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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The advice of Islam to children includes avoiding false advice, respecting parents, knowing the truth, and not giving advice to children. The importance of visualizing oneself and communicating with others is emphasized, along with the use of words in religion and being aware of rights and obligations. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam's " acknowledge" and reward others for their contributions to society, and the negative impact of negative comments on one's health and education.
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In Alhamdulillah, in Alhamdulillah, enough with one stone we know when to stop.

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fusina say Dr. Medina, my

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Mo Farah de Allah, Allah shadow Allah illallah wa de Mola Sheree kalon when I said Juan de la Maulana Mohammad Abu or sudo Amanda bolometer Baraka wattana

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protocol Hamid

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Amina shape on your watch me this Milan Walkman Rahman you're what we call a local man we live in an era where you're able

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to select Villa English chilika Lagoon Ali Baba Santa Viva la di hum Allah.

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Allah was new to Hopi Armenian is scary when you had a lie and mostly we're calling the BU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam culatta to lie you can remove him Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah is a key him while Amada buena de sakalava darville Cabo aka zero mannheimia rasulillah Karla Ullman and one Mossville. Well, Mona pasilla, who will have a look at the outcome our calling is Salatu was Salam. Salam Ala Moana nelarabine masakazu al Karim, Allah daddy camino de Sha Karina, welcome to reliable army, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. I have selected before you few verses of Surah lokman. A lot of police that had in doubt this individuals in our local monilinia salaam with such foresight, such wisdom, such sound knowledge that he still today remembered and revered and honored. And given the title as lokman the ways we can gather and

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understand how deep and how sound is advice, one that a lot of bullies that gave it's such a recognition that Allah coated the advice of local man to his son in the form of Quran and preserved it for which we memorize and recite it. And Allah has also labeled one chapter in the Quran by referring it to it as Surah lokman dicy Karima that I recited is part of a discussion with Father advising his son, perhaps you and I should reflect, ponder and contemplate after listening to these advisors, on how many instances do we get our children and address them on this issue? And how much of this form of advice have we impacted and implemented into our children? Why is a local man with a

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Bunny Allah, Allah, Allah says when father and son are sitting and discussing and further advising his son, or my son, law to Shrek Villa, whatever happened, input into our lecture, whether you burnt alive or you killed, don't ever a scribe partners with a law in America who Nazim Oh, my beloved Son, oh, my loving son, the son I cherish and I honor and I love, you must understand that she is the greatest form of injustice and oppression that any soul can commit to himself.

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Allah codes this advice, that is the first advice father advice in his son, then Allah switches in the sequence of the Quran. From the advice of local man to the Son, Allah switches to Allah personal advice to insaan to the son of lokman, enter humanity in its entirety. And they after Allah resumes back to the advice of laquan la Salaam, the mufa series deduce certain guidelines in Allah adopting the sequence and what is the next advice that follows in the script of Sudoku, man, after man has advised the sun and then Allah goes on to continue with the advice. And Allah says, Our final Inza, NaVi while at the end, we have commanded men and ordained men to be kind and loyal, and obliging and

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respectful to his parents.

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Furthermore, among these parents, Allah singled out and highlight the kindness of the mother more in this particular area. homiletical mucho, Cora.

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Cora, Juan Luis

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de la tuna, Sha. Allah says that his mother, born him and killed him with sickness upon sickness, weakness upon weakness, brothers before studying the Quran, many times the thought used to cross my mind that every time the mother hops on one thing that you stayed in my stomach for nine months, and I kept you here for nine months. As a child at times, personally, I used to get monotonous and I used to say, okay, you done it, it's over. Well, when Allah gave me the opportunity to study the Quran, and understand the Quran, I safely come to the conclusion whether you're Muslim

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harps on this kindness or not Allah Allah is harping on the same thing.

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Whether your mother is stressing it upon you or not, Allah is stressing it upon you. So Allah says kindness to your parents, then Allah is your back and continues with the advice of lachemann What is it yagoona inna? Oh my beloved son. If you have to ever just obey Allah Don't ever do it. In fact, another advice I want to focus my whole talk today on the advice of luminaries from the words of wisdom that came out from this episode Indian slave, who left in the era of Dawa during his Salaam, who was given a choice between wisdom and Prophethood and opted for wisdom. Allah gave him such wisdom that the Quran recognizes and code the wisdom of Kabbalah his salat wa salam.

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O my son, Lee akun Jara to coddle Marcy, because

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you must have that amount of courage in just obeying the law proportionate to how much you can pay the other half of Allah

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who can pay the house of Allah

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yopu Lee Oh my son in law that wrong. Inna interco Miss Carla hottie min Haldol Geeta sin infection so small that to the side of signs of a mustard seed for that can feel chakra and then you commit that wrong in a concealed you place the needle in a mountain out this summer what on

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earth on earth are we need God in Milan Allah God nothing from the karate hobby room de makani ha My beloved son as much as I love you whatever you're doing please in the skies on the earth or hidden somewhere Allah is on you. And on the day of Tiamat why in Ghana Miss Carla hug but him in her journey in China Nabina watch TV as my new device might be we will produce it and our knowledge suffices for accountability. We need not computers, no calculators, no angel, no book. However, angels and Nami Ahmad is to prove you and record what you have done. Otherwise, man you are capable of denying the wrong you have done. So for your purpose, that is why they are angels that are

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recorded and they are books that will be presented, but the knowledge of a lot. It's an insult to say that Allah need that book to make records. Let's record it for men's purpose. Allah knowledge is complete one Makana bukanlah See Ya Allah doesn't forget La Villa P. What is our Messiah describe in a line the court of Pharaoh said, My Allah never makes a mistake. May Allah never forget. So the naamyaa man in danger is for our benefit, so that these books can be presented before

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some of us sitting say, what was the wisdom

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in mentioning the advice of lokman where the father advises the son and cautions the son against the scribe in partners with Allah. Then Allah continues the advice by stressing upon the importance of parents. And then Allah resumed the advice of lokmanya li salam, I came across this today interested in what man is behind Allah. May Allah Filmora severe Amador Rahmatullah is Greg with no, he extracts a unique explanation in this sequence. He says the father did not in this particular advice, stress upon his son, oh, my son, respect me, on me, revere me so that it does not reflect an image of price that I want, my son must salute me and revere me in on me, but rather the father

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stressed upon the son the rights of Allah. So when the father took it his duty to make the son understand his obligation to Allah, Allah took it upon himself to make the son understand obligation to his father.

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The father played his role in making this boy understand who Allah is. Allah revealed the Quran in told his boy understand who their father is, once I became a restaurant, came to our booth, dah, dah, dah, dah, my father insisted I get married to this girl, I got married. Now things are not going very smooth. My father in society, both the girl, what advice can you provide for me in this dilemma of mine, I

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said, I'm not in a position to tell you to keep your wife low. Am I in a position to tell you divorce your wife, however, I will vote for you one heartbeat, which will make you understand the rights and obligations you owe to your father on the grounds of debt. You can view the esteem honor that Allah has endowed your father, then you can value his statement that he has said, I have heard syllabi everlasting not one, so two or twice but repeatedly, that the best form of entering gentlemen is service to your father for insha. Allah jellicle Baba in citta da if you wish, honor that entrance, if you wish, abandon it, the choice is yours.

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Nevertheless, one occasion Satan alucobond Elena salatu salam addresses his son, which I want to discuss today. And he says, Oh, my son, I have studied the lives of unbearable Salam in detail. And I found out eight eight salient qualities at

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Outstanding qualities common in the life of every Navy. In essence, it is the summary of all my son implement these four advises the other two out of the eight. Don't ever mention them. And the last two, don't ever forget them. So four things to be conscious about four things omitted and erased. If two things omitted and erase it from your memory, and two things Oh, my son, whatever happens Don't ever forget it. What deep advice. The first thing Oh, my son is a twin. Jeff is Salah to fall back

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on my son when you are performing Salah. My humble advice to you is take care of your heart. How can you communicate with Allah and your heart moving in your shop in your Bazaar, speaking about a plan in your deal that needs to happen up to Sarah are thinking of the meal that you are going to eat. Daddy, Allah says you have an awesome elemental interface. ala man who are mini Oh my servant, you stand before me and you focus on someone other than me. Is there a beam that is more attractive than myself? Is there some other guy at some other some other power that's more caring, more loving, more cherishable that you stand before me and you think of him while communicating with me? While windows

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seven puts his head on prostration it comes in to say you're not bobbing on the floor. The most honorable organ in the human body is his forehead in his forelock, that it goes in the court of law you are bowing and prostrating before law and not underground

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restaurant scene one person performing salah and he was fiddling with his clothes and his beard nebulae around said lo Harsha baja de la casa de la if there was the awareness of Allah in the heart of this man, he would have not been doing this futile action or this you know something that he that that brings no benefit enhances PSA. So all my son when you are performing Salah brothers How sad how unfortunate how tragic well I don't have words to describe. We come for Salah Some of us are lucky right to one in all some of us this is the first Salah for the week de la sala for the week, we come first we we come last we leave birth, the condition of our Salah, up down kiss the ground in

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fact without.

