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The importance of softness and engagement in bringing forth the best products is emphasized in the transcript, with a verse in the Bible and a verse in the Surahs discussing the punishment of Allah's actions. The interviewer suggests that Kathy's actions were a mistake, but the interviewer also touches on the idea of softness and engagement in Islam, with a video about a woman experiencing a visa ban. The message is that everyone is a kind and gentle person, and apologizes for actions that made mistakes.

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Bismillah he was salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warbands any parent, teacher, guardian or mentor would know and its basic elementary knowledge, that in the nurturing and the molding of any individual student, disciple, etc, we need to key qualities amongst others. We need love, tenderness, gentleness, and occasionally we need a sense of sternness, and some form of strict measures, etc. And the fine balance between gentleness and strictness will hopefully bring to fruition the best of products the best of students, disciples, etc. Allah subhanho wa Taala referred to the MBR alayhi wa sallam in the Quran as Bashir on one of the raw,

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they would give glad tidings and they would be a warning against the chastisement and the punishment of the Almighty. However, between the two, none can deny that softness and gentleness has a more far reaching effect. It has a far it has a much more far reaching effect. If we look in the Quran wherever Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about his mercy and then it is followed by his punishment, then the mercy is discussed in the first verse by enlarge and then the punishment follows thereafter. So in the 14 those in Surah two Haider Allah subhanho wa Taala says and that be Abadi any and Allah for Rahim Mohammed Salah lies I'm telling my servants I am the most forgiving and the

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Most Merciful. Well I'm not either be who Eliza Booz Allen and equally warned them alert them that my punishment is very severe in the 13 Jews in Surah Surah Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Arabic Allah dumelo ferati Lena Salah Bumi him indeed your Lord is one who pardons in Arabic Allah Duma 30 leanness Allah will meet him despite they're wrong and they oppression and device Allah is Duma Farah one who forgives why not back Alicia de Dona rica but at the same time the punishment of Allah is severe and intense. So the focus today is that

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the importance of softness and gentleness and tenderness. Now there is a verse in the 16th Jews of the Quran, the 20th chapter, the chapter of Baja another name of this chapter is Kareem, because it addresses the tale and the narrative of Musashi Salaam in great detail, the verse 44 verse 44, of su report out of the 135 verses, in that Allah subhanho wa Taala, addressing Musa alayhis salam and his brother Haruna his Salam says to both of them, that when you present before Pharaoh and convey the message, then say to Pharaoh, a kind word, say to Pharaoh, a gentle words, say to Pharaoh, a software Lala, who, perhaps he might heed, and the perhaps is in the context of Musa alayhis salam,

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because Allah knows in his early Methodism and ilma as early that Pharaoh was not going to respond positively, but for Musa alayhis salam, it was unaware. My focus is colon Lina, let's pause for a moment. You have Pharaoh whose hands are stained with blood 10s of 1000s of children have been killed and butchered. In the hood Allah Allah says he rebelled in the who Allah. Allah says he was proud and arrogant. You'd be Habana homea Stalinism his home once he said to Harmon, Harmon

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Harmon Bo for me a tower, I want to ascend it and see if there is any Lord God or divine being, as Musa alayhis. Salam claims were in Nila aluminum caddy been for like a he's a liar. This was the guy and this was just a few extracts of different verses of the Quran, in which Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the time of the tyranny of Pharaoh. Yet Allah says to Musa alayhis salam say a kind word, Surely your student, your disciple, your son, your spouse, your partner, your neighbor, whoever you might be wanting to instill some good value in, could not have the evil traits as wicked as evil as Pharaoh. And I was really an integral as a Han. That one scara hadn't had the job.

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Somebody recited this verse before. Yeah. Rahim Allah and these were great scholars. And when he heard this verse, And he went in reflection mode, at the kindness, the grace of Allah

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and the mercy of Allah. So he did and he said, Yeah, Ella, he had the handle mocha Bimini aku annalena. Forgetting for Beeman, yaku and de la. Oh my Lord. Oh my Lord. Mashallah. mk ma

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lemak I cannot explain in words how for better and how tolerant how kind how merciful you are. This is your kindness, Grace and clemency to someone who claim divinity and sovereignity I simply cannot imagine how kind and merciful you would be to the one who proclaims your sovereignity and who prostrate before you and worships you and accepts your toe heat. Likewise in a minute Kathy I came across a very profound quotation and those who value Arabic will appreciate it. It's mentioned under this ayah and the message is softness and gentleness speaking to Pharaoh and they are told be kind be soft, be gentle. So in a minute because it is written yeah manyatta hubub illa menu ID for K for

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B manyatta. One la who where you are li la ilaha illa La La ilaha illa Allah. Yeah. manyatta hubub Yeah, man, you gotta have bad Illa men, you have a D for K for B manyatta la where you were Lee, all that beam who displays affection to his full enemy adversary, someone who's hostile to him. I cannot imagine the affection over law you will display to those yet our law Who will you Lee who befriend you and worship you and obey you.

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We take the instance of offered so in the campaign of the noble companions Earth and it was not deliberate. It was a mistake that they made, they left the post where the messenger sallallahu Santo them God dispose and don't leave. And because of misunderstanding be amongst them, as Allah says in the photos. What does that mean to him, Phil Emery and you dispute it in the matter. And the dispute was a costly affair in terms of the battle and the landscape and the apparent victory that was now slipping away into somewhat of a defeat. So there was consequences there was consequences and the noble companions misunderstood the injunction of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and Allah pardon

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them Allah pardon them, one after the other, on whom Allah pardon them, Allah forgive them and they are all the beloved's of the Almighty. So, given the mistake, and as mentioned in by Hon on given the mistake of the noble companions, to a certain extent it would somewhat justify that Nabi sallallahu Sallam become angry, become stern with them. Because you know, I told you something and you did not oblige. But Subhana Allah what was the character of Nabhi of nebia sallallahu wasallam and Allah addresses this, Allah says, Furby Mara met him in a lie he lint Allah whom, through the mercy of Allah, you remain soft, you will always serve and even boast the mistake of Sahaba you

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remain soft. How many of us can remain soft with our children boasts a mistake that they may oppose a mistake my spouse makes where we still remain calm, composed, calculated, and it doesn't negatively impact our demeanor for bemaraha met him in a lie he lynnderella him now look at the look at the manifestation of the gentleness of nebulae salam, and the subsequent injunction of Allah. Allah tells the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that they and I have forgiven them, but oh Mohammed Salah seemed to mend their hearts and make them happy. You also seek forgiveness on their behalf, for whom Allah had forgiven them, you also forgive them what still fell in love with them and seek

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forgiveness on their behalf. In this verse, Allah tells the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the catalyst is your softness and kindness and this is the magnet that has drawn them to work towards you. And if it was not for this quality and attributes of softness, lending for domain, how late they would disperse from you, and they would flee from you. So you have the Prophet of Allah Who has the most impeccable flawless blemishes character and the Quran says that if softness was taken out of the equation, l'enfant do they would have dispersed, imagine us that are devoid and bereft of nobility and virtue, and then to exacerbate it and to compound it we don't have softness and

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gentleness. How would people be attracted to the beauty of Islam? Yet there is another verse in the 28 Jews in Surah mucho de la when some people came to the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam disbelievers. And instead of invoking blessings, they invoked a curse. They didn't say As salam or LA, they said, a ceremony may death be upon you. I said the olana heard this and she intercepted this. So she retorted in a harsh manner. She said, and this is mentioned in ribnica theory, where I lay some what, what Lana guanica some with them, will Lana, and may death be upon you, and may destruction be upon you and may a perpetual curse be upon you. Nobody says some said it is in the law, you have

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belief, Allah love softness, Allah loves gentleness. So she said, I want to own a visa.

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Have you heard what they added? They said that may death be upon you. So now vincelot ism said, I also replied by saying why la eco la comb Same to you Same to you without mimicking their obscene language without emulating their impolite speech without following them, you know, nasty wording. I just said the same to you. And I use the jaboulet nafi him when I use the jab hula hoop, Vina, our prayer will be answered in their favor or against them because they initiated the curse, while the same will not apply to them. Because Allah Rahim Allah said among Rosario Rahim Allah said, soft words, soften hearts that are harder than rocks, soft words, gentle words, kind words, soften hearts

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that are harder than rocks, while hard words hardened hearts that are softer than silk. May Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us with softness gentleness and tenderness in Allah your headboard with coffee equally Shea Allah love softness and gentleness in all matters. I mean, you're allowed me