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AI: Summary © The importance of usingagneam Rajsh younger's words is highlighted, along with the use of sada 49% in South Africa's culture. The challenges faced by people in South Africa, including fulfilling needs and harming others, are discussed, along with the potential for sada 49% to help those in need. The Prophet Muhammad Assal's use of sada 49% is also highlighted, along with various points made by the world, including the potential for sada 49% to help those in need. The segment ends with a mention of a YouTube video and guidance from the interviewer.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This pillar of Nara Mannerheim Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah salam ala Salam Rajshahi. Saudi us silly Emily, that Emily's any of our colleagues of Hannukah Lai Milena Ilana Allah Montana in the cantilever hacking. First of all apologies for being late today's Pamela, we were driving from a far distance 100 I just got home and today is the last episode. And as we mentioned yesterday, Inshallah, hopefully we can bring more concepts of that nature in the days to come in the law, you make dua for me. And second, secondly, I believe Oracle, everyone knows who celebrated eight already today, on Friday, or those who will be

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celebrating tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah, Are you local Mubarak, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from you the fasting of the month of May Allah subhanaw taala bring more baraka and more happiness into your life? The days ahead. I mean, I mean, I mean, today Insha Allah, Allah, we are talking about very, very essential topic, Subhan Allah and I thought that this is the best way to end the episodes in sha Allah and that is Savarkar as a way of life sadaqa as a lifestyle. Before I mentioned the benefits of Sabah, I'd like to remind you of something very, very important. And that is the word sadaqa itself shares the same Arabic roots so and the word South Koreans truthfulness,

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honesty, transparency, and the scholars of Islam and the scholars of the language dimension that the reason being that the sadaqa is the proof, Silva, is the evidence that you are actually a believer, the proof that you are sincere towards the zero Allah, the proof that you are sincere towards Allah subhanaw taala and His commandments Subhan Allah on him. So when you give sadaqa Why is that so when you give sadaqa you have full faith in Allah that He is going to give you back Inshallah, as we will discuss today Subhanallah another thing that I wanted to highlight is business online business many people have heard about how many people are making a lot of money on YouTubes and YouTube channels

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and other platforms online there is one thing that is known for entrepreneurs called multiple streams of income, multiple streams of income and that is basically how you can utilize the internet to generate money from various sources selling products online drop sharing or I think that's what job sharing I think if I'm not mistaken websites generating this YouTube channels and as such some people they are actually full time working full time on the internet from their bedrooms and the Generate masala robotic Allah Allah money in Islam saga is like that sadaqa is the gateway to multiple streams of rewards. And I have listed here with me Inshallah, seven points, that if we can

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just look at how much benefit Saba can bring into your life and into your Africa, no one will leave this room without looking around to give sadaqa insha Allah tan, number one, South Africa fulfills your need in this dunya and in the next, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, Whoever fulfills the need of his brother or his sister of course for that matter, Allah will fulfill his needs. Simple, full stop. As I always say, believe it or leave it. It's up to you this these are the words of the prophets of Salaam. So if you have a need and who doesn't, who amongst us do not have some needs, who amongst us does not have some difficulties. This the next point that's coming in sha

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Allah Who amongst us does not have a need all of us with no exception. If you want your needs to be fulfilled, fulfill the needs of your brothers and sisters through Saba code. Number two Soraka eases calamities. South Africa lifts calamities the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said what the rubies Saba called the roof is beside the heart for England Bella Leia Yatta Hapa haste in giving some records. Look at this haste raised one another in giving sadaqa Why is that so? Because calamities does not reach Solahart meaning does not does not

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reach the person who gives salaam Bella will be lifted, calamities will be lifted difficulties will be lifted. Now we are not talking about challenges that I don't have money today. No these are more challenges, more difficulties that you perhaps can explain.

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is along the path of dystonia and the only thing that can lift it is cervical that's why the prophets Allah Sam said there will Murdock will be salah, fewer you're sick people you're sick relatives, you're sick friends, fewer them how through Savarkar not to eat the Savarkar rather gifts ova and Allah subhanaw taala will do the rest. But you take that as a means to cure the people Subhan Allah.

