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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome we welcome all our listeners to radio Islam international it is just 25 minutes past 11 Alhamdulillah is a Thursday the 26th of Ramadan 1435 corresponding to the 24th of July 2014 Alhamdulillah. We are now well into the last 10 days of Ramadan we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah Subhana Allah accepts all our ibadat all the different things that we are trying to do trying to gain closeness to Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhanaw taala accept it from us May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for us that the balance of the few days or less, we can spend it in his total obedience. on a Thursday we normally have our

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host brother Idris camisa on the line versus brother Idris Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh waalaikumsalam live barakato how you assemble yourself How are you keeping

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on top of Johannesburg for a change Alhamdulillah JC we were expecting to have seen the studios today versus I'm on my way they I made the Aveda in 15 minutes inshallah. inshallah inshallah we eagerly awaiting your presence here inshallah. inshallah. Brother it is today's discussion, we're going to keep it a general basically Ramadan

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geez I, I came across, maybe just to share with the listeners as well I came across something in an article here, which is obviously very, very sad. And from the villa, you know, we have to be very, very thankful to Allah subhanaw taala we constantly speak about it, but the thing that we need to ask ourself is, how much of it Do we really practice upon, you know, the llama constantly tell us how grateful we need to be to Allah subhanaw taala all the numbers, all the bounties, all the favors that Allah subhanaw taala has constantly missed out in favor upon us. I came across an article in India, it's very, very sad. But what has happened, I think yesterday or maybe day before yesterday,

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this article speaks about an Indian MP that has seen force feeding a Muslim that is a fasting worker in Delhi. And this article speaks about this person that works for a catering company is a normal worker, he was staying in India, and he This is close to Delhi summit close to Delhi. So this person, you know, working very hard trying to earn a living. And unfortunately, the an Indian MP doesn't they don't exactly give his name in this article, but they speak about how this person came and there was an Intel entire television crew was him. And they forcefully fit this person, they make him eat some party, you know, which is a type of a bread or type of Rossi, in the opposition

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Congress Party. Obviously, they now took this method up and they raised it in Parliament. And they obviously can make a very big thing about it. Because the person the MP that did this, he belongs to the opposition party. So the BJP party, he belongs to that party. So he say that the Congress Party is obviously going to make a very big thing about this, but that is their politics. But what we are saying is that you know, the poor person, because apparently what this article says satpathy are the Rossi wasn't up to the standard the dad wanted. So this person try to make the person easy so that he can get a feel of what he's facing, of course, is preparing for a very serious test or indeed,

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you know, commotion at night? Yes. It's very, very, very sad story. You see, I mean, this is Max again, in sensitivity and sensitivity. And this is the whole issue that you know, in our country in South Africa. You know,

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for many of us, yes. Many of us do have challenges also. It feeds, you know, we can practice our Deen and do whatever we can, in a way without any kind of coercion. The point that you speak about gratitude is so important. Because I mean, the gratitude can never take place. If you do not reflect and about your life reflect on Allah as a bounties, you know, and we are reminded in a no.

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No, who's your favorite of Allah? Can you deny? And I think once we look at all those Savers, I think we will be showing more gratitude. Even we were more appreciative, and you'd be far more tolerant and understanding of any challenges that we might be going through.

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She definitely so we are we we surely and certainly need to be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, we can practice our Deen so freely. We don't have these fears that other people have to go through lots of pipelines.

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Absolutely. And as you'll see one more example, you know, many many years ago I went with a group of friends of mine from Roche need

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to talk to the doctor.

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Come here and a few of the other brothers went

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to a university event

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Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back to read Islam international it's just 24 minutes to the hour of 12. What is on the line is brother Idris Missa. Unfortunately, we were having a bit of a discussion then there was a bit of a technical problem unfortunately, rather it is on his way to lenasia he's making his way through the radio Islam studios. We have impact on the nine Santa Monica Mirage masala brother Idris walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I'm back g. g. And from the dinar unfortunately, a small technical problem. Good to have you back. He was speaking about this problem in India, the feeding idea. Yeah. So fascinating.

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in Albania, Anwar kwacha was the dictator, right. And he oppressed the Muslims, the most were locked. And even if you're performing a janazah of your father, you couldn't do it in the public, as it were, you know, and they're so suppressed. And what happened was, when I went for the customer Christ event, then there was a problem of 45 years old. And he was so proud, because the Quran was banned, and those really oppressed people. He was proud that you could read a class. And he said that his mother or grandmother used to refer to a class,

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you know,

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at around midnight, so no one could hear, and he would cheer you up for a class. And that sort of struck me actually, because it's so easy, that we can practice with dealing with impunity, we can nd because the government along the river, they support the issues that are going on, and you know, supporting the Palestinian cause, because it's so easy, you know, and we must really allow Christian us you know, what can be for the deed, so it is very, very important for us, you know, the last few days of Ramadan if you're not done with what you're supposed to do, you know, inshallah, what we can do is, we can redeem ourselves, Allah is a Duffin Rahim, you know, and in sports and you know, who

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knows tonight, maybe they will and to redeem ourselves and more importantly, when I share the issues that I deal with the community, you know, I find it so disconcerting that people I will have today in the month of Ramadan who have issues would not want to see their wives and one person fully life not being there fully anymore. I don't see your mother. I mean, why do you think someone's hot so I think we need to show more compassion, more consideration, more tolerance and love because we're not perfect. We should not expect perfection from other people. You know, Jean did Jazakallah for that input is you're saying you know, it's we come to the topic of theocracy was Ramadan but very close

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is coming in. And unfortunately while it is a day of celebration, it is a day of eat, it is a day of happiness. People are joyous people are in a good mood people are happy Alhamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah keepers like that not only on the day of Allah subhanaw taala keepers like this every day.

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Unfortunately certain cases you hear of certain times it happens in certain families it's very very sad that just over the day of eat, maybe about who you know somebody who's gonna have lunch who's gonna have supper this person can come there that person can come there and unfortunately because of this small trivial issues, unfortunately you have big fights taking place and you know, people are now not speaking to each other just because of smaller Coalition's and I think there is something that we certainly need to overcome if we just coming out of a month of Ramadan, a month of such great spirituality amongst where we are supposed to be linking ourselves tightening our bonds with

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Allah subhanaw taala gaining proximity to Allah subhanaw taala we just come out of a month like that and we are already fighting unfortunately.

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Sometimes even hear cases in the month of Ramadan already they are fighting taking place, you know, whether it's between husband and wife or a speaking parents and children now, brothers and sisters, children and their parents, whatever it might be, you know, it's very, very sad that these things continuously happen brothers. It's very, very sad, you know, I often say these are family like almost four centuries, the cost long well there are certain traditions, you know, within the family and requires one girl getting married in the family with the destroy, you know, the Unity right of the family. And this is a lot of immaturity with your family enjoys the idea of Allah wants us to

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celebrate, if we persist in this kind of irrational behavior. And you got to ask ourselves, to what extent are we for example, you know, Bringers of peace, or to what extent we are creating issues, you know, and that's very, very fundamental, you know,

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brother is another discussion that comes about is that we find, unfortunately, on the day of it is we have been saying, it is a day of celebration and a day of togetherness, a day of family bonding, not not that it's only supposed to be done on the day of eat. It is supposed to be supposed to be done everyday. It's supposed to be part of our life. But we see this happening to a very large extent on the DFA, which is 100 lobby commented, it is good. Families meeting families gathering together. One very, very sad thing that happens, we notice it happens quite it's happening more and more as the years are progressing. We find unfortunately, that there are certain people that are

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forced to go to work on the day of it. Now it's it isn't a weekend, you know, people actually make dua, people actually make dua that they will not let it be on a weekend when it is not my day of work. I don't have to be at work and free from work and off work so that I can spend the day with my family. But obviously there is only in the control of Allah subhanaw taala when it is going to fall. Unfortunately, we find that it takes place on a working day on a weekday and we find certain people are forced to go to work we get some people that by choice they choose to go to a command is running his own business. He's got his own shop, and he chooses to go to work. That is his own decision.

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That is his choice. From the dealer. We welcome brother Idris is here with us. He has just arrived in the studio and from the lobby to greet him again. procedure is Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you, Alexandre in Alhamdulillah, how was your journey and Hamdulillah, Allah is merciful. If you know what's your destination, you get excited, I pray that all of us our destination is agenda with eternal happiness inshallah, so you would not mind some obstacles on the way so I'm really, I'm so glad to be one of you making the point about, you know, people at work and all that, you know, and, you know, it's a time

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one day in their life, where they want to be with their family. And you find, especially today,

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when they have so many issues with the parent child issues,

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it really I get very emotional about it man, and a very, very emotional about it. When I cannot understand why

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people don't give their workers an opportunity to go out even for half a day, depending on what is sometimes of necessity, you might have to open your shop, give them an opportunity, at least to have breakfast and lunch with their family, or come to some kind of arrangement. And when you show compassion to your employees, allow give the business America and that's very important. And I really, you know, want to implore people I want to besieged people

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at a time when the so much of individualism that is off often a parent wife or a father mother problems, fair and child problem and all kinds of issues with these disrespect, that there is no harmony.

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I really want

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everyone to know, and I want you to understand that happiness is not a selfish emotion. Happiness is not about me myself, I I'll do whatever I like, I'll do what makes me happy. In Islam, you're not asked to do what makes you happy. In Islam, you're asked to do what is right. And if we do it with sincerity, you feel that tranquility is Sakina that no amount of titillation can ever take his place. So I want to really encourage parents and really one of the things I want them to do

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They have never done before, is to hug their children. When I mean hug, I don't mean in a remote way, give them a close hug. I mean, I recall for fondly among the loving neighbor I met my mom and dad, we so hug each other. And I and I recall that every time we hug each other, I know on either side, which is and what were the key is all about saying, Daddy, I love you. And what is the father saying the father is saying, I love you to my son, and words, you know, you can use to manipulate to lie, but hugging, loving, you know, it shouldn't need to grow up in that environment with his affection with his love. There may be someone sitting there and say, Well, I gave my child all the

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love and he's destroying me. No, no, I'm not saying you be overly indulgent. I'm not saying that whenever they make a request, you say yes to them. I'm not saying all of those things. What I'm saying is that you need to connect with them, spend time with them. So that Allah forbid, that, that when you look back at your life, he looked back and you have no regrets. When you look back at your life, suddenly you see your life in clarity, that you have absolutely no regrets. So I want to encourage families.

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Our children encourage Rainey, also to your sister,

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for your sister with disenchanted for your sister, who has been hurt by your husband, to your sister, who is always humiliated, chastise ridiculed in public to your sister. Your tears are not in vain. But to use system.

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Don't give up.

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Do not give up.

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Never say

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he will not change. never see I know him.

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Try to

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understand who he is. I'm not saying to justify what he's doing.

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To Allah.

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Allah is there for you, my sister

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did not look at divorce as an option.

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Only look at it.

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When you have done everything that is expected of you from the Quran, from God, Nabil slasscom said to us, if you tried everything humanly possible, they when you're part your part amicably and makes love for each other.

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Let it not be a situation,

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that in your anger, in your hurt, your family's hurt, the aggrieved that your issue becomes the issue,

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then, sadly,

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many more people are affected. Right. And to you, my brother,

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you are the mayor of the house, the word Amelia has

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serious, concomitant responsibilities.

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And he does not dictated my brother

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and me does not mean that you are rude and abrasive. I mean, it's not when you raise your hands on your wife, my brother. I mean, he's not when you speak when you want to.

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And you do not communicate what's in your heart. The family has to second guess

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about you.

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I mean is when these showed up in this consultation. And Amina is an individual who brings joy to the family who brings home for reminds them about the Islamic responsibility.

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In Amelie someone

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said when he's not at home,

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the family misses me.

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misses you.

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When you coming back, Daddy, how is your journey daddy?

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Or the wife says oh my god, I miss you too. Free Allah grant you success. Come back safely to us. I make dua for you. How wonderful is that? How wonderful is that?

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Very brothers.

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I'm appealing to each one of you.

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To transform your homes.

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Meet it make it a sanctuary, a place of joy. A place of happiness with every person can have expression of their happiness.

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For the rest is a filler for those heart rendering words. So start rendering advises, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability that we can bring these advices into our life we can practice upon this. What you spoke about the very touchy topic, you know, between parents and children to the hug each other. You know, like you said, we don't have to give our children whatever they demand wherever they want to do what we find what is happening is we hug their desires, but we don't have to

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hearts. We touch on their desires we don't touch on the hearts. So what happens is the child once father is working mother is working no time for the children. So whatever they asked for, we try and consolidate the time that we are unable to spend with our child. So the child wants an Xbox today we buy Xbox, he wants something another cell phone tomorrow Wi Fi fame tomorrow. So do we really take the time out? Do we really spend time with our children play a game of football field play a game of soccer game of cricket, whatever it might be some social go for a walk together? Do we ever hold our child's hand walk around with them? There's nothing really wrong with it. Do we ever hug our

00:25:38--> 00:26:15

children? we ever hold them tightly? And do we really tell them that we love them? And the same would go for the children as well? Do we ever really hold our parents hug them? Tell them I love you, you know from the bottom of our heart, but only we want something mommy? That is nice. Amina I like you so much money. Can I have the second? No, there is what happens today. It's that love but it's not really slept from the tongue. It's loves to fulfill a certain desire. It's not really enough from the heart. That's one very, very important topic that you brought up. Neela soprano Sarah inculcate was in us through love, we find a way to slam on one occasion fbla senator Islam had

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his grandchild his or her son has also seen he was hugging them, and they'll be listed as islamize embracing them. They'll be Elisa Priscilla misplacing kisses all over the child's face, and it's child's cheeks, and a better one that happened to be present there that bedwin notice of the Viva La Silla Holly cinemas doing and he asked nebby Elisa, Islam something which is killing the gist of the Hadith he still nebulous arises from something to the effect that all Mohammed do even kiss his children. In a de la serata. Islam responded positively, he said, Yes, Allah Subhana Allah has placed love in my heart, even NASA panatela hasn't placed love in your heart. And basically, that is

00:26:50--> 00:27:26

your problem. But teaching us that we need to we need to have this quality in us, we need to have love in our heart and through love, not love that we buy for them, whatever they want, that love where we can communicate with them, maybe we can socialize with them. Sorry, unfortunately, we have not become the Friends of our children. We have not become the Friends of our children, they need friends, they need associates, they need to link up with someone link up for something. So they're doing it on their cell phone, they're doing it on everything else. They're doing it with everyone else, but they're not doing it for their parents, because the parents are not doing it for the G see

00:27:26--> 00:27:36

the rays, many, many pertinent issues. And one of the things that I found, I know it's anecdotal, it's a generalization, but I need to share this.

00:27:37--> 00:27:49

Those children who are given everything, material things, and where they're not given love, by tangible things, they only give material things. The same kids when they grow up as young adults,

00:27:50--> 00:28:35

they look at you as a father, they become very critical of you. They say, Daddy, you bought me things, but you never spent time with me. Because they'll understand the true value of things. And then when you die, you would have little or no impact on them. They only remember you for what you bought for them. It's not about giving them things but rather rather doing things with them. Because that cannot compensate for your absence. Sometimes in life. Your work demands away from home, but sending your child a message when you come home spending time with them. No matter how tired you are re engaging them. Because what the oma requires is young people that are empowered the right kind of

00:28:35--> 00:29:19

attitudes, not young people that a hedonistic and flippant way everything is fun, where they have little or no knowledge of what's going on in the room. They are far more conversant with the names of soccer players, their hobbies, their dislikes, than the Sahaba. Who do we blame for that? Yes, we need to have a balance and hamdulillah whilst we are saying this, it is also gratifying to note Alhamdulillah he has some very, very inspirational and dynamic parents, that if you go to the home, you know, the home is enveloped in love, where you find where the husband wife talk to each other with dignity. If a wife has to say something to her husband, that is bringing his observation or she

00:29:19--> 00:29:32

disagrees she disagrees agreeably she will never run him down a Brady merchandise in front of other people, these the dignity and respect otherwise, it'd be very problematic.

00:29:33--> 00:29:39

It's just gone six minutes to an hour felt you're going to go for our final ad break and we will be back

00:29:42--> 00:29:43

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It's just three minutes to the hour of two hours with us in the studios and from the lab this week his brother Idris Musa Al Hamdulillah, he has made the therapy he is here with us in the studios and Alhamdulillah we have been having a very fruitful discussion we make us to Allah Subhana Allah that Allah subhanaw taala brings the reality of this discussion into our life that we can practice upon, it's not just speaking about it, it's very, very easy. We Allah subhanaw taala make it such that we can bring these qualities into our life. Rather it is the final concluding remarks you want to tell us something about Ramadan something about eat inshallah, I think the final comments inshallah

00:33:02--> 00:33:08

Rahmani Raheem is that we must understand that we are mortal beings,

00:33:10--> 00:33:21

there is no transition from good health to bad health or from living a full life and death itself. So we must be always be prepared to meet our Creator.

00:33:22--> 00:33:49

And that is not the preserve of the young, the aged or the sick, can happen anytime we have the last few days of Ramadan and inshallah we must make every effort to develop our chakra our spirituality, and to do a serious reflection on our shortcomings. And for each one of them in your device. eola I sometimes do this Forgive me for that, because when people make it, when people

00:33:50--> 00:33:52

say people make it general

00:33:54--> 00:34:49

the law, you know, is not as effective as when you making a dua that is Alhamdulillah that is directed through your shortcomings. And and each one has told each one of us has to look at ourselves, you realize that we have many, many shortcomings as one. The second important issue is that we need to also look at our relationships with members of our family. I mean, it's very disconcerting to hear when two brothers fight and the method goes to the court. Right. Okay. Then you also have the issue about marital issues discard when couples undertake the matches to court. And as a result, dirty linen is exposed and what they say they're often the media of a time of the

00:34:49--> 00:34:52

life. It has a profound impact on the children.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

The third thing that I want to say is that we are not perfect so it

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Is it not ironical? That these days we'll be able to cry to Allah to forgive us? EHV are not forgiving people around us. Imagine, you know, when you forgive people have hurt you, when you are open to it, you forgive them, you know, can you imagine what a difference that would make? You know? So I think what's very, very important for us to understand, it's very, very critical that we need to understand that is the fact that we have an opportunity, a opportunity to redeem ourselves. And Allah is gulfood Rahim, Allah knows that we are human, that we make mistakes, Allah knows this. So I think it's very, very important for us, you know, to do that. The other critical thing that we need

00:35:44--> 00:35:48

to look at is the fact that you know,

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and I'm the love getting messages. Yeah, people are saying they're enjoying the program. Right? And

00:35:58--> 00:36:01

what is also important is this, that

00:36:02--> 00:36:14

we must not be blind, you know, this round abyssal Islam reminds us to die before our death is to reflect on our life. And you know, what? And also, you know, something that I find it goes across the board is hassle.

00:36:15--> 00:36:55

You know, we don't feel good for the people. When someone else is speaking, they give me a talk day in the morning. You say Allah man, I should be speaking, you know, we don't make dua for him to speak. Well, you know, we do not be when another organization that does similar work, you know, we run them down. We protect boosters, we don't do that, you know, so I think it's important that acid must go out, you know, and they must not and if you, you know, I'm not perfect. I know there's some things that I do is wrong. I know that I know that. But I prefer you to tell me brother, I heard you on the radio. I just agree with you. I love you for the sake of Allah. You know what I'm saying to

00:36:55--> 00:37:46

you? Why a B to change those attitudes you know, so that we are united, you know, we people can destroy us. You know, why are we supposed to be strong? over a billion and a half Muslims because we are just integrated people can do whatever they want. And united oma is a Omar that is fortified, a united oma, no army. No army can destroy you. And that is fundamental. So I want to say that to all the listeners. Made they have a wonderful evening shala and happy eat and I want you to shock your husband when he comes home today. You know, give him a nice hug and tell him darling I love you. He might collapse but you know these husbands if you are listening to the program, do the same thing.

00:37:46--> 00:38:16

Have your children cry on the shoulders and do things together. Nothing is far better than to walk into a happy home. Exactly so much for that we will conclude this program for the address we wish you a beautiful eat a wonderful eat Mubarak you decide inshallah you and your family have a good day in Santa Rosa, California time Allah Subhana Allah May Allah reward you, amin, amin, and with that we conclude this program Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh