Abu Abdissalam – Hajj Live 2021 #04 – Arafah

Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The importance of performing Hajj during the pandemic is discussed, including praying for the Prophet sallam and fasting to achieve forgiveness. A woman who prayed for accounts and wanted forgiveness advises on finding the perfect person to be offered and practicing good behavior. The importance of memorizing the Quran is emphasized, as well as finding the perfect person to be offered to and past the death row. Make offers to people in the present future and receive guidance on how to pass the death row is also discussed. Finally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of not forgetting to do things in a certain way throughout the day and mentions a chef who made a donation to the bank.
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Level Hello my voice literally in Ireland mean, while on early he was off the hitch Marina said I'm on equal, what afterwards will lie he will bark at Who? I'm your brother abraca said, I'm speaking to you live from our thoughts

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on this blessed day the day of arafa, which is the nine of the hedger and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he when he described arafa he said that when he described he said a Jew out of

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out of what am I doing with my mask? Okay, the prophets I said, let me set a hadoo out of his out of So, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he made our offer the main main main part of, of Hajj now, this year, only 60,000 people have been able to perform Hajj. So many of you I can imagine that many of you wanted to perform hajj, maybe last year, maybe this year, and we're unable to do that. Normally there are millions of people doing Hajj. So what can you guys do at at home? And what is really important to understand is that, you know, the first thing that I would say is no matter where you are in the world, no matter what your situation is, make the NEA make the intention to

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perform Hajj. Okay, this is the first and foremost thing make the intention to perform Hajj because

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you know, because you don't know your situation. I was this this this time last year. I was in Makkah, and I live in Mecca, and I was literally just a few miles away from us. And we were watching on the television, and it was breaking our heart We were just literally was breaking our hearts. We were just a few miles away from our alpha but we weren't able to perform Hajj because of the obviously the pandemic. I think there were only 10,000 or so people that were allowed to do Hajj last year. So I know that feeling that you know you really want to do Hajj but you're unable to do so the first thing that I would say is make the intention to perform hajj, because when you make

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that intention, the first thing is the prophet SAW Selim, he said in Mullah Omar lupini yet that actions are but by intention, and so inshallah you will get rewarded for that intention, you will get rewarded for that intention. And insha Allah for doing that Hajj. So this is the first thing. The second thing, what can you do while you're at home? Of course, the day of arafah I will just explain Firstly, before I answer that question, what you can do at home is we actually prayed just over here, so that we go ahead this morning, we had a small, we had some rest actually, in our tents. And then we got here from Mina, of course. This morning, we had some rest. And then for her

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time the Imam of the Imam he gave a football and that's for the all of the people of Darfur. And then we were all instructed to pray in our own groups next to our tents. So our tent is just I think it's this one or one of these tents here. And so we just prayed out here on this there was some such others laid out for us. We prayed though her and asked her and the people that came from outside of Mecca, they prayed to the cause of the hurt followed by to rock as of faster and this was after the football of the Imam. Alright now as residents I prayed for accounts and forecasts the prophets I said he came obviously from Medina. So he joined the hora Nasser gym on Mutasa run that he combined

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for NASA and he shortened his press OK to two rockets and he did that at the time of DOD. So he did that so that the rest of the day people can make okay and then at the end of the day when most read time kicks in then the process and remained in alpha until the time for marketing but he did not pray Muslim he did not pray Muslim in honor of he waited till he got to Mustafa and then prayed Muslim and Asia. Three plus two because he was a traveler. He joined them at the end of the time, like at the sorry, at the Asia time. Okay, and then he went to sleep. And I'll talk about that when I get to was delaford in chat a long time.

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So make sure you have subscribed to the channels and pages and clicked on the notification bells so that you get notified for that inshallah. Anyway, so that's what we did. We prayed Dr. Nasir and now it's time for two. Okay, all the way up until now what can you

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If you are at home and you're not doing Hajj, this is a very important question. Of course, many of you will be fasting and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that fasting the day of alpha, he hopes, has the reward of two years of sins being expiated forgiven. Okay, that's an amazing reward the previous year and the following year of since being expiated, and forgiven. So if those of you who are fasting, that's brilliant, if you've woken up, and you haven't eaten or drank anything since fudger, at all, even though you didn't have the knee yet, you can continue can make the near too fast because the processor did that once.

