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Juz Amma Surah Al Bayyinah part 2
The essentials of the correct deen


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The importance of worshiping only one God is discussed in a religious teaching segment on essential differences between two people and the need for clarification. The use of "ess surely" in religion is emphasized, along with the importance of understanding essential differences between two people and the use of the word "waitful" in religion. The importance of strong personalities and staying in a quiet environment is also discussed, along with the negative impact of rushing and feeling satisfied. The transcript explores the meaning behind certain words in Arabic language, including the " agenda," "has," "has" in Arabic, and the "has" meaning "has."

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Maya in my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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inshallah, tonight is night number 14, which means tomorrow will be the 15th of Ramadan. And tomorrow evening, and that's halfway with the month. And that objective of La Quinta tycoon that you might attain taqwa. We need to ask ourselves in sha Allah we v. And if we're not yet D, then we need to get the insha Allah and that whatever we did we ask Allah to accept this past 1415 days of fasting and salah and grant us the energy and the strength. I know I can see people yearning, I feel like yearning. But in sha Allah two weeks, again, two weeks between Jen and Johanna 14 days, 15 days between Jenna and Jan Nam, a little bit of effort in sha Allah, and the greatest night of the year

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is coming up. Now log on to sudo freak and the strength and all the goodness to get there. I mean, we continue with yesterday's very complicated sudo circle by ina and not to recap too much. So it will be you know, we said Bina is that clear evidence that comes where you cannot, you cannot sit on the fence, you must choose the side of that. And if you win the beaner comes, you still don't follow through when this is really misguidance. And we see that only when Bina came did the keytab really splint and break in divisions. It didn't mean that they weren't in groups in six before. It means that when we divide installation for us to learn, if we divide and we have differences of opinion in

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a gray area, then each other six it's valid differences there's a valid difference of agreement because there's evidence both sides, but when the evidence is very clear, when any differences on that on the clear essential issues, there is a sixth there is a division which is bad. So some differences we see are not bad, having formidable hamdullah we make sure to Allah that we have differences of opinion in thick, but in other areas that are very, very clear. The Essentials of the dean way if we have differences we say this is not not good division, but it is bad. This is the farrokh which Allah warns us against. So we asked what are the essentials of the deen what are the

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things we must unite on and we cannot be divided. There are a number of them but Allah summarizes them in this one.

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This one is summarizes basically the essentials of our Deen Allah Subhana Allah says I was obliged on origin, Lama Emiru, Allah spoke about Al Kitab when he sent them a scripture. And similarly in the Scripture, Allah says, well, ma O'Meara l le Abu la metallocene Allahu Dena kunafa are you keen salata? Are you to Jakarta with elica Dino Emma, and they will not commanded meaning the 100 keytab the lowest that came in the Torah and in the NGO and in the school, and they will not commanded except to worship Allah sincerely to him in religion inclining to truth and to establish salah and to give zakah and that is the correct religion. So let's go through this ayah word for word. So

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Allah says, we send the buy in at oral Kitab and in that baina in the Torah and the Injeel the thing that yes, there were many laws, but in the essence what did he say? Allah said we commanded them in Mount Meru Illa except the main and most important thing of the Torah and the Injeel and the Quran is what to worship Allah alone. That is the essence of this Deen not to go to any grave or any saint or any object to any idle in in Abbey or any gene but to worship Allah alone. That is the essence of all the religions that he said all the books Allah sent down Illa Ali Abdullah to worship Allah alone. Mohali seen the mandalas like Lhasa is to be filtered if you see some something which is

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filtered purely all the the the muck is taken away it is completely pure. So Allah says worship Allah Mohali seen sincerely, purely every ounce of Nevada is for him Lahu our Deen for Him belongs the deen to Allah alone hoonah now what is whenever you heard today in the in the Torah, we we heard that word for NASA. And it's associated with Nabhi Brahim, Nabil Ibrahim, when they used to call themselves what religion did they follow? They see the will muslimeen whenever we are those who submit and we are Hanif was before they were Yahood and nesara. As Allah says in the Quran, Nabil Brahim came before the Torah and before the Injeel and before the Quran, but the most that resembles

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to explain Ebrahim the essence of monotheism tauheed he was a pure so his followers were called honey Fs, the religion of Nabhi Ibrahim they call them Hanif Muslim and they were Muslims. Hanif meaning Pure religion, pure tawheed. And even today the Christians and the Jews will say, Abraham is the father of them.

