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Al-Waqiah 41-96 Tafsir 41-56

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As we let him in the shade line over James Miller head over him

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lesson number 278. So, little Walker I am number 41 to 96

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What else have Oshima, Li ma us hairbrush Shimon and the companions of the left what are the companions of the left?

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Mouse herb Oshima? a shaman is from the word Ashman or Schumann, which is used for the left side and chemin left side earlier we learned the word mushaima that is also used for left and chemin is also use for left it's the opposite of you mean so, where they were the most heavily I mean, now as horrible Shimon

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ulisses mouse How was she man What are they who are they? What are they I was prepared for them, what did they do? Mouse Why was she mad This is to farmers amazement over their heart and also to show contempt for them. models have Shimon Fie some movement were heavy, they will be in scorching fire and extremely hot water fi some omen. Earlier we learned fee generating and over here fee some woman some woman's from seeing me meme and some woman is such fierce hot wind which literally permeates the pores of the skin. Because on the same note is a word massage which is used for the pores of the skin and some extremely hot wind whose effect is not just on the skin, but it

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penetrates the skin. So moon what Hermes and Hermes is boiling hot water such water that has reached extreme temperatures and this hot water is such that will be given to them to drink and also will be bored on top of them. insulated hedge i a 19 to 21 u sub boom enfocado oc Mohammed use harrowby Murphy will Tony him while delude will live me moon and a shade of black smoke.

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Were the companions of the right they were in Ferguson, Missouri. We're willing Mahmud over here we learn what little in me Yeah.

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What is your movie? Yeah, movies from the roof letters how Me Me and your mom is actually an isn't just because it begins with a yet don't get confused. This is very This is Islam. And it's used for black, dark, thick smoke. Just imagine smoke that is dark, extremely black and also very thick. Obviously it's also going to be very hot. So while linlin may move,

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and this pitch black smoke will be rising out of the Hellfire, and it will associate them so it will be like an umbrella on top of them. Just imagine literally mania, Moon pitch black smoke rising out of Hellfire like an umbrella over them. And imagine if there's smoke on top of a person covering him. What does it mean it will be suffocating them, blurring their vision, burning their eyes blackening their faces, instead of the more solid 29 to 31 we learn in 30 who is going to be here to get the boon they will be told proceed to that which we used to deny in toyoko a little in the celebrity shrub. Leland, when are you name in a lab proceed to a shadow of smoke having three

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columns. That smoke that will rise out of Hellfire it will be in three columns. But it will be such smoke that will have no cool shade, and it will not avail against the flames either. The only it will not protect them from the burning of the hellfire.

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Just imagine there's fire. There's heat, there's boiling hot water and on top black thick smoke.

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Because if you think about it, if a person is surrounded by heat, there's extremely hot temperatures. Even if there's one window isn't that a source of relief.

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But imagine if from that one window even from the top there is only black thick smoke, then this is as though they're contained in that fire in that heat. And Allah says love buried in the smoke, it will not be cool when academe nor it will be beneficial. But boulder has to be called deliberately shade provides coolness, but this shade will not provide any coolness to them, when actually nor is it beneficial in any respect.

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Getting from the root every scar from him and Kareem as you know is used for that which is noble in that which is also beneficial. So in its appearance, it will be horrible. And in its nature, it will not be beneficial at all.

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What does it show that the smoke itself will be a source of punishment

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The water is punishment, the heat is punishment, the fire is punishment. And on top of that the smoke rising out of it is also punishment.

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Because it's not good to look at, it's not a source of any comfort, and it's not a source of any coldness.

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So, in other words, he was around instead of the Messiah 56 we learn in the Latina Kapha Ruby It was so fun to see him now. Colima, Nobita Chiluba della whom delusionally raha Leah drew Kannada, what does it show that the punishment they will be made to experience it may to taste, heat will completely surround, and even the skins will never be finished will never be extinguished?

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Why is it so? Because in the home indeed they can do they were covered at alika. Before that meeting before this punishment in the dunya. They were with Rafi in indulging and effluence mode trephine warm atrophying those who are enjoying the luxuries of life. Those who have plenty, and those who also get to enjoy that plenty.

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Meaning all of those blessings.

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So it's not just about having wealth. It's about indulging in that well, it's about enjoying that wealth.

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So they were very comfortable. living a life of ease and enjoyment were in the dunya

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what is the mean by this? That they enjoy the riches of this world, while they disregarded obedience to Allah subhanaw taala they enjoy it. This dunya while they never ever fatigued themselves with worship,

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because you see for a person to do arriva, does he have to get tired? Yes, of course. When you fast is it exhausting? Of course, when you go for heart, is that exhausting? Of course.

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When you read Quran, is that exhausting? Yes. When you have to get up and pray. Is that tiring? Yes, it is. But over here we see in the hometown acaba de la cama trophy, meaning they never got themselves tired, fatigued by worshipping.

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They never brought themselves any discomfort, any inconvenience for the sake of urba for the sake of worshiping the loss of panda.

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That is, I mean, that being wealthy is a bad thing. No, the thing is, being wealthy is not a bad thing, because wealth also is what nirma It's a gift of Allah Subhana Allah is the one who gives it to a person in the first place. But when is it bad, when it is within gratitude,

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when, because of all that a person has a person is not grateful. Rather, he becomes ungrateful.

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And it's also bad when it's with heedlessness when it is a means of distracting a person from the purpose of his life when it makes him proud when it makes him selfish, when it makes him arrogant when it makes him disobedient. This is when wealth becomes a bad thing.

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Over here we learn in Nome canto Avila Danica with Rafi

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that despite the fact that our last panel data had given them so much, they never thanked him.

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When a person has a lot, what does it mean? He should be grateful, isn't it? When a person has been given a lot? What does it mean he should be more obedient? We learned about today minor listener a humorous enough they had been given a lot, isn't it? So? The older listener, even Muhammad Sallallahu Sunnah.

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Towards the end of his life, Allah subhanaw taala gave him so much. But did that wealth prevent them from the worship of Allah? No. If wealth prevents a person from the worship of Allah, then that is when it becomes a means of destruction for him.

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And over here we see that inorganica Bella Delica trophy, but yet this well, this state of being withdrawn did not benefit them at all. Because the more a person has, the more obedient he should be. When he's not obedient, his crime is greater isn't at all. Because he was given more blessings, more reasons to be grateful. But when he was not grateful, it means he his crime is much greater. When he was not obedient, it shows that his crime was much greater. So because the crime was much greater, this is why the punishment is also very great.

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So in the home Canon cabela Delica with Rafi we learned in sort of 226 that the people of gender what will they say calu. In kaaboo. v. Elina mushfiq because a believer no matter where he is, no matter how much he has, no matter what circumstances he is, in his era, forget for Allah. No. He is still afraid of Allah which 15 it is those who don't believe in the law who get distracted by this

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The throttle in Chicago 13 to 14 in new canopy at Lima surah in Havana Alinea, who he had once been among his people in happiness, very happy. And he used to thought that he would never return to Allah.

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So this is when it becomes a problem. When well, enjoyment of life, comfort of life distracts a person from the output.

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What can I do and they used to use a ruler, they would persist our little hensler Aleem in the grave violation. Instead of worshipping a lot. They're persistent and what and hence the lovely you said Luna is from Israel and as far as to persist in doing something to be very firm and doing something to not leave it. So they were very firm on an hensler William Haynes is used for a sin. But what kind of a sin is it such a sin that is related to violation of a pact? breaking a promise, going against an oath? Remember a Uranus and I was told ladyness don't break your oath. Don't go against it, the oath that you saw fulfill it. So hence is a sin, but what kind of a sin is it of what nature

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of going against a promise violating effect going against the oath that a person has won? So what is this major our lien hence, what is this great violation?

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If you think about it, the greatest violation is of the greatest fact.

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What is the greatest fact that are a list because it was made with who? Allah subhanaw taala shadow whom Allah and forcing him LS to be our become our new Bella shahidullah all the people said of course, we bear witness that You are our Lord.

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So what is enhancing? Arlene? Some scholars have said that this is Schick

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because the fact was the last is that Allah alone is our Lord and him alone we will worship. So when a person goes against that by committing shake, what is he committing? And hence and

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this is why in the shilka Nobunaga v.

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And if you think about it, some people they have broken this they have violated the spec at the first level how, by refusing to worship Allah by committing shake.

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And other people. Okay, they have passed at this stage, however, they still commit major sins. So this is why some scholars have said a handle earlier was not just shipped, but it includes other major sins as well. And especially persisting on them. What can you say Runa lol hensler. When they persisted on that major sin, whatever it was, whether it was shipped, or it was fornication, or it was false, or it was any major sin, they committed it and they did not intend to repent from it.

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This is what Islam is when a person does not repent from it does not have any near even of changing his ways.

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What can Oh, and they used to Yoku Luna they would say, either mix now or cannot Robin we're evolving in Alibaba ozone, when we die and we have become dust and bones are we indeed to be resurrected?

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In other words, they also rejected the

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and this is the reason behind what persisting nonsense.

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When a person is worried about the accident when a person has belief in the author. He's concerned about his or her he is afraid of Hellfire,

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that even if he commits the greatest of mistakes, even if he commits the greatest of sins, eventually what happens? eventually what happens it leads him to Toba

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isn't at all.

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It leads him to Toba. It leads him to at least feeling guilty about what he's doing. But when a person has no concept of the answer, then he's going to do whatever he wants to and he will not even intend to repent.

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He doesn't even feel bad about what he's doing. There's no Nia October. So this is the reason behind you so lunarlon hinted earlier not believing in the hereafter.

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Our alone and our forefathers as well. Our forefathers which one's a well known the former ones, the Ancient Ones, those who died a long time ago, even they will be resurrected. How is it possible?

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If you notice there's the clock is different

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than either mithuna and then the next day our owner

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The previous item in Alibaba also there's three is different over here

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and this The crowd is different What does that show?

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What does that show the shifter which which they denied that it's impossible when you question again and again what does it show? You don't believe you don't accept

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and it shows their absolute denial into the STI 78 we learn charlamagne your healer a llama will hear me and he says we will give life to bonds while they're disintegrated.

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Allah says school safe in a world in indeed the first ones while are hidden and the later ones meaning the people of all generations the first generations and the later generations the people who came before and the people who will come later

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all people all generations all centuries, Leonard Maroon are all to be gathered Isla Makati Yeoman marylu for the appointment of unknown day What is

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a time and place that has been set set for what for a meeting and appointment MacArthur's record of Hajj What is it? The place where you you have to put in your time right The place is set. So the merger morona illa Makati for an appointment Yeoman marylu, the places fixed Yeoman Mara loom The time is fixed. And this day is described as Yama marylu. One that is known. What does it mean by this doesn't mean that the Day of Judgment is known as to when it will happen? No, this is not what the meaning is. The Day of Judgment is described as Yeoman Mara loon because it is well known that it will come

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when it will come that knowledge is only with who?

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Allah subhanaw taala but it's coming that is short laser locata laser lipo cartea kariba there is no denying it nor rejecting it. So it's time is only known to Allah. However, it is definitely coming in through the arafa 187. Allah says yes, aluna garantizar a yanam have set her on in America or in Europe be late or leave early waqia? In Who?

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And what do we learn in this I imagine that all people are going to be gathered, meaning everyone's attendance is mandatory.

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No one can stay back. No one can be absent.

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Attendance is not optional there. It's mandatory limit your own whether a person is of the ancients, or of those who came later. In total calfire 47 I shall now home from Nevada remain home.

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Insert hood 103 there likoma. Much more aloneness with Annika mushrooms.

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Much more aloneness all people will be gathered.

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Instead of the tabon iodine yo maya Marroquin Leoville January velyka. With the hub on

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the Day of Gathering the Day of Judgment is also called the mo jammer. Some inoculum au hub bon Luna Luca de boon, then indeed you are those who are astray. Those who deny who is being addressed.

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Who is being addressed. us How is she man? The people of the left the people who will be in Hellfire, Allah subhanaw taala describes their way of life here first, that what did they do? What crimes did they commit? And then Allah addresses them some of you have been known and look at the board. And how are they described as a balloon? Who are balloon? Those who are straight misguided far away from the truth? Because even those who deny what did they deny the resurrection the hereafter? instead of following guidance What did they follow their desires nutrafin enjoyed their lives. Instead of affirming the Day of Judgment What did they do they deny it because the boon How

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do they deny by their saying, Yoko Luna dammit in our corner Robin where a llama in Alibaba ozone. Allah says lackey Luna min szegedi menza comb will be eating from trees of the comb.

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So my inner comb au la luna, look at the bone. Now what is your end? In the dunya? You enjoy it in the dunya you are lost. But now what is your end that you will eat? chiune florala achill one who eats What will you eat from Min shchedrin? of tree which tree means a comb of the comb.

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This is the food of the people of hell

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family owner than ones who fail merely on what does it mean? One who completely fails up to the moment

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Maximum, because what is the feel of something beyond what you cannot feel? More than that you cannot add? It's the field. So family owner, they will eat of the country and what will they do? They will completely fill up min Halliburton with it there Bhutan Bhutan is a plural of Bhutan. Why is it that they will fill up their stomachs with the Zaku tree? Despite the fact that it's so awful, so bitter?

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Why is it that they will fill up their bellies? Because first of all, they'll be forced to do it as punishment.

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Part of punishment of Hellfire is by eating and drinking as well. Just as part of enjoyment of genda is what? By eating and drinking.

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The punishment of Hellfire includes the torture through eating and drinking. So as punishment, there'll be made to fill up their bellies. And why else will they fill up their bellies out of extreme hunger

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and also because they were always used to filling up their bellies in the world.

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betroffene whenever they ate, they ate their fill. They ate therefore, they were not used to leaving any part of their stomachs empty. So in Hellfire as well even if the coma is presented. Family Unum in hobo tone.

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If you think about this is completely different from what you had

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in Jana psychiat inkaterra and also mimic, what they will select they will choose for themselves over here. Only one choice. The only choice forced to eat

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compelled to eat no choice Mally una mineral Buffon and after eating of that bitter tree, obviously they will become extremely thirsty. Therefore for Sheree buena I lay him in an amine and drinking on top of it from burning hot water. Why? Because they'll become extremely thirsty on eating of the palm tree.

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Shed he won't Laura love Sherry.

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So they will drink of the HMI why HMI because HMI is the only option

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there's no variety in the drinks of Hellfire only option HMI burning hot water

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in oil calfire 29 we learned yesterday so you'll also be met in Cal Moly Asheville would you if they asked for water what kind of water will they be given can move so hot Cal Moly Asheville would you it will burn their faces bit Sasha Rob was at motiva

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intro to Brahim is 16 to 17 we learn miwon he Johanna Will you scam him in studied yet a jumper who will do you see?

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He will try to separate that he will not be able to sit he will try to swallow but he will not be able to

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hear me boiling hot water. Hell is not a place to be in even for a moment. Because this is the food and drink of hellfire.

00:23:14--> 00:23:19

Which is torture in itself a means of punishment for those who will be in hellfire.

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But unfortunately, many people What do they say? It's okay. Eventually I'll end up in jail. Eventually, I'll be forgiven. But isn't the place to be? Would you ever choose burning hot water for yourself to drink? would you would you ever tolerate having extremely hard water poured on top of your head? No. Think about it. If you ever go to the washroom and sometimes it happens that you turn on the tap and all of a sudden the water is extremely hot,

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extremely hot that it burns your hands. Literally you end up screaming you end up screaming and crying and you can feel the burning for so long. And this is not Halloween. The Halloween of Hellfire is much much more hot, much much more disgusting, because it's not just water, but studied is also understood as the busts of the people of hellfire.

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The blood that will be oozing out of their wounds. Even that and on top of that extremely hot, extremely hot.

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Fresh air Ebola and ones who drink meaning you are you have alone look at the bone in Hellfire then you will drink sure well he as the drinking of thirsty camels show baleen. Aleem is a plural of the word Haman.

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And Haman is used for such a camel who is suffering from the illness of higher

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and higher is such an illness in which a camel is so thirsty that his thirst is never ever quenched.

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meaning no matter how much he drinks, he's never satisfied. So, when that is his state, what will he do? What will such okay will do? He will keep drinking. He will keep drinking endlessly and sometimes gambled when they're suffering from this illness. They drink so much that they end up dying.

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For Sherry Buddha, Sure, well him

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like thirsty camels. This is how they will drink the boiling hot water. Why? Because the tree of the comb is so vile. It is so bitter. It is so horrible that after eating it, the people of hell will drink even heavy water

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and they will not drink a little bit but they will drink a lot of it. But still it will never quench their thirst.

00:25:49--> 00:26:03

You know, if you're extremely thirsty, you have warm water. Do you feel satisfied? There's a quench your thirst. No warm water does not quench your thirst you have to have cool water in order to quench your thirst. And imagine if it's boiling hot water,

00:26:04--> 00:26:13

humming for Sheree Buddha shall burn him. So what will happen? They will keep eating they will keep drinking because it will be never satisfied. Never.

00:26:15--> 00:26:23

This is a form of punishment as well. This is why we learned for the blue collar there have been a contact for Lu y Dooku.

00:26:24--> 00:26:25

This is what Dooku is

00:26:26--> 00:26:32

eating, drinking, eating and drinking that is a part of punishment of hellfire.

00:26:34--> 00:26:41

Heather Newsela homi Ouma Dean. That is their accommodation that is what is prepared for them on the Day of Recompense

00:26:42--> 00:26:55

on the Day of Judgment. This is what is prepared for who for the people of the left side for the people of Hellfire had a new Zulu Mila Deen and the people of gender

00:26:56--> 00:26:59

what is prepared for them? something completely different.

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In the Medina Amanullah army lasagna had Canada home jannatul fedoskino seudah for them as ginetta for those as an as an over here, Helen was a little home. There's some the Hemi there's a coup. All of this is there

00:27:17--> 00:27:18

on the Day of Judgment,

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learning love

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If you think about it, the description of the people of Hellfire is what in Kabbalah Delica with Rafi

00:29:42--> 00:29:51

when a person is busy enjoying the luxuries of this dunya on the other hand, the Sabbath on Who are they? Getting Ahead?

00:29:52--> 00:29:54

Getting Ahead and what in terms of dunya

00:29:56--> 00:29:58

in terms of writing good deeds

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

doesn't matter.

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

effort and sacrifice. Doesn't that require inconvenience? Doesn't it? It does.

00:30:07--> 00:30:15

So a person whose preference is the convenience of this life? Does he suffer with regards to his alcohol?

00:30:16--> 00:30:16


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And a person who has preferences, the ease of the ohana, will he suffer with regards to his dunya? Yes, he will. This is a fact. A person who wants to be successful in Africa, he will suffer with regards to his lunia It's not possible that his dunya will be full of ease.

00:30:37--> 00:30:49

He will face difficulties. Because the worship of Allah it demands suffer. And suffer is not easy. It demands sacrifice. It demands controlling your desires. And that's not easy.

00:30:51--> 00:30:58

So when a person is struggling, sacrificing for the after a loss of Pendleton is the most appreciated one.

00:31:00--> 00:31:04

And when a person's goal becomes his dunia enjoyment of dystonia, and that's it,

00:31:05--> 00:31:08

then what happens? his crime is a lot as well.

00:31:09--> 00:31:14

And because his crime is very great, this is why the punishment is also very great in the hereafter.

00:31:17--> 00:31:18

You also may have heard something about

00:31:20--> 00:31:22

what sort of worker anything you've heard about it.

00:31:25--> 00:31:29

Remember that all such notions about sorts of work? Are they're weak? They're not authentic.

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All right.

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If you think about it, people use the sort of y,

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y to make more money.

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Right, so that they can be increased in their provision.

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But what is the message of the sorta get lost in this dunya? No, aim for the alpha.

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That's what your goal should be. This is what the message of the soul is that there are three types of people in the alpha

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which one's cervical, as horrible, as horrible Mashallah.

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And if you want to be successful there, if you want to be at the top there, then you have to sacrifice in your dunya

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you have to give up some of your adonia.

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So, unfortunately, there are many who read it, but they don't understand its message. They don't know what the solar says.