Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah An Naml #09 A colony of ants

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and characters, including a woman named Jannat and a bird's nest in Hawaii. The transcript also describes a woman named K fewer than one and a man named Alayih who claims to be a creature with a strong force. The title of the title is not a book on Zoology, but rather a guidance on how humans navigate the environment. The transcript also touches on various cultural and political settings, including the use of "ar neither" in Arabic and the use of "ar neither" in Arabic to indicate a woman or a woman in a certain language.
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other day in

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our solar Eema knowing what all Al Hamdulillah

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are humanists shaytani R rajim Bismillah your Walkman your Rahim or Hoshi Raleigh sola Eman and you know to whom in Elgin new and see what lady for whom use our own sort of Allah who love him. Before I endeavor to expound and elucidate on today's verse and the subsequent verses, just a quick reflection my brother and my sister, the hadith of Jeremy the the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one of the beauties of the Quran, Allah, Allah and Kathy Rudd, that repetition doesn't allow for monotony anything else you repeat it becomes boring and monotonous by Allah this is a clear cut miracle of the Quran. I cannot explain this emotion with the grace of Allah Allah has

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allowed me to teach to come give commentary to read to research, you know, over the years, but the beauty just baffles you. It's just mind boggling. You could read and learn and it's and you can never reach the depth you can never reach the depth that is how profound Walla Allah mobile SRR L mu dot Rafi Kitabi. And only Allah knows the hidden secrets and the mysteries that is in the Quran and what we know is like a Katara tin It's just Oh rush oh gosh hatin Fijian will be hard. This is like a spray or a droplet compared to the ocean. So okay, verse 17. We are in the thick of the discussion of Solomon Ali his Salatu was Salam. Wa Hoshi rally is so lame man I don't know Don, and on a

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particular day, one instance, where how she rallies Sulaiman and for Solomon Alayhis Salam, his armies were mobilized, okay, called the army. You got the army and then there's a coup and then this one, overthrows that one and then, you know, so much happening in the world. Look at the richness and the vastness of the army of Superman. Alayhis Salam, what did his army comprised of what was the makeup while Hoshi Rob Lee Soloman, and the armies of Sulaiman were, were mobilized were gathered to assemble Zhu Meenal Ginny Well, in see what Tyree the jinn not the human kind, the birds, for whom use our own and do to them volumes and the multitudes they were restrained. So use our own literally

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means you now they were halted. And this was an indication to the enormity and the huge nature of these armies. So you know, when the group is very, very big and huge, then you have to stop those in front to say, let the back you know, just come up together. And then we could move together in a whole group and then probably you'll have you know, different necklines and rasa and leaders and someone holding a banner or someone holding you know, what, some sign or symbol to keep everyone together. I mean, we've seen it in the days of Hajj, etc, and the volumes and the groups of people etc. So we're Hoshi rally Salah Imana the armies of Solomon were gathered were mobilized, you know,

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do the plural of John Meenal Jenny and again the scholars say that when Allah number one is the humans right, so human number one, his was much more vast than any other king. Because there is a view that is also suggested that so the Mandalay salaam, ruled over the entire world, though this had happened gradually, and I'll explain at some point why and how as the scholars explained, but at one point like little Carronade, meaning wherever he went, he was the unanimous ruler and accepted and many say, of course, would say the nurse today man Alayhis Salam as well. So in the in the sequence of the makeup of his armies, the Quran starts off with the Janet mineral Ginny well in

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saying what Tyree why Janet, and then birds afterwards, because they say to to control and regulate the Jannat is more difficult than domesticating birds it's still easier I mean, even humans can domesticate and control and regulate Of course one bird two birds, it identifies with its owner it would respond etc. but for him it was the whole you know, kingdom of birds etc. But the gene not one gene gets into a person and you know what his sanity is not stable. What may not Shayateen may have also soon allow one way I'm alone Allahu mln Duna Dalek what Cannella whom Hatfield lien and from the Jinnah to dive down into the ocean, and then they would

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Draw for him for him, you know what, from the oysters, spills, etc. And they would engage in other ideas tasks Yakama Lunella, Huma Yasha whatever he wants me Mojave, but what thermophila would you find in Cal jawab called Joab is the plural of the word jabya. Right? They would make sculptures, they would make huge buildings, they would make huge pots. What to do, or rasa couture is the plural of the word kid Rossi art firm anchored, you know, so he could he could just nominate and delegate, you know, some type of person says, I wish I had to Jannat in my control, I could dispatch the janitor, or you lie down on your bed and now you need to have the light to lock the door bolted and

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say, Oh, now who do I call? How do I do it? I wish I had control over Janet. Those are human things that people want, you know, and assume Allah had given him Jannat. And they would carry out what Cannella whom haffi lien, and we would protect them so they couldn't stray. They couldn't rebel. They couldn't transgress in any way. So there you have it, verse 17, speaking of the Empire, the kingdom of Satan as a man and Islam he had made that dua, Robbie humbly malerkotla, humbly Lea had him embody Allah give me a kingdom and an empire that nobody else can have anything of that nature in this world. And indeed, indeed.

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And that just reminds me of that other story that Allah speaks as well in chapter 38. But maybe inshallah we'll discuss it further. Let's move on year with what follows in chapter 27 year, so for whom use our own they are restrained, meaning the volume the numbers are so much, and then what happens Furthermore, verse 18, had either a don't Allah wa salam, WA alayhi salam with his entourage and his armies, and comprising of humans and sometimes

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you get these grandparents, they take out the children, the grandchildren, the great grandchildren, and there's this whole funfair and event and the old man or the old lady will say, you know, we came, it was only two of us. And then we had 10 children or we had seven children. And then Allah blessed us with 27 grandchildren and now Allah has blessed us with 15 great grandchildren. And we started our life as to Allah says, Well, my birthday happy him I'm in da ba, well who are Allah geography him either yourself or Kadir. It is Allah that has spread you out on the earth. And it is Allah that will one day assemble and gather you. Yes, it was two of us. And then it became 10 with

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five kids or whatever, and then so many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and then their partners and the rest of it. Subhanallah so the man is moving this whole presence of Jannat one side, then there's this whole human army. Then there's the old birds worth while how she really can can imagine the spectacle can imagine the spectacle, right one was the Tarun iterator and one was the Soleimani three. Corona also came out with well, but it was only humans, but it was Palm glory, opulence, pride, arrogance, conceited, inflated, arrogant, no, no, this was humility. This was humble. This was amazing. I cannot begin to imagine the richness of the spectacle what how she

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rallies so lame man, or Hershey rally is so lame man. You know whom in Germany well in say what playwright Feldman use our own. So where do they pass by who do they cross hat divers 18 hat either at our Allah word enamel, until they come by a valley of ns a colony of NS and this is why the chapter is known as number desmi a tool called Israel Jews. The entire chapter is named behind one incident that features in that chapter. So Baqara in that entire chapter, Allah speaks about an incident pertaining to Bukhara the whole chapter is not about Bukhara and caboodle. Chapter 29 in the Quran, the spider in which Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the powers

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or the so called powers in this world, they just like him, like a spider's web man methylone Levina taka Dohmen Dhoni ALLAH he only are these people who you assume as your helpers and protectors Gamaliel Anka booth is like a spider that's funny. It's web Itaca that beta we're in now Honolulu Tilbury to landcare booth and you know, even the nest of a bird is stronger than the web of a spider. And that's what Allah says Your strength is like a spider's web Low Can We Allah moon if only they realize what can you tell I'm sorry, these other analogies examples, not very behind in us we present it to people oh my auntie Doha Illallah Ali moon, but it is people of knowledge and

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wisdom that comprehend May Allah make us from amongst those people that can comprehend and understand the analysis of the Quran I mean, your blood Amin

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Okay, so Allah subhanho wa Taala says in

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verse 18, Hatter either don't allow the nominee so the man Alayhis Salam and his entourage they pass by a valley of Ns. Kala to Nam la Oh my well

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Word. I hope I can stimulate in you the excitement to study Quran, my brother and my sister. Because how much can I tell you in one episode I had until I cannot begin to tell you the ecstasy and the euphoria that it gives me had the Illa Allah word enamel until when they came to the Valley of ends of the colony of Ns, pilot * one and spoke net, you know how small it is. Now, again, you could see and the scholars have written and, you know, you study animals Waluigi and scientists and research that as small as the NDS, it is a very, very

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disciplined creature. It has a lot of system in it. It has a lot of mutual network in it, it has a superior to whom they follow, it has planning, it has coordination, it has mutual support and structure that it's written and I mean, I was just fascinated about how amazing this creature is. Suffice to say that Allah labels a chapter and this is the beauty of the Quran. So the Quran is not a book on zoology, but in its scope of guidance, it incorporates it. It's not a book on astronomy, but in its scope of guidance, it incorporates astronomy, it talks about astronomy, what Allah to have been nudged me whom Yeah, the dude, it talks about the stars and how people navigate so it's

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not there to tell you animals it's not but it will give you a lesson from everything. We're in electron field and hi Mila Ebro my word. How can this be man made? La ilaha illa Allah this is just deal. We're in another country in Anaheim. Isla obrah There's so much for you to learn from an animal. No sleep on me Murphy boltonia hummingbird The first thing we're done. Just look at the cow and look at the cattle and look at the milk that you consume. We give you Lebanon silently sharib inside Iran palatable wholesome beautiful milk min benei Farah thin with them in between the dung and between the blood between two impurities. We allow for the flow of clean, wholesome pure blue

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milk to come which is one of the most wholesome drinks of humans. What did our Habib Salah ism teach us when we drink milk? Allahumma barik laffy was it dinner men? Allah give us blessings in it and give us more of it. Wow how wholesome is milk. How wholesome it is we're in electron Villa Miami chapter 16 Jews 14

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My brother, my brother, my sister. You know shareholding in drama Talalay said for car to have a car to anaphase Sydney Lima The Hon Muslimeen Allium us bajo fee him saw the reason why has the Muslims fallen so low? Melody is a Euro whom Allah has a Demerol he Temari Why have they lost their clout and the muscle? Why is the wind out of their sails? He said I gave you no pro long thought to this. And I've arrived at two conclusions. Number one hydro home Al Quran was she talked to him female being the home because globally, the OMA has abandoned the Quran and internally the Ummah is fragmented. Two things have destroyed this OMA they have left the Quran so they don't have a moral

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compass. Number two internal bickering has fragmented them. Okay, verse 18, had died either I don't Allah word in amla and honestly I try and limit myself but I cannot just tell you the beauty of Quran. So they come to a valley of ends a colony of ants, call it a novella and NSAID now again, oh my word.

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So there's Arabic grammar here. And there's a question here was this end? A masculine enter the female end? Yes, there's features in the tafsir now you know, I have an eye for wildlife in certain animals, it's quite pronounced the bull from the calf, or the male from the female, but in certain animals, it's quite difficult your Zebra, your your Zebra your giraffe. It's, you know, some way it would be more dark, more clear, etc. Some places the organs will be loudly distinguished from male and female, but sometimes it's quite difficult to make it out and even you know what?

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A person who is a keen hunter or into wildlife or a safari, you know what ever the safari goer even he would have his challenges to find out exactly what is the agenda here.

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So it's mentioned in Madico Tenzin, and even enough hytrel Arab that Qatada once came to Kufa so he said to the people, Selenium mache to ask me whatever you want to Imam Abu Hanifa at that time was Ethan Asher, it was 12 years old. Remember what Hanifa said? Let me ask you in Surah, two Naml chapter 27. Right, verse 18. Allah says Allah to *. The end spoke was that entered the Quran references was it masculine or feminine? Now, the complexity of the whole thing is named Latin has a TA. The stock commonly is known as a symbol of feminine with the Edison style why that is

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This is Thai word, because the word Nam Latin in Arabic is like the word Hamama, which is forbidden or charlatan. One word is used for both male and female. There is no different noun that distinguishes male and female. But rather it is the verb that precedes it. That will dictate whether a male has been referenced or a female pilot in amla. And when Satan Imam Abu Hanifa asked this question for him.

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He was startled. He was dumbstruck. He was lost for words you'd like oops, I asked him to ask me any question and the first one, it was like metal stamp I'm going here. And then Imam Abu Hanifa said it was a female because the verb preceding the noun indicates call at the * my word.

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Oh, this is Quran. This is Quran call it the name Latin. So this M said to the fellow ends, yeah, you unemployed Hello, my Sakina Come, O ns. Enter your dwellings. And yet again, we learned the scholars tell us the communication that the Quran conveys would say that Solomon intercepted through his comprehension was a very dignified communication. It was the communication of the will or cool like how humans would speak to humans. It was very respectful engagement and talk. You know, sometimes you overhear children talking. I'm the doctor, you the nurse and the patient. And then hello, hi, you are most welcome. Okay, please can you refer to our reception to settle the account?

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And you're like oh my word. You know what? God your ears when God your lips when children are listening for children repeat the things they hear? Let no ugly Don't be heard. No callous talk no angry word for it is the gracious sent to Mother innocent language, vulgar or unkind leaves its mark upon the mind. So let your speech be wise and mild in the presence of a child. Like you clueless of how they pick it up every detail. Do you accept debit cards and you just sit in there and you show your eyes to one another? Like listen to this one here? Okay, I'll pay half cash and I'm like Wow, what's this? So Suleimani Salaam is listening to this old thing playing out? Yeah, and you had num o

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NS autonoma Sakeena calm. Enter your dwellings Leia to Imen icon Suleiman Leia three min Nakane Sulayman Let it not be that Sulayman and his armies crush you? Will hula is Rune and they won't even realize they crushing you because they so mighty and you so insignificant. And in biannual Quran it is written, look at the intellect and the wisdom of this end. Well whom law you shall rule for him moron to host Neil Adam, in that is the indication of the adoption of respect. So when the end communicated to the fellow ends in its colony to enter the dwellings, alerting them to the mighty presence of the Enter lodge of Solomon. It did so in cognizance of the respect and the necessary

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dhakaram afforded to us today, man, He will crush you. He will crumble you, but he won't even realize it. So it's not going to be deliberate. It's not going to be malicious. It's not going to be premeditated. It's not going to be intentional, but they're so huge. They so amazing. And they might just walk and crush you. So listen, take shelter, take cover, the answer is spawn, and they go into their dwellings. Let's wait and see what unfolds.

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