums ever. There are so many ever in the stories in this story of use of Isilon

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Subhanallah how to handle

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like I mentioned before,

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the ultimate said every boy, every young man should memorize Surah Yusuf.

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So he knows how to

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run his life. Whether

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if he was subjected to difficulties whether he was seduced by a woman, whether any kind of difficulties whether he will, he goes to jail, everything the answer is in Syracuse for every boy for every young man. And they said that Surah to Nora is for the for the girls, okay to memorize, but the Quran is of course, it's for everybody and for everyone.

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there are

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in Arabic language, there are some words and some letters that you use to emphasize what you want to say. Okay.

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When you start the statement by lucha de cana, this locker okay is a letter of emphasis. There is definitely no doubt there is a Ebro in the stories, Allah subhanaw taala and he was telling us now, you read the whole story, this is the end the last area of the surah if you by now, you did not get any algebra, you did not get any lessons, any morals. Something is wrong, because I am saying lucha de cana 100%. There are so many stories, there are so many lessons in this story.

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Subhanallah we all go through difficulties in our life. We all go through hardships, trials, tribulations tests, all of us. It varies from one person to the other. One is suffering from sickness. The other is going through financial difficulty. The others having problem with his in laws. The other problem guy wants to get married, he's not finding a wife, the sister is having this everybody's has issues. And by the way, tomorrow I'll be giving the first quarter Chawla and it is cure for stress

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from the Kitab ins

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cured from for stress from the Kitab and Sunnah.

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There's nothing in the English language that says you know what, like you know, there are letters of emphasis. This is the speciality one of the specialties of the Arabic language, the elegancy of the Arabic language. Feel Cassie Medora Lee Ali Al Bab, some people read the story. And they have read the story and they have memorized the story, the surah

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and nothing, nothing have changed.

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They did not learn anything. So Allah saying this habra is for the people of intelligence always the Quran

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speaks to people

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that use their brain a fella calculon A fella yaki known

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fnfvf karoun donde ponder donde comprehend en de contemplate. Always talking to people of knowledge. And if you notice Subhanallah

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lately, especially lately, you know, the people who are

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converting or reverting to Islam are people who are very, very highly educated people. Subhan Allah, we heard about the man who was in the fall right? In Germany. You know, his main goal was to attack Muslims of Hezbollah, he took shahada.

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You know, we heard about the man who directed the movie of Rasulullah excellent few years ago, he took shahada and he's touring the world calling people to Islam. Allah who, you know, Subhan Allah, so this Deen this. There's a speciality about Islam. You know, there's a formula about Islam. The more you attack it, the stronger it gets. This is Islam. The more you attack it, the stronger it gets, and the people start falling in love with it more and more Subhanallah This is the speciality of Islam. Then Allah subhanaw taala is telling us here

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Mercader Hadith and you've Tara, this is not a hadith This is not a story that is fabricated and made up. Because as we have heard many, many times, people accusing Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that he's making up these stories. He is learning from someone he is listening to this Jew this Christian this that? No, Allah subhanaw taala is saying that this is not a fabricated story. These stories are all 100% authentic stories. So Monica Anna hadith of terror when I can speak but it is to confirm

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what has been revealed

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what I've seen that cliche and details about everything, this Quran

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we are so blessed.

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Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran were called Lushy in for some no who tough sealer.

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If he just said, We're called a che in Barcelona who is enough, right?

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It's called a che and everything we have detailed in details. So if he said, we have detailed everything, it would have been enough, but he added the word in details again,

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to show that there is nothing you could ever think of except it's either discussed in this Kitab in the Quran, or detailed in the Sunnah I think of anything.

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One time Sheikh was saying the same thing. And a guy raised his hand

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said yes, yeah, where does it say in the Quran? Or in the Sunnah? How much is the price of gas?

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You saying the details for everything?

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I do? Is there anywhere in the Quran or the Sunnah? Where does say the price of gas or the price of bread? He said yes.

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So like I said, Where? He said Allah said was Ellu and avec In Kuntum. Let me go ask the gas station guy if you don't know.

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Ask the baker how much is right ask the people have knowledge of that specific

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profession, whatever it is business asked him what he did. Of course, it's spoken about a vehicle that people have knowledge. But you know, similarly, the chef came up anything who's any person who specializes in something go ask him. So everything is detailed in this book. So cliche in what I've seen a cliche, and the details

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to everything, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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He said in the beginning of the Surah,

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Allah to Lissa even

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there are signs in the Surah for the people who ask saline, but at the end, he said Deborah Lee only Al Bab. After it. First you ask a question. And then after all the details, you become very aware of what happened and you learn so many lessons so you move from a person that asked questions to a person of intelligence Subhan Allah look at the details of the Quran. Like what kind of use of property is the saline installed? Why there's just

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I add signs for the people who ask at the end

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Abra little album, type these stories, Allah subhanaw taala saying, This is not a, you know, a movie, this is not a fairy tale. These are real stories. And

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you would look at real story. It's not it's not a documentary. It's not. It's not a something that man made. These stories are narrated by Allah azza wa jal. He is the one who knows I live in LA he was shahada, he knows the Unseen and he knows what's happening right now.

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The story is proof all that has come before and his clarification for all you need to know. And it is guidance and mercy for those coming up know

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the importance of story I'm telling you as a as a speaker for almost 1920 years

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the importance of story in your presentation, even if you're a businessman, even if you're going to present any kind of

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project or anything Subhanallah you throw a story in there.

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You throw a story, it changes everything.

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You talk for an hour and your story that you mentioned is two minutes and you ask the people what did they remember from the hour the story?

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Casa What does the word personal mean?

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Yeah, anybody knows what Cassani

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No, that's different cuz

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no, in the Quran language

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follow the traces

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where it was a Where does it say that the Quran

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when was it used in the Quran? Follow the traces

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No, no. Yeah.

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Further down the HEMA Kasasa they went back and trace their trip right. But there's another place

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the mother of Musa when she told her daughter was free, right? She said go see go follow the baby who took him where is he? Right. So

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because Sir, in general is to start from the beginning and you will end up by knowing the result of the story or whatever. And the whole Quran Yeah, one

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will not zoom in on any man who has she felt a little more meaning.

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one or zero volley Nina, il Illa fissara.

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In the Quran, there is Shiva for the meaning.

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And the ISIL that she found in nests, and the honey, there's a cure for mankind. But in the Quran, there's a cure for the meaning, the true believers and Rama. Similarly, Allah ended the story by saying that in the stories, there will be guidance. How should I react if I

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was afflicted by something major, like use of Alayhis Salam like I was thrown in the well by my brothers, or in our term, I was thrown in jail by someone who is a volume by a tyrant

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What do I do if I was at work and a woman at work kept on hitting on me?

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answers here by Allah.

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In our up be asset number three. So this guidance for a portfolio believer, a person who does not believe or a person who's weakened his Eman, he was not going to learn anything from the store. He's gonna tell you my shot lots of beautiful story, but the person who is intelligent, Al Bab, who Al Bab is plural of lobe lobe is the inside right? Like you say lobe of fruit is the inside of it. The lobe is the brain is the inside of the skull. The people who have a brain, they will feel so much benefit from the story Subhanallah and it will be guidance for them and Rama. How was it Rama? Subhan Allah, like we said before one no matter what we go through in our life, no matter what you

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are going through.

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It is

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no matter what we're going through it

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Islam it is a mercy how, how, even if you were suffering so much and I'm talking about a person who is obeying Allah azza wa jal and staying from what Allah has prohibited, and it's pouring

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calamities. I'm talking about that person. I'm not talking about the person, disobedient or whatever. Even that person who's disobedient and having a lot of calamities, those calamities are around for him, because it will one day wake him up and bring him back to Allah azza wa jal because otherwise, if he died on that state,

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he will be miserable in Dhaka.

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I don't know the economy in another bill Edna doing another bill Akbar Allah Allah Who May or June we will make them taste a little bit of this, other than this dunya which is nothing compared to the huge other than the accurate so they could come back. So if someone after the calamity after the masiva came back to Allah azza wa jal that we'll see but it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He thought it was so bad right? But this was Rama for him. This was so much Rama for him that saved him and he will only taste that in the akhira. Similarly, for the believer and for everybody else, whatever we going through it is

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a Rama may be hidden or disguised in a calamity.

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We always as believers yeah one because I'm looking at the faces of the brothers that are almost here every Thursday and Monday Masha Allah, Allah reward you immensely and may Allah make us from the people who listen and apply in Sharma

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as believers

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this is a

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and this stage varies from one person to another.

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Some people

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gonna live 3040 5060 80 Law alum, some people are gonna die much younger.

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Only Allah knows. But as a believer, we know that we are crossing this bridge

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and this bridge is that period of time 3040 5060 years. We're not staying on that bridge is just to ever Seville we are crossing that bridge.

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And we you know as believers, that this period of time, we have to take advantage of every single moment. Every single moment literally every single moment to please Allah azza wa jal because I have no clue when I will be gone. Somebody sent me a beautiful story a few minutes before I come. It says

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that a woman

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is all always

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she has a great habit and this is advice for me. My brothers and especially my sisters. She has a habit that when

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the study is from Egypt, she has a habit that the minute she hears the event

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two or three minutes she goes to salon she does not delay it.

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Hours and hours or five minutes before the next slot. She rushes and does it right away. So

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her husband has a way that every time he's coming home he would call her and he she will have the food ready for him. So he would come home and eat and sleep one day he asked her to make next year. You know what next is

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you know the

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no, no

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grape leaves and squash stuffed. You know, this is usually

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very time consuming.

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very time consuming dish. So she was doing it for and cooking it and stuffing the rice and and she had only three left. And she will put the food in the oven takes a while to cook.

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But before she finished those remaining three that are then came up

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there then started. So she started. She left those three and immediately went and started praying.

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The husband calling her calling as usual, say normal routine. She's not answering. So he came home. He looked and he saw that the food is still not in the oven and only three pieces left. She could have put it in the oven and he looked to the right. He saw her in her suit. Subhanallah so

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he came and he was upset because you know, the food is not ready. So he came and looked at her, she passed away

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in her situation.

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The point I'm trying to make is that if she waited to finish those three and put it in the oven Subhan Allah, Allah says in the Quran Wa Gilles to la cara be literal. And yeah, Allah, I rushed to you, so you can be pleased, or you rushed to you, so you can be pleased. So this habit, look at the Subhan Allah, this is a true story, one of the sheep narrated the past I heard it And subhanAllah someone sent it to me today. So, you know, she,

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that habit made her die in the best position ever, a dream that every single one of us have is to die in a suit Subhanallah so,

00:25:55 --> 00:26:06

as believers, we know that these stories, we have to take them understand them and try to apply as much as we can from them in our life. And

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when we attend Alhamdulillah ballerine the reward of attending Wallahi I wish our brothers that please just know how much reward is just by sitting here and listening to these things. Subhanallah

00:26:20 --> 00:26:26

and when we listen down and listen, listen carefully and I will finish with this.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:30

The questioning will be harder.

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the excuses are less.

00:26:39 --> 00:26:56

I cannot say any more. Yeah Allah, I did not know. Because this recording. That is really sometimes it's off. That recording is never off. Very accurate. 7 billion

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Perfect, does not miss anything. SubhanAllah. And if we ever thought of lying, it will be played.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:12

You know, and the toughest one amongst you. Is me.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:40

You're sitting down telling the people what to do and you're not doing it. limita coluna mulata followed at that. Morona NASA bilberry with Asana and full circle, you order people to do good and you forget about yourself. Subhanallah So may Allah make me from the people who practice what they preach. It's not easy when they sit down here and tell you and advise you. Because, you know, the more I tell you the more I have to do otherwise, it's a big problem and trust me

00:27:42 --> 00:28:21

that I always do my best and I depend a lot on on your dua that Allah subhanaw taala will keep me and you on the on the straight path. May Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our iman and strengthen our love to one another. May Allah just like He gathered us here. Yeah, Allah. I asked him this blessing Friday night, Allah, I asked you just like you're gathered here, together us with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam on the Day of Judgment in different doses. I mean, you're a big army, us, our wives, our children and our parents. I mean, let me try Natalia when don't forget, Fraser tomorrow 615 In sha Allah, and then Charlotte Allah make a lot of Salam Rasulillah Salam, Axel

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can also like Rahim, Ali Rahim in Dhaka Hamidah Majid Lama barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad

00:28:31 --> 00:28:34

Rahim Allah Ali Rahim in Amida machi

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