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monotheism this, even though just before now be Brian, but he really brought back the heat to the dunya to worship Allah alone and the beautifully in the Torah with the, the ayat discussed the beaver imcd looked at the sun, and the moon and the stars and the idols and he said, all these things, I don't worship these things I am worshiping and also now Who do you worship? The one who made me that is the one I worship the one who made me, the one who when I'm sick, I call out to Him when I'm in difficulty, he answers my doors and when I die, I'm going back to him. That is whenever so Allah says worship Allah like that be Hanif like Nabil Ibrahim, so to Allah alone belongs the

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religion and all worship is for him. And to Yaki masala established sada where you Zakah isn't worshipping Allah but salah and Sakura part of worshiping Allah. Yes. But Allah heightens these two aspects of EBITDA, meaning if a person and this was obviously before hedge and so most compulsively, if a person stays away from Shrek, he doesn't worship anyone besides Allah. And he does the five pillars. He makes his Salah he plays soccer. He forces Ramadan, he does Hajj halacha two gentlemen, that is guaranteed by Allah subhanaw taala you will definitely inshallah, go to Jenna. We know the Hadith with a Bedouin man from the desert comes in Ibiza. celemony czr Mohammed Salah Salim Tell me

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what I must do. So then I be so Salaam told him the five pillars worship Allah alone. don't worship anyone besides him. Don't make dua to anyone but Allah makes Allah paisa foster Ramadan perform hedge. So the man said, I will do those five things. I won't decrease on them. But I won't increase on them. I won't make a single extra dollar. But a single extra shouldn't assume I won't give a single cent in charity besides Zakah that's all I'm going to do. So now besides who said if he's telling the truth in what he sees, then he's going to those five things you do that? Hello, that's the dean. So I was this was that was alika Dino Kojima that this is the established safe to deem

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This is the way to Jenna.

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Now Allah says in the Larrinaga for anyone who goes beyond besides that in alladhina cafaro whether you are lucky tap, oma shrieking Oh the idol worshippers. If you don't do these things fee Natty Johanna mahali Dena fee ha la ecohome Cheryl Berea, when the destination is janam, the word Johanna, it's actually Persian. It comes from a Persian world called Johanna, which is janam janam, which means a torture chamber, a place of torture. And Allah says that this is not a place of torture only. It's a chamber of torture filled with fire. But swannanoa every The walls are made of fire. And there are so many ahaadeeth and I don't like to see us, but just remember between us and Johanna

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these 15 days of Rama that we don't know where our account is currently sitting with a light could be included. We might not have made enough solder, we might have done some shirak we didn't know Allah protect us And forgive us. And we stay away from these things because it nullifies as we'll learn tomorrow, it nullifies everything, but just some things of janam. That Allah the Hadees is Allah stoke the fire of jahannam for 70 years, and it became very hot, and for 70,000 years, and then another 70,000 years and it became white, burning white, and in 70,000 years further until it became pitch black. So janam is totally dark yet it's filled with fire and the people of janam not

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only will they be punished, they will have lost all hope but they will not be able to exit it. So what do they do? How do you spend your time in janome being punished what do you do? You just sit and be punished and cry all day and then abyssal send it through cheats to me and different things to different people. The people of Jana will just spend all day and night crying and crying and crying. All the tears will run up and they'll start crying they blood until all the blood their hands up, and they will just spend eternity like the smell law protect us. So Allah says eternally there'll be in janam Holiday Inn holiday is the one with eternal meaning the one who does not die.

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They will not live or die in jahannam holiday in a fee ha hula ecohome Sheree Berea those they are the worst of Berea, Berea are creatures the worst of living things. It's a beautiful link Episode Two team if you remember, Allah says that he may do in the best of stature tomorrow that now as far as surfing How did you go from being the top to the bottom year old explains they did not follow the simple essential rules. They went and lowered themselves to idols besides Allah. Then unless he's asked for insha Allah those who are on the hock in a levena amanu those of you who believe in Allah, Swami masala had and you do good and this comes always together. You cannot say I'm a believer

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inside but I don't do any Salah I don't give any charity. I'm not a good person. No, you have to be internally and externally good enough. And first More importantly, internally if you do good things on the outside, but inside you have Kufa it's not gonna count. So Allah says in there

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levena Manu, you believe what you saw the heart and you do good things good deeds, Allah eco home Hyrule, Berea that this is the very best of all creatures, meaning you're even better than gibril. So think about that. Yeah, it was Islam, that while you're in fasting, while you are in Salah while you're worshipping Allah, at this moment in time in the entire universe, you are the greatest and most beloved creature to Allah, in his entire creation. Allah says you are the very best of all these creatures above God even while you're busy in that gesture, and therefore only naturally Allah needs to give you a reward jazza whom they reward ainderby him only they load it's worth Allah your

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reward is worth your meaning. No one can give you the city would except Allah you need to go and collect it from Allah so big is your reward. In the up be him Jenna to add an integer m into TL and her holiday in a fee her

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that you will have gardens Jenna is a garden. Jenna is a garden, just a photo of spot price just to wake you up and get the oxygen flowing.