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Further we are answerable to Allah we are communicating with Allah in Salah we cannot visualize and focus on the greatness and the grantee of Allah then outside Salah when we are sitting in the environment of evil and vice How will we ponder and contemplate over the greatness of Allah so my son My first advice to you is account of his Salah

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when you're performing Salah take care of your heart and Let not your heart digress. He is a pitcher acaba if not I always mentioned for those who do not understand Arabic picture. People as Madonna, we don't understand Arabic whatnot. We'd rather picture yourself wrapped up in that.

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Picture yourself wrapped up and people standing around the grave and so busy deciding who will go down and your son crying in your son morning and someone rushing in someone crying and your body lying there and they say okay past the janazah now don't know more doctors have no more there's no more that past them or home. All your titles have been trumped up every day when you stand and you communicate with Allah picture that grave. You don't know which piece of land it will be you don't know who will be burying you you won't know who will be lower in you. But visualize yourself there for people standing down and say Paul digenova you've been lowered you've been dropped. Well if we

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have that awareness of Salah get Salah will become an hurdle an obstacle from haram that Salah will motivate us to obey Allah. Allah will bring us consciousness in our life. But unfortunately in namaz white standing and communicating with Allah I'm busy planning how I will do someone down in my dealings after to masala how I would speak ally to someone. All my dealings have been planned in my Salah. What does Allah if Allah only merely as you know doesn't punish that it is sufficient nevermind rewarded. We move on to the second advice of Satan elementary son is a point of his karate back when you are in Salah safeguard your heart. What is our Quinta man? Nyssa Quinta man,

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listen, I know my son. When you sit in with people in a gathering in the discussion in take care of this tongue of yours. If you had a Sam pointed to was and he said cook fillet kochava was Luca this boneless piece of plates? Why not? Mr.

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Levy? Do you mean Allah will hold us responsible for what we say Omar tequila, if anything they eat or if there's any organ that causes more harm to men than it is the tongue mine Najim to Allah sukoshi Moroccan? Well, according to Al kalami Mira, the poet says, I never regretted in my life, why I observed the silence. Silent was never a moment that I regretted. But there were too many instances that I regretted. Why did I speak? Why did I open my mouth? If I was in a gathering and are silent, I never regretted I should have spoken but there were too many

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I've walked out and said, Why did I speak? Well, it says you regretting today, perhaps you can recover. Perhaps you can compensate. Let it not be as the reverse appears in Muslim, where the enemy of Allah says, in natural language, a new middle gender, a man obeys Allah and he comes so close to Agenda hakama Hakuna Pina Marina in LA, he is an arm's length away from gentlemen. he obeys the law. He's in Gemini in accordance with the dictates of Syria. He lives a life of servitude, a life of compliance with the commandments of Allah. He is so close to the words of the enemy of Allah is he is an arm's length away from tennis player second law mobile kalama. And here he comes. And he is

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such a statement that the displays over law for which he is distant totally from tournaments.

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Around saving a virtual ledger second number will kill him up many times the person after the statement

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in his personal opinion, he says I can't see anything wrong in what I said. Because the words of nebulous column is a statement, perhaps insulted someone, perhaps offended someone, perhaps embarrass someone. And He justified himself by saying, Well, I don't see much wrong in it. He deserved it. I think I was justified in saying what I said. Law. he approves it by himself. He thinks in the statement, he justifies the statement. Then every other law says Allah views that statement differently. He has a lovina plenary jahannam

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that statement drops him in the depths of jahannam such as distance, which is greater between the East and the West.

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That's very safe. Now. Look, man. They say the first act of wisdom is that was many pets. That one day he was with his master. His master told him his battle and he shot slaughter the sheep. What do you need to again, bring me the two tastiest pieces of flesh, Fatah kelbyone Listen, he came with the heart and the tongue presented before the master the Master ated ready sleep palatable, enjoyed it. Sometime later, the Master said slaughter the sea of love man was in a better mood.

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And bring the two and tasty pieces of flesh that which you wouldn't like to eat from an animal. Bring me those two pieces. But God will tell me Well listen, he repeats the first procedure. He comes with the heart in the tongue. The Master says I asked you for the best you brought the heart in the tongue. I asked you for the worst you brought the heart in the tongue. What is the soul of man laserfiche is just a demo.

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In Houma, la sobre la la wala there's nothing better in the human body than the