You can’t keep a clean reputation hanging out with messy people

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A speaker describes a situation where a company needs to move away from certain people, including a former employee who says they will not stay with them. The speaker also mentions a former employee who says they will not allow anyone to claim their ownership, citing a famous statement from Dr. ACatuz.

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Wherever there is bad company we need to move away from it. People are talking, say Imam Shafi Rahmatullah. They said, for Tara to do a spell, like authority, shall we? What are not to Allah whom little naughty Haley? He said, I moved away from some people, because when I went that side, I only learned Valga I only had swearing. I only had bad language. I only heard accusations I said, No, no, I cannot stay with these people for talk to a speller humbly, Kathy shambling. Then I went to join some other people. And I thought they were good. But the only good they had was, they didn't have the bad of others.

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But they will not give you the positive energy also, what Dr. ACULA, whom utility theory? And then I said, No, no, these people might be better than them. In the sense that there's no vulgar here, there's no immorality. There's no steel in here, but they don't give him a good message also. And that's when he said the famous statement, Saddam wanna Allah dunya either love me or confini house for the cansado console. They will what they will say that if I cannot find a good friend, I'd be without a friend.