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Or maybe sometimes more than once. He got up if there was no food and he hadn't eaten or drunk, then he began his fast Okay, he said he then in the sign, in that case, he asked his wives, is there any food? They said, No. Then he said, even in the so I'm in that case. In that case, I am sorry, I am fasting. So if you haven't eaten or drunk, since verger time, then you can make the Nia too fast and continue the rest of the day fasting. Of course, if you have eaten or drunk, then you cannot do that. But inshallah next year, make sure you do that. What else can you do, right, whether you're fasting or you're not fasting, the most important thing, like I said, is to firstly make the

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intention that you do have a lot of people they say, you know what, I'll do height, you know, when I'm older, but what they don't realize is number one, you don't know, if you're going to become older, and have the ability to do height, you don't know, we don't know when we're gonna die. So if you have the money, if you have the ability, the health and you are able to perform, you know, for example, you can get the visa, etc, etc. When all these things are available to you, then please make sure that you do hij straight away, if you can do that in sha Allah, and if you can't then make the either Allah allows you to do that and gives you the ability to do that. The other thing that is

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this day is the day of, Okay, how can we make dua without getting bored. Alright, and this is a little technique that I use personally, which is I look at, I do things in kind of chronological order, you can say, and this kind of helps me make God without getting bored. And it also helps me not forget things. So I look at the past, the present and the future. So as for the past, we talk about our sins, we ask Allah for forgiveness, one by one for as many sins as we can remember, all of us are sinners, the prophets I seldom said, who

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are capable enough tow a boon. All the children of Adam they sin, but the best of sinners are those who repent. So that's number one, make off all of your sins, and not just your sins, your family's sins, you know, your friends, your

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children, your parents, your you know, and also all the Muslims who are alive and those who have passed away, make to us, for them that Allah subhanaw taala forgive their sins that's with regards to the past. With regards to the present, make to offer your situation whatever situation you're in Deen and dunya. So in terms of Deen, let's say you want to make a gift of the Quran, you want to memorize the Quran, make the offer that you want to, you know, buy a house interest rate may go off of that you want to buy a car you want to get married may go off for that. So that's with regards to the present, okay? And all the the things that you want to change in your life, if you're smoking,

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you want to make sure that you want to stop smoking. If you are, you know, you want to start wearing a job, you want to start praying five times a day, make to offer all of that. Okay, the other thing I'm gonna go, my phone is heating up. So I'm going to go close to a tent. Cuz last time I was live my, after I finished the phones have switched off.

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It said that it can't deal with the heat basically. So I'm just gonna try and go

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get a VC.

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I don't want to go inside because then that will disturb people. Okay.

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All right. So

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okay, so the other thing so we talked about the past, let's talk about we talked about the present, then we talk about the future and the future is of two types. All right, number one, what what you should do, or what I do anyway, is I think about what is the perfect person that I want to be so you can do that spend some minutes thinking about the perfect person that you want to be both in your dunya as well as your after all right, so in your deen and your dunya. So for example, let's say you want to be person who is you know, you memorize the Quran, you want to pray five times a day you want to do tahajud you want to pray the night prayer, you want to wear the hijab, you want to, you

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know, grow the beard, you want to be obedient to your parents, you want to, you know, keep away from all these sins and all of that. And then also you want to, you know, a bigger house, you want a car, you

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You want to get married, blah, blah, blah, you wanna have children. Think about the perfect person you are, that you want to be like, even if it's crazy, even if it's something way out of your

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reach right now, okay? Just think about that. And then make the offer for that in detail. Allah, you know, make me a half of Quran, Allah make me, you know, let's say you've got an illness, make the offer. And the same thing with your families, your children, your parents, you know, brothers, sisters, cousins, you know, your friends, your and the homeless, in fact, just think about how you want the oma to be even the perfect situation, right? You want all of these things make to offer it for the people who are pressed around the world, you know, what do you want from this. So this has to do with the future. Okay, so we talked about past, present future. And then also, when you're

