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our villa Umina shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim what stuck about our Hua Zhu Phil will help everyone know and Elaine and YuRu Jerome Sadat hola hola them. So we conclude that discussing the narration of portobay. The Gibreel Alayhi Salatu was Salam was sent, and with the edge of one wing, he merely nudged this high rise building, and it came crumbling down to the ground, and all those 10s of 1000s of workers, laborers and masons and all those that were they were totally destroyed. In chapter 29, the chapter that follows after Surah cusses the chapter on the spider verse 41, Allah subhanho wa Taala says methylone Lavina Taha Dohmen dunya only gamma Selena Anka

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both those who have made gods as their protectors and defenders besides Allah they example is like a spider it tougher that beta which spawns a web so a spider makes its web we're in our handle boo Utila it will and Caboose and it would be foolish for that spider to think that I'm safe, protected, fortified in my web. And surely the weakest of all houses is the web of a spider the web of a spider. It merely takes a gusty wind to blow and that entire web of that spider, which supposedly gave protection to that spider would fall and collapse. Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to all of these who have their powers and their minds and reliance on others, it is no more than spider webs.

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Logano yar Allah Moon chapter 29, verse 41, if only they can understand and realize if only they can understand and realize and you can imagine the strength and the might of Gibreel Alehissalaam Allah Who Shadi do gua in Surah Taneja Allah said that Gibreel who was the possessor of great strength and mind, he taught the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Of course, Gibreel was a means the actual teacher and tutor was Allah and that follows through in Surah to Rama and this has been reconciled in the footnotes of the CRRF money or Rahman, Allah Mel Quran. Allah is the teacher and Allah taught the Quran where Allah Adam Smith SMA and it is Allah who taught Adam Alayhis Salam the names of

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everything so there we have it verse 39, was stuck Bara Hua Zhu Phil already betrayed will hug haughtiness unjustly on the earth. One NO and NO whom Elayna Allah you to do rune? And they thought that they'll never come back to us, for all thought he loved forever. You know, some historical narration say that he enjoyed health, Sound Health. You know what? effluence prominence dominance, uninterrupted for centuries, uninterrupted for centuries. And what they say that I'm Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam say in Naka Arteta Farah on our Mela, who Xena toe, I'm one and Phil hayati, dunya. And maybe let me just leave with this point quickly because the topic has presented in the

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discussion. Oh Allah, you gave Pharaoh and his people a lot of comfort and luxury and extended perpetual, uninterrupted comfort and luxury can surely become a trigger factor for arrogance, denial, disbelief and haughtiness, when I came mcdata, whom were Abba, whom had tennis with vicar, we all may actually Oh my My honorable Dunum, in dunya Allah when Allah will resurrect those who worshipped objects and people besides Allah, and Allah will resurrect those suppose that gods and the worshipers and Allah will then ask them for your Kulu ability to marry birdie ha Hola. I'm humbled. Oh Seville. So Allah will ask whether it was humans or the melodica or objects and giving

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them the ability to speak? Did you mislead My creation and tell them worship me? Follow me besides Allah, will you people advocating the message that you should be followed? And they will respond meaning those who are assumed to be Gods, right, Carlos Subhana, Kumbhakarna, maka and aember Ilana and Nick Duffy them in Dooney. Come in, oh, Leah, they will respond. The melodica will respond. The Umbria will respond those who the nations that worship some worship is Ali Salam, some worship Rosetta alayhi salatu salam, some worship the mullah EGA they will say Makkah and aember Ilana and Nick Duffy them in Dooney come in. Oh Leah

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Oh Allah we would never we would never ascribe partners with you, and hence we would never advocate it to others when I came, Matata whom one of whom had done so thicker, but these people found themselves in comfort and ease and, and luxury, and because of that they forgot the message. What can we call mum Bora, and they were a destructive nation. They were a nation for whom destruction was decreed. So we move on verse 14, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For now who might you know the who find out bye for now whom failure? We grip them? We seize them further now who what Gallica Laura Baker in our hereby aneema thus is the grip of your Lord when he grips the nation and indeed

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the grip and the grasp of your Lord is intense, in a battle shall be Kalisha deed, the grip the grasp of your Lord is intense.

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In Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Yummly a volume the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Allah Spaten easy gives grace John's respite clemency to a tyrant to a dictator to a autocrat. Hatter II The other who and then Allah grips him and then Allah doesn't allow him to slip some Metalla and then the Prophet salallahu Salam recited the verse what Gallica? Rebecca then pura a verse of chapter 11 Surah Hood and thus is the grip of your Lord when He gripped someone in the who are Lehmann Shadid for our husband our horse so we grabbed him for Nevada now who and his army for Nevada now who and Phil Yum, and we cast them we cast them into the sea, in which they drowned.

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Father Rashi, whom Mina Leah Mima Russia home, and they were enveloped by the waters in the manner in which they will envelope again Pharaoh displayed arrogance till the last when the waters opened up for Satan or Musa and Allah told him strike the water and instruct the water fan Philip Fergana Kulu fill in Philippine Coteaux de la creme and then the water rose like a mountain and creating 12 pathways for the different tribes of Bani Israel to cross and Allama Abdullah Hassan Ali Netway says when Pharaoh seen the water splitting and the water rising up cathode, like a mountain upward, the plural was left now thermal marine and we brought others close by because this was going to be the

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place of destruction. So Pharaoh says to His people again latching on for for praise, latching on with his arrogance on the RO ll Bahara. K fan fella katoa and Lee Emery Hoda, hola il for rain, look at the water also. It's given way it's paving the way it's respecting me it's saluted me so that I can intercept those that have fled from me. Lo and behold, little did he know that his fate his death, his destiny, his end his destruction was awaiting him in that water. And then the Quran says had died either at the Rocco. Rocco had either Rocco Rocco Bala mentor unknown La ilaha IL Allah the am NSBE Benu is Surah Surah Yunos. And when drowning overpowered him, he said desperately, I bring a

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man on Allah, and I believe in the Lord of Musa and Harun were Unamuno Muslimeen and I am amongst those that submit and it was said on now it's too late. It's too late. And aren't what can I say to Todd blue and prior to this you are hardy you are arrogant. So my brother my sister.

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It is the declaration of the Quran. And throughout history we have seen a tyrant we'll meet his end luckily frowning Musa as the Arabic proverb goes, there is a Moses to every Pharaoh you will meet your Moses they say there will be an end. Yes, Allah subhanaw taala grants grace and respite, but when would it happen that is in the knowledge of Allah? We're in mencari yet in Ilana, Han Omar holy cuchara Pablo young military Yama, Omar, the Baja dub and Shalida Canada Lika Phil Kitabi. Must do Ra, whoever has transgressed and disobeyed Allah either in this world or the letter or both or the letter only. Allah will destroy them and grip them so verse 14, aka the NA who we seize them, what

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you know the who and his army is funded by the Nam phillium Me and then we cast them in the water and we made them drown thunder K for Karna Aki but to valley mean, so reflect on the outcome of this tyrant of evil people and the Quran repeatedly invites you look at the outcome what happened in the end, what was the final result? So many of these celebrities will make so much pomp and glory and fame and, and money and everything, but in the end they die as spotless

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On the street without shelter over them because of a lack of discipline and no you know what guidance in the life so Makana RT better. levena Assa also will allow people to lead Taqwa. Allah says what happened in the end what happened in the end? What was the final outcome? And that will be you know what at the time of death and author of course, what you're up to now whom in Medina don't own that Ilana? Why? Oh man Korea Mattila Yun Soran. First 41 Allah says, Allah whom ima and they will lead us Pharaoh and his people will lead us but leaders in evil.

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It is it is a virtue to be a leader in good and it is a crime to be a follower in vice. So if it's a crime to be a follower in vice, you can imagine what an offense it would be to be a leader in vice. So there are two types of leaders amongst the youth you see those who mobilize the youth towards virtue, who rally them towards goodness and others who lead towards the wrong? Yup, Domo. Domo, Domo coma who? Yo melta Yama? Yep, Domo coma who yarmulke Yama he will lead his nation on the day of the Yama and take them to hell for over the homeowner. So what are now who are ima ima the plural of the word Imam they will lead us but what type of leaders here the Runa l&r inviting towards fire meaning

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a metaphor? Yeah, that inviting towards sin which equates fire

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Alladhina colonna and worldly uttama Bullman in Nehemiah coluna, feeble Tony Inara. Those who you serve, consume the wealth, the rights the share of orphans tell them they are eating the flames of hell. Now it's their choice how much they want to eat. Say then a local man said to his son, Leah Cohen Jara Touka. Al merci be Padre Saarbrucken Allah na, oh my son, in proportion to your thresholds that you have of tolerance to endure the torment of Allah accordingly you can disobey Allah, meaning nobody can tolerate the punishment of Allah. So don't dare disobey Allah. Allah speaks about the pious, the prophets, who will lead us of God What are you now in Medina Do not be a

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marina Lama Saba RO, what can be urine Tina you will be known and they will the leaders of good when Lama Sadhguru with patience, perseverance, what can will be attina up noon, and they had conviction and belief in our verses. So from this we learn and doesn't mention in Ebuka fear based Sabri will Yaqeen Tana Imam at 215 patients and conviction will make you a leader indeed.

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accepting sci fi guru when he heard this, that this verse in the La Jolla moral being loudly when the sun were etha, Israel CORBA you know, a verse that we are at the end of the hotbar and in that is one of the most comprehensive verses of the Quran where Allah prohibits three things. And Allah encourages three things. This was the verse that

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you know what inspired him and motivated him and was the catalyst for him to accept Islam, and he said, Kuno Vihara Amory Russa what are the goofy as an ABA that oh my people, if this is the message of this man, be a leader in this year, be a leader and don't lag and don't delay. Okay, so that's verse number 41 Verse 42, Allah says, what a Tabata now homefield, hardly dunya, Allah azza wa jal melancholia, Matthew Minella MakerBot hain. And we set a curse behind them in this world. So for the generations to come, it is better for history to omit to mention, then you to be recorded, and for you to be captured in the books of history in a nasty way. So rather, history omits you and nobody

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knows that you existed in a time and you left no trace or mark or impression on the earth. And that's it and you gone, then history records you in an evil way. And of course Pharaoh and his people have been recorded in an evil way. At the bar. Now Humphrey Harvey hit dunya lacuna, that they are followed with curses. Why, whenever you talk of your own, you say learning the wretched, the wicked, the evil, the nasty, the Transgressor the tyrant. And so you say of Hama, and and his people you speak of Abuja, hell you speak of the disbelievers. You speak of those who cause pain to the prophets, you cursed them. And when you talk of the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu what to do and Allah

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was pleased with them and they were pleased with Allah Kalamata como Anwar Mamata Tanaka Remo one or Chateau Manuel whom fineness Anwar to I often called the stanza of the poem of Imam Shafi. Some people have died the physical death but the good character has kept them alive at the bar now who forgot to hit dunya learner were young woman, Dr. Matthew Minnelli, Maqbool Hain and on the daily

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After Yama they will be amongst those that will be despised Mokbel Hain means unpleasant disfigured in a nasty way who you know what their appearance would be unpleasant. Whoo hoo Yama is in.

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Love Bharata Raha Katara Allah he will refer to the 5g era that you would see gloom Doom, misery, pain agony, a depression upon them, Willa eco Homolka for 25 Jarrah, these are the disbelievers and transgressors. So that's verse 42. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that they were destroyed ultimately, and besides being destroyed till today, you know what it is, they are remembered in the most nasty of ways, that how the curse of Allah subhanho wa Taala will continue for them and their likes. Verse 43, Allah says, While aka Dr. Dana Musa al Kitab mimbar Dima lakanal Coronel Hola, Basa eerily nurse. So after the destruction of the previous nations, those who disobeyed Allah subhanho wa

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taala, the nation of odd the mood, the nation of new Alayhi Salatu was Salam ala Wanaka attain Musa al Kitab Amin barra de ma Lachenal Karuna Lulu, we endowed blessed and favored say that our Musa alayhis salam with Al Kitab, a book, what was the name of this book? It was thought out? What is the ranking of the Torah? It is the second most you know, in terms of merit and significance between the divine Scriptures. It's first the Quran of course unanimously, and then the second is the Torah. So Allah has lavishly praised the Torah in its original adulterated form we need to qualify that statement.

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Allah has lavishly praised the Torah in the Quran. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well after the attain MUSAWAH rune I'll follow Karna what bleah and where the Quran little metatheory Allah referred to it as a hood and guidance, the Quran a reflection bleah and a bright light. So you're in verse 43, Allah says that we bless Musa alayhis salam with the Torah, embodiment and Lehkonen Quran and Gouda, after of course the destruction of the previous nations. When Satana Musa alayhis salam had come much later, what was the nature what was the nature of the Torah? Basa era leanness? Basa eerily nurse. It was an eye opener. So beside it is the plural of the word basura which means no

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rune little color, that inner light. One is bizarre, the outward gaze and one is basura the inner gaze for inner Hala Tamela bizarre when I can Tamil Palooza Latif is pseudo. It's not the External ID that is blind. It's the inner eye that is blind. None can be more blind than the one who chooses not to see and none can be more Deaf than the one who does not want to listen. Sally Helen is Salam said to his nation for kg for Ansar Allah comin caffeine, how can I lament the evil fate of a nation that chooses to deny in disbelief? Like I'm telling you don't touch there, you will hurt yourself, you will burn yourself and then you still advance and you still touch and then you burn yourself.

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Now was I supposed to cry and lament that you got hurt and you sustained injury? Or do I say well that's the repercussion of arrogance and disobedience. So Allah refers to the Torah as Messiah it and that's the beauty of Islam. Islam came as a completion as a culmination to the prophets that preceded not as you know what to to invalidate No, no, no, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came and affirmed the message. Musa Dicle, Lima Boehner, yo de Masada Lima Boehner yo they are affirming the message of the prophets that preceded him. My family were my fellow Gambia Amen publicly committed era Julian banner beta, the hadith of Sahih Muslim my example in those that

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preceded me is like the prophets like a house that was built. So every prophet that came it was one brick on the house of Prophet wood. And the house was completed with the exception of one last final break. So people started circling the house and they said, What a beautiful house Why isn't the final break place to complete this house? For me Lebanon, I am the final break to conclude the house of Naboo what what a hurt, I'm gonna be in and I am the seal of profits. So Basa era Linas it is an eye opener. Well, who then it is the guidance, we're Rama, those that follow it, it will become a mercy for them, la la karoun so that they can take heed from it. So that's it. We'll conclude verse

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43, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Torah and the benefit of the Torah and that it was a source of guidance. But of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said logona Musa Hyun Lama was here.

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One elective artery if Musa alayhis salam was alive today then he would also follow my teachings and he would also follow the teachings of the Quran