Sulaiman Moola – Father And Son Relationship

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The upcoming virtual event will include a presentation and discussion of attendees, with the attendees included in the event and the organizers providing guidance and support. The negative reactions of some attendees to the event and the importance of finding a balance between father and son are discussed. The segment touches on the negative impact of a young man's social media presence on the generation of young people, and the concept of "has been met" in western culture is discussed. The conversation between the father and son includes references to physical and monetary aspects, and the speaker expresses concern about the freedom of expression and encourages others to share their experiences.
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Alhamdulillah Allah alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah linhai alameen. wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman who Allah whom we have sun in Isla Yomi Dean

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for the college in Nevada kitabi Hill Majeed, Connie Hill Hamid also be learning Amina Shivani rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, Ana de novo Nibbana Wakanda female Xenia buena Yakama mana, taco Malika de casa de la Giovanni yasui. Mooney Ameen Alma Kala simulium I mean amarilla Hill Murphy wahala been a woman mode for a minute Marathi. Carina Salatu was salam, Al Shabaab busaba. Tomita junoon. oka. mattala. Elena Salatu was salam, honorable scholars, the respected brothers, elders and listeners, it is indeed soothing to the eye, comfort into the heart to see the multitudes and scores of you that have gathered here today.

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before I proceed with my talk, I would like to devote two minutes of my time to the 1000s, Nay, the 10s of 1000s of you that are not present here today, by virtue of which I would like to include them in today's event, and make it a global event and international program. The narration appears in ethnic casier in the 24th Jews in the 40th chapter of the Quran

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that there was one young man from Syria, who used to frequent the discourses of Amara, the Allahu anhu. He was a very talented, very skilled, very energetic, very dynamic young man cannot rule on the scene when a holy Sham, efe to in our top so one day Oh my god, Allah who was having a program where people had gathered and converged, and Omar looked around him and this boy was out of sight. So Amara, the young man who said way is so and so I don't see him in today's event. One person from the gathering said, Omar don't bother asking Tata bajada Shut up. I'm sorry to say this young man is done. He is not so bad. He's not in a position to attend our gathering today. They might have even a

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cathedral for the amaru katiba Abu Omar called his Skype and he said right for me quickly, mean normal revenue setup in our folder and

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this is a brief note from top to seven so Am I bad? After praising Allah subhana wa tada for any man to La la la de la ilaha illa Whoa, La La cabine rockabilly to be shady. Bobby de la ilaha illa Illa Hill mercy, I pray is before you that Allah Rafi read them the one who bought incense copulate, Toby one who accepts repentance. Shetty deny Toby its turn in his torment. Vic told one of my 10 grand a Muslim to him is our ultimate return. He then entrusted the note to the envoy and attach to conditions with him. He said Do me a favor, give it to the man himself and no one else we don't want to disclose his problems and divulge his mistakes. Secondly, give it to him when he's sober. If he's

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done, then wait when he's sober. Then you hit the note over to him. The envoy took the note and he left. Then he addressed the congregation that was present. And he said some makaan and he was happy he odo long had a cabana we can be here when you have a lot of money. I asked every one of you present he addressing those around him to passionately engage in supplication for the guidance of this brother to whom I have sent this note. ask Allah to guide him and accept these repentance phenomena. Or rajala Kitab lahoma when the note of humor in a hot tub, what is deep rooted passion and concern, coupled with the application of the audience around Homer came in the lap of this man

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who had the habit of drinking Phantom mipela virtue lakita bomber, Jana yaku. You do? He held that note? And he started reading the verse repeatedly. And then he said further on jacoba Bhavani, a young Pharaoh de Omer has been very diplomatic. And my hat's off for Omar. He's cautioned me on the wrong that I have done. He's warned me of the torment of Allah but has even given me hope in the mercy of Allah phenom ESL euro de Doha, Allah nuptse, he had tabaka end of the day, he was a Muslim, like the Muslim this very moment in a pub or a club, he has that spark of demand. He led through the note repeatedly but as I said, it was just not a shear note. It was coupled with the with the

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supplication of the audience around Homer.

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bucha his eyes became moist and then he started sobbing. So manassa then he abandoned sun for sun and NASA and he became one of the most reformed humans and youth of Madina, munawwara phenomena Bella Onorato when Omar was informed of the positive response that he got from this young man who had the evil habit of drinking, he made in a plea he made a plea and a request to the entire ummah. He said is our item often Lacuna Coil Latin for set dedeaux What was the coup? What we'll learn how the US econ whether Taku r1, and misshapen era.

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I'm asking you in future adopt my methodology. When you see your fellow brother has deviated either item upon luck on Zelda Zelda, he has deviated or deterred and we heard by one of the previous speakers for set dedeaux what was sicko, then politely diplomatically, bring him back onto the path, and do not condemn him and ridicule him. In doing so you are at the devil against him. So at this juncture, brothers, we make dua for the 1000s needed 10s of 1000s of youth across the globe. And just as Allah conveyed the sentiments on the obligation of pilgrimage of Abraham to the world, we are optimistic that Allah will transmit our sentiments of concern. Just areas Allah transferred and

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and conveyed the sentiments of Omar say inshallah.

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Friends and elders amongst the many social dilemmas that stare at the Muslim Ummah on a global level. One is the sensitive relation between father and son. Some would describe it as reserved my father and we just have a reserved relation, others would call it tense, and for many Allah forbid, it's a hostile relation. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam eloquently said it as a noun for the Sava, in essence, a person will throw his friend closer and he will distant his father, at the cost of strengthening the bond between friend and friend, he will compromise the relation between father and son. I often translate this Hadid by saying, He will prefer being introduced by a friend than the

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Father. So when you'll be asked to you know, give us some background to your family, oh, you know, my father, you know, Doctor so and so we are classmates, we practice together we share rooms, so we travel together, he will feel a degree of privilege being identified as what his social friend what is clicked with his fears, and he will find it below his dignity been introduced by his father or by his family. Now, let me share with you an observation in from the onwards remove

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any two people with a father or son, brother and brother, neighbor and neighbor, if the bond is motivated by spiritual sentiments, buy some form of unlock consciousness. And this is a relation that will last and will prosper on the reverse if it is a bond between any two even if it is as close as father and son, but if it doesn't have spiritual connotation, and it doesn't have a spiritual tie, I'm afraid this will not see the times at this relation will not prosper. Simple example to cite two people to pilgrims performing pilgrimage together. This is a relation and a bond that remains forever and ever. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the galaxy of ambia.

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Allah describes the galaxy of Umbria in the Quran, with a common feature in Oculus now whom Bihari swattin xikar. We're in Indiana luminol Mustafa in VR, Allah says the heart of every prophet is exclusively focused on Africa, and is occupied by preparation for our era. The scholars of the fsid have raised a question regarding satana jacoba Salatu was Salam that while he belongs to the fraternity of prophethood, to the galaxy of MBR, it was rather strange for him to lament the separation of Eastern uses, to the extent that he became visually impaired. Is this not contrary to this verse that compels the prophets to be exclusively focused on afra,

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Kavita novela, whom Allah has endeavored to answer this question, and it's taken support from the writings of machete telephony which I have the good privilege of reading. He says understand the bond between Yaqoob and Yusuf was just not the bond between a biological father and a son. This was a bond between a prophet and the Prophet. So yaku did not see his son only with the physical eye. He seen him with the spiritual eye

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proof of this is that 80 years later, when the news was brought that your son is alive, and the eldest son Yehuda came and place the shirt on the face of Yaqoob and the Quran said furutech de basura. Allah restored his vision.

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So the sun breaks the good news to the Father Oh my father good news. We know if a person is missing.

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A boat is capsized after two three days, the fear of his survival is now becoming more bleak. And after a week or 10 days if you are told that the person is alive, what would be your natural reaction? You are communicating with a father after 80 years and you are told or the father is told your son is alive. So he asked his eldest son how he is my son uses

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food for thought.

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So the eldest son says, Oh my father, you can say with relief, he is a king with reference to marvel current volume on page 133. On the strength of soufiane theory this is mentioned he said no my son you missing the point I'm asking what is the condition of the man of use of

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now I have met youth in Australia specifically in in in Queensland, q UT Queensland University of Technology. Many brothers tell you you are traveling abroad you will meet my youngster find out how his condition has he got sufficient funds? Is the accommodation up to standard? And no way in the discussion of the communication? Does the man have this boy feature? But that's not all. My point in my message I hope I can eloquently convey myself that this relation between father and son has to become stronger. For many it is purely business father and son only talk business nothing else. Next contain the next segment when we go into China with the new portfolio. For many father and son it is

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leisure sports who's played What's the score who want nothing else. These Never mind any there's no social interaction, there's no Islamic injection.

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Then he tells his son, who is yehudah. And this is mentioned in the same quotation on the strength of Hudson Firstly, he says my son You have brought good news to me. And I need to acknowledge you for the good news you've brought. I really want to put on record my gratitude to you. Did you have brought the news to me? You know, you tell a young psycho good news. She said Yes, exactly. Like again, human. Why I can be Masako when you get married. But it's just a token of acknowledgement.

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He said my son, I need to do something for you to tell you acknowledge you. But then again, this is the house of Prophet wood. There's nothing tangible. There's nothing physical. There's nothing monetary. But I thought I'd leave you with the door in your favor.

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Is that my son? I want to acknowledge you by the following supplication when the pains of death intensify upon you. This is the dawn today if it's said it's taken as a curse, because as far as cursing is,

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as the poet said, What's that done?

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What's that dentistry? What's our mo to Yahtzee? boonie minko living in Belarus in one hour How many? I seen the grip of death intensifying upon me and mercilessly removing my soul and my body lie before them. While bassoon is he has been lucky mama ha was Watson no Sana tinleigh ruku

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sudo de la la harmony. Then I was made to a sleevless government and they offered a prayer upon me which had no Bobby no prostration hoping that the almighty put is my condition which Allah said in the Quran, fellow law is a banner watch for Lupo one final rune If only you were present when this young man was taking his last breath, and all those gathered around expressing their sympathy.

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In control, Rama Dini, if you control the situation, and you had all the poor, now return the soul to this dying man. But you know, it's an impossible thing. My love for you is on my son when this situation prevents in your life. It is the draw of a father to a son and in between Whom It May Allah make it easy for you so that you can die peacefully and your soul is removed with ease and comfort.

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kotomi then writes that there isn't a better gift a father can share with his son. There isn't a better interaction. There isn't a better dialogue. And so Hannah Montana speaks about two sons in the Quran in surah Kahf in the 26 jobs. The first son Allah says is that grateful son Hata Isabella should

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mean Asana, who is the son and what is the condition of the son, he makes the following dua to Allah daily cannot be ozium zipmoney Scott on now medical Letty and Talia, Allah made me amongst those that are grateful to the bounties you have showered upon me and the bounties.

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You have showered upon my parents was literally fevery Yeti and Allah reformed for me my children that are to come. This is the door Many people ask if you have rebellious children. What is the supplication to make this was the daughter of Satan Abu Bakar the Allahu scholars of the sea right in Metallica Tenzin. This is mentioned lambda comm aka domina Sahaba and mahadji Raina Muhammad Aslam ah hoo, wah wah wah hoo, Wah boo. There was no one in the galaxy of Sahaba, who enjoyed the exclusive privilege of Abu Bakar that while he was a faithful companion of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, his father Abou kochava, his mother, both were Muslims and Sahaba so was his wife so his

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daughter's asthma and Ayesha so a sons of the Rahman and Mohammed Nabi Becker, the only savvy who enjoys both his parents, his wife, his children, all had accepted Islam. This was the application of Satan Abu Bakr, radi Allahu May Allah make this a common sight in our homes.

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Then Allah goes on to speak of the rebellious son of the arrogant son and I spoke my opening verses ties up with this year. Who is there again, son?

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Allah says one of the columns e. o phila, Kuma donnini n o Raja waka quality Luca rune. I wish you can comprehend the eloquence of Quran. Allah says what about that arrogant abrupt son who comes in and tells his parents Now listen to this interaction? This is also an interaction attorney, Danny and Raj when you stop harping on life after death,

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when you stop hopping your monotonous walk or the Pilates guru Newman company is a young boy so he only see through the eye of logic. Many have died before me. I haven't seen one dead man standing up from his grave. Give me prove that I will stand up. Yesterday Ethan Illa ABC this cry of many parents today? We've heard it we've seen it. we've witnessed it. What is the cry yesterday? Now you explore the grammar of the word is divots. I don't have time or whom is the son in law in these parents passionately trying to allow big a law they come back to the son way like oh my silly fool his son, when you look won't be to you. I mean, listen to what your parents are telling you abandon

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your son and your vice. And if you want to understand even more clearly the verse that I quoted before you when Satan told his son or nada, no Honey Boo, what can a FEMA seal a Navy also After all, it is his son? He said listen my letter I need to have a discussion father and son in intellectual discussion with you. Listen to me, my boy, you think you're smart? You think you can move? You think you have contact but now we're talking of divine torment? Yeah, you talk you play now with the system of Allah. Today the flood is going to come and I think have you bought my Ark and you will be saved. Again the logic of this boy the arrogance of this boy. Are we eligible

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Yasukuni? minalima No, my father I got I don't you haven't even heard of it. You don't know it is where I chilled every day. The son My son, leave your children and your attitude. saharawi illa Japan, Simoni minalima it is the senate of a mountain which you're not familiar with. And I've been there previously and when I sit there and save. So you tell him Don't try. I got to be my friend.