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The Prophet saw certain installations is telling what it's telling us initiate don't wait for people to raise funds so that you can come and give sadaqa you look and hunt for people who are in need and give the literally give is more barnacle Allah Allah we pour in it more Baraka in the lighthouse, so don't ever hold because you have little give also little number three, it's an investment for the hereafter. You know when you when you get a loan to invest so that you can you know, have

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you know some some profit and so on so forth. This is similar when you give sadaqa investing for the hereafter Allah status in the Quran ena was sub the cleaner, one Musab the cow. Now there are two terms are mentioned about those people who are giving charity in the Quran, one is a little sub, the cleaner on sub, the top and one is a motor sub the cleaner while motor sub the court both are translated as those who give charity, but actually also the Tina in the eye that is it is a reference to those people who have taken Solokha as a way of life, as a loan, good loan from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that Allah mentioned in the same area that Allah will multiply for such

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people, many forms that they have never even fathom or imagined in this dunya and in the next in the later. Point number four sadaqa removes sin. Who amongst us without sin? Raise up your hand if you do not have sin Raisa, we're coming below. If you don't have a sin, Allahu Akbar who amongst us everyone listening to me everyone is watching here.

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They have some history may Allah protect us all and hide our faults? I mean, I mean, if you want Allah to erase them before you meet him before you die, what what is the key here Sabato, the Prophet Muhammad salah, as I mentioned, that sadaqa extinguishes the anger of Allah, just like how water extinguisher extinguishes fire. And of course when you sin against Allah, Allah becomes angry because Allah did not create you to disobey Him. Allah did not create you to go against them what either Billa May Allah protect us all. So South Africa erases sin, the more you give, the more you erase your history of ugly activities may Allah protect us all. Point number five.

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Saba sadaqa is one of the gates of gentlemen in fact, there is a whole gate in Jannah that is named as Bible Saba the gate of the sadaqa the gate which people who lived in this dunya with that aspect, as a as a lifestyle sadaqa as the lifestyle will enter from that specific and special game named after their characteristic burbles top. May Allah make us among them having the envelope any point number six, a shade under Allah's throne, on the Day of Judgment, when where there will be no shades other than his shade. The Prophet SAW Selim describe seven categories of people, you know the Hadith better than I, you know it very well seven categories of people. One of these categories is a person

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who gives sadaqa so secretly, to a point that his left hand didn't know what his right hand give Allahu Akbar. Look at this, Allah will shelter them on the Day of Judgment where there will be no shade except his shade. On that day the sun will draw nearer above our head by one mind look at this go and do a research or a search about how far the sun is from the earth and you will know how hot it's gonna get on the Day of Judgment when the sun draw nearer by one mile Allah Akbar some people will be drowning in their sins as a result of the heat May Allah protect us all Europe, but there are people who will be sheltered and shaded under allah shade on that day. Who are these people one

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of them are those people who are constant and quick in giving solar power to those in need. Number seven, point number seven and the last insha Allah Tala sahab Is one of those acts that will benefit you after you die.

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You die you're in the grave and your Savarkar is giving you good deeds in the skin of your good account until the day of judgment. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that when a son of Adam dies when the son of Adam departs this this dunya he don't take anything with him except three. The top of the list. The first on the list is Saba PowToon geria, a continuous act of sadaqa us

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sadaqa will benefit people who are alive after his demise. Look at this how many stream we have mentioned and we could go on forever and forever by the way to mention the benefits of sadaqa.

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Just we are waiting for the connection on the other side, sorry about the connection got disrupted on the other phone, apologies. But imagine Subhan Allah will lie we could go forever just describing the benefits and multiple streams of rewards awaiting those people who engage and practice silverpop May Allah make us among them. That's why Allah spa said in the Quran method Lavina kupuna feasability like Anthony Hubbardton and but at savasana frequently some Buddha committed me to have the wala ubuY fool you may have shut well Allah who is the example of those who give for the sake of Allah like that of a seed which was planted and grew seven years in every year 100 Green and Allah

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multiply on the top of that to whomever he's pleased with wala who has on Alim Allah is vast and full of knowledge may Allah grant us a heart that is so generous and so charitable to help those in need whenever we can, with the literary help and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us goodness and reward you my brothers and sisters it stands for being patient with me throughout the month of Ramadan listening to me every day and I hope and I pray that you will share those videos with your friends with your family members if you found that there are any benefits in them in sha Allah and I hope and I pray that you will subscribe to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel and share the pages on

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Facebook well Ibrahim and connect Institute live Diem connect Institute Karachi and global and in sha Allah Allah

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we will pray for one another that we witness one more time one more Ramadan inshallah to come and many many Ramadan's to come and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to benefit from this blessed month May Allah subhanaw taala guide me and you as he governs us in this blessed month of Ramadan may he govern us once again with Hamid Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you know for those who Allah Amin Amin I mean that's it. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam lifestyle for the year 2023 Ramadan

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is signing off and looking forward to seeing you in sha Allah in the very near future does Aquila Highland as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh