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The speakers discuss various topics related to the title of Islam, including the surah of the Bible, the prophets, and the anti-ism movement. They emphasize the importance of faith and self-control in achieving success in life, as well as the need for acceptance of one's own actions in life. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the need for acceptance of one's own actions and privacy in the upcoming election. The importance of the holy eye and holy spirit is also emphasized, along with the need for students to practice their own actions in order to achieve success. Finally, they discuss the importance of protecting the election from the danger of jahannam and the need for people to support upcoming political events.

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us. We just got him started his knowledge journey with the memorization of the Quran in his teens and then the students studies in exegesis jurisprudence and Heidi Schaeffer. One of them is very well known in Almagro, as well. I personally have attended some of his seminars, in Birmingham, he has delivered, purify, the tipsy, also as Miriam as well. He has duck notes as well. So there are lots of data

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here and gone to vodka, you and your family.

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The Mark is all yours. Please do give us a five

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off a moment,

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as well. Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi Abaddon, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh slim Allahumma salli wa sallim, wa barik, ala Sayidina. Whenever you know Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is our fourth session of studying soltec Menon. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes it a guidance and a blessing for us all that Allah Subhana Allah uses us for that which is good that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the knowledge of the Quran of what we know, to allow us to practice it and that what we don't know that Allah gives us insight into it. And that which we may have been led to forget or to make a mistake in that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to

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correct ourselves in it, Allah humma amin and recapture it into our lives and into our spirit.

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So this is the fourth session Sharla and it seems like we're Of course, we're not gonna be able to complete the surah but we wanted to give a little bit of a summation so that those who don't want to continue along the journey, I think I'm probably going to keep this as a same Sunday session insha Allah, just to kind of finish it with continuity. And we pray that Allah Subhana Allah can allow us to complete it in court that Allah hulan Alba will, Allah Homer, I mean, the last time we met, we were reciting from sort of North, and we got up to the place where we said, what I thought all sudden that no one called me, Allah Subhana Allah has, you know, sent this surah and in it a really

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particular themes. So the first theme was, who are the believers? And we said that this was an early revelation to the prophets. I send them this is what you want to be like, this is what your community needs to be like, yeah, Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah said, second, Allah says, I'm the one who you should give your deference, obedience to, because I'm the one who created whatever the hell off Anakin and I created you from dust first and then I'm creating you from within your mother's, a stage after stage and we spoke about that as being something that shows the power of Allah. Now then Allah transitions after telling us what is the right way to live? why we should live it because he

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is the authority figure that we are seeking to distinguish ourselves in front of. Then third, Allah gives the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam examples from the prophets who came before him. And each one of the prophets had a different struggle with his people. So the first is going to be the story of Noah from verse 23, to 30. And then the story of route from 31 to 41. Then Allah speaks about oh my mon Oh her other nations from 42 to 44. Then the story of Moosa and how rune 45 to 49. And then the story of Isa and Miriam his mother, alayhis, salaam, verse number 50. Then Allah speaks about other prophets, those known and those not known to the prophets I seldom so we're going to

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look through the six different narratives very quickly today as much as we can to see the different challenges that were being set for the prophets. I said to him that he needs to be aware of these are things that are going to happen first important one when we look into the story of Northwest hotel Sunday no honey la comida call a call me he says my people there I go to LA Malcolm in LA Illa enviro worship Allah alone you have none that you should give this service to this love to this fear of this hope in except him Illa Han heyyo none is there worthy? That is any law other than Him? flf the tahune Aren't you aware of your relationship with Allah? Aren't you thinking I'm trying to be

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fearful of the consequence of straying away from this truth thermocol Mela now this is the point that the prophets I send them is being for told forewarned is going to happen to you. Newark comes and says to his people, I want you to worship only Allah. He doesn't ask them for anything else. He doesn't say make me King make me a ruler.

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Make me your prince Give me your money. Give me your wealth. What is his people say for high level mela Allah vena cava Romeo call me the people just believe from his people.

