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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic caused the deaths of two young women and the failure of many health issues. The message is to avoid worst consequences and adapt to the situation. The segment discusses evil traits of Islam, including the reference to the Prophet sallavi's teachings and the use of digital trail to highlight the druthancy of life. The segment also touches on the importance of protecting one's spiritual reserve and the importance of finding one's own path in a cave. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a medical leave and a news story about a virus that has impacted people.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa de Mille Habib el Medina Varma Nyan me Bella Maureen in one se Subhana la hilarie hikma to who believer to noir you know who was here? When you are mu vasila to La Casa de moi Kabir wanna shadow Allah La Ilaha de la sharika movie knotty wanna

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wanna shadow and nessa Donna wa molana Mohammed Abu or sudo Allah de hi Donna kitabi Manny Medina illa hibel in

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Salalah alayhi wa early he was sotheby he Madame Angelica workable to see Amanda Katana la junta Baraka wa Taala. Phil Quran Al Majid Hamid

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Pani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim you submit Allahu La Nina Manu Bill konista beatifull hayata dounia waffle, Sara, where you live no la, Bali mean our yarn Allahumma Yasha sadhak Allahu la vim

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honorable scholars, respected brothers, friends and elders and the esteemed listeners out there.

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There has not been a single situation that has developed or unfolded, which I have observed in my limited life. But that I found explicit mention reference guidance, direction and navigation from Quran and Sunnah and the text of our pious predecessors. At times when I read the writings of our pious predecessors, I find it has more relevance today than it probably could have at the time in which they articulated it. Let me paint today's scenario of the world. In the poetry of Imam Shafi re Rahim Allah, he said,

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and I recently I spoke on him and ghazali at a particular talk, and again how aptly he described the scenario is like these people were inspired back to give us counsel as we will grapple to move forward in the challenges that we contend with in Bobby Bobby type B he what he learned yesterday are they far are much to do real Cabo

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Merlot Toby be your mood to be in the public arena you Bri mithila who FEMA muda halycon muda we will muda will lead the djellaba de la awaba a woman is Tara like Sheree was talking of today in Toby Bobby. B he What does he lie? Yes 30 odd fire amaka do real papa. Verily the physician with his skill and expertise can not tamper with the decree that Allah has ordained

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Murli Toby Malik, Toby yamu to be the inlay the katakana yubari mithila houfy mamatha What has happened to the physician, he succumbs to the very medical condition from which he gave deliverance to hundreds of people previously.

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helical moda we will mudaraba helical model Buddha we will move when the jela but the wha wha hoo woman is taarab nay The doctor has fallen. The patient has collapsed. In fact, the manufacturer of the very drug has succumb to that very condition.

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Allah Shabbir Ahmed osmani interseeded. Othmani writes one place. aadmi, Kirby goalie say bachata hair or concrete samartha

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Sometimes a person survives a bullet wound and dies with a pebble.

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You survived the bullet tune, not because of your resilience in your immunity and how strong you are and how you bounce back and what a fighter you are. And our family is known as a fighter.

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you bounce back because you were not on the list of medical mode.

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De and you died with a cough because your name was numbered and your days had lapsed.

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And then what did say the NA lira vilano say? Two amino fedun meopta Whelan, Allah de la lune Hunter ishu in factory for commensurately in Mata min. Hi,

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welcome Mina Eileen in Arusha Dharan Isla de hurry welcome in fatten UMC will use be Amina Walker the new sujet who Allah yet dream, you tend to be very ambitious in this transitory abode to amino feed Dunia taweelah. And when I agree that agenda laden health issue in alpha jury but when night falls you have no clue if you will see the crack of dawn and the flesh of dawn now the irony of life the irony of life for coming Sufi in Manta min the remainder there are just too many Healthy People who have fallen without a medical explanation. And there are just too many critically ill people whose death is almost certain but they out loving healthy people.

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What come like like Ali imageshack what are you talking of today?

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Welcome Mina Eileen.

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Welcome in Holly lane,

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ella dahari are come in Fulton UMC Will you speak for Amina Walker Lucy jack fan who Allah yet three many young man walking around flagrant, flamboyant, arrogant, no way not the cuffin in which he will be wrapped has been sown, and it has arrived in the marketplace already. It has arrived in the marketplace. syedna Alia had to contend with the tragic demise of the messenger sallallahu wasallam which was the most catastrophic moment in the annals of human history, which was followed within six months with the demise of the queen of gender his spouse, Fatima de la Juana. So he said at the loss of his daughter fat at the loss of his spouse Fatima de la Mancha, which was six months after the

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Vla, salam, Allah Illallah dunya la casa de la I see the trials of this world are really intensifying upon me. What's our Hebrew Ha, ha, Mamata Li Lu, and the truth be told, that's the pattern, the rhythm, the nature of life that you grabbed, you overpowered you overwhelmed by one challenge after another. What could learn let me do nel Mamata Li Lu was enough to the farm the men back at the Ashman de Lune. Allah Allah Duma de leeuw. And the fact that I had to bury my Fatima six months after burying my Ahmed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conveys a strong message no body is here to ever stay.

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So there is no doubt we are going through very very challenging times. But our Deen has given us guidance, direction and navigation in all aspects. That's the beauty and that's the richness, it is upon the people of each time to be blessed by Allah. What the realization of the right text of the moment, so Abubakar at that critical moment, which are each of the olana said that post the demise of Nabi sallallahu wasallam Sora Saba Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Cana whomever

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they must be that the noble blasted companions appeared to be like a flock of sheep in a forest infested with predators at the tragic demise of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. By Allah It was my dad who rose to the challenge and rescued the moment and stabilize the oma Allah having inspired his bosom with the verses that were revealed on the campaign of when the rumor was circulated about the assassination of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And many scholars and experts on the exegesis of the Quran tell us that this rumor happened. But in the greater happenings of times and things, it was almost an advanced preparation for the Companions for

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The eventuality of this day.

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So Abu Bakar was inspired with one ma Mohamed el raso one ma Mohammad

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rasool and Mohammed Sasson is a prophet and the scholars say this adoption of expression is not to drop the status and the position of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but it is nephew Alou here is to refute him being Allah.

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He is not the Almighty, He is a human he is a mortal kombat selectmen, kabili hero, so he was preceded by the galaxy of prophets.

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How do we give direction to the oma and what's the message from your that was just as a preamble, because it's the contemporary issues and we ask Allah to guide us and give us the correct understanding.

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I've been saying this year there are so many lessons we learn. There are two types of precautions we need to adopt. One is the precaution which is necessary which is essential which is approved which is endorsed by Allah. And one is the precaution which is not endorsed by Allah. And may Allah guide us according to the developments of times to adopt that which is in conformity with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. So prior to the coming of the floods, Allah don't say the nano Allah His salatu salam to build the ark. And hence that was the adoption of Nils in naumova Sheraton s BB l mazoon. fee, then unifi at tawakkol. The adoption of means sanctioned by Allah, Allah is Delhi new floods

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will come and Allah is telling no both are. But when the ark came, when the floods came, then the son of new out of his own logic took some precaution which was not approved by Allah. So the father said, Come my son hop onto this earth. He said, Now I have my own precaution in place sa v la jobaline. Er Simoni minalima I have a hideout the floods can come there, I'll be safe. I'll be insulated, I'll be protected. I'll be 45 water won't reach there. So the father said oh my son, the command of Allah is bring a man and bought the art. When Alice decision comes, then no Zenit of the mountain or no cave will rescue you. And precisely that is what happened. came the floods of Allah

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interrupted the dialogue of father and son wahala been a woman mode for condominial Martin.

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We need to prepare.

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We all know and understand that life is temporary and transitory. But when we see life being lost around us so swiftly, it obviously gives us a jolt. I was once in Lombok Island, doing some relief work among the victims of a quake. And as I observed and rotated my gaze around in the distance, I could see nothing but Rubble, debris and ruin. And Holmes had collapsed and caved. And people were standing outside in anticipation of some aid. And as I tried to respond to the moment I had a flesh of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, in which he said, Man, Fatah Salatin nama Butera Allahu omalu.

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If you've missed one Salah, it's like you've lost your family and all your belongings. Suddenly, this hadith had a different meaning to me. And literally seen again, I wasn't experiencing it, but I was observing it. And I could see the extent of the victims of the quake, the gravity of the crisis, and understanding that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophetic analogy is free from exaggeration. And he says, if you have missed a single prayer, he likens it to the loss of all your family members and belongings. And I'm seeing hundreds of people around me, and I'm saying have I realize how grave and offense it is to miss one prayer.

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We all know and understand life is transitory and short and it will end and it's temporary. But as we seen how quick and swift it's happening.

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A doctor told me, he says, you know, I'm dealing with so many people in the crisis. And to add insult to injury, how many are succumbing. And in the last minute talk, I need my phone. I need to delete. My wife mustn't know this. I need to transfer the funds. She must have no human. This is I'm trying to video call the family to allow them a last moment the man is grappling gasping for for oxygen and he needs to change and last minute delete and edit and hence I often say if you cannot

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leave a legacy of virtue, at least delete a trail of evil. And today it's quite difficult with a digital trail.

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With a digital trail, it's quite difficult. Okay, going forward, what's the message? As believers, Allah subhanho wa Taala what they say in English, the quickest way to get back on your feet is to go on your knees.

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The quickest way to get back on your feet is to go on your knees. A belief is life is a life of reflection, a life of observation, a life of introspection. There's no time to play a bohemian lot of setup in Assad. When I seen the gruesome assassination of Othman, I vowed to my Allah for the rest of my life. I will not laugh again a lot. Too much I have seen to allow myself to still indulge in laughter It's just too much. The moment is too much around me, my Lord, for me to stir when lives are falling. Can I be concerned if wicked safale? No.

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I believe his life is a very disciplined life. And that's the quick focus. In English they say check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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An undisciplined man is a headache to himself and a heartache to others.

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Our Deen teaches us discipline. There is a verse in the 18th Jews. In the 23rd chapter, verse 67. Allah highlights three evil traits of the polytheists of Makkah. And it's an alert to us to give us direction, most stuck berrien abbyy Sam, you're on your own, barely half a line. But the write up on this is phenomenal. So the first evil amongst the many evils of these people was most stuck barina they were proud they were haughty. They were arrogant, be he in basic Arabic grammar, that is a pronoun, and a pronoun needs to be preceded by a proper noun. So you cannot say he she until you don't mention who's the he, I can say Mohammed came and he said this, he said this, he said this.

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Muhammad Zubair Ibrahim came they said, I cannot commence with they without making mention. So your Allah says they were proud about it, without mentioning what the it was in the verses before, which apparently outwardly does not satisfy the grammatical format. And the scholars explained this and its beauty, but I want to keep it simple here to amplify the point and impress the message is that the reference of the he the pronoun is the Kaaba, and the Association and the allegiance of the people of Makkah to the Kaaba was so well known. That reference to it could be made without explicitly mentioned in it. Where's he? Where's Ibrahim? Yeah, he's with him again, whose aim is

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only with one guy by

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that same him.

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So the first evil trait Allah subhanaw taala spoke about Mr. kabiri in a B II, that they were proud and haughty and arrogant about the association with the Kaaba, in which Allah makes us understand that it is of great dislike and repugnance to be haughty about anything, and more so about your spiritual feed and accomplishments.

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And a beat Anna Emma was behind idema abou la Ameen and abeyta Karima was behind Madiba

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bin Abdullah said I would prefer spending the night in sleep and not observing the nocturnal prayer the optional Of course not the federal let me qualify my statement. The optional prayer and getting up in the morning regretting lamenting that I did not engage in optional prayer then spending the night in optional prayer and getting up in the morning conceited that I'm better than others.

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One minute john,

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you die He don't enough say woman john Haida in a minute. He don't enough say inala lawani

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amin and if you toil you toil for the betterment of yourself in biannual Quran in masala Sudoku threaten under this ayah fee on Lin Raja be what one is copy. This is takes out from the root, the melody of conceitedness and he takes out from the root the claim of entitlement because I did

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If you did you did for yourself. You know me if a person paid extra I'll phone him and thank him by you left your money don't impress me You only save yourself from the fire

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you saved yourself from the fire me I slaughter the animal and if it wasn't slaughtered according to Sherry And I'll never sell it Good luck for you otherwise you feed her rob you have your own flesh is in *

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What are you impressing that on me? I close my shops Good luck.

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You go in your grave one of my scholars mentioned the other day very beautifully. It was a very prominent funeral and many people attended so everybody's you seen who can be seen who attended. So he said I'm not someone I said the way you people are talking is like some are joining him in the cover.

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You see, he was here they were there they were. You see who came? You seen who okay. So does it makes it different to go down? You go down yourself fee

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or GB? What that well is to

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take out the claim of entitlement.

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hachimura molars words I code often and I find it to be a synopsis of religion in its entirety. He said it's men day three to aspire to become pious. But it's forbidden to assume yourself pious.

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It's men day three to endeavor to toil to work to strive, but then to say I am a Forget about it. Among ghazali said his or her severen when you see a lad then tell yourself has alum Yasser Allah wa Soto Fela Shaka and no, I don't mean this is a lead. He never disobeyed Allah he's better than me. What is our at our at Kabira when you see an adult, then you say hi the Abba de la de falla Shaka and the hydro mini this man is born before me so he's worshipping Allah before I arrive. Of course he's better than me. What is our element when you see a scholar has an Anima Mala Mala Mala Mala bluefin tuna. Mitra, this man has the whole Quran in his head even is odd. I'm grappling to memorize

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one chapter of the Quran I don't know how to pronounce one Hadith day I equate Myself to him. What is our 80 jehlen and when you see a layman and an ignorant person, you say ha ha Salah hubby Jacqueline. What do you mean? July Allah Akbar he doesn't know better is ignorant. Probably ignorance will shield him. I knew it all yet I perpetrated day I say I'm better than him. Whatever it Catherine and when you see a disbeliever then say Assa au Snowmageddon garden. It is highly possible that Allah will give him a man for your Kunal Rajan who Amina makara been, and it is equally possible that Allah can deprive me of Eman And I can be amongst the rejected. One pious

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scholar is to say, I respect everyone more than myself. Because I assume other sin. And I know I said

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he's a human. I guess you must be sunny. I guess you must be. You don't have to say no, no, they look happy. I don't think this couple has problems in their marriage. No, it's just a real world. Anyway, the first thing was stuck between May Allah save us from pride. The second thing Samuel Samuel refers to a moonlit night. So amongst the Arabs this was a common pastime thing. What was a common pastime when it was the moon that night said chill, relax, indulge The night is young. Just enjoy chit chat. Allah condemns this Allah highlights this. This is evil. This is bad. That is destructive to you. To spend your night in just killing time, there's just this there's no

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achievement to this year, when when Iskandariyah was conquered and said now hunger was resting in the courtyard of mustard another way. And then the messenger and the envoy came in. So the envoy went to his own place. And then when said now Omar got news and when he he ordered that the envoy must be brought in. So the envoy came Cigna, Amara Yolanda reproach the envoy and he said we waiting in anticipation for updates and developments about the battlefield and the Muslims and you come in not to inform me so he said, I thought it's midday It's time for siesta you might be sleeping. So Omar cheered and he said that in nim tuna hora, the young, very young, well in him to Layla, the

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young to nuptse for cave unknown baina her veil, if I sleep by day, and when will I see to the needs of the creation. And if I sleep by night, then when when I talk with Allah, when these two things are on my shoulders, you tell me the time to sleep and I'll put my head on the pillow

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Allah says in the 21st Jews in Surah two room woman I T Mana muqaam bill a livin

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La amongst the boundaries of Allah is that he's given you sleep by night and day and that you earn sustenance under this ayah is mentioned in dela Allah and then normally is the raha vaca tolerable marshman and as babla unified command for Mr Hua min min and he tala k for you know fairly common

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in humor goofy humor that when Allah said sleep is a bounty you cannot prevent someone from sleeping it's entirely because Allah said I've been trying to have given you sleep and earning sustenance is a bounty. So to cut someone off from the concept in its entirety goes against the grain because Allah is magnifying it as a bounty. Yes, qualified in the context of the ayah or in nama Yuna in Mr. Cofield Ha. But a believer will be alerted to maintain the level of discipline a level of discipline. If you lose the discipline in your life. You've destroyed yourself before death. You've destroyed yourself before death.

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Some urine just to pass time to kill time to church at a believer returns to bed early and rises early. The one who sleeps study the Great's of all times. Discipline was a common thread across everyone, the one who sleeps late by night, he cannot be productive by day you want to put your life in order retire to bed early. That's a phenomenal fundamental principle of Quran and Sunnah. June was the third evil hoorah with Obama on the HA refers to nonsense. few times discussion. If you chat in and you have in social discussions in evitable II, it would lend itself into abusive into gossip into non productive discussion. In fact, many scholars used to say that when you have a social get

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together, don't even speak good of people. Because the devil will make that a pretext to take you into evil. So you say he's a good man. Yeah, but you know what, nevermind. Allah knows we don't say anything.

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You know, what is another side to everyone? Everybody has a dark chapter. He doesn't read out loud in public.

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So you start off on a positive note and you end off

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Ahmed Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah said adroitness Lf.

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officiality whatever you saw me when I can think of an arrow the nurse for saw immolated waka Illa Mia for the listener who was a Yeoman Yama. I stayed with the pious Omar Abdulaziz was a great man. him Hassan bursary Rahim Allah said, a drug to acquirement can hide to whom a Shahada Allah aka de MIPCOM Allah de la him he was the nanny if I have to sum up the companions in one word they were a nation more protective over time then essence you could get any amount of money from them they don't take my time. Don't take my time No, no no a my time in order to they say work key work to me.

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Is laiki work capers be eaten I worked in a tomato Bara work they're

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very value time in the time because even time doesn't have more time to give you time again.

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To Masako paddletail who a deca Omnia solver logo Koopa Delta who a deca, you seen the year turning, we seen humans turning throughout the year,

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has not the covered crisis made the mysterious Angel knock each one of our door in a different way. And this happened with someone very dear to me. And that is why it triggered my mind in this direction. Because the dynamics the economic landscape has changed drastically. So a brother who I know very well, he said somebody came to me recently, like three weeks ago or four weeks ago, and he said, you know, things have been challenging for me. And I haven't been in a good situation lost my employment, etc. I need X amount of money, I need to buy a car, I need to do this. So I said, Yeah, okay, I'll let you know. I'll see. And I'll get back to you. He said the man barely left. And then I

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had a flash. Was this not the angel coming to me and saying, Are you not the blind man or the leper or the Pauper and people had cast you away. And then Allah gave you this whole value and this whole fleet of cars and this whole operation? And I'm asking you only for one to help me out? And have I failed that test? Or have I passed he said, I cried. He subsequently phoned me. And then he offered the health to the individual. And he said immediately this hadith dawned upon me this individual was an angel sent

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By Allah in his situation to put me back into my own position

00:30:09 --> 00:30:47

in the 22nd Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of the tale the narrative of Satan or de la Salatu was Salam. so loudly Salam used to make armor, right? Why? Busan natella boozy Lacan Leto sunako mimbres eco verhaal Anton Shakira on that we had educated empowered him and we had softened the steel for him. So look at the beauty and the depth and the detail of the Quran. When Allah inspired him with the skill of making the armor, then Allah said to him that

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animals are begotten,

00:30:52 --> 00:31:44

and make broad armor savvy heart broad, you know that can fit people comfortably, walk cut deer face sir de wakad deer face survey, Pandora Yoga deruta D in Arabic means to fix to proportion to estimate to calculate, sir Sarah yes through the means to weave to weave. This has been explored into France and both the deductions have absolute relevance to the occasion. But there is sir the one interpretation is that when you structure the armor, then measure the links. So let it be proportion Let it be synchronized. Let there be beauty in the external format, which refutes the notion that Islam is averse to professionalism in anything material.

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I hope somebody is listening to what I'm saying here because there's this other perception Yeah, no, no, no Islamism. No, no, no, you've lost the plot. You've lost the plot. In fact, the Anima argue and the linguists debate this, that when Allen don't say that I knew how to build the ark. Allah said and missionary fulica and Allah did not say entirely for Luca. And they say the difference between the adoption of Sunnah and john Ellis support net the ark be built in a beautiful structured way. The message of Deen is Burdick but don't attach yourself to eat. And not that when you build it, it is not structured correctly. Again, my mind races to another idea in the 10s Jews in Surah

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Toba Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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and this is put in perspective and having the correct understanding like I told you about the adoption of means we need to employ a love and he must guide and inspire us with the correct understanding. We find ourself in situations where the lines are blurred, blurred. The most intellectual amongst us find themselves to be confused and puzzled. May Allah guide DOMA direction. But that's the truth. We like it's obscured it's blurred. He says she says they say I don't know. Yama. Yama is the soma.

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Listen, you have to follow a stopping, you got to decide because there are people behind you. You cannot pro long yourself and indicate right and go left. You create in confusion.

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So Allah says pull in Canada.

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It's a long verse and probably we've heard the translation but there's a key point of reflection here. If your spouse's, your partners, your children, your family, etc. Have by eleiko are more beloved to us and Allah, the scholars say this I impresses upon us that must be yet to love your assets and your family is not a problem. It's intrinsic. To love it more than Allah is more problematic.

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Allah didn't say if you love your wife or you love your children, Allah said if you love anyone more than me, that's the problem. You have to love your wife. That's the part of the I love my shop when wealth came into Medina save now Omar said Allah I'm not gonna be those who say we don't like it, we naturally like it, give us the ability to use it where you like it.

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And the scholars say you can only define what is more Beloved, at the time of conflict of interest.

