Forgotten Etiquettes – 10 Knowledge Versus Information

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim we live in a world where people travel for medical reasons and that's fine. Others travel for leisure, and some travel for sports just to see an event where you could see the event from home or on your device, but no for the feeling for the atmosphere for the ambience, yet these very people will frown on others when they travel for knowledge. And traveling for knowledge has been part of our rich history throughout the ages, the decades and centuries after all, Satana Musa traveled to meet her there and it was a long journey. It was an arduous journey. And from this we learned fi LG dual belly litella Bill murshid Mala Mia footmen who happened oh jump

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Minho. That it is rewarding and meritorious, to go and travel to meet a scholar or a chef from whom you want to benefit provided you do not neglect your duties. So you don't go in the quest of knowledge and then abandon your spouse or neglect your employment because you're going to acquire the knowledge of the know you attend to all aspects. So one of the etiquettes of deen is to travel. Many would counter argue and say well today you know what, you can get the file and you can download and retrieve. But guess what, my brother when you retrieve its information and when you travel, it's knowledge. But who are you doing bayonet and fence with Dorian Ladino auto Island knowledge is that

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transmission, so I'm not averse to that info that we can transmit we use in the same forums to communicate, but it cannot substitute the richness of travel in the quest of knowledge. When Imam Shafi was asked what's the secret to your knowledge, he said four things. Benefield at mud. I did not rely on the creation was Sadie Phil Beloved, I traverse the planet. acquiring knowledge was Sobral hemel and I immersed myself in the acquisition of knowledge and I persevered, like how a donkey or a mule will persevere. Nobody gives it attention or recognition will be queued in caboodle, Rob, and I would commence my journey for knowledge early in the morning like a crow