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So you know what, I got this benefit I got debt coverage. This cushion will come out. I'm covered this way. This is the logic of the boy. At that time. The cushion of that day was the center of the mountain.

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The Quran says the father passionately engaging the son the son was going on Allah knows best things were not meant that way. What had happened in a woman remote wahala been a woman motif icon Amina rockin, In came the waters of Allah which Allah said for Fatah Ababa sama edema in Mohammed of a journal. Una water came from the top and from the bottom separated father and son. As the father started sailing he seen with his own eyes his son, Tony, let me leave you with an incident. And this thing will really give you a typical manifestation of the bond between father and son. Omar Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah when he assumed the position of siddhappa.

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After he completed and he succeeded the previous halifa Abdul Malik, he completed from the rituals of burial and immediately they have the the state conveyance was brought to receive him. So he said Molly what ohana? ruhani barakallahu Lacan waka Rivoli Basilica in leafy Hubba lava. Listen, I'm not comfortable with this fancy conveyances I'm an old orthodox man. I don't know all these buttons and that bring my Mueller mount on to it and take me to the machine. He got on to the mule and he went to the masjid a Salah to Jamia he gathers announces everybody come to the masjid he ascends the pulpit is this listen people

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I've been given this position but I'm not comfortable. Yeah, everybody says Tanaka, ameerul momineen. This is consensus and we happily have elected you and democratically we have elected you. We are more than happy with you as our leader. He said, Well, if you might need that, listen, this is how we start the relation. The day that he was sworn into office the day of his inauguration. We know what the best thing is what a party that is. As soon as he takes position now he's inaccessible to the public. Now you as a spokesman, you got to leave a message in his office. Look at Omar Abdulaziz, Topeka, Yokozuna salat wa, well, you certainly don't fit dunia. When you receive a phone

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call after a while you take care of him bill mouth bill, I'm interested in probable cause to further study.

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He says if we come into this relation, let's come and sit on common grounds. Allah give me his consciousness and I'd like him to the message and the general subjects. Let me think of death and let you think of that. They saying he started it in such a way that he moved everyone to two years after completing his sermon, he descended from the pulpit and he went home. He wanted to have a brief, you know, short nap. As he put his head down on the panel. There is a knock at the door. Who is at the door? It's your young son. How old is he? 17. What is his name up till Monday? Can I meet with my father? Yes, come inside. It comes in. He says a Santa Monica ameerul momineen mother.

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My father, you've now entered into office, you know, holding the reins. So what's the program from today? onwards? What happens this very moment. He says my son, what do you do on

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today's Sunday? You know nepotism is coming? When do I get my post? Where do I feature to get the dialogue between father and son? Or my son who read one outfit? I just want to have a nap. So he says my father, can I ask you a second question please with respect? Go for it. Oh, my son, a three two and four Capella and Delmarva? illa anglica? Are you ready to return you to bed? When there are many people that are suffering oppression and are victims to oppression? Are you going to sign while these people remain oppressed? And the perpetrators are on the run? Oh my father. We are asking the son of today to ask his father politely. Or my father. Are you going to Mauritius for a holiday when

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we haven't settled our debts? On my father? Are you going to have such a lavish occasion? When we know people in our own family don't have basic roof above them? So the father interjects and he says listen, my son, listen my son in a concert.

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You know, last night after the death of the previous 34 we were engaged in his burial and hence I did not have time. Give me till for I need grace for my son and then I'm up and then we resolve all the disputes. He says okay, my father last question. Then I end the chapter you go for it my son What is it? He said men laka ameerul momineen the antonija in a hurry. I only have one question my father something that bothers me. Who stands guarantee that you will awaken at the time of verse Allah?

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My father These are your words. So we asked him the son of today on my father. What gives you guarantee you will come back from Mauritius to settle these deaths are going to manage annual return the narration safer, better Harvey Hill Kalamata azima Tahoma. This gave a shiver to the back of Homer. Authority gnome Amina in a his tiredness fatigue disappeared. And then he stood up and he called his son he said come close. Within a minute come closer my son, Rama, who he then embraced the sun, Cappella kobina na even kissed him between his eyes and tears started flowing. He said Alhamdulillah He loves us Raja means will be mejor de Genie. I am grateful to my Creator who has

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created from my pet such children they bring me closer to my Allah when I step off the mark.

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But that's the son to the Father. Let me tell you the father to the Son mamoon Edna Moran said I went to visit Omar Abdulaziz, his son was going to Damascus. Your son is going to China my father and he's going on a business trip and you will be interacting with SMS and email. Let me tell you what's the dialogue here. He says I walk into the room of Omar Abdulaziz is writing a note to his son. What is the note to his son yagoona in the locker of Santa Elena fiesta de la Marina kabiri. First Korea una casa La la la la la Juan de Fuca will kibra one hazama for in the homina homina shavon. So you'll also be asking him what's the latest you met them you met this supply is if you've

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got the container, make sure you find you know you put this in the container Don't forget to do this is the type of interaction open for the phone in his son in the Caribbean in one Cisco and update. Listen to this interaction. He writes a note on my son remember Allah has been kind to us in all methods, whether small or big. And remember that constantly remember the previous of Allah upon you and your parents and my son in law say don't let even a trace of pride come into you. I'm only asking you my father. When you send your SMS and you send your email

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Have your business discussions but at the end also send a message Have you performed your Salah of the day you flying today you got to be at the airport look after your eyes make sure you gave a talk and turn to Allah and I'll see you when you get home. I'm not saying don't have a spiritual dimension, physical you know conversation have it but let it be flavored.

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So anyway, then he writes in the note in the in the, in a cubby kitabi Holly ambreen batani hanker for Marbella. In Nila Basilica btw Holly ambreen Bhavani hunka from RF to me in America de la Syrah I'm not warning you about about any wrong or I'm writing this note because I've received some complaints about you Alhamdulillah till today my son You've made me a proud father, I can stand up with my face in society later on Naboo Bella neon cache will pick up enough sake however I have heard through the grapevine that there is a degree of pride that has come into you in your into your my son. Today's father has been hurt by someone he knows with his own eyes his son his flesh in with

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that cow. It's not a vague communication. It's explicit and it's arrogant. It says oh my son I ever heard one another layer job ha Raja pika Illa de la de minima Taka, oh my son if this news has to be true, that what the wealth Allah has given us any man who has complained to me that your son has become proud, I'm afraid my son as kindly as I am to you. Our relation is going to take a new dimension. Then he called me noon evening, open your ears, my father's Open your hearts and listen. He said listen. Oh mamoon in Ebony Abdel Malik pzU ENFP me, let me now confide in you and tell you a reality. My son, Abdul Malik, I love him. He is the support of my shoulder. I lean on him and I walk

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with any actor he will not see the dialogue. But I think I have overstepped the mark in love. And I think I am to be blamed. We're in a akuna below. Allah Allah He may be Raka Nima, you Draco la mina llama and we will be allowed to him. You know what, oh, Abdul Malik. Oh, Matt Mooney Blair Maharaj. Let me tell you, I think because of the profound love I have for my son, it has now actually veiled my sanity and I have been gripped by the melody that grips and every father and that is blindness and deafness to the faults of these children. So listen, take my note fine, una moneda he is a young boy and he is moving in his life if pride gets into him now it will kill his generation what they

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say fame if you can't control it, it becomes a flame it burns the same person take this note and go My time is running out I need to share one more incident and I hope I can round up he says anyway I got there I had when I met this young boy phenomenal cotton candy.

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One Akuma Laughlin one Oksana Devon Minho, Allah Dasa t Sydney. He was

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a young well dignified, well, young boy, striking in his appearance profound in his character. He received me with a broad smile, met him discussed with him captive camouflage. I didn't tell him anything. How you doing young Boeheim? Well. Ronnie Upshaw punakha Ghorbanifar Snowbird new Juan de Devi abluminal for the liquid llama yoga? No, I only have one concern that I mustn't be deceived by the good image that my father has of me. And I am far from what my father thinks and I'm very worried pride must come into me. mamoon said let me now divulge the reality to you, Oh son, from Egypt to me at Fatima. I looked at the father. I looked at the sun. I said Subhan Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Houma. I have seen many fathers I have seen many sons. I have seen father and son Shea lightheartedness. I've seen father and son smiling like brothers. I haven't seen the lights of Homer, even Abdul Aziz and his son up till Monday, I conclude my time is up. I'm going to ask my emcee to be kind enough to give me two minutes. Sorry for that. I take you into the critical moment and that is in the throes of death. That's a sensitive interaction between father and son. Omar Abdulaziz is in the throes of death. muslimah Abdul Malik comes to visit him. So the meaning there is a thing that been bothering me and irking me, and I always wanted to share it with you but

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now you're about to die if I don't share it. Now. When will I ever share it with you? He said, Go for it. muslimah tell me what it is. I will digest it. He said in nakaka, photometer aquatic and hodel Man, I hope you don't take it in a bad note. But I must tell you despite ruling you really denied your children of wealth you denied them comforts for Habana No Oh, say that became a ninja Oh, elemental Illuminati. I wish you make me the trustee of you're the trustee of your estate and leave behind some money at least I can discharge it amongst your children. When you heard this as sick as he was in his fatal illness. He said a Jimmy sooni lesson I need to set up Can somebody just

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support me and get me up so they supported him and he's to set up? Is that a Mako Luca button to Allah de unhardened

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The first allegation you threw to me in my face before I could take my last breath and that is I've denied my children well, well let me set the record correctly before I take my last breath. One law he may or may not happen when I'm at home say and they said of him, Allah be my witness. I have never denied my children they do and they're right. At the same time, I don't believe kindness is I * the wealth of others and give it to my children. I don't believe that kindness what was the right I gave it to them? And with regards to my the trustee of my estate, I have left Allah in charge.

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hain and Allah tala deals with them directly. Then he said Muslim and let me get the guys my children into two types of two categories were Adam Yama, Yama to an Abba Dora julaine My children, Allah blessed in 19 children 19 children in Mirage alone sorry.

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For 70 love women for whom in America Maharajah, either one of my children or one type of my children, they fit the profile of a pious boy, if they fit that profile. Then they divinely handed over to Allah. Allah by his declaration has said my

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llama Raja Superwoman hi sola. To see if you feel me I will make an opening for you in every situation or then my children are of the nature category and what is it what you masala Han Maki banana mahasi funen akuna ohana may you may know who bill money Allah maaseiah de la if my children have the letter category, that is the flesh in their spike their hair, and they disobeyed Allah lemonly openly arrogantly Why should I leave behind? Well for a boy who will disobey your law and I suffer more in my grave.

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Why should I leave behind? Well for a boy who will party with every woman who will sit in every club and I suffer in my grave that he said muslimah you brought tears in my eyes called my children. I need to look at them for the last moment as the children lined up for it now which father you can imagine emotions crossing his heart. His eyes became toys until started dropping booka booka booka and Sangeeta he then cried from within people around her the side people around her the agony and the pain. He then looked at them with a deep sigh he said my children I haven't left behind well, however Pathak to La Casa de la but Allah be my witness I have left behind a lot of good for you.

00:32:31 --> 00:33:16

What is the good in akong? Listen to the statement in nutcombe lotta more Runa be a 30 minute Muslim ina Oh as limiting him in LA LA Kumari him haka. I have led such a righteous life with the grace of Allah, that whenever you will pass by any Muslim or non Muslim, they will look at you and say, because of these children's father, we owe them a lot. The world will see me with I have installed your love in the hearts of people on the reverse or us that we leave behind debts. And people look at our children and say this man is eating my money. His father usurped my wealth and today is driving a car that is mine. He said, Oh my son, I have left behind such love in the hearts of people

00:33:16 --> 00:33:36

that people will love you. I end with the car. He then told him all my children I have one request in my brain. You have one of two choices. In my interest of know why did Hulu go on a splash and go and make money and go and disobey your law but then you must be ready to know your father burns in *.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:49

Up to the character I displayed love up to the poverty I left amongst you when you're a boo Jenna and I'm optimistic than your father will make his way into paradise. One of Cebu in

00:33:50 --> 00:34:15

Tirana in Costa Rica Amina Narada Latina I'm pretty certain you will up for the letter that your father received from her. He then said como Rosa como la Kumar sama como la go my children We will now meet in gentlemen, Allah be your guardian Allah take care of you. My time has left. We hope from this convention. It can rise in our myths. Both the father like Omar Abdul Aziz and the son like Abdul Malik Allah contest, understanding

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