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The transcript describes a woman named Xena who was a relative of Rasool Allah and had a business, but her family wanted her to marry him. She had a romantic relationship with him, but eventually fell for his wife. She had a romantic relationship with him, but eventually fell for his wife. She had a romantic relationship with him, but eventually fell for his wife.

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Today we're gonna spend some time go back in history again, to live the life of a unique woman and a builder of a nation. This one is a cedar, Xena. We've been to Josh uniqueness of her in many ways. Number one, she was a relative of rasool Allah salatu salam. Her mother was actually the aunt of Rasul Allah Who Serratos all her families were so Hobbes, and high ranks are hobbies, including her sisters. The uniqueness about her is five things. Number one, not beautiful, but extremely beautiful, well known in her beauty. Number two, very pious

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and three, very generous. Four. She worked, she had a business, but the business was, or the income from the business was given for donations. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tested her

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in her personal life, as many of us get tested, but in which way, so she was very beautiful. And she come from a noble family, and many people proposed to her. But Saraswati salatu salam wanted her to marry Zaid, you know, Haritha, his adopted son, which was the norm in that time, before Islam changed that rule, where adoption is now changed to the child or the son keep their identity, but you raised them up. But at that point, he used to be called Zeytinburnu. Mohammed, she didn't want that.

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And her family didn't want that. They just didn't feel this is right for her. And Allah who revealed the verse and Surah to Lhasa by the way, the chapter 33 has more than 10 to 12 verses talking all about the incidence around a Seder zeyneb Her name is not mentioned though. A reference to her was mentioned. So Allah revealed Womack Kennedy Mortman Willa Amina teen is called Hola Hola, su Umrah, a Hakuna Halmahera to mean Emery. And this is for all of us. Whenever and Allah said, No believing man or a woman have a choice. When Allah subhanho wa Taala decree a matter. She heard that. She said yes. She was not very keen about it. What Allah said Allah Swati salatu salam, or de Samia now of

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dawn. She married him. The marriage didn't last long, less than a year.

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And they didn't feel they are happy. And you will read this. It's amazing when you read the story as if we are living these days. So he divorced.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala or the ward did her for obeying Him and OBEYING glossolalia salatu salam by deciding Allah to marry her to Rasul Allah, His Salah to a sinner, and the marriage actually staking, meaning the actual ceremony, if you now the ceremony, the actual marriage itself, was actually with Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah said it in the chapter Allah has the word NACA. We married her to you. And some scholar says actually, the Quran was the witness for that marriage. What an honor.

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So she made the most widely sought after a sinner and from the wives of Allah Swati salatu salam, there were two closer to him. One of them is she said as I know, and of course the other one is say you to Aisha. Now look at her justice and speak the truth. Now Allah and others test the test what to say deja in the incidence profile if, as we discussed now Roswaal is AUTOSAR I'm keen to see designa asking her what do you think of sedation? This is before the innocence of Sade Aisha was revealed. And this is what she said.

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She said, I am not going to see anything.

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That's my ear did not hear. Or my eyes did not see. I don't know anything but good about her.

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Justice. She was a just woman. She was ALLAH fearing woman. And a Seder hates her described her and that tell you

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truth always prevail. And Sade Aisha said about the meaning of I have never seen a woman more

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conscious of Allah subhanaw taala

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does act of worship as much as she does. Generous as she is keen

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about the relationship with her family. And so just as a seed as of now remember who's saying this, this is not her sister. This is the other wife of Otto Swati Salatu was Sarah, tell you who was this woman, what she did actually very generous and very pious. That's the next two things. She had her own, let's say, workshop, or her shop, where she actually made the kind of leather and she sell it. And then she donate everything completely. to the poor. One of her names was the mother of the needy on Molly Moroccan.

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Her acts of worship was legendary. She had a special place in her house, which is something we all need to adopt these days, a corner and Elam where we make it our own place of worship, with Allah subhanaw taala in sha Allah to a witness for us when we die, she had that and she was used to or known to spend long hours standing in sada and reading Quran when she died, and she died and she was about 5453 She already have prepared her orange round

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and out of being so modest. The Shroud after they covered her with the shot and this is a story documented. She had asked that there is a screen put, so no one even see her body shrouded.

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And she may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with her, was buried in Medina in that bacteria. Being beautiful. Is a near Emma is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala and we still can be a builder of a nation. Not too beautiful. Can we also be a builder of a nation? Yes. Pious, keen, generous, humble, modest. This what makes us builders offernation May or must Fantana make us one of them your be me