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So if they are two friends, and you attach to both and they have a harmonious relation, you cannot say I like a more than B at the time of conflict of interests between A and B there's a squabble there's a few there's an argument there's an altercation, the one with whom you align yourself will dictate who's more beloved to you. When there's a conflict of interest between what Allah says and your partner and your spouse and your children. Emphasis

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IoT and the norms of business and the commercial world now we your allegiance goals that will dictate what is more Beloved, that's the beauty of our Deen we live in on this earth we have to have attachment within reason and moderation while I attend son asleep I come in at dounia two explanations to this I according to 123 do not omit your share from this world, but don't love it more than a lot. Anyway, cut database survey. So measure the links measured, do it structured, second explanation, cut their fist survey,

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fix a time for it.

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Time to weave, there must be a time in your life. And this is the time on which I do this year. And this is how I discipline when the youngsters were graduating at the end of the year. And they asked me for advice I generally give them the first thing I said put a timetable in your life. A human without a timetable is an animal, a believer without a timetable has no direction going for Hajj, what can I do what advice create a timetable in your life.

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Even if you're on a holiday, it might be real in Islam. There's legislated concession, this concession but not blanket concession. It's legislated. So it is relaxed, but then they also this parameters, there has to be a time table for a believer I sleep at this time I rise at that time. I my day is structured like this my night is structured like this cut delfy survey. Third quick incident and then I will conclude in sha Allah.

00:36:38 --> 00:37:15

Allah man who was the governor of hems, he was hims was notorious. It was known as alqueva to saga, the small Kufa simply because people used to always complain moan, groan, the governor was never good, etc. People always had issues. You know, sometimes a community can be in great anticipation of a leader and when the leader finally comes, unfortunately, they are the first to dishonor that leader. Instead of welcoming embracing him. The people of Makkah, were anticipating a guide will offer some ob la junta Imani him.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:56

Una de la Conan Domini del Omen that if we have a guide will be the best of nations for the Mega humulene they received not the regular guide or the audit they had the greatest the Paragon the Noblesse yet Unfortunately, they transgressed and rebel and revolted against the message of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So this place was known as alqueva to Silverado small Kufa and our the governor of the place was set up an army coming back to the point of discipline in your life discipline yourself so others don't have to discipline you. A believers life is a life of discipline, you're looking around you you have to be learning you have to be learning right there on

00:37:56 --> 00:38:33

Am I say there are four types of reflection, Musa habit, Maha Maha Sabha. And what has bill Musa habit is the adoption of the company of the pious Will you stay in the company. But today, you have to qualify every statement because things are taken out of context, you adopted with the right thing for the right duration for the transmission of the necessary energy to come in you, you put two cars together, and you guys not start now you have to connect the cables and you have to have the little budget and you have to keep your engine running, then maybe the battery will start and if the cell is dead, even after it is not going to work, you need to change your battery. So sheer Association

00:38:33 --> 00:39:08

without a follow up program in a context is not going to necessarily result in the transmission of the spirituality. But nonetheless, that is one of the things most Sahaba The second is Maha. Maha is brotherhood. The pioneers had this system that what they used to do is because humans, we cannot see our own folly, right? We cannot see our own folly. You know what, excuse the phrase, you can go to the loo and you can pass feces you can defecate and you never offended by the stench of your own feces. You never heard of a person needed to spray while he's in the loop.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:17

You know what if he's sensitive to others, maybe he'll do it when he leaves. Yet if somebody else needs to pass when like cross ventilation brothers.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:21

Some brothers are loud and proud. Others are silent and violent.

00:39:23 --> 00:40:00

Suddenly, you take more offense to the flatulence of another then you pass in feces. We are super tolerant with our own mistakes. And we lack basic tolerance with the mistakes of others if we can use it as a context. So they used to have this system of Maha Maha it was way they used to pay up one tell the other Listen, I'm your brother, you my brother. We talk frankly, openly. candidly, I'm going to tell you that said yesterday I watched you with your gardener. That was the role of your brother. That was rude. I watched you how you spoke to him. Now honestly, he's desperate for the job like one of my

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

Teachers used to say, some are dignified, and others are desperate. So neither of the two speak but both are watching.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:26

He said, No, why must I get myself in his life he walked away. The other one is if I talk my life, my work is on Jeopardy, so I keep quiet. But it doesn't mean he didn't observe where you went, what you did, or what your operation is, he dropped his gaze and he walked away, but he also got lenses and he's also watching. He's also watching.

00:40:28 --> 00:40:57

So they would then enter into a relation with a heart and then say, frankly, you must tell me and I tell him we don't take offense because the aim is to reform. Can you imagine these people how passionate they were. A person came to Hakeem O'Mara him of Allah and he said that I need to apologize to you. I've been backbiting about you. So he said, I accept your apology, provided you disclose what you were backbiting, because it's a crime for you to back by. But I could well be guilty of it. So if you don't tell me Then how will I reform myself?

00:40:59 --> 00:41:42

So it doesn't make it right for you to say, but I could be having the mistake within me. Now you're desperate for forgiveness, and I'm desperate for reformation. So I'll forgive you but disclose what my mistake is. Wayne only called Okay, we're gonna it's gonna get a bit longer. So that's the second thing Yeah. Right. Only two chapters of the Quran begin with whale subrata and even Quran By the way, if dahu Murphy am well in us, well raffia rod in us where you know Neil moto 15 where you know, Nicola Hamas endomysial. So that was more Aha. The third is Maha Sabha. Every night you go and sleep and you ask yourself, when he passed away, she passed away they passed away. Last week this does

00:41:42 --> 00:41:44

happen. Am I am I on the right lane?

00:41:46 --> 00:42:06

Among the right lane. It's my life in order. Is this right? To an audit on yourself? Is my ducks in a row? Is everything sorted? Is everything clean? Am I happy If this happens, react, he said I did an audit on myself. And I see Lee for Barona Dunbar I had 40 odd cents, Baka de Stouffer to LA

00:42:07 --> 00:42:30

vara. Then I asked Allah forgiveness 100,000 times for every sin, to an audit on yourself, and I do an audit. And I can conservatively say my follies and mistakes will be more than 100,000. And I haven't asked Allah forgiveness 40 times for one. And he's asked 100,000 times for each one. And the last out of the four through which reformation can happen is one of the

00:42:32 --> 00:42:47

one of the Beloved one has been laid his way you observe the happenings, and you respond, what they say. a graveyard is a silent place with a loud message.

00:42:49 --> 00:43:02

A silent place with a loud message, a plaque at one graveyard. Inside here we have many people who thought the world cannot function without them. If any, the world is doing better.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:31

You think it's going to stop when I collapse? No, no, no, not at all. Anyway, the other incident will take up too much time. I'll end on this note here, we need to introspect. We need to change the direction. The quickest way to get onto our feet is to get onto our knees. I'll leave you with this thought that came to my mind that the three people were stuck in the cave and we know about it. Today the world is stuck in a cave

00:43:33 --> 00:44:23

and the boulder of Corona has blocked it. When these three people were stuck. Then they said a folks lesson here Nothing is going to work here. Unless each one of you can tap into your spiritual reserve and see what you can offer to Allah to move but the outward the apparent the obvious is not going to work here in the hola Yun Jie caminhada de ella and tanto la tala bizarrely armonico nothing's gonna get you out of here, but that each one of you implores Allah. Can you imagine how rich these travelers were? We travel with wallets and purses with credit and debit cards with numbers and contacts. But when we in a crisis like this, not one out of the 20 members can say what

00:44:23 --> 00:44:27

hang on I got a personal secret with my Allah I'll rescue you all.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:48

That's how empty and shallow our richness ease now I got a guardian I got this year. I can flesh this I got a contact suddenly the network is not working. Suddenly the machine is down. The interactive machine won't allow for your card to be swiped. I don't know and everything is just falling one after the other.

00:44:49 --> 00:44:50

Falling, falling falling.

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

It's time we have secrets with Allah. It's time we have secrets with Allah. It's time our voice is familiar. They're with us.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:04

When saving the universe was swallowed by the fish, and then

00:45:05 --> 00:45:48

he called out to Allah in layers of darkness for nada Paloma de la ilaha illa Anta Suvarna and so Allah as the angels, you know who is this? So the angel said we know the voice, but the location is unknown. So to my room in Ballard in mareeba, humble he speaks about this. So Allah says, This is my servant, you know Salah his salam, they said the Prophet Yunus. Allah said yes, the melodica petition and paraphrasing and they said Allah accept our plea on behalf of this servant of yours a lot. We intercede. We use his prayer daily Allah we familiar with him Allah accept our requests on his behalf and give him shelter.

00:45:54 --> 00:46:41

We then cast him on the naked show, where am batinah I lay his shadow rotten me clean, and we cause the calabash tree to grow to give him shelter. Historical narration say a goat would come he would milk it and drink the milk of that goat. He gained his strength. He was replenish, he was recovered. And then he went back and Allah gave him a new leaf to live. When we are in crisis. Our names are known to the legal team and we need decent context. I'm not refuting that to the medical fraternity. But when all fails, is our voices known by the malayaka. Is it known there? What they say?

00:46:42 --> 00:46:57

mushkil May Allah cuyana mushkil nahi Hey, Sal Masekela hair. asani Musa dracaena. It's not difficult to remember Allah in difficulty, but it's really difficult to remember Allah in ease.

00:47:00 --> 00:47:52

So what did the first one intervene through sadaqa the second one, through kindness and stepping away from him morality, and the third one to be kind to his employees. I crafted a tweet in the early days of the lockdown in which I spoke about the two drastic play outs of economic situations that the virus brought to the world. Some really went through difficult times and Allah make it easy for them, but others on a different note witness exponential growth, exponential growth, and I personally interacted with each one of them. And every one of them shared one common secret amongst others. We vowed to Allah regardless of how tough the times are, our employees will receive their

00:47:52 --> 00:47:55

full salary and perks.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:24

And he said, I had calls from from different parts of the world, is that I made this vow to Allah and I seen divine intervention. I leave you with this message my brother, people say, you know, lucky I got a doctor in the family doctor, Lucky my brother's a pharmacist. Lucky My name is a paramedic. Lucky I'm on this medical plan. While other oma doesn't know how lucky we are, that we have.

00:48:26 --> 00:48:58

We have something called sadaqa. We have something called sadaqa. By Elias control is my life. This amyl is magic. Some actions have the benefit when performed by a Muslim or a non Muslim. Charity is one of it. kindness to parents is one of it. Speak to Thomas and Peter and john or speak to Ibrahim or Yusuf and calcium is the one who sees to his parents, Allah sees to him.

00:49:01 --> 00:49:29

Of course, in our center without demand, there will be no dividends, there will be no benefit in Africa, but in this world, even the disbeliever who's coming to his parents sees growth in his life. Charity, speak to the Muslim or the non Muslim, the one who gives charity you will be amazed at how Allah will protect you. There'll be a drought around you and allow us and a cloud to send rain on you

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

by in Amara junonia, mushy filati in the hadith of savvy Muslim, a person who's walking in a waterless land and then he looks up hadith of selling Muslim is they had the pata Fulani Let the rain come down on this person. So I walked and I followed and I seen an orchard anissina many others shovel in the rain was coming and he was distributing the water and around it's dry and a cloud is coming read the hadith of Sahih Muslim. I came to the brother I said brother, your name he said

00:50:00 --> 00:50:15

But why? He said, No, I'm walking and I heard a name from the cloud. I just want to ask is this you? So he mentioned his name? He said, yeah, that's my name. Okay, now what's the secret for you to have a cloud is waterless? Is drought the same? I mean, you have in your own cloud.

00:50:16 --> 00:50:24

You have in your own cloud. Well, you know what, whenever my produce comes out, then before me and my family eat the poor eat first.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:50

When 100 took place, when 100 took place, nobody says I'm told Hosea go and get the information on the opposite cam, the narration of bayda He said, I stood up the Prophet of Allah make dua for me, it was so cold that the companions were going down in the ground and covering themselves to draw a warm from the earth. No sooner I complied, I felt like I was walking in a hot shower.

00:50:53 --> 00:51:06

So I carefully cautiously advocate the importance of the adoption of means and precaution. The alama say to abandon means is disobedience.

00:51:08 --> 00:51:29

And to rely on means is disbelief. So this is my message. The adoptions of means is necessary. reliance on Allah is mandatory, and despondency is devilish. That has give hope to people. Comfort people. Increase in charity, someone said in the Urdu language

00:51:30 --> 00:51:36

sadaqa to see key musi but do carta. Hey, Jesus sadaqa Dana musi button, Allah

00:51:38 --> 00:51:47

sadaqa only diverts the tragedies from the life of that person who don't consider charity a tragedy.

00:51:49 --> 00:52:24

Or they have to give again, or they have to spend again, the one who doesn't consider it a tragedy and he gives it happily and wholeheartedly. You follow me and tell me the magic you will see in your life. We pay tribute and homage to all our workers on the ground who are helping who are responding in each way. May Allah help us to be the means of extinguishing this gutter in fire. And may we not add a match to these burning flames or sallallahu wasallam had no beginner Muhammad Ali he was happy here tomorrow he will come to rely upon

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