Allah is good and He only accepts which is good.

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The speaker discusses the theory that Allah's actions will only be purely good and that individuals entering Jannah will only be purely good. The speaker explains that these beliefs are based on words and actions, and that individuals who believe in the concept of God will be punished and cleanedseled. The segment also mentions that some people may seek forgiveness and regret evil actions.

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that Allah is good and he only accepts that which is good.

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Jana, no one will intergender except those who are good agenda toto Yeva to lie at home to her in Napa you This is why the angels will say to the believers who enter Jannah flip victim, furred wholeheartedly.

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You're good, you have become good into into it, and dwell in it forever.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says about this life, the reality of this life is that it separates or it sets apart the good ones from the evil one so that those who enter Jannah will only be purely good, purely good. Allah says, what he means Allahu hubbie. Femina Yep, so that Allah sets apart the good ones from the evil ones. This is why these colors are agreed that a person who has any hints, or any elements of evil in them, and evil manifests itself in the sins of the heart.

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Sins of the heart are inappropriate ideas or beliefs about Allah.

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any kind of experience in the heart that is negative about Allah that is based on falsehood. So people who think that Allah has wronged them. People who think Allah is not merciful and generous to the creation, people who accused Allah in His cuddle and his divine decree, what he allows to happen.

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Or people who have sins that are manifest in terms of words and actions, all of this is evil, and no one went into paradise until they are purified of all evil. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala invites people to seek forgiveness, to seek your forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala when you seek forgiveness, you ask Allah for forgiveness, when you repent, and regret the evil that you have indulged in.

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This will purify you, this will cleanse you and the prophets of salaam told us that when we make a DUA, Allah Hamanaka name Anna do Obi Wan hubba Nakata will be alumina Dennis Oh ALLAH purify me cleanse me of sins and violations just as a white dress is cleansed from all contaminants and tarnishing and blemishes