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In, say, Sam, where you're from, if you're tuning in later then just forward three minutes in until we begin.

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So saying Sam, where you're from that kind of stuff, kind of nice behavior

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Santa Monica Malik Muslimah Abdullah As Salam aleykum onic Muslim Ananda Lai,

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a Santa Monica

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a Salam alaikum our first Anam, Tricia and filly Wallach Muslim.

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For June Malik Muslim cyclophilin For always tuning in for tune, and Tricia, and David.

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Rick Massara how're things David? You're in Italia. How are things there? Have you been last hour Alec Muslim has an automatic Muslim who's not

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enjoying those morning walks up.

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And I think Muslim Habiba. hamdulillah we're doing good. Lester.

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Isaac, Kenya Arctic masam or is it Isaac or is Harper?

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Wait, it's Albert Albert and Puerto Rico Tao Nicholas side. Zafar, oh Alico Messina.

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Sad is in Abu Dhabi. Thanks

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Virginie said we don't miss mass over here. What's that?

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Main Radek Muslim ferryman Zurich Muslim.

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Far in Perth now I know all about you.

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But you never said Where you from you said you're from Perth

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should I was in India Arctic Mr. Nam Leila. Hammoud in hometown Ottawa, Michelle, Sally and Minnesota love keep you guys safe. I mean,

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I had in Jeddah,

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MB 1429 lotic Mr. Ram tuning in from YouTube. Hi. Yeah, how are you shake hamdulillah I'm good.

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Let us begin. I think it's been three minutes now. Something like that. Don't be a werewolf

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lived in Egypt before Perth.

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Ze a kabocha

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passed the mafia in North Carolina originally from Scotland.

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And they will hamdulillah Italy I'm okay. Everything has come back to normal. challah luck. keep everybody safe. Alright, let's get started guys.

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Take one. I said I want to live it I've had to Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. All early. He was the man Well, am I bad?

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Werewolves, werewolves? For those who don't know what I'm sure all of you do know. But when there's a full moon, there's like these human beings that turn into a werewolf, which is like this beast monster kind of thing where I will? Yeah. So when I was a little kid, kind of like in, I'd say early.

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Sorry, late teens, like maybe 18 years old. 19 years old. I was on this flight from a Muslim country to a non Muslim country. Okay, let's just keep it general like that, from a Muslim country to a non Muslim country. And when this flight originated from the Muslim country, it was, you know, pretty religious, because we're coming from this Muslim country and things are pretty religious. And it looked like, Hey, you actually felt like you're in a Muslim country on the airplane. And maybe you've experienced something like this as we got closer and closer to this non Muslim country. Werewolf time. So

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we're all time and people started metamorph sizing.

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I was like, what's going on what's happening and by the time like, people started changing on the flight and getting ready. And by the time we were almost ready to land or landed, you couldn't recognize 90% of the people on the flight. You couldn't recognize that this is the same people in the same location that we came from. It's as an

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Anybody experienced that? I don't want you to mention any countries any names. Have you ever experienced a metamorphosis happening on a flight?

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I like it Albert says from transformers from Autobots you mean to Decepticons?

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Actually from this anyways,

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I was gonna say from Decepticons to Autobots.

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So actually, you know what, before I continue, I do want to put a merciful caveat, a merciful footnote, and that that experience of transcript

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warming become

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it actually is a normal behavior, that we actually, we underestimate how much our surroundings and our situation affects our behavior. And how we do so for example, if somebody's committing suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge, and if you close this is a really interesting like research. If you close and you make it people unable to commit suicide to jump off the bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, they will actually not commit suicide, because it is very, it's location based. It's not like they're gonna go find another bridge to do it. It's like no, if you block them from there, then they're not going to do it somewhere else. Interestingly, it's from the book talking to strangers by Malcolm

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Gladwell that we underestimate what situations I'm just being merciful. Why, why this werewolf thing happened and in fact, the person who doesn't become werewolf and if you've ever been on these flights again from Muslim country to non Muslim country, the person who doesn't become werewolf and stays the same even though the situation has changed everybody looks at that person even though they were all

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they were all dressed like that before and they're all acting the same way. The one or two guys who don't transform into the world everybody's looking at them as if they're strange. Okay, that aside now, let's look at Ramadan time and the Ramadan time like right now you might start feeling this after Ramadan slump. Yes, but

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Ramadan, the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of Chawan Yes, and the same 24 hours in a day that we had a normal blood we have the same 24 hours actually we have women you may even have more time now that we had during Ramadan Ramadan, there was like a star cooking there was you know, doing this doing that totally and reading and not sleeping and all of those things. We technically have more time outside of Ramadan even though we're doing less for the more most of the nights in Ramadan. Allah Subhana Allah is the Lord of the Knights in Chawan and beyond. And yet in Ramadan time, we spent all these evenings awake and and now it's like do we even remember to pray to lock eyes or pray with or

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something like that. And when we're making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. And then Ramadan comes to an end, the Lord of Ramadan, is still the lord of Oshawa. And you can still call upon Allah subhana data. And so it's just that you have to get into this surrounding a situation where you're being reminded and I'm allowing the reminders were everywhere, right even Twitter and even, you know, you put in like a hashtag and Twitter it reminds you that it's Ramadan. Now Twitter doesn't do that anymore, right. So you have to get back into that situation back into that surrounding and you will get back into that zone of taking what you learned in Ramadan and implementing outside the analogy

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and I've said this multiple times about Ramadan the analogy people give about Ramadan being a guest and that's great but a guest leaves the a better analogy that I like to give is Ramadan is a training. Vocational College Law Allah commented upon so that you would be the so that you would learn and have Teflon become a duckling. So becoming a multimillionaire becomes an identity becomes who you are and if that's who you are, it doesn't end in Ramadan it continues outside of Chawan because this is how I was trained so somebody would ask you outside Ramadan why you still praying at night? Why are you still fasting Why are you still making all these dots because that's what Ramadan

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taught us. Because that's what Ramadan was for us to train us to do these things inshallah Tada, this is

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I'm going to be doing something we've never done before, but

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it's what I call the post Ramadan five day challenge, a post Ramadan five day challenge. And what that is, is five days where we just commit to take action and get back in that surrounding get back in that situation of implementing lessons that we learned in Ramadan. And these are dollars that we made. We want to start taking action on it because and start building how

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habits so that as we continue outside of Ramadan, the timings may change, but our Lord is the same Lord and we still want to do these things outside of Ramadan, but we just need a framework and a system in order to implement that. So inshallah to Allah check it out, post Ramadan calm. It's a five day challenge. And it's only $1. So we made it very affordable for everybody in Charlotte Bolla. And I hope you check it out.

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And that's it.

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So the ally land stuff, we're going to be like, I will take questions now and we'll chat for like 510 minutes. Somebody's got a question. Nancy says is this video part of five day posts from about this video right now? There's live No, it's not. It's just my daily huddle. Werewolves.

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The five day posts from Yvonne challenge starts on the 15th which I believe is Monday. Next week. Today is what Wednesday?

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Monday is the 15th That is correct.

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Albert says the Ramadan bootcamp I don't know how many times I've said that I actually don't. I don't like to consider Ramadan as a boot camp because usually people don't do anything with what they learned from a bootcamp a boot camp is just like some exercise and go home shower and then that's a philosophy do nothing with it. That's why I say vocational college training institute

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sad says what books are you currently reading?

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In our book club, we are reading the art of gathering the art of gathering

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he was asking this question are the videos recorded? I don't know what video is you're talking about? I shot the video.

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Which one are you talking about? Five, five Muhammadi says let me show you guys the question this one.

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People say it's easier in Ramadan because who cares if it's easier anyway? Who cares if they say it's easier? That's just an excuse. We're not meant to live our whole lives in Ramadan or where it's a training but let's read the question. Some people say it's easier in Ramadan because she has been locked up communal efforts and encouragement from peers people go hard and Ramadan because it's only one month but it's not sustainable to go so hard outside of Ramadan. What's your response to this? The easiest thing is Fatima is that nobody's saying that you need to go as hard as Ramadan outside of Ramadan. So nobody's saying that you have to pray you know taraweeh every night you have to fast

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every single day you have to in fact even the Sunnah of the prophesy some is not the fast every single day so that doesn't make sense it's just sounds like

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excuses so nobody's saying go as hard as Ramadan been but at the same time nobody said like just stop doing everything yeah

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for as long as says I can't wait for the post trauma bond five day challenge

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Nancy's question says how to get motivate teens to allow weight goodness

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how to motivate teams towards Allah and do good, good things. So based on what we're talking about here with regards to surroundings in situations you actually would like to to help motivate teens to be guided you want to help put them in surroundings in situations where they will find good influence So what's an example of a place where they'll find good influence inshallah Tada, so it might be that you take them to the masjid and at the masjid, they find some good friends maybe there's a camp a summer camp or something like that. I don't know how it works but let's suppose there's a summer camp Muslim summer camp. That's a nice place to make good friends and Charlotte

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awfully good friends and and it's a nice surroundings. It may be also that you travel with them. Obviously these things again, might not be easy to travel

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but travel

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Dealing with them to a place where they can make meet some good people meet different people. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, when people are arguing about

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about Allah subhana Dinovo Dena less pentatonic says close say to them see rueful of travel in the land. And what's interesting about that is that's a response to people who deny Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says go and traveling the land. And one Dalit technique and this is for teens and for all of us is to go and travel in the land go and travel as a means to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and open one's minds. Alana.

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Thank you, Leila. Your question is a little bit too intense here. And I actually don't know the answer. It's, I mean, it's a little intense and it's also a different topic. It's more about creda type of question and it's not my specialty. And I don't know the details of the answer to that.

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Zane says Does the five day challenge include fasting for five days? And the answer is no, it does not. I can't make you fast for five days.

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Oh, we

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Albert says the Puerto Rico five day Dawa challenge coming soon

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this is an interesting one side is there any authentic prophetic God that encapsulates all prophetic doors? I think that the.of robata attina for dunya Huseynov atleta Hassanal caradonna That's a nice one that incap capsulate

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all goodness of the dunya math and to protect from Alpha another one that's really nice is

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long name as a locum in Haiti masala could be Abdo and Bianca Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam out of the becoming shutdown Mr. Ha they come in they're gonna be a conformance of a law which basically means that oh Allah I asked you from every good thing that the prophets analyzed and amassed you have an O Allah I seek Your protection from everything that the prophets of Allah is and I'm sought protection from well law ILM Zack law fair Okay, guys, we're done. Bye. See you later. I'm actually you know, we have started this

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if you guys can go if you haven't registered for the polls, trauma bond five day challenge, I'd love for you to check it out.

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I'll put it there.

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I'd love for you to check it out. I'm going to so it's going to start June 15, which is Monday. But in the meantime, we have already begun our Facebook group and people are already introducing themselves and I'm already there and I found finished this Facebook Live I'm gonna hop on over there to that that group and do a little Facebook live over there. So get into the group inshallah Tada and start introducing yourself, get into the zone. It's a five day challenge to take advantage of all this extra time. And extra, all this extra time that Ramadan has taught us all this extra motivation before we lose that motivation before we lose it completely and it's normal that we're

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going to lose it but before we lose it let's take action on making our dogs come to do our part in the actions in the dogs taking action in the dogs. Does that sound good?