Jannah #22 – Can You Have Pets in Jannah?

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Sometimes comfort comes to you in this life from people that you least expect it from. And sometimes even Allah subhanaw taala blesses you with a pet or a word of affirmation, or something that might seem completely random, but it offers comfort to the soul. You know, when we're thinking about Jana, there are creatures that Allah subhanaw taala will create there that will serve the purpose of serving us the way that we used to serve, and comforting us the way that we used to comfort.

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So I often get asked this question, do we have pets in Jannah? And it's a very significant question to someone that has a significant relationship with a pet. And the prophets lie. Selim definitely talked about animals in Jannah, but they are heavenly animals. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said in one Hadith that by the one whose hand is my soul, when the believers come out of their graves, they're going to be received with white sheep, camels, with wings and gold saddles, and the laces of their hoofs will be brilliantly shining. And he said, sallAllahu it was selling them that every single step of them will be to the range of vision. So what is the sound like? It sounds like

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Buraq the animal the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam wrote on the night of it, it's not when my watch, so imagine having your own Buraq your own heavenly animal that takes a step to the end of your site. And that takes you around paradise as you please. So you have the Buraq like animals that belong to you and Jana, how many of them will look back at the hadith of Abu Massoud little the Allahu Taala and home, where he said that a man brought a sea camel to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with a rope through its nose ring. And he said, the honor suit Allah, I'm giving this for the sake of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, On Yom Okayama. On the Day of

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Judgment, you're going to have 700 sheep camels, each with a rope through its nose ring in Jannah. So basically, they were placed on your visa on your scale before so you got the reward of 700 and now you get to enjoy 700 camels in Jannah as a result of the one that you sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala here. Now what if I don't want camels? What if I want cats? What if I want dogs? What if I want something else? There's actually another Hadith where a Bedouin came to the Prophet slice LM and he said the otter sort of Allah in the variable height. You know, I love horses, so I'm not a camel guy. I'm a horse guy. I fit Jannetty height or their horses in Jannah and

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he responded, and he said, If Allah enters you into Jana, you shall be brought a horse of rubies with two wings, and then you shall be carried on some Matata becau Hey, Thrush, it and then it will take you wherever you want. So you have horses, you have camels, and they're not just beautiful to look at. They actually serve a purpose of taking you around Jana, as you please, as well. And of course there are animals as well, that you can just admire exotic animals that are walking around Jana, you know, we have the narrations about the birds around el CalHFA. The fountain of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and their necks are the

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length of giraffes. You know, think about beautiful flamingos and you know if you look at birds Subhanallah it's it's one of the most heavenly creations that exists amongst us in this dunya Can you imagine the beauty of exotic birds and Paradise when the beauty of exotic birds and dunya are so beautiful. And in one Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for our show that there are butterflies of gold in general. You know one of the most beautiful things you'll see. And subhanAllah It's delicate and intricate to the eye. When you see a butterfly garden in this life. Imagine the butterflies of gold flying around and Janna and of course, golden Jana is not like gold

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here. So the colors will be absolutely amazing. So you have pets that accompany you if you want. You have pets that take you around places. You have animals that are strolling around Jana, none of them threatening you, no one's going to attack you and Jana, and you have the insects even, that are just absolute beautiful glitter throughout agenda. And then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the servants of Allah John, so similar to who did it ain't the maidens of agenda. This is a heavenly creature that's made in Jannah for the pleasure and service of the people of Jana. So it's not like anyone goes to Jana, and then becomes a servant in paradise. You know, I once had a mother who lost her

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child may Allah subhanaw taala, reunite her with her child and Janna and she was crying because she said, Is it true that my child is going to become one of the young youth that Allah subhanaw taala talks about that serves in Jannah? And I said, No, no, absolutely not. You're

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pile doesn't become a servant agenda your child will enter into agenda with you bitten by a tile and then become an adult like you to be served. So you don't serve an agenda. You are only served in Jannah. And what are these Heavenly Creatures? Allah subhanaw taala says, while your tool for it him well done on Maha lagoon, either at home hospital home Lulu unmanned, thorough that they will be waited on by eternal youth. If you saw them, you would think they are scattered pearls. So it's like scattered pearls walking all around Jana, to the service of the believers. And then I've seen of that that the scholar has mentioned is that when the believer first enters into Janna, he's received

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by 70,000 servants and it's as if they are pearl. So you're looking out to this ocean of servants all there for you as one person and they're arranged on both sides of you. And anytime you walk, they walk behind you ready to serve you as you request and Allah subhanaw taala compared them to scattered pearls as a Mahima. Allah said, not just because of their beauty and charm but because they're in constant motion. So Subhanallah you're looking at them and they're not in one place. They are sparkling because they are moving around you engender carrying out your wishes, carrying out your commands, as you wish and aloha Rahim Allah he says that while the friend of Allah is sitting

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in his palace in Paradise, a messenger from Allah subhanaw taala is going to come and visit. And that messenger from Allah being an angel is going to say to the keeper, seek permission for the Messenger of Allah, to see the friend of Allah, who's the friend of Allah, you Bismillahi tal So the messenger comes to you and says, yeah, well Lee Allah, oh friend of Allah, here is a messenger of ALLAH asking permission to see and you permit him. And that angel enters and puts before you all sorts of gifts and says to you, yeah, well Lee Allah, oh friend of Allah, Allah is sending you his Salam and telling you to eat from this plate, you know, subhanAllah the welcoming committee brings

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you stuff to your room. So the eternal youth that Allah mentions in the Quran bring forth this plates, and they put it in front of you. And you say, Well, I've already eaten this. And they say, No, go ahead and eat from this. And you eat from it. And you find in it the taste of every single fruit of Jana knows Pamela, if you go to like a fancy resort, they send you something to the room on the house. This one comes from Allah subhanaw taala unexpected through the angels and through these endless youth serving you a new type of food. And one of the gems that we take from the Subhan Allah is that you don't need gatekeepers and guards to protect you from anything agenda. That's all there

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just to add to your rank and abodo the Allahu Tada and who said that the profit slice and I'm setting the lowest person in rank in Jannah. And there is no one that is low there, right? Because low agenda still means very high. The lowest person in Jannah is someone who will have 15,000 servants in the morning and the evening. Every servant has a specific duty, which the other one does not have. So Subhanallah What does 15,000 tasks even look like? All to make you happy? Let Allah subhanaw taala deal with that. Well one thing we take from this dear brothers and sisters, because we have so many Hadith from the Prophet slice that I'm about how to be people of service in this

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dunya you've been a person of service your entire life now it's your turn to be served for all of eternity.

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