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AI: Summary © The upcoming evening of title is a focus on staying true to Islam, with a recap of Jana and Subhanallah. The return of Jana and Subhanallah is also discussed, including the use of visa and the acceptance of individuals as visitors to Jannah. The speakers also touch on various topics such as fruit, animals, and culture. The importance of being a member of the democratic party for upcoming elections is emphasized, with a deadline to submit a photo ID and a deadline to receive a prize. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a contest and a call to action.
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I'll be learning a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffle, mousseline Sadie. Now Muhammad Anwar early he was a big Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Subhan, Allah night number 29. And very likely the last night of Ramadan for this year, and who knows if it will be our last Ramadan May Allah accept it and grant us many, many more. I mean, as we wind down not the last day is the last few hours of Ramadan, remember, as we mentioned yesterday than it is in the Malama with our team, and you mentioned a man who lived his whole life on the way to jahannam. And then right before he died, he did deeds like the people of Jana and Allah entered him into Janna. And so how we in the deed how we in the month of Ramadan is so important. And so in sha Allah, this is an odd night, which coincides with later to Juma, which is the last night of

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Ramadan. And you ask yourself, well, I get another night like this, the night in which the doors of Jannah open, it's only open during Ramadan, and the day of piano is going to be so solemn. And this is the time when Allah forgives, like no other time. And so if we have yet to get the full benefit of the month, we end off on a high and we put all our hopes and our efforts and we make our Oh, you know this last few hours to make it as much as we can. And I'll accept from us mean, and the series. Pamela, we also come to a conclusion of the series of piano. And we're speaking about Jana, and getting to Jana, and you will Al Hamdulillah one of the greatest blessings of Jana is that you will

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be with those whom you love in Jana, a Bedouin comes to the salam. And he asked them to be Salam, when he's Kiama, when he's Kiama, and many of them ask questions like that. And then at least most of them said to him, What have you prepared for piano?

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I'm not gonna tell you when it is, but are you ready for it? So the man says, I haven't I haven't prepared for myself much of Salah or fasting. I haven't done too many good deeds, but what I have prepared, and what I can tell you for sure, is that I genuinely love Allah, and I love his Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. And so then the resources then you will be with the ones whom you will have in Jannah you will be with the ones that you love, and so on as the one who narrates the Hadith and this was a young boy, he said nothing. There was no Hadith, there was no moment that they gave us more happiness in this hadith, because honestly saying, I know I'm not of the caliber of Abu

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Bakr. I know I'm not of the caliber of Satan or Ahmed and Umbria, I will never get the but if I genuinely love Allah and His Rasul, then obviously you will get not only Jana, but you will get to be with him in Jannah SubhanAllah. And so honestly, this is his favorite Hadith. Similarly, soba Andrade Allah and the great sahabi, who was also once a slave gonna be Salam in the prophets of salaam freedom. He used to love visiting the visa Salam, and he would go away, and then you become agitated and you'll feel sad, and then we'll come back. And then I saw him like this, and saw him a bit distressed. And so going to be so awesome. So bond, what's wrong with you? And so he says, Well,

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I'm not sick or anything like that. But look at his thinking. He says, Yeah, Rasulullah you're in the dunya. When I am with you, I'm so happy. And after I'm away from you for a little bit. I become agitated and nervous. And then I thought, What about Kiama? Even if I am lucky enough to enter Jana, I know I will not get to feel those where you are. So I will be cut off from you. And how am I going to survive eternity? Look at the music. I'm not worried about Jana. I don't worry about the whole line and all of that I feel if I'm in Jannah and I can't be with you every single day, then I am going to be unhappy. And before that I'll be Susan could respond. And this is the aisle that we

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recite. Are you to allow Rasulo for ballerina and Allahu alayhi manana begin with Siddiqui in my Shahada. It was solely him. Allah says that whoever obeys Allah and the Rasool whatever is true to his Iman, then He will be with those who Allah has blessed of the newbies and the CD x and the Shuhada. And the martyrs was Solly Hain and the good people were Hassan II grafico. Allah responded to Tobin that if you are true, you will be with him. And so Subhanallah we're going to recite some verses of Jana and Jana, to remind us about this long series before we get to the pinnacle of Jannah. And also, when we talk about the pinnacle of Jana. Yes, it's great and grand, but Allah

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subhanho wa Taala has not demanded from us that which is not

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beyond us to achieve to get Jana. All these blessings of Jana. Look in the simple Hadith, a bit of one again, he says to me, Salam O Muhammad told me what I should do to Indiana, and the Bedouins had to but very direct tell me what I must do to get to Jana. So then I said to him, you must worship Allah and never come and check with him.

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You must perform your Salah and give you charity and force the month of Ramadan. This was before hygiene hijabis was added to it the man said but in I swear by Allah I will not do anything less than this and I will not add anything more than this I must only make five Salah only five not not anything more Ramadan fasting only don't ask me anything more Zakah only that I can afford and hedge and make no shake. And so then a visa says so the man said I will make nothing more and nothing is so he left. Listen to what the reason says when the man lift and obese will say to the Sahaba if you want to see a person who's going to Jannah Look at this man. Look at this man. He's guaranteed Jana

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if he does what he says. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has made Jannah accessible to everybody. Yes, they are Ambia but Allah has made it accessible for all of us. And so as we conclude in the series, we go through a few of the items of ramen and Surah waqia To make us reflect and this is where we mentioned the scenes of Tiama and Allah always come to us Jana and Johanna so it's not just Jana and punishment next to it will be very weird and that's the beauty of it. You can either have a POC it's up to you and that's why when you make Salah you think about these your life and your future is in your hands what you do Allah Swami grant us the best Allah says couldn't lumen Allah you have fun we

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Allah be in the middle of Surah Rahman school lumen Allah you have found that everything in creation all that on Earth will come to an end well yeah book or watch what up because they don't generally when they cram, the only thing that will remain is the majestic face of Allah full of Granger Furby Ravi Kumar to cut the band so which of the signs were the favors of your Lord? Would you oh man and Jean deny? Yes, aloo man is some hour to fill out everything in the heavens and the earth. Make dua to Allah depend on Allah Kula Yeoman who officiate and every day, Allah subhanho wa Taala is doing something to bring about in administering the face of the universe for be a Europe Africa demand. So

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which of the signs of your Lord would you both deny center for Rahula Kalon we will soon attend to you for judgment Oh, man and gene for be a la Ravi Kumar Tikka divan yah mashallah genuine ins oh people oh man and Jin if you can try and fleet min authority somehow if you try to flee through the summer what what from voodoo Latin for the 11 Sultan you cannot escape through anyway except without permission for be a la erotic magical demand. You will see what are they gonna show I don't mean that in one house in fallout on Iran. If you try to fleet flames will chase you and molten copper will be sinning against you. So you will not be able to defend yourself against Allah will be a

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demand for Eden Shakti sama overcoming that word and get behind how terrible will it be when the heavens will be split apart? And it will become like Rose Red and burnt Furby a la erotica magical demand for yo mama even la yes Andrew Andaman incident wala Jan on that day on cuyama They will be none no need for any human or gene to be asked about it all of them will be asked about the sins for be a la erotica ticket the ban yeah are often gonna be Seema Hoon. How do we know RC? Well Akadama the wicked will be known and be recognized by the appearance and there'll be grabbed by the feet and they fought for Lux for ve Allah Europe. Acumatica demon Javi Johanna This is Jahannam allottee you

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can see will be removed that you the wicked had denied yet to foon Urbina, Urbina, Hamid and you will alternate between burning flames and boiling water for the Arabic mama to cut the burn, while human half Mr. camara beach and Nutan but as for those who have have taqwa and are conscious of Allah, for Allah erotica, the world to have none they will be in lush gardens with full of trees and branches from Iraq the commodity was the man fee high in integer Ariane you will have gushing springs for be a law Europe become Attica demand fee humming Khalifa IKEA tins Ojon. You will have every kind of fruit or whatever you want in terms of eating for the Arabic market the man who Turkey

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in other food machine butter in Starbuck, you the believers will recline on furnished couches or thrones, the inner which is lined with silk and they would have the fruits close by enhance length for the erotica to cut the band. We hidden a casserole to tartufi them yet to be thrown into Kabbalah Humala, John, they will have in those gardens, maidens beautiful maidens. Were the eyes restrained. We said that yesterday Why are the eyes have the whole mind downcast because they don't want to look at anything besides the the husband. No man or gene has even seen them or touch them. Maybe you're the one can normally to well Marjon these maidens are like Paul's perfectly polished

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and rubies and cuddle phobia. Allah Europe to get the band help. Will son in law son Allah says do I not give you do not reward that good that you do with that which is based for be a Allah Ravi Kumar to cut the ban Amin Dooney

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hemogenic mmotank And as for those who didn't reach that high level behind below that will also be to gardens mood Hammer time they will be in lush green this will be a Ravi Kumar to Caliban fee Hema I in da can Nadal Hutton they springs will be bubbling. So now you look at and this is the contrast let's pause it for a minute. Allah say to the people of Ghana, you will alternate between fire and boiling water and those closest to Allah you will have running rivers through your gardens and for those who are in the lower parts of Jannah you will have springs that are bubbling

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people have Jahannam you will get the comb to eat people have the highest Jana you will have whatever your heart desires people have the lower Jeunesse you will have fruits and meat and Allah gives you a list and whatever you want maybe a Europe the commodities demand fee had faqeer to romance Allah let's see if and again it's subtle for the people have the higher Jana Allah says whatever they want for the lower agenda Allah gives you a list. You will have fruits and dates and pomegranates for ba Allah Arabic Motyka fi hidden the higher autumn Hassan and they will also have wives that are pleasant. Insomnia means good mannered, they are to spend time with him and talking

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to them. They bring you happiness in your heart for Ravi Kumar taka demon who don't Maqsood autofill Hi Phil here from these maidens with his gorgeous eyes. They will be in a special pavilion for be a Europe become Africa demand lamb yet with Hoonah into Kabbalah Humala John, no man, no gene has even touched him or looked upon them. Maybe it'll become a ticket demon with Turkey in Laughlin who the renewer upcoding Hassan, all the believers will be reclining on the splint on the throne and on the couches for Europe Acumatica demand the baraka tomorrow because they will generally want the Quran. So Allah mentions in Surah Rahman, three types of people, the people of Jana, and those who are on

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the highest levels of Jannah and those who get the middle and these no low part of Jana, and similarly in more explicitly in surah waqia Allah says we're calling them as Weijun Thalassa there are three types of people as how will you mean the people on the right side what matters how will you I mean, who are they was How was she man and the people on the left and who others how will she man was Serbia gonna Serbia going? And the the ones who are closest to Allah Serbia goon acerbic on those who are the closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Ecole Makara bouwen they are near to Allah fie Jannetty name they are in the eternal Jana of the light through the terminal or welline

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There will be many, many of them from the early generations were kalido mineral Arkadin, but only a few of the later generations of the later OMA will be amongst those that people Allah sudo Remo Duna that they will be reclining again in the shade with tacky in Allah here motorcar believe and that they would encounter one another and they would speak to each other yeah to for Allah in will Daniel holla don't they will be eternal young boys walking What is this? Little servants little boys will have Janna they will constantly be around them to serve them with cups and drinks be Aqua habenula robotic and whatever and I'm I'm engineer we are springs of hammer springs of milk springs of this

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but these extruding drinks the ones you know the nice to barista to mix them so these small boys will go and mix different cocktails from a different rivers and they come and bring you that drink look at see me mine and these beautiful cups and jugs law use of their own and what are you in the food that you will not get any headache or drunkenness from the string of Archaea tema yatta yatta rune and whichever kind of fruit that your heart could imagine what a hematite you remember your stone and the meat of birds so you will have birds flying in Jannah and those are meant for eating some will be made for singing some will be meant to look at some will be meant for eating and you

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looked at the bird and if you imagine that it would fly to you and it would be ready well hold on I mean and of course the ladies of Jana can thoroughly look like pearls and Maknoon preserve Perfect Pearls perfectly polished Jezza ambi McCann Oh yeah, I'm alone. This is the reward for what you used to do for your Kia and for your car and this is what you're gonna get with your smartphone if he had a loved one well at thema they will not hear any noise or sound to make you unhappy there's no sound in there that is negative in Cleveland Salem and Salama they will only hear the pleasant sounds of Salem Peace be upon you constantly they are being told that you are in a place of happiness was

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hopefully I mean as for the people on the right side Morris How will you mean and who are the people on the right fee see that he met a dude that they are in a lush garden well tell him man dude and that they will have without him dude that they have with him. Whatever fruits that they wish were told him dude well the only man dude and they will have shade warmer in the scoop and the drinks of water in the cups or forget in cathedra they will have fruits abundant la Makua What am Noah it will never be out of season and it will never nothing that they would want will be out of limit

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So you know anywhere you go there is a limit the buffet ends for them it will never come to an end while Furoshiki Marfa and on couches in uncheck now who are in charge and we gave them the partners a new kind of creation. Now some even mentioned this is the wives your own wives or the dunya you and your wives will be reconstructed he made for each other, you will come to find you are completely different for each other for Jana Hoon Abacha you will be once again Young as if you never were intimate with anyone Ruben Utsava very very affectionate and loving to each other. We will just be love and affection and romance between you this hobby I mean, this is for the people

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that are similar to middle oh well in many, many of the people of the old will be from them well suited to Middle Earth in and many many of the later generations will also be of them who as Hubble CheMin and as for the people on the left mass Hubble CheMin Who are they fee some who mean well I mean that they are going to be in the scorching water and the flames of Jana Weatherly me mum and the smoke of Jahannam law buried in Walla Karim it will not make the smoke of Jana will not bring any shade today rather it will be a hot burning on them in Nam Khan who couple of Erica Nutrafin before this they used to be haughty and they used to live in luxury. Well can do you see Runa

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alfentanil Aleem and they used to enjoy themselves in the dunya as they wished well can we call Luna either Mithuna Hakuna Turabian why Ivana in Alibaba Oh soon and they said if we die Are we really going to be resurrected again our bones going to come together and be resurrected our about our world and our forefathers cool in our in our opinion any of us is the first of you and the last of you to in a coma you adore Luna look at the moon because the moon that oh peep those oh those of you who were astray and you disbelieved lackey Luna in Sharjah, three mins a comb, you will eat from the comb family guna Bhutan and you will fill your stomachs with this with this faulty fruit for Shirley

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buena la hymnal honey and you will drink over it. Boiling water for Sherry buena shootable Him you will drink like thirsty camels again, look at the the transition look at the contrast between Jana Jana, the different levels of Jana and for every time Allah mentions Jahannam he's mentioning double of Jana, we know so much more of Jana that we know of Janam her that newsroom Yama, Dean, Lucknow, Halacha, Nahum, Falola, to subdeacon of Ultima to noon so then Allah subhanaw taala completes the surah and the last few days of Surah waqia. We just mentioned him for AMA in Canada, minimal Caribbean so those of you Allah says to you, those of you are closest to Allah for oh what a hand

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with gender to name then such a person who will have serenity, peace for eternity in in the complete bliss of Jana was a main kind of meanness Hubballi Amin and a few of the people on the right side were for salam alayka Sabri Amin in Peace be upon you. The people of the of the right side were Amma incana Mina Luca Divina doll lien and as for those who belied and disbelieved in Allah and were misguided for unusual Amin Hamid, your abode will be boiling water to drink in a burning fire, water strategy him and indeed this is and this will be in the flames in the head, Allah who will actually attain that this Allah says is true. These places are real. This place exists in the heart that I

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will happily again for some babies will not because I am so praise and glorify Allah, we get back to Jana, and we're going to conclude now in sha Allah. So Allah says in the Quran, that the people of Jannah man hacia Romana Billahi that the those who believe in Allah and they will have now who Maya SHA goofy here. What are they name is Eid. Allah says oh people of Jana, you are going to have whatever your heart desires, you will have whatever you want, they will be eternal bliss, and I have something extra for you. I have something more special v net. Allah says Lila Dina Asano for the people who lived a good life and husana they will have a Hustla is the image on her SNA is the name

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of Jana for you. You will get her Snell was Jada and you will get the thing on top of Jana. So what can be higher than Jana? What can be better than Jana? And we all know what this is. This is when on Fridays. The last person the highest people of Jana and the lowest people of Jana, the one who in the Navy so salaam were entered first and that man who entered last, every single person will gather to the center point of Jannah right beneath the Arusha Allah and they will be called and Adan will be called in says the appointment with Allah to meet the people of Jana is ready, and everybody would gather beneath the Throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala in this valley, that they will be

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pavilions of light for the Gambia and thrones for the shahada, and the rest will be on a on a plane of musk and nobody and as the Hadith says nobody would feel that his seat is inferior to anybody else's everyone would feel I have the prime seat and then all of a sudden the mood of the of Allah subhanho wa Taala would envelop this gathering, and you will hear the voice of Allah saying a Salam or aleikum salam when kolam rob the Rahim Salam, a word from our Lord who is very very merciful and very pleased. He will say us

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I'm why they call them oh people have Jana Subhan Allah Allah is talking to people agenda and he will ask them how have you found Jana? How have you experienced Chana? Ask of me so I can give you let me increase you in goodness and the people of Jana will say, we should we will say we are contented here Allah we have whatever our heart's desire, and Allah will say, shall ask more of me so that I can keep giving you and the people of Jannah will have nothing more to ask. And then Allah will say, let me give you that which no eye has seen, and our heart has ever experienced that which no creation has experienced when Allah subhanaw taala removes that veil of light between him and his

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creation. And we get to gaze every Friday, directly at the face of Allah. And at that moment, all the pleasures of Jana will be forgotten, to see Allah and not only that, you will then take each and every person in Jannah and have a private conversation with every single person Subhanallah This doesn't even happen with the angels, every single one of the people of Jannah will speak to Allah directly. And Allah will say I am pleased with you enjoy my Jana and know that you will live here forever having my pleasure. And that is why we make this we make this.

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The ending of the series is the same the idea that you find in Surah Yunus which you're all familiar with Tao whom we have super high Nicola alma mater here tonight he has Salam. So Allah says and they, they the only thing that people have Jana will say, the only salah they will make a Subhana Allah praise Glory be to Allah wa here to via Salam and they'll greet each other with Salam. When you do that, well him and the last two hours that they will keep making an Al Hamdulillah hairpin Alameen they will say Alhamdulillah they will think look at where we are, look at what we have All Praise be to you. Thank you Allah for granting us to be and so we ask Allah to grant us genital

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favoritos to be in all the bounties and the goodness of Jannah and Allah subhanho wa Taala granted this dunya knock mislead us. May Allah grant us a good death. Allah grant us to have success in the Deaf Dianna and Allah into us Jana will safety and Salama mean I mean as luck luck, thank you so much for being with us in the series. I hope it was beneficial Alexei from us. And just a few announcements we say hamdulillah Bilal our resident Bilal slash

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what do we call diver lifeguard is now semi Haji and we ask Allah to accept your O'Meara and

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sister thebest was going on on umara We ask Allah so Hajj we need to have a hashtag boom abroad and husband's birthday as well make our grantee many many more years I mean, we announced that the Edgar inshallah weather permits will be Eid Salah if they see them and they see the moon tomorrow it will be on Saturday. And I know many people are very attached to the Masjid Al Hamdulillah is very good. And those who live out of town come specially for the massager of the Blue cup, but we'll all be together as is the Sunnah of Nabil Salaam. Remember when he did eat, he left Missoula number we must do number with the great master number he left that so that everybody can attend eat together and

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you don't only see your own Masjid people you get to see everybody and you get to see Slamet for everybody because every single person and hamdulillah on the day of Eid in sha Allah is getting the graduation of the reward of Ito inshallah we hope to see all the people to attend our EDA, if Allah allows. I mean, I mean, this is our quiz quickly. The people of Jana, they named the the ladies of Jana.

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Now, some of you say I put my wife's name and phone number that's also permissible if anybody put your own wife's name and that's fine. But if you didn't then who obviously is the answer and so

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so what do we have for how many places here? Five, five, okay, Riyadh, Saudi Riyadh is here.

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If you want to put down to zero total swipes doesn't I mean Gee,

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no, no one. Yes.

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Sharmila 15

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shabu. Okay, Shamu

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and Adnan

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again at nonius.

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Abdulkadir Daniels

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I've recorded

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to come forward because

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we use the ladies. The ladies didn't even answer this question. They do not answer

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this resistance.

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There's really no such thing as names here. Then I refuse to answer this question.

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Okay, a nun doesn't want the prize. allowed to take nor this I

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Okay, we're just gonna go numbers choose random numbers.

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There's not a lot of

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okay. 1919 app says oh hamdulillah and TFC Alhamdulillah. We thank You again for the quiz. This is just for you.

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This is just to keep the attention I know it's tiring during the month of Ramadan. So inshallah just to be part of it and then we need to thank special people that were part of the program and we asked we call our chairman anglesite Solomon's to please thank the special team that made Ramadan what it is and hamdulillah

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that one

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so now I want to become one after nine

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it's time to say almost time to say goodbye to Ramadan.

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And it is always said when we come to this moment, but we've had an intense month and I want to say sugar to all of you for sharing it with us being with us through this many many days and weeks hamdulillah

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but behind the scenes, there are always many people that make make it happen. And now is the time for us to show our appreciation to those that were not normally seen do things or or

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or just ease the way for us to be able to to make Ramadan

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a very special time for us in this Masjid. So to start off with first of all our renowned leader and Chef Muhammad West

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and then

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and then harm him can harm him

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of course the inspiration for all our young who falls

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young Yang bills and

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and I need to say having him is one of those that are also a little bit in the background but you see the result of his products you know in the bills and everybody else I don't know how many great work that's been done by him

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and of course for art Peters alongside with Jaime in that particular program

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Ibrahim Ibrahim Abrams

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Abdulazeez white

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and none

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always a pleasure to show you

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originally lived him

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on second

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my body

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used to be Williams

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the melodious voice or hemlibra

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Michelle Phan urine

00:30:31--> 00:30:32

Zaccaria Adams

00:30:41--> 00:30:42

mica Ely Adams

00:30:52--> 00:30:54

Hanif Sally, honey Sonny

00:31:00--> 00:31:08

you know, but this this this meant that I watched him, he came late and he was in the third stuff and somehow he managed to get here you know

00:31:14--> 00:31:15

with the use of dua

00:31:16--> 00:31:17

is here

00:31:21--> 00:31:33

you must come Please, you must come this this man, this man without him, many things won't work properly. So, you know, he needs to be seen and he needs to be thanked so

00:31:47--> 00:31:49

and then my moon

00:31:50--> 00:31:51


00:31:56--> 00:32:00

not only as a company's barista, but an energetic one as well from the

00:32:02--> 00:32:36

very go, you know, as you can see, there's a young a lot of young people involved, but we've seen not only in the bills, but we've also seen it in so fast. And that is such a good step for not only for for Ronald Islam, but also for the community at large. And McDonald here in courage and grow those individuals. So, once again, Zack lahave shukran for your attendance and I had support here over this last couple of weeks. And we wish all of you joyous ADA Mubarak and Shama and not only for you but for your families as well.

00:32:38--> 00:32:38

So that was

00:32:43--> 00:32:44

it Two