Mohammad Elshinawy – To Be Cured by the Quran

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The title "naughty Way" in the Quran provides context for the discussion, including the connection between Shahab Microsoft and the holy grail, the idea of humans being able to handle their bodies, and the potential for humans to handle their bodies. The segment touches on the topic of fasting and the importance of humans being able to handle their bodies. The speaker also discusses the confusion surrounding the title "naughty Way" and introduces a character named Malik Mossad. The potential benefits of the title "naughty Way" and the "ma'am" character are discussed, along with the potential for "naughty Way" to benefit someone.
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May Allah rewards your brothers and sisters, those of you keeping your children's clothes, those of you filling the gaps is not the local faith, we are low reward you for every single person that benefits and decides to stay live longer and coming up at night in sha Allah.

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So now, I had to share it with Qurani in their busy energy and element one.

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This was a statement made by Qatada, the student of Edison pneumatic from the ALLAH and he said, Nobody ever got up meaning like exited a session with the moron except that they were either elevated by that session or they were demoted by the session or they lost something because of possession of the Quran.

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Where did he get that from? It's actually explicit in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal said, one who does see no mineral for it man who or she or I mean meaning what is easy to find in either in law cell we sent down of this Quran that which is a cure and a mercy for the people of Eman for the faithful and it only increases the wrongdoers in loss it sends them further down. The Quran sends them further down.

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And so it is because they were thought it needed is because they did not come to the Quran properly. You know, for example, the other IMEC even clear, Allah azza wa jal says, Set us free for the elderly and if I can do that, in order to be divided up, I will divert, I will turn away from my versus those who are too pompous, too arrogant on this earth, while having no right to do so. And of course, nobody has any right to do so.

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And so, the heart with which you bring to the Quran, right?

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determines how much you will benefit if anything from the Quran.

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And this actually brings brings us you know, to think about cm itself, the fast thing itself brings you to a state of noticing your fragile illness, your weakness as a human being just a few short hours make you feel a little weaker than you are right at the beginning of the day. That actually sets the stage whereby we have

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to come and try to understand the Quran while having already understood your your sights, right? That is the connection between Shahab Allah and let us see the fetal Quran we're fasting Ramadan, the month of Quran because fasting is the perfect way to show gratitude to Allah for the Quran, but also to repair your relationship with that book. Seattle does it for you.

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But not if you overdo it and stuff.

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And then you come to our we can read

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it it's not going to work. That's why you know, and even though lovely at one day once asked him

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well, kumara Shiva, can a heart be soften on a full stomach. Carla, I don't see how that could be possible. Maybe you can imagine. How can it be possible? You come with the overbearing stomach, right? And, and then you think the grad is going to be accessed that way. It's not going to work. Because the emptiness of the stomach, the smallness of what we eat the robot is part of the way you set the stage to approach the Quran correctly. You know, we were just hearing Susan Bacara the story of the cow the Bukhara the way they were approaching God's words is why they went the street, right? Like, you know, God is speaking you know, musalla he said, I'm speaking on his behalf, go slaughter

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a cow. It's the whole story right? What does it mean slaughter a cow. Like why is that he wanted why someone saying this. So it would send them further and further a straight. That was the whole point of the sort of being named with a buffer

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you know, the angels in Soho Bacala you heard the earlier person Yeah, Allah why are you putting humans on Earth? And quickly they said Subhanak Alaric Milena Illa Allah glorified you are you know what we don't know completely different state of being when you're approaching the Quran you know, you hear and so the Bukhara also in so many suitors throughout the phoron And if now mean and if that mean rock and if not mean salt why? What does that mean? What are all these disjointed letters therefore if we don't know their meaning,

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and most haven't believed we actually don't know their meaning? And Allah wanted it that way so that we remember

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one of the most important things you have to learn is that there's so many things out there you never know. That's part of you getting the best angle operand is approaching the final that humility

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and of course their love for being the most extreme version of this

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Are those who reject all buzzwords altogether because they're too arrogant to just consider the truth in it. You know, I had a brother, I spent a lot of time on the phone with him yesterday. And I'll close with this story. He was very respectful. And that's why chatlog very hopefully it will be a quick turnaround cast his questions regarding the Quran being true. But you reminded me of many people in my life, who with a very different mindset asked the same question about the Quran being preserved. They will say something along the lines of Do you think I'm a fool? You think I'm I don't know any better. You're telling me the Quran says it's been preserved. And I know full well

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that they were very integral ads in the Quran. Which one is the actual Quran? Right?

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I know that your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I'm saying so Allah, Allah, Allah, he would say they would say to me, I allow other people to recite the Quran slightly differently, different laterals. And yet we only have one heart for now and there is Malik Mossad.

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And of course, by the way, this is him assuming he knows more than he actually does. Just so I clear that for you. He this person that there are many lifetimes they can't see past the fact that they misunderstood. When Allah said he preserved the Quran. The Quran is certainly preserved. This the Quran we have today, the same friend the Sahaba, recited

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letter for electric. Absolutely. It is. And it's the Quran Allah so haven't recited the Quran they got from the province of Salem. Absolutely, there's no doubt about it. It's perfectly provable, right? You're assuming that Allah intended to preserve all the animals, you're assuming you understood the eye when Allah seconds for ease, and only intended to preserve one and all of the meanings were there and all of them anyways so nothing was lost from our beliefs from our laws from nothing at all. But because you come to the Quran the wrong way, even the Quran itself will not cure you.

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Without it of course on a lesser level. Now when again I remind you that fast is part of what sets you up to benefit more and more from the book we Allah allow us to approach his book correctly.

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Khurana we have to be in the profit Valley suppose that I will say oh well let the Quran quench my heart water my heart you know not every every ground is spilled water on it it gets absorbed let the food and water my heart meaning let my heart be something worthy of absorbing the water what notice was already there and the light of my chest say I mean what Gela Zilina and that was removes all of our sadness with a habit of moving out and that was chases away all of our anxieties and worries Allahumma me so it has the potential of those four, ask Allah to allow us to do them for you. Approach it correctly looking for that cure each time is not the love thing. So Allah knows seller's

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