Forgotten Etiquettes #14 Travelling With Your Teacher

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Often due to ignorance of the correct etiquette of Islam, or the correct knowledge we inadvertently drive people away from this Deen. I cannot forget the incident of a American revert, who mentioned to me personally, that after accepting the fold of Islam, he came to the local masjid. And he had long hair. And a brother in the masjid made a remark and said, What kind of a Muslim are you? And sometimes we make these remarks and we drive people away, or we give them nasty glances and we make them uncomfortable. And he said, I went home and asked myself Is this the religion I have accepted? And I was so tempted to leave Islam, but Allah protected me. And then

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I shaved my head so that I could go to the regular masjid, the local masjid. And later in the years I studied Islam only to discover that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had long hair Subhanallah now we know Islam impresses upon us that we must draw help from Allah. But does that mean we cannot take help or assistance from any human? No, not at all. We learned in the etiquettes of the Quran and the journey of Musa and Javier Allah imam in Allah He has Salah to with this limb, that Allah Allah there was it the Harville Harding freesurfer Willow in Armenia stuffie Domingo, it is permissible in Germany to take a servant with you, even if that servant is your student. And how

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fortunate is that student who travels with his teacher, drawing from his wisdom and serving Him. The hadith is in Buhari and Kitab would have said I'm delighted to have been sort of the Allahu Anhu Omar says my gift to Senator Reid when Sal Rama a year long pass a one year pass. I wanted to answer Amara, the Allahu Anhu a question regarding to women that Allah had impressed upon them to make Toba regarding a certain matter, which is of course reference in the Quran in chapter 66 Surah two, three verse four into tuba illAllah. And when we were traveling, I was serving armor, and it was the journey of homage and armor stepped aside to make wuzhou. And then I bought the water and I seize

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the moment, and I said Romo who have been referred to in these two in this verse of chapter 66 Verse four, and he said Tikka Isha Hafsa this refers to our Aisha Radi Allahu anha and have Saudi Allah Allah Subhana Allah, how wholesome how beautiful how practical Islam is. May Allah make us amongst those fortunate students who can become servants to our teachers drawing from their wisdom and serving them at the same time. I mean, herbal Alameen