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A Good Life Does Not Mean an Easy One

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Sulaiman Moola

Channel: Sulaiman Moola

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So there is a question here is that safe now Moosa had asked Allah Yes, Sara Lee Emery make my task easy. And Allah had confirmed to him or data so lakia Moosa, your prayer has been granted. So how do we reconcile the request of Moosa coupled with the approval of the Almighty yet the subsequent fear of masala Islam in a half a year furuta Elena?

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Allah we are afraid that he might just rebel and become defiant. When Allah had affirmed and confirmed that ECS task will be easy. So the scholars say and this is mentioned in future fasciae and in particular in biannual or on that they seem to believe is in the conveying of the message does not necessarily come You know, nessa date is different Romani filmoteca Lim, which in academic language to simplify, it doesn't mean that because the task will be easy because the task will be easy. So there will be no difficulties for the diary or the mobile leader in conveying the message. Allah will make it easy, but ease does not mean ease does not mean Allah promises a good life for

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those that obey Him in this world. A good life does not mean a life in which there'll be no sickness or difficulty, because the prophets are the most deserving of higher tempo, because they perform righteous deeds, but the definition of a good life is not that there will be no challenges but rather it means Allah will give them strength in their difficulties, Allah will give them endurance in their difficulties. So in an effort, we afraid knowing he's turning his way he might just cut us in our tracks and just back off, just back off, I don't want to listen to you that's the nature of Pharaoh. So over law, how would we then continue without