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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the etiquette of speaking to someone on the phone when they are trying to sell them a book. They explain that the etiquette is to not allow anyone to speak without permission and that it is a etiquette of Islam. The speaker also mentions that they need to have a prolonged discussion and asks for permission to call the person.
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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. Honestly, the cause of the deviation of this OMA is that we have neglected the book of Allah. If we connect with the book of Allah, it will resolve all our issues and our crisis today and speak about an etiquette that rarely is discussed and that is the etiquette of speaking to someone on the phone is the etiquettes Is there anything that governs it? Well, here's it let me give you a reflection from Quran. So we're looking at juice 18 Chapter 24 Surah to noon and verse 27. What does Allah subhanaw taala say? Yeah, you have levena Amen Oh you who believe later the whole global youth and vulnerable youth economy do not enter any house other than your own

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house had that destiny so until you seek permission or the literal translation you seek acquaintance you familiarize yourself with the owner so that you relax him who is at the door what to sell him or Lisa and when you enter you greet so to etiquettes you don't come into anyone's house without seeking permission. Why? Because the house is Darla comin beauty calm. Second place where a person is relaxed, where you hang your boots, where you chill, you free you can move you know what without having additional clothing on you, of course, adhering to the etiquettes of modesty and somebody just comes barging is a violation of your privacy. So you want to go there seek permission. The

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Quran says seek acquaintance and greet the people that is best for you. Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah under this ayah opens up the discussion of speaking to someone on a phone and today we take it to a further level a mobile phone. He says From this we learn adverb of estate Don is that if you need to speak to someone, then you need to get his permission. Can I call you at this time? More? So if you want to have a prolonged discussion, ask him Do you can you free yourself with 30 minutes or 20 minutes because I need to have a prolonged discussion. And also the etiquette of someone who's trying to call you don't just let the phone ring or don't just let the doorbell ring in an exotic

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car Laker haka the person visiting you has the right so either answer and tell him I cannot speak or drop him a message. But that's the beauty of Islam. It governs and it gives us a cue and a direction of how we should be speaking to someone on the phone.