The Storm And The Tide

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AI: Summary © A man named Jesus talks about the importance of being Muslim and the "br brothers and sisters," which is a gift given to man. The speaker discusses the difficulties of bringing Muslims to the United States and the need for change. They encourage people to be mindful of their emotions and speak up against racism, emphasizing the importance of learning to fight back against evil behavior and using the Prophet peace and blessings to help others. The speaker also highlights the need for strong support for Muslims in the public eye.
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Everyone is asking the question

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what will be the future of Muslims in America?

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what do you want it to be?

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What do you

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have to be

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prepared to do to make it to where you want it to be?

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brothers and sisters, every one of you.

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I am thankful to allow the almighty to have the privilege

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to address you tonight for just a few minutes.

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Everyone is asking the question.

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What will be the future of Muslims in America?

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What do you want it to be?

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What do you want the future of America to be? And what are you prepared to do to make it to where you want it to be?

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To know who you are.

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You're Muslim.

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your human

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use measure.

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I remember a

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few months ago,

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and I'm going through security.

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As I'm walking through security,

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I noticed there was a security man with a dog and the dog was killing everybody.

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Even snow

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is going around. And I'm watching.

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And it came across

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as an African American man

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in that dog responding,

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smelling, making noise. And I know that he found something.

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It was a white security guard.

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To know that I took out my social media.

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And I'm waiting for the security men to come out and beat down that man, I'm waiting. I got my phone ready.

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And as I'm watching the man,

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he started laughing.

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And then he got

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in the walk away.

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And I knew what happened.

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Every once in a while they put a plan

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to make sure that the dog is aware and active.

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And when I think about that,

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I think about what a loss for an older

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Everything in the heavens and the earth do you know that dogs have

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over 100 million times more than human beings?

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This is the gift that was given to man.

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My question is what will be the future of America and what do you want it to be? What are you going to do to do?

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So brothers and sisters, I want us to take a moment to take a look at ourselves and who we are.

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Can I be honest with you tonight?

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Can I be

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honest with you?

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I'm hearing the news.

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was blown away.

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And I cried.

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I cried for two reasons.

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Number one, I cried because they were human beings. They're worshipping God as they believe in

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a God that they believed that

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made me cry that they would lose their lives to such violent means.

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And then I try

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because people didn't claim to be Muslim.

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Now, I am like the most of you, I am not a scholar of Islam. shake up the rock man, Tom, you heard him earlier. He's

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gonna hear him a little while. He's a Stalinist.

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I'm just a regular guy. I'm just like you. I walk the streets just like you. And you know, I feel the same way you feel. I talk to you and listen to you. And you know what you're saying? No way.

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No way. No way. I'm Muslim.

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And you know, you're so sincere. And you know, you're so you're

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so naive

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that you think that a Muslim couldn't do it?

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I quote my mother.

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She told me some

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Is it possible that Muslims did it? Yes. Why?

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Because 1400 years ago,

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when the Ali run the lion was Khalifa.

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were known as

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these one Muslim extremist.

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Muslims are killed.

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Monday reading the newspaper, Christian, butchered and slaughtered in Egypt.

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every newspaper Christian slaughter.

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Fact of the matter is every day Muslims are slaughtered, and you never see Muslims.

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We want to rise the people against the Muslims. But when Muslims are slaughtered, nobody's saying anything. Muslims

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across the world, and every once in a while, you look at CNN, and you see a little scroll on by Muslims in messages.

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So the question is, what are we gonna do about it?

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I have two things to say in a couple minutes, and then I'm finish.

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What is our response?

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Some of you are saying that Oh, man, I'm getting out of here. You know, when? When the Trump was running for president,

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in the very beginning with

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Trump become president, I'll get my passport and I'm getting out of the country. And we were joking.

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A friend of mine from Pakistan.

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Brooklyn messaged me,

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told me with tears in his eyes. He said,

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One third of my jamaa left in Windsor, either Canada, or Pakistan.

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And this was before the president administration.

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I'm telling you

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there every week to get one newspaper, can't get that newspaper anywhere else.

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Whenever they see me coming to get the newspaper and they give it to me on a

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Korean store owned by Koreans, workers, greens.

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wonderful day I go to the store to get my newspaper in the workers said to me for the first time she spoke to me, she said

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I said I'm calling

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United States of America

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when your parents from

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she said, your dress

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she was joking.

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what are we gonna do?

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I'm recommended to all of you don't go back home.

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I said, Yeah.

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But we have Muslims in our ranks real heroes.

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Can I tell you real hero in our ranks?

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sister named Linda sarsour.

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She's teaching us how to fight back. I watched her in

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New York City when they were demonstrating and they were arrested. And I was proud of them when they were being arrested, taken to jail because they were fighting.

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The people in this country America didn't know how to fight back.

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They know how to organize. And Linda was part of a group of organizing women all over the world.

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She's an activist, Omar Suleiman is an activist.

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They're not eating no rabbit,

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rabbit meters from Brooklyn,

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So therefore, you and I have to learn to say, you know what we understand how the system works. All these republicans, you know, we can replace

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Obamacare. And the people in that district that got together

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and had these townhouse meetings. And when those Republican leaders, congressmen stood up, the people tell them what they wanted. And some of them change their mind. They didn't change their mind because they change spiritually. But they change their mind because the people who made them change the mind. These are people that are Americans that understand how to fight back.

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So the last thing I want to say is that I'm going to finish.

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Understand how the system works.

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And once you understand how the system works, to use it, for the good, not only of yourself, but the rest of America like the African Americans did, we gotta fight back. Number two.

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Number two,

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we must do what the prophet said.

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Help your brother if he is oppressed and oppressor

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and how you help him with his own stress and suffering from his own pressure. Muslims have to get out of the point.

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To think we can condemn other Muslims. We will condemn other Muslims or Muslims or wrong whoever they are. We don't care. Because it's about online messenger. It's about following the Quran and the Sunnah. And I'll tell you why. I'll give you something that happened 1400 years ago, I want you to think about as I conclude,

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the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them.

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Seven expedition

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and put a man upon the hand saw as the leader

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in some of them to obey Him and to follow him.

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And he would

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want to expedition

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a Muslim, who the Prophet peace and blessings, told them to follow him. He's a Muslim. He got angry at

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them, he invoked the Prophet peace and blessing. They're part of the acts. Did the Prophet say obey me? They said yes. He said, How do you build the fire?

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So they built the fire.

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And then he said, I order you to go into the fire.

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And they were looking at one another.

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And they looked at the fire.

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Some of them considered to go into the fire.

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One of them said that we follow the prophet to avoid the fire not to go into the fire. So the fire went out

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and they

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Hang up this man this hands off away.

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And they came back to the prophet and told him what happened.

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What the Prophet said peace and blessings be upon them. I'll give you three narrations, one narration is

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in the

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have they gone in that

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they would not have come out because of the audience is only toward what is right.

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In the mental health field

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had they gone into that fire they would not have come out into the day of judgment because obedience is only taught that which is right. And the third one is discourteous. Have

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had a go on and that never would have come out? Because of meetings is only toward that which is right, what am I saying?

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There are people in the name of Islam are doing things that is so outrageous.

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I don't have to look to the Quran and see, it is okay to get in a car or truck and run over people. My

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my very nature tells me that this isn't right.

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And Muslims must speak out against every kind of atrocity exists. But not only with Muslims.

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We have to be strong enough that even though

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that's wrong, we have to stand up against that anyone who does any injustice everywhere Muslims speak up against so now

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in my opinion, is my opinion. Don't get me wrong.

00:17:12--> 00:17:17

I have supported every Muslim organization in America.

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I love them.

00:17:20--> 00:17:23

Islamic Society of North America. I love them. I love them.

00:17:25--> 00:17:28

Love lockdown, mass lockdown,

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lockdown, lockdown.

00:17:32--> 00:17:33

My opinion

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that that organization that does the most is

00:17:39--> 00:17:41

Islamic circle of North America.