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dying, right, think about things that happen after death. And during death, you want an easy death make Go for it, you want your soul to come out easily make the offer you want. You know, you want to be accompanied by angels of mercy, when you die, make the offer, you want to be put in, you want lots of people to do your janessa make to offer, you know, you want to say Shahada, Allah, Allah before you die, make the offer. You want everybody else to forgive you because of whatever you've done to other people make to offer it and make law for them as well. You know, you want for example, you want to be put in your grave and the questions that are answered, that are asked to you by the

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angels, you want to pass that test, you want your grave to be a garden of Paradise, not a garden of *, you know, make that do okay, make that Do you want your book in your right hand. Or even better than that you want to be given gender without reckoning or punishment Villa has been when I

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make the offer that you want to go across the bridge have set out faster than the speed of light, make dial for it. Right you want to, you know, you want to enter the highest levels of gender, make the offer that you want to be raised with the prophets. I leave him with salatu salam and so the plan was to have a solid been made to offer it you want to be in the highest levels of gender with the prophets, I seldom make the offer. You want your parents and your families to join you in the highest levels of gender and make the offer. Right. So you make do offer everything one by one. You know, on the day of judgment, you want the day of judgment to go like the blink of an eye, you know,

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you want to pass the bridge of set out quickly, right, all of these things make to offer it in detail in detail. And then believe me when you start doing it in this way past present future Dean Antonia, then it's difficult to forget about things, it's easier to remember everything. And inshallah I hope that was some beneficial advice for you. On this beautiful day, the day of arafah remember Allah, you know, this is a day that is really blessed. It's a really important day. And not just for the judge. Of course, mostly, it's for the judge, but it's also for everyone around the world, you know, make go up. And of course, we don't expect everyone to make the, you know,

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throughout the day for you know, seven, eight hours, of course, you know, we're humans, we can't do that. But what we can do, of course, it's on and off throughout the day while you're doing your things right, you're washing up the dishes, you're cooking, you're cleaning, you're driving to work, you're driving back from work, you know, whatever like throughout the day all throughout the snippet start trying to make dwarf you don't know that might be the door that gets accepted. Right? That might be the time that you might not do it and it gets accepted. So don't waste this time. Now I remember one chef he was mentioning something really beautiful.

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He said once a Haytham he said that Imagine you're in front of an ATM, right? You're a bank and you're putting in your card and every time you put your card in, you get 100 pounds for free or $100 for free. Right and all you have to do you have to stand in front of the bank and you have to just keep putting in your cart then you get 100 pounds and it's not coming out of your bank balance is just totally free. And you knew that this was this time was limited is between this time and this time. You know between the heart and Margaret, what would you do in that situation of course you would carry on trying to get money as much as you can, because it's free. Now this time is the time

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for door Allah is accepting the doors. So you know Allah always accepts it always responds to I anyway, so you can imagine the time of where you know it's a very blessed day. So you know really make the take the time out to make a special go and don't forget me also in your to Asma, Allah forgive us. We are all weak, we are all weak in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala we are all political insanity if a man of man is created weak, and we all sin could have been Adam have thought

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all the children of Adam their sin and the best of sinners are those who repent. So, you know, make the offer on the bus that Allah subhanaw taala forgives all of us allows us

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To do Hajj every single year, and he accepts those who did Hajj, he accepts the Hajj and he gives a reward for those who intended to do Hajj as well. So yeah, make the offer everybody for the Muslims who Allah forgive all of us. A lot of misdemeanor will Muslims will move mininova luminati in minimum will and what we are

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he made a lot more telogen serbin

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So, I'm your brother about this. I'm speaking to you live from the plains of arafa. Once again, I'll just show you what's going on. You can see like normally in a normal hedge this would be completely crowded you wouldn't be able to

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