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Jenna, if you see the inner in the Arabic language, we miss a word with a gene and the noon together like Jenna and Jean and Janine, which means the womb, the embryo? Do you know why a gene and the noona put together what it symbolizes? Who knows? A word in Arabic language with a gene and the noon together. It has something in it conveys a certain meaning, what agenda and the gene and the embryo have in common.

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You can't see them.

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When the gene and the noona put together this who these words usually imply something which you cannot see. So agenda a garden is called agenda because you can't see inside the trees. The gene you can't see them because they're invisible. The embryo you can't see it because it's inside the mother. So Allah saying that this hidden garden, you don't know the rewards that are the install for you. You just believe Adam means it is a garden that never works. It never dies and you go in they will never die Tajiri mentality and hard. We said this before that always and if you look, even today, we are the prime locations on the water by the close to the water. So every single person

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your house in general, you will have this massive garden and we said the smallest gender is 10 times the heavens and the earth 10 times the entire universe. That's the smallest, the last guy goes to gymnasium to get 10 times that. We hope for more than that. I mean, but you will have these gardens with rivers flowing underneath your homes underneath our houses. Holly Dena eternally you'll be the other the hardiness meaning forever and ever. Side note you'd find the word Abba was not with the Kumar

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if you you recited this ISO many times, but if you look when Allah says that the mushy kina finale Johanna Mohali Deena didn't say Aveda, in this ayah holiday in Africa. So it's forever and ever. And based on this little word they all with in a solution novel Gemma it's a very, very minority view. But even scholars like even taymiyah held the opinion that Allah has left the door open potentially, maybe for the Kufa, Allah will cause genom to eventually end. But Allah will put them in there for a very long time it would feel like eternity, but perhaps Allah will still have the opportunity to in them and in janam whereas the people of genuine will never end just because that word is missing in

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the one eye and not in the other. Right even if it's a holiday, so this is always it's a minority view within Allah sooner. Well Gemma lo Allah, Allah Quran concludes and sees even better than Jenna we said what's the greatest reward? To see Allah and to get his pleasure or audio low on whom what are the one that Allah is pleased with him? He will look at them with pleasure he would get his read one he will say you will see to you I am happy with you. What are the one and they are happy with Allah? there? Luckily man hace yarrabah this is for the one and it's translated here. The one who fears Allah fears the Lord. Now I'll conclude with this. How in the Arabs here, how is what to be

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scared Harsha. Also in English, it's translated as fear. They not the same. He believes is in near half a law that I fear a lot of belief says that but his fear doesn't bring him closer to Allah. Harsha is a logical, sensible, a fear that brings you closer to Allah. It's not a fear only of the punishment, but rather it's in a way one of the ways to look at it. It is the fear of being away from Allah. So you are pleased with Allah and you love him and you feel to be separated like you fear to lose your children. That kind of fear like you fear to lose your parents. You're not scared of them, but you're scared to be away from them. You're scared to do anything against them. That

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kind of Harsha. So Allah says, This is for the one who has hatia of Allah May Allah grant us Harsha. May Allah grant us to come closer to him. How do you get here?

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For a price Allah says in the Quran, in Nehemiah shalom in

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evadne he allama the ones who truly attain this quality of Harsha. Although other Allah we don't mean by Allah, the MGC IX, Allah, we talk about those who have knowledge. I'm not gonna say this I don't mean the clergy. If you quote unquote, you don't have to have a PhD or study in Medina University. Or Amalia means those who have a conch, those who have learned and acquired knowledge and continue to acquire knowledge. They truly are the ones that knowledge will lead you to harsher and harsher will lead you to gender again, knowledge to Harsha Harsha to Jenna, so we asked a lot to grant us beneficial knowledge and this has yet to interest into Jenna mean, tomorrow we'll talk

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about the AMA suited to Venezuela, the final shaking of the dunya the last earthquake of this earth will go through we'll talk about the events of the earth and the end of the earth tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah protect us. Last night we said how many secrets did the Christians divide into 72 And today's question, the Hanif way or the way of the Hanukkah is associated with which nebby which NaVi was described as being a Hanif, Ebrahim, maybe that would be Mussa will not be easy, easy answer insha Allah and we will have a prize giving on Saturday inshallah. Allah Hey, Mohammed, Ali Yusuf Islam,

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amin Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh