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Because she's got demand concession there are few days in the month of Ramadan, where she enjoys the privilege and the virtue of Ramadan without the past of Ramadan. When she makes the Casa after Ramadan for Allah, it's still the same reward of Ramadan and hence it's the spirit and the blessing of Ramadan. But you will be astounded to know how many sisters have years of puzzle.

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I was a month ago in Australia.

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We flew from Perth to Sydney had some programs there and from there onwards to Brisbane. So when I was in Sydney, I just stopped there for one day had about two three programs and onward flights.

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We we had the basic snacks at one brother's place. So when we got there, I asked him what's the program? They said, No, no, this brother is fasting who has invited you. So the meals will be after the program. So I said no problem, whatever it is. Anyway, after the meals were over, I asked the brother Mashallah, who's this brother? And you know, what was the first he was an Australian revert white Australian boy, met with him gave us a good time he entertained us. I asked, you know, what was the fast what fast was he keeping? So the brother Japanese is one and I will tell you afterwards, after the program was over, he said come and tell you what this Young Australian must be

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in his 20s wonderful brother, staying adjacent to the masjid

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when he accepted Islam. For the first three years he found it very difficult to fast. So he had Casa of three years fast. And then Allah gave him his diet and he changed his life. So now he's keeping the khazar of those three years and he's finishing his nine Thea throws out today.

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It brought such tears to my eyes. Do you find the revert Australian. This is the condition this is how he is fasting consciousness of the fact that he is must that he is obligation to a law and how many of our sisters that have passed for years. That stands they will be salah and this woman used to mock namaz.

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I will not forget a sight that caused me so much pain in my life. I was a little child. When I say a little child I'm saying a good 20 years ago.

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I was working at one dental shop outside and two young Muslim boys walked by. And there was a sandwich to be precise. It was the amount of Jamia Masjid. And there was a non Muslim girl standing by that these boys were trying to flirt or whatever Allah knows best. So she even made a comment. And she says oh they I think they goes your prayer. Why don't you go so I was a child I couldn't fully understand but the statement those boys made a lobby my witness I can still cry for it now. They said no, no, that man sings we only listen to him Friday otherwise we don't bother about him.

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What this does is it will be Salah, you read the Quran what Allah says, For when you look

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for when you

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need a levy, no one answered it himself.

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Go and study the commentary of this verse. Your inhale will stand on end

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will be to those who perform namaaz not those who don't perform won't be to those who perform namaz but in a particular way who for when a limo suddenly I levena manansala

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those who are negligent, those who are heedless, those who are oblivious, and then you go and see how commentators explain somboon at times they focus at times they don't focus at times they perform what concentration at times not.

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You take woman Unfortunately, sometimes they didn't even know overtime. Sometimes they really never on time, either before or after.

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For a Luma Sol de la Vina manansala Team somboon when the kuffaar will be asked what made you end up in Jannah brothers we want to talk on Mirage, they cannot be a greater lesson from Mirage than Salah.

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They cannot be in my understanding anything greater than Salah when the kuffaar will be asked masala cocoon Fie soccer.

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What made you end up in Ghana? The first thing they will say is we didn't perform Salah

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Todd Odom not to mean Alma suddenly, Guardiola, Monaco minalima suddenly there was no Salah in our lives, and then they will speak about all the other evils.

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Through the bucket of Allah Allah has done everything.

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Allah communicates with Mussolini's Salaam.

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Didn't say the numbers sorry Sam gets the revelation.

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Allah Bailey introduces himself to Moosa Indiana La La Ilaha Illa.

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Allah Allah says I am one there's no deity besides me and Stephanie Salah

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a lot Olivia a Salaam they accused me of yelling Solomon they made nasty comments about nearly saddam. They said you are an avatar avatar means and animals the tail of which has been severe, meaning you have no male offspring so your name won't prosper. This was the nasty comment they make in a salon. You have no male children to take your name forward. You're up there an animal who still is cattle will remember you in the world. Those were the nasty comments. And today also if you said brothers, that many of us are very insensitive to the sensitivity of people. Some people will come out you still not married

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you know just blatantly make these comments.

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You still battling with this car? You still don't have a child. You still don't have this?

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As if it is a nice how insensitive can we be

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to the sensitivity of people. Allison revealed a verse in Napa inocle. co author in Biafra Mali these 26 explanations to the word culture. Then Allah tala abrsm first son Lilia Robic owner Viola you perform Salah you perform Salah that is what you have to do and we will take care of your enemies in naka phrenological Mustang Xen in NA caffeine, alcohol Mustang Xen, alladhina Jamuna, Malanga Illa and offer you perform salah and we will personally deal with all those that market you

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and in that have seen things written they were five kuffar under the commentary of desire and in a very strange way Allah then cause the depth of every one of them.

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So the greatest lesson that we can take is self

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image and brothers, you know, they say you own the hitless you better be careful you own the hitless in the hadith of Bokhari in the Vla Salam said it is the desire of my heart to burn the house of dead men who performs the Salah at home. Can you imagine a man who was an embodiment of compassion, from whose every action was kindness and mercy? yet how many Muslim homes are on the burn less of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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In the course of this year, I had opportunity to go to Indonesia.

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The Buhari says manfaat that was Salam ala Sri Rama, Rama Rama boo boo. We have not appreciated the similitude and the example that maybe or a salami has given and to whom the Vla Salaam has likened the loss. The Vla Salaam said a person who must have a certain Amaz for that instance or any namaz. It is as if he lost all his family and all his possession. Now when we went into Indonesia, and I went literally to panda Archer, which was the prime area of the devastation, and I don't want to elaborate, it's a talk of its own. But we seen people who lost their family who lost their belongings, people that were sitting at the side and you know, under beneath a capsized ship, they

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made a little shake, and they started living there. People who just want the land where once upon a time the house existed, they pitched up a small tent and they started staying there, lost their family lost their belongings. At that time this hadith of body came in my mind that then the viola said if you must want numbers, your loss is worse than this man.

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Where I visualize and I literally seen the men and I couldn't fully comprehend his pain because I was not experiencing it. But somehow I could identify to his pain because I seen it. But imagine the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says *a Anima Butera Hello Omar Oh motto that if you must want numbers, you've lost everything.

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So what happens to this woman she used to get set up she used to delay namaz, she was unconscious and mindful of animals.

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We come towards the end of the video. The first woman why mela tiara suara associate z What better new habit and with Mr. Alejandro Fulani minella doubt for him the Hakan at manana tuna sada

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the first woman who was disfigured and had the body of a of a mule