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Now have that elaboration. That's the first claim. He's only a human being, who gives him the right. What makes him better than us. Madhava Illa Bashar, that's their first statement, myth lucam he's just like you, they this they discount the fact that somebody can be a mortal, but at the same time be touched with prophecy and Revelation, you read to any of our football alikoum He's only saying this because he wants to make himself superior to you. And that's one of the fatal flaws Subhanallah it's not just that they're saying, Hey, he's just like you. It's actually what they're saying is self contradictory. They're saying, on the one hand, that this is a man who seeks to establish

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himself as being he's a human being, why are you listening to another human being, but then they're saying he's trying to make himself above you is trying to make himself superior. So why do you have this inferiority complex? If he's just like you? Why are you Why are you threatened by faith? And so Pamela, when you look out into the world today, some of the most insecure people are those who lack faith and those who claim a hatred for faith. Some of the most vicious people, the anti religious movement, not just anti Islamic, but the anti religious movement are some of the most neurotic people, some of the most self absorbed. People when it comes to issues of somebody just saying, This

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is what I believe, why does it bother you? Why is it something that makes you so agitated? You really do? know they just want to make themselves better than you. You need when you

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share Allah, hula and xlm Allah He created. And if God really wanted to reveal himself, he would do it the way we want it to be done. He would send us the angels the way we think it should be. He would make manifest he has to prove himself to us Subhan Allah, he would make the angels manifest, Massa me and Abby had that he had that you know, the third thing is, this isn't what our parents taught us. A while in, in Hawaii, La Jolla. mbg. Now, he must be a person who's diluted photo Rob Basu be he had the hand so just leave him. Wait for him. Let's see what happens on out of being suddenly look at the drop of the Prophet Noah. He says Oh Allah give me support. And I want to

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clarify that the word Nussle does not mean obliterating an enemy. You know, when Allah says one sort of now a little foam in caffeine, Oh Allah supporters against those who rebel against you, those who reject faith, those who reject us because we believed he says, in sort of knee, the Mac at the boon, Oh Allah, give me support because they've denied me meaning give me support to show them that I'm not a liar. Give me support that the truth is manifest. It's not support me because I'm vain. It's not support me because I want to show them I want to rub it in their face. Oh Allah send me angels. Oh Allah, prove it to them, let them see it with their own eyes, send a lightning strike amongst

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the, the head of the and Subhan Allah. Allah says the same things to our Navy, Mohammed sitesell as an important lesson that our hyena lay here and this knife will carry ru Nina

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Shin from Allah doesn't, doesn't serve. So Allah says, I inspired him build a ship. You're like, What? What does that afternoon is asking, Oh Allah, give me victory. Oh, Allah give me support. And Allah says, No, I'm going to give you another task. I'm going to get you to do something else. And Subhana Allah in my life and in your life. You think that you want to solve the problem in the way your mind thinks it can be solved. But Allah sometimes sends you at tasks to do that you don't. You're like, well, how is this going to solve the problem that I'm working on over here? How is this going to be the dour to these people? This is just going to make them ridicule me even more. No has

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asked to build a ship in a desert. And when they see it, they begin to scoff. They're like what was it? We told you? He's crazy. He's just proving our point. And Subhanallah it's something that's quite incredible to see that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He makes the test of new Halley his Salaam, his obedience to Allah, which is the same request knew his making of his people to obey Allah Subhana what to Allah

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somebody's saying that they can't hear are you able to hear me well brother German.

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Are you able to

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chat at all? Oh, now your box Pamela. Okay. Mashallah. All right, Miss Mila.

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so new Allah His Salaam is being tested to prove himself worthy of Allah's mercy to receive the victory and the support that he seeks. And this becomes something really important for you and I to consider, do not ever demand of Allah, what you expect without showing that you are distinguishing yourself and deserving of it. So no one has making a request from Allah tala Robin. So to me, Allah give me this support and help me to attain the hearts of these people to come to the truth. And Allah says, No, no, no, no, you have another test in life. You have your wife who's going to rebel against you, you have your son who's going to rebel against you. I'm going to ask you to build a

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ship in the desert that's going to reinforce what they're claiming against you. And I want this to be something that you kind of think about because people sometimes they ask, they say, Why did Allah Subhana Allah test mankind with Jesus, that he wasn't the one on the crowd? Why? Well look, the test is for Isa the test is for money and the test is for you and I, it doesn't have to be in the way you want to be tested. It is tested in the way that Allah seeks. So Allah Subhana Allah says, you know, place on the ship mean coolin Zhu J. him place on the ship from every livestock and that's the interpretation of the area to repopulate the earth that you're going to descend on with your ship.

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None of the traditionalist within our faith are saying that no, who was ordered to gather every bird, every bee, every insect, every living thing on the earth? You know how you see those kind of Judeo Christian cartoons where he's leading giraffes up a mountain into the ship. That is not our belief as Muslims. We believe that Allah said to him, listen, you're gonna there's going to be a drought, there's going to be a flood. All of this is going to be underwater. Take the things you need to restart life when you are back on land for you and the people who survive with you. Take two chickens take two goats take two sheep, take two bulls. You know, take two of things that will allow

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you to move forward in life.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, When to halted and even Lavina volevo in the home ohakune Allah subhanho wa Taala says you are allowed to allow on the ship those who believe and don't question me about those who will drown because of their volume against themselves, their oppression against you and against themselves. And Allah here we're speaking in particular about the son of Noah, the wife of Noah, Who rebel against the truth. Here's a powerful message to the prophets. I seldom there will be people from your own blood from your own family who are going to reject you. There's going to be an Abu lahab there's going to be an Abu Talib people who are who had favor of

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you who who gave you food when you were young, who looked after you when your father died when your mother died sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to hell, even even Medina valuable but don't make a request of those who have wronged themselves because they did not wish to come to submission. And Allah Subhana Allah gives these important lessons in the story of Noah we transition we move forward through a few verses where Allah Subhana Allah to Allah now's to begin to speak about the people of hood

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and Allah Subhana Allah says film and chat now member ID him member ID him corn in a hurry in another generation another group of people to also nafi him Rasulullah min whom any Abdullah Malika Manila and hydro I sent to the same people and he says the same thing. The same Prophet said a different prophet but saying the same word or Buddha, Allah malleco there's one God for you to worship, there is none that you can worship, but he flf that tahuna will you not come to mindfulness to consciousness of God to fearing God loving God and hoping His mercy Paul and Melman called me him Medina comfortable can never be a call in ferati what sort of now home feel higher the dunya may

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have that elever showroom is local. This is just a man just like you. So here Allah is reinforcing mo have meant the claim that's going to be put against you is your you're not supernatural. You're not divine in any sense. Yet pulumi matter coluna Minho he eats like you eat? Why are shadowbrook matter shabu drinks from what you drink? Well, a now to measure a myth lecom in necom even the house you don't if you obey a man like that you're the one who's a loser. Why are you being somebody who looks like you eat like you dresses like you?

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Allah Subhana Allah continues. I do come and nicomedia me to welcome Dr. Robin Norman

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and Nicola

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June is this man telling you really, that if you die and you become dust that you will be brought back to life now this is the second this is now something above what was said to new. So Allah is telling you everything that was said to new was said to rude but now they've added another layer now they're denying that they will ever live another life there is this statement at you know, you only live once and you got a you know, you got to get it while you can. And you only get one shot and do whatever you need to do. This is the only place you're ever going to find pleasure happiness, success, get get it now before it's too late.

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that mindset has always been a shade tonic mindset, that material mindset that is seeking the here and now and refusing to accept a concept of a delay for gratification that there can be something later on account of a test today.

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In here in the higher tuna dounia Nemo two one here, where man no remember authy it's only one life you live. You live once you die once and that's it. That's literally that that's literally what they're saying.

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In Hawaii lalaji rune if Torah, Allah Allah He can even he's someone he's lying about God, how does he know he's just a human like us? So Han Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a powerful lesson four because, you know, Al Walid al Walid is going to come to the prophets I sent him he's going to say, How dare you say we're going to come back to have you been there? How do you know you know this bone and he takes a bone and he pulverize it in front of the prophets I send them and throws the dust at him. And he says you

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will we be brought back welcome. Couldn't be Miss lahad we're going to be like this we're going to be brought back and the profits I sell them Allah inspires him to speak in his own hand and he said the one who created you from this something that looks like this A coagulation of semen The one who created you from this can surely bring you back if you're already material. And so Pamela your very existence your very consciousness is the greatest evidence that there is the likelihood the logical assumption should be that there is something more because if you believe you came of nothing and you became something How could you deny that you can become something from the something that's already

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in existence and conscious? It doesn't make sense that out of nothingness something can happen and out of something Nothing can happen. It doesn't make sense. So a lot refuted now lots of Hannah with that taala hears that you have hood who says color have been sore knee the mecca the boon Oh Allah support me, for they have denied the truth denied me. Color naphthalene Laos, mahana demon Allah says, soon they will arise. And they will be from those who are regretful that are harder to almost say you had to be fragile Nahum

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furball I didn't call my volume in Allah says, I obliterated them I removed them. And so how Allah This is now a warning to the prophets I sell them and the one he's reciting this to. So this is now second example of a destroyed nation, nor has destroyed the people of who this destroyed film man Chet Nam embody him rune and hurryin. I brought many other generations many other civilizations many other prophets, many other messengers 124,000 prophets were sent to mankind. And Allah says I brought many in between matters of your home in omega Adela helmus. And none of them can outdo the time that they have been given. None can withhold the punishment if it's written, filmed out or sell

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now also Lana Petra I sent you the messenger after messenger, one after another in combination and the messengers before Mohammed's I said Lim, were not sent as individuals. So you're not surprised to hear that there's Moosa Harun yahia zekeriya his father and Isa, you're not surprised that there's that wounded to lay man, Ibrahim is hard because Marine, Ibrahim, this man is half. You're not surprised that there's Yeah, who is you know, women water is halfway out Cove and then you surf. You're not surprised that they were together supporting one another, and others who are nameless too, are not named to us. Then a law extinguishes revelation as a unique occurrence in human

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history. For the first time in human history, there is absolute silence in revelation from Allah to humanity for nearly 600 years after Jesus alayhis salam is elevated to Allah. And then Allah sends aloha the rising light, the rising sun, were shrimps.

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Although one failure, the explosion of light that the sunrise Mohammed Salalah he was alum, Julio Harajuku Mina Buddha Mati Eleanor, it's almost like the earth was cascaded in darkness. And then the sun rose upon it Mohamed ibn Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh tiempo tasleem. Allah says Hold on a second. Let me give you one more example. So my little son now moves well, aha, how can I be a Tina was so funny movie and I said Moses and his brother as two of my messengers with a strong conviction and a strong optimization of my power within them. Elected I will now MLA he has stuck about now here's the third lesson. Fear is stuck about all what you knew, though. He became arrogant. It's not

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he rejected the signs. He didn't just simply say these people are deluded. These people are liars. He's just a man like any other man. Because Moosa came with Soltani came with with power of God showing festac battle, their arrogance, turn them away. So here Allah is for telling the prophets I tell them, that you're going to move to El Medina, you're going to meet people who are not going to deny the miracle of the haoran they're not going to deny what you came with in their home.

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They're not going to see in you false hood, when I can and levena cafaro will be at La hedge huddled. Those who disbelieve are those who have yahood hatred and anger to the word of truth that you were sent with? Yeah, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim is stick about where Ken Coleman alene seeing themselves as mighty for call you I don't mean Oliva Sharon can we believe in two people that are human like us the same claim again? We're

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gonna be doing and there people are subservient to us Who do they think they are they think they're going to put themselves equal to us and now you find the racial and ethnic prolife a profiling now this is the third you know the arrogance of fit I own is that of beliefs I'm better than what makes that I own so upset is that how dare you think you can make us equal with these people? Second Zaboo whom if i can i mean and mohalla came because they denied the messengers they destroyed themselves with a how to add a Nemo Sal kita level me to do and I gave Moses the book The Torah the Scripture, perhaps they can find in a guidance which I didn't have no money and then Allah transition so no

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money and I want you to see that the story of Musa doesn't end with Finn Ioan. Allah says law law home yet they're doing that they may find guidance, Allah speaking to the people who believed in Moosa, who are now destined to travel the earth for 40 years, yet he hoonah fell out of the lost in the desert.

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Could you imagine it, Yanni SubhanAllah. If I was Prophet Musa

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and I stood on the shore, and I crossed over with my people, Allah divinely intervened and we crossed, and then we're on the other shore and Pharaoh with his aggression comes against us, and a lot destroys him in front of me. He's drowned. His army is drowned, his ministers are drowned.

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And I'm alive. And Egypt, just there sits without a pharaoh who I can say brought his end, without an army who I can say I brought their defeat, without a succession of leadership, who I can say by the might of my god that's greater than your false god has destroyed them.

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Why does it move Sir crossback. Why does Moosa remain destitute when these people 40 years out of their own Iman Yeti hoonah fell out.

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And there becomes the importance because your test

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is not about dominating others. It's not about governance and rule. It's not about establishment for others, it's about you and your relationship with Allah. And therefore you see Moosa for him to govern amongst his people. Allah says, I gave you the book that I left home, perhaps, perhaps, they will be from those who will follow its guidance, meaning prove you are worthy to enter a lot of them will prove that you are worthy to be a chosen people. And when you abandon that, you are no longer the chosen people. Yes, step do Coleman Allah will bring in your place others as Allah brought after no has Allah brought from whoever for most people as a law brought from other people. It is there is

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No claim that is from a racial bigotry that we're the chosen people just because we're descendants of somebody way back then this is our place this is our land. This is our belief in you know, we're we're the we're the creme de la creme and everybody else can go to hell Subhan Allah, Allah makes it a means test through the fulfillment of the dictates of a scripture and not to have it adulterated.

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May Allah Subhana Allah allow supremacy, for the truth to be amongst a lot of the market data for those who have a claim to the truth. May Allah subhanho wa Taala return on AXA to the rehab of the people of submission and surrender to Him, those who seek his face and those who seek to worship him as the order to be worshipped. Those who have been corrupted the text those who maintain it with a belief and an ideology similar to that which was sent in the very first days upon our never you will have met some Allahu Allah.

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Allah says

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would you I'm no money mo mahieu area 10 where we know who Matt Isla Rob what in that karate woman? I made Jesus and his mother one Nadia aten so Pamela, the miracle of the birth of Isa and the miracle of Isa is a miracle not just for Isa but for Isa as well as money because money um alayhis salaam is money and without Isa like

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a lot doesn't refer to money on my name is said as money I'm Oh Marisa Allah says money I'm admit that I'm wrong. Allah wants you to not judge millenniums worth that she was the mother of Jesus that's her that's her claim to fame that's her claim to spiritual elite at no money M is Maryam without Italia Salaam. Maria is blessed with Isa because of who Maria is. She's money um, as an individual. She's a worshipper of God who attained Completion with him Subhana Allah

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in that we're in the heavy or magical moment and wider. And this is the area we will end with today. This is your nation, the nation of belief. That is one nation where and our bukem fabuleux Fatah code and I am your one Lord. So fear me. So Allah comes full circle from no alehissalaam Yeah. Abdullah, Malika Malacca taco taco, taco Fatah who in fact the whole Yeah, Mohammed, it's the same demand upon you and your oma sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we are in the month where Allah seeks for us to distinguish our taqwa. What do I mean by this taco when I say La La Quinta de Hoon, by the end of the month of Ramadan is that you'll come to the recognition that Allah is supreme and you are the

00:27:48--> 00:28:37

slave that Allah is the law giver, and you are that practitioner of what you've been ordered to submit to. So the last chapter of the Koran summarizes it in the first three verses, put it out to be Robin NASS, you need to make Allah your Lord, the one you believe is the creator, the originator, the Sustainer, the provider, the giver of life, the taker, that Rosa everything that makes Allah they'll rub the Lord the dominant, but that's not enough. illa hiddenness you must make a law of the law giver, that Isla, Maliki nurse you must make a law the king of your life, the king of you as a human being, what is the king do he gives you laws to follow he gives you limitations he gives you

00:28:37--> 00:29:21

orders you have to give back that which you have been obligated to maintain Melih keenness. It's when Allah becomes your rub, and you made his legislation Supreme, then you can get to the third illa hiddenness you will make Allah The one who is your complete Lord Malik amin Isla hin, a euro, ye Mohammed established the three things in the hearts of yourself and your people that I am the Lord. I am the lawgiver. And I am the only one worthy of worship Salalah How do you SLM Fat Duck hoon. So give your fear your love your hope in nothing more or other than me?

00:29:22--> 00:29:31

For takato Abraham by inner home, people separated and removed the way from this path of truth.

00:29:33--> 00:30:00

And Allah Subhana Allah says, sometimes you just have to leave people for whom via marotti him had to heed. You got to leave them until they wake up for themselves or until they come to their own senses or not. It's not always a struggle that I have to I have to carry everyone across the line. No, my arm is always outstretched No, he's always calling to his son to get on the ship through belief. But it doesn't mean that his son definitely will act

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He will must force him into faith. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to allow us to be able to study the Quran and practice it and make it a light of guidance for us in our heart. In these final days of the month of Ramadan if you allow me to make the art for myself in you, we ask Allah subhana wa ala to place in our hearts the light of the Quran and in our eyes, the Huda of the Quran that Allah Subhana Allah makes the Quran the remover of our doubts, the remover of our depression and sadness, that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the Quran approve for us because of our knowledge of it and it's practice and not a proof against us because we heard it and said semia now what I say now

00:30:43--> 00:31:23

we hear but we still disobeyed. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to hear the Quran and say submit and now what I thought, we hear it and we obey, we ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to make the student of the province I sell the more beloved to us than any other way that we have come to know. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make the sunova Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the guiding light of our knowledge of the horror and the mechanization of its practice and implementation in our life. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to fill my home with his hidayah and yours with his he Daya to put in my heart and in your highest the light of faith and truth. Shadow holla whose will door on me he man,

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may Allah open our chest to accept more of our taqwa and faith. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah teachers of the horror on what we don't know, and allow us to remember what we may have been led to forget to allow us to practice it in our privacy as much so as we seek to claim it in our public life, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes the horror and our honor in this life, our honor and protector in the grave, and our honor and shafia and Misha intercessor. On the day of judgment, I pray that the Holy Land becomes a pathway to every success in life, that it leads us to that which we could not attain had we not been acquainted with it. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes us

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from an unknown makes us from those who have the characteristics that we have recited in these verses, makes us from those who have this fella had the dunya success in the dunya and akhira are better at in efic dunya has an awful lot he has no joaquina either now, or law makers from those are the F allow those who have attained that success because of their faith. Allah homage and for your solidarity. Naveen and koshary make us here Allah in our prayers from those who are humble makers from those who turn away from a love women or a dude that we turn our attention away from it makers from those who give their zeca fair Elune committed to fulfilling it. Make us those Yeah, Allah who

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are guarding of our chastity and our morality, distant from lewdness. Allah Hama Jana min men happy though for Raja home era Bella alameen, Allahumma barik Lennar v as well as you know what I'm well in our Alinea or hammer I mean, may Allah subhana wa ala Minkus from those who have an Amanda and a trust within ourselves and others. JOHN and Amanda Tina well, who Dena Rania or hammer Rahimi Allah we ask you to mean because Mahaffey Lina Allah, Allah, Allah home that will lift religion that they are hammer raha mean Allah Houma withnell Fidel say our hammer raha mean Allah we ask you again and they'll feel those we asked you to give us the deeds that lead us to it and to protect us from the

00:33:36--> 00:33:57

punishment of jahannam Allah in the careful wouldn't do HIPAA law for for our law you are the partner for giver of sins, we ask you to pardon and forgive our sins. Yeah, our hammer Rahimi and you love to pardon forgive sins forgive us and pardon our sins Allah. Allah May nica InfoWindow a Buddha for for Allah feelin our hum now what how Where are we now? Well for now?

00:33:58--> 00:34:40

We're heading Isla sulis lm Allahumma Jana who Delta Modine Allah Medina Where have you been? eliminated a lot of money now let's look at to QA well if I will arena, Allah in nearness lol hidayatullah or hammer rahimian Allah hometel Hello Hello when I mean an FF What are my laminaria Allah whom have I been in our v nahata? Yeah, and I came about activatable Mashallah. So another Allah when Athena Amina the Ruby will hotwire kemah Eunuch Arthur will Evie alumina Denis Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik, ala Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through the awareness and in hamdulillah here Abdullah alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik Allah

00:34:40--> 00:34:46

is easy now whenever you know Mohammed had never used omiya he was happy or seldom to Sleeman kathira

00:34:53--> 00:34:53

you hear

00:34:55--> 00:34:56

that he told you I drive.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

It was a really beautiful thing.

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:01--> 00:35:08

seminar I look really forward to we finish roughly half of it more Meanwhile, and I look forward to the next half he

00:35:11--> 00:35:22

has any questions do feel free to ask inshallah in the chat box and that will answer it if that's okay with us. Yes, yes yes my brother I'm with you for another five or 10 minutes inshallah.

00:35:30--> 00:35:35

Alhamdulillah we've just finished our Torah we came home and hamdulillah and I'm here with you.

00:35:49--> 00:35:51

So I guess there's no question

00:35:52--> 00:36:10

that this is recorded and it will be posted on social media. Why he Radek fino FICO. It's a pleasure and an honor and I look forward to collaborating with manby again, we have lots of hands on with Allah grant you success subhanak along we'll be having Deacon shadow Allah in Atlanta suffruticosa to relate with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:36:12--> 00:37:07

Early he was happy he was willing to Sleeman kathira alarm us on the island every year now Mohammed in this ad now Mohammed, Allah Houma, Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed la muslin Liana Mohammed Ali Mohammed Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Idina mohammedia filler welline also liver salimos, guava ricotta Cz now whenever you know Mohammed in Philadelphia mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Allah say easy now whenever you know Muhammad in philomela illa Allah or hammer I mean, la homosassa Allah Muhammad Allah Ali Mohammed Allahumma salli ala Mohammed in early Mohammed came out so late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim, Allah whomever Rick Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed kemajuan Dr. Ibrahim Ali

00:37:07--> 00:37:14

early Ibrahima Filomena in NACA, hamidou Majeed la masani Allah Mohammed

00:37:15--> 00:37:23

Ali Mohammed came also later Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad

00:37:24--> 00:37:25

Ali Mohammed

00:37:26--> 00:37:40

gamma Baraka, Ibrahim awada, early ra Haemophilia lemina in Bologna, Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in kamasan late Ibrahima early Ibrahim law Houma vertic ida Mohammed

00:37:42--> 00:38:02

Mohammed gamma Baraka Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim eflyer lemina in Dhaka hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed in Carmel Sol Nita Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Allahumma vertic Allah Mohammed

00:38:03--> 00:38:45

Ali Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim al amin in hamidou Medina We ask Allah subhana wa Taala in beginning and end to make us from those who are successful in this dunya and after we pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah except for most of the month of Ramadan, except from us in in our prayers I were fasting our Roku and now we should we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to be from those whose sins are forgiven in this blessed month. Allah which I'm now car if Amina now, Allah we ask you to make us from those who are forgiven in this blessing month of Ramadan. Allah in the capital 12454 and Allah who met in Dhaka fall into a bola for under Allah home

00:38:45--> 00:39:11

in the winter a bola for for Allah Houma in Dhaka foon Karim when he went to a bola for four years early urea Kareem Maria Caballero, I nine out of the alameen Allah who met in Nicaragua when Carrie when he went to a bola for for under Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina. Whenever you know Mohammed was early, he was happy he was a linter Sleeman kathira

00:39:12--> 00:39:51

Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed, Allah we ask you to make our Sala and Salam upon the prophets I said a reason it means for us to grow closer in love to him, to make us from those who follow his example and seek His purpose in life. Yeah, Allah. We ask you, Mr. Rahimi to support us in our day to day activities. Yeah, Allah protect us from the harm that surrounds us. Yeah, Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us ease and success in these final nights of the month of Ramadan. May Allah open our hearts to the needs of others and support us wherever we find ourselves in difficulty Allah, Allah guide our hearts towards you Allah manana as I look into who they were to

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

our love our arena, Allah we ask you to give us guidance and piety to protect our chastity and our morality. Our hammer amin Allah

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Do you know why dividend which unnecessarily eliminated our leaders to guidance and need others to guided through us here are hamara Hamid Allah who matinee or hamara amin, Allah Houma for and now what I found out was the learner were Hamner and demo learner until now a little foamy caffeine or better volume now unfortunate we're in them dolphin learner What are hamdallah hold on let me know how serene Robin allocate our kill now illega

00:40:24--> 00:40:25

la cap.

00:40:26--> 00:41:08

I never know what you like and I'll see you Robin Ella to FEMA in nesina Astana Robin our lair tamela Alina is from como Hamilton Levine and Cabrini Robin I will add to have minimal talk with lnav. while I'm there with Phil lenna Warhammer and demo learner for the SORNA alpha will cathrine la homerun so now you're calling me caffeine, Allah home on top now I'll come with caffeine, Allah who mad you know Where had you been? Whether unnecessarily eliminated Allah hamari Nina be hallelujah and her amico was Nina become uncIe wack Allah Houma. dahulu and Amina via auto Hydra armelle and amin n FF, Allah Hama felina or hum now I've been on one for under Allah

00:41:09--> 00:41:56

by here and well in our What will you attend me the Rebbe? One more SSAT nominal Horomia or hammer rahimian. Allah hamana me navali mean Allah homophobe now for a lot of the weather, a lot of the data out of the Wyoming out of the lake of hammer I mean Allahumma salli ala Sayidina Muhammad in Villa welline also Los Alamos guava rekayasa you know, whenever you know Mohammed in Philadelphia in Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik alesi dinner whenever you know mohammadu philomela illa Allah or hammer raha mean, Roberto mabbott NACA Hawkeye biotic vollum net unfortunate vollum net unfortunate La ilaha illa Anta serpin Okay, Nico dominar Bali mean? La ilaha illa Anta Subhana kidney cuanto

00:41:56--> 00:41:57

Mina Bali mean

00:41:58--> 00:42:42

illa Anta Subhana kidney consumidor Bali mean Allah right now not all the becoming a millionaire I want to call Vinayak yowindow within now use the jab Buddha in Colombia NIOSH I mean, Lavinia will be coming up well hopefully when we nail it well castle, why would we come in but meanwhile every day in your region, Allah one so now on Athens where I lay now or academia or hammer I mean, a lot of Medina Isla authority for Salah illa sabula celeb biometrika or hammer Rahimi Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik alesi you know, whatever, you know Mohammed while he was he was held into Sleeman kathira Suhana cologne where we're having to go tabarka smoker dialyser Ducati La Ilaha euro Allah

00:42:42--> 00:43:19

Varanasi that will get sushi at the chef is Shiva laowa sarcoma although we've been asked to make diet for those who are sick or lucky with the illness out of hammer I mean remove it so that there's nothing to remain after it's been removed. Allah Hamada here on a our but I mean Oh la purifiers and our homes and our people yeah a lot of Allah give victory to the people who are oppressed in Philistine in Masuda laughs or support them yeah or hammer I mean, do not support others against them. Yeah, Allah give them safety and peace and security once again. Yeah, Allah allow them to return to the masjid without being molested. Yeah, Allah give them openness. Yeah, or hammer Rahimi

00:43:19--> 00:43:39

Allah whoever have lost their homes with this aggression and theft Yeah, Allah return it to them or give them better in this dunya and after I or hammer I mean, our lawmakers from those who stand up for the truth and speak the truth even when it's bitter. Also Lila was a limousine with Eric Alessi. Now whenever you know Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was salam, Wa Alaikum