Musleh Khan – Reasons That Cause Allah To Love You – #06 The Names Of Allah & His Attributes

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The host of a series discusses the names and attributes of Islam, including the name of Allah and his various characteristics. They stress the importance of learning about the names and attributes to understand its wisdom and knowledge, as well as the use of "Melinda" in the title of Islam to express passionate love. The importance of passionate love is discussed, along with the need to be careful and listen to what is said to avoid becoming a false god. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding the right person to talk to and using their names and attributes to teach others, as well as building a trust with Allah's teachings and visiting YouTube for a short reminder.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hobart. So that today is Part Six of our series. And we are at a beautiful chapter part five actually of Israel claims book. And today it's about Allah subhanho wa Taala His names and his attributes, excuse me. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, his names and his attributes, and very specifically, if nucleon Rahim Allah mentions of how we should reflect and ponder on the names and attributes of a lung, and how we can attach our hearts to a line. So just through those names and attributes, what can I say? I mean, if we're going to talk about the names of Allah, it's, it's, it's perhaps the

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most beautiful science of all of Islam is to be able to sit there and study all of his names, all of his attributes. Why? Because this is the only biography we have of Allah, when people ask who Allah is, and how do we get to know him and tell us more about who Allah subhana wa Taala is some characteristics about him something about him that we can connect to, that's where the 99 Names of Allah comes in. And then the core and they are scattered, you know, if Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted, he could have put all of his names and attributes in one sutra or in one section of the quarter n. But instead, they are scattered throughout the entire quarter and, and that's a way to

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teach you an idea that in order for us to discover and learn who Allah is, it has to happen as we journey through the entire Quran. So in other words, you can just take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and exclude all the rest of the knowledge, all the rest of the A yet of the quarter. And you have to take the entire package in order to really appreciate who Allah is to appreciate his message to appreciate the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. Now what I want to share with you are a couple of things. If you don't play him, Rahim, Allah makes a very specific, I guess you could say comment on not just knowing who Allah is, but understanding and making that journey

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meaningful. You know, it's one thing when you study the names, it's one thing when you memorize the names, it's one thing when you know what they are, but to really delve deep into its wisdom and knowledge and understand what these names mean to you and I. Now I'm not going to talk to you about that, because that's a massive subject itself. I will however, give you one example. Take for example, one of Allah subhanho wa Taala. His name's Alicia dude. And we're dude is the source of passionate love. And all we're doing is very different from another term of love that we use in the core and called muhabba. muhabba comes from the word Hoban, and Hoban is much more generic. You

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know, it starts within the heart, but you don't necessarily show mohabbat each and every time. You know, sometimes we might say I love you for the sake of love. But I don't actually call you every day. I don't connect with you. I don't text you all the time. But there that love resonates in my heart and it is there for you. That's called muhabba. However, anyway, dude comes from the word what de? And what is deep, passionate love. It's very specific. And the scholars tell us that my web de which is the also part of the word web dude. It also means that when you have this love in your heart, you illustrate it and you're willing to show the other person how much you love them. This is

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why in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he describes the love in marriage, he calls it Melinda, and he doesn't call it hub, because obviously the whole point of marriage is to express that love between the two, the husband and wife frame. So the point is, is that you have this one beautiful name of Allah azza wa jal and what we learned from nano, here's the point how we relate to Allah Dude, what that means to you and AI, is that passionate love comes from Allah. And it does not come from the things that you and I say or do. We are simply a means towards taking away dude, taking my word, and allowing it to manifest in a relationship. So an example of that is you could

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buy all the flowers, all the chocolates, all the gifts, all the cakes, you could serve, you can do so many endless amount of things to please your significant other. But at the end of the day, is it possible that they could still say to you Well, I'm not really feeling you. I'm not into this relationship. I don't really love you. You can give me the whole world but I still don't love you. It's still possible. This teaches us that molad are true passionate love is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala instills in the hearts of people.

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And it's actually mentioned very, very clearly in the quarter and what Jeremiah baina como de tomar. Allah is the one that placed passionate love and mercy in that relationship. So that's one way that we can relate to how the names of Allah and the attributes of Allah, how they, how we relate to that and what they mean to you and I in our day to day lives. Now what here's the second thing that I want to mention to you is, what was what will our lives look like if we did not have the names of Allah? So if we just simply read and skimmed over it, or we memorized it, and that's it, we don't really understand what they mean. So what would that what would be the consequence of that? A lot.

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So until x actually tells us in the Quran, what happens to a believer when they don't know who Allah is, they don't have that connection with him. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us whether Turku color the universal law can Latina Nestle law, don't be amongst those that have forgotten Allah. Well, letter Kunal Kela, Dena, Nestle love fat and seven and four, seven. So here's the consequence, as a result of people who don't know who Allah is, who have forgotten who Allah is, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, a direct consequence of that is that you forget yourself. So what does that mean? How do you forget yourself? This is not literally you wake up tomorrow, you don't know what your name is,

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you don't know what religion you belong to know. When you forget yourself, meaning there's no purpose, you don't find any purpose in life. You don't know what to do, you don't know how to conduct yourself, you don't find any reason to be nice to people anymore. You don't find any reason to control your desires to control temptation anymore. You just do whatever you want to do. You just go with life, you go with the flow, whatever feels right. That's what you do. Whatever feels wrong, you react to it. There's no reason to control your your emotions, there's no reason to control your tongue, your behavior, nothing. That's when you forget yourself. So in essence, a lot. So Adele

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explains what this means in other sources. And one particular one, Allah subhanaw taala mentions and so little out of that, he describes the people of the gentleman, he describes the people of the fire. And he says that long kulu life of hoonah be here, while at home are you know, luggable sirona behind while at home as an Elias man will be here. So there are three things that are mentioned here, a lot. So which will number one says that they have hearts that don't comprehend anything? This is exactly what happens when you don't know who Allah is, you'll read the poor end, but you won't actually learn or get anything out of it, it'll just be you reading just a bunch of words and

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a bunch of a, that's it. It won't be meaningful, it won't take you on the journey that you're hoping for. And then secondly, a lie. So it just says, Well, are you no lie, you will see it all whenever you have, they have eyes, but they're spiritually blind. So you'll see all of the bottle care, you'll see all of the day and guidance around you. You'll see people in your own family going to the masjid regularly, but you won't go, you'll see people close to you that will be learning that will be engaged, that will be praying, they will be doing the things they're supposed to do. But it doesn't affect you in any way. It doesn't encourage you in any way. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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continues, and he says, what a home, then will you smell when they're behind and they have ears that spiritually they can't hear. So now they're spiritually deaf. People are talking people are giving advice, people are sending you videos, they're sending you reminders. But that doesn't do anything, nothing moves inside of you. Your heart is just stagnant and still. So listen to what the last panel Tyler how he describes a person in that state that he can kill an amalgam of all the people who have these characteristics, they are like cattle, we see the problem with that is if you've ever been around cattle, so we've ever been around like a cow or a goat or a sheep, the moment you get close

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to one of these animals, they take notice and sometimes they might actually sit there and just wait for you to do something otherwise they won't move. But something like a sheep or a goat or what have you. If you only come near to them, they start running away. They react immediately when they sense that potential danger is around or they feel intimidated. A cow sometimes it would sometimes it wouldn't. They'll just sit there. So then Allah azza wa jal says actually, you're not really like cattle because even cattle have a reaction. When they're being warned. When there's the presence of something there they can see they pay attention to it. So no alesse has been above the people with

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these characteristics are actually worse than cattle, because cattle can react. So what happened to to the human that when you're trying to teach them and show them and direct them and give them some sense of hidayah and they're not reacting

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Unless you're worse than cattle now, all that you can home with Alfredo, these are the people that Allah takes it now another step further and says that these people are heatless It's almost as if they're a lie. So john is saying that look, you know, you know your heart is is you can comprehend Your eyes are blind, your ears are deaf, you're like, you're like cattle, actually, you're worse than that. Now, there's no hope for you You're heedless. So male lines, so which will protect us from that state. So going back to sort of hashing it out for Anselm and foster home, so now you forget who you are. One last example is to really make this clear. When you don't know the names of

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Allah, you don't know his attributes, and you don't take the time to study these things. Then this is what your day ends up looking like and feeling like you wake up in the morning, you go through your routine, go to work, you go to school, come home, relax, sleep, do it all over again. And then when Friday comes by, Thank God it's Friday, chill, relax, go out do whatever. Then the weekend goes by same old schedule and then you start the whole routine all over again. That becomes your whole life and then you know what happens at the end? Then you die. That's it. Is just it felt it feels like there's no purpose. No, the this is where that whole midlife crisis comes in, where people just

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can't find what else can I do? What else can I say? The true believer never has a midlife crisis. And they find purpose always and forever through the names and through the attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is why our Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam told us men saw her the whole agenda. Whoever I saw her I saw her literally means memorize. But it doesn't just mean memorize only because Allah the Prophet, it says, Lisa to Sam didn't say men, half Eva, whoever memorize the names and attributes he uses the word x saw her saw is not just memorized, but you contemplate you reflect, you go into the state of like deep thought, you really sit there and you try to understand

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what these names mean to you. And then they have an impact in your life, it actually changes something about you. So when you hear that a lot is a semir He is the one that hears everything. Now you're careful what you say. Now you careful what you listen to it because you know Allah is listening as well. And so when you think about and you interact with the names this way, then the poor end becomes meaningful, then the Sunnah becomes meaningful, then Islam becomes meaningful, then now you find purpose, then you find it, you start setting goals with yourself. But when you lose all of that, listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, as the consequence will occur when we first

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import. These are the people when they forgot themselves, they are fast, sick, fast ship from the word fish spawn literally means corrupt. And fish spawn fast soccer actually refers to like a fruit that you leave outside for a long period and it starts to decay. You know, if you leave like a peach out for a long period of time, it starts to decay, it starts to get moldy. And then before you know it, the whole peach is garbage, you can't even see it, you can see its original color, nothing. And that's what happens to the state of the heart of somebody who doesn't have that connection with their Creator. It's as if their heart has become decayed, spiritually decayed, and it started to

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rot. And as a result when a yet and Hadeeth wants to pierce through the heart and get in there, it doesn't doesn't resonate. So this is where you find now certain lectures might be boring. Even though the speaker might be saying something genuine, reminding you of a Hadeeth or an area. You might be saying to yourself, I don't like that speaker anywhere I want to listen to somebody else. So it's not the knowledge now you're focused on but it's the person itself, that's a big problem. It's a sign that there's fisp there's fess up around the heart. And the one way to remove and eradicate and erase all of that is through the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his attributes

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will love you brothers and sisters, they change your life. You know, I have personally taught all of these names, I've studied them and I've taught them several times. And I can honestly say every single time I teach it, I feel like I'm teaching it for the first time. Like I've never studied the names before. That's the impact that it has on you. And so the next time when you look at those beautiful posters and those beautiful frames and you know the the ornaments that we have hanging in our cars and it has all the names of Allah. Really just take a moment and just look at them, read them for a minute and then and try to reflect on what they mean to you on the lessons that he's

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alive for on a life says that he is a subwoofer. So is the source of forgiveness is the source of patience. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says he is SLM. He's the source of peace and security. What does that mean to you and how do you connect with them?

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This is how you get to reaffirm Allah's existence. You know, sometimes people ask me, How do I know Allah exists? Study His names and his attributes. You'll know. Some people asked me Well, how do I know allies really there? Study His names and attributes, you'll know he's there. How do I connect with Ohio speak to him, do what a lot villages set to do? Well, he let him smell we who snap federal will be here. You want to know if Allah is really there and you want to communicate, you want to talk to him, then use his names and attributes because a lot so Joel says, Well, he let him smell because now the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And his attributes are who said they are

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righteous, they're pure Federer who be here. So use those names and call upon Allah with those names. Yeah, as ease Yeah, just about a yellow food. Call upon Allah subhanaw taala with his names, and you'll see what happens, you'll start to connect with these names. Even if you don't know them very well. You'll start to feel that there's some kind of connection there. It means something to you. And so my brothers and sisters, this is what Mr. Mo hula is trying to get at and teach all of us. If we want Allah subhana wa Taala to love us, then we have to love him first. And how do you love Allah azza wa jal, you start off by loving Allah subhanho wa Taala through his names and

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attributes. How do you do that? Go through the poor end, study the Prophet Allah who slept with him, the man that loved a large, So which of the most studying, look at what he did, and why he did it the way that he did. And then you'll start to figure out how you can take that love now and plug it into your own life. So regardless of what status, what level you're at, you'll start to find ways and how the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and how his names and attributes, how they work in your own life, how they become meaningful in the day to day things that you do. When you do that. I promise you insha Allah, you will never forget Allah, you will never disconnect with Allah, you will

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always and forever. Always in February, your entire life in sha Allah, you will always trust a law in everything that happens. You'll always keep that trust. And you know, an outsider, when they see that there'll be like, so weird, like, how do you do that? You have cancer, you've been diagnosed, you're bedridden, you're suffering so much, yet, you're still saying of hamdulillah? Like, how do you how do you even do that? Why Why don't you complete wise Allah putting you through that? You never ever talk this way, when you know who Allah is? You just it never happens. There's a beautiful story of when Abu Bakar rhodiola. One when he was sick, and some of the companions came to visit

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him. One Sahabi asked Abu Bakar rhodiola one has that. Have you seen the doctor? And Abu Bakar said, Yes, I've seen the doctor. So they're like, What did the doctor say? He says The doctor said I do as I please. So the sahabas are standing there around Abu Bakar on the line. And they're asking like, What are you talking about. And then of course, he's referring to the last panel, Tyler is his doctor. And so he trusts a lot. At the end of the day, he trusts a law, that whatever happens to him, that this is something that is good for him. And so we can't understand that level. Until we navigate and we journey through these names and attributes, then we understand where the buck coders

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and the pious men and women where they come from when they speak this way, when they relate to us this way. But when you feel that gap, and you're like, man, I don't know how you do that. I don't know how you act that way. I don't know how you're still so positive. I don't know how you still trust Allah. And he's putting you through all of that. That's the day. That's your indication that you don't have that connection with less names and attributes. So get connected to it. And so I want to encourage all of you that if you've never studied a less names and attributes, then do this make it a priority. There are tons of YouTube videos online. There are tons of booklets online, there are

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tons of courses online, just find something and journey through it. And it can start off by just listening lists, listening to short reminders of what each name and attribute means, and how you can relate to the shuttle hotel and maybe sometime down the road because nilla will go through all of them. But at least for now, I hope that this short reminder, as well as what it will claim what Rahim Allah mentions in his beautiful book, I hope that this is a source of encouragement that it can inspire you in sha Allah once you shut off this video that you start thinking about, well, I've never studied the names and attributes of Allah. Maybe I should start with one name a day. And let's

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see where that goes. And I promise you you're not going to wait 99 days until you're complete. It'll happen way before that, because you'll start off with one name and the appetite will start

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To build, I don't want just one name a day, then you'll take like three names, if five names and before you know it, within a few days, you go through all 99 names. That's what that's what the names and attributes do to you. They, they lure you in, they draw you in in the most positive beautiful way. And you literally feel that you're getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala What more can we ask for? May Allah so just shower our hearts and our lives with the names of attributes and the meanings and allow it to uplift us and make us better people, better believers and better Muslims allow me to set Molo higher than everybody. Now learn so it'll keep you safe and bless you

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wherever you are. Until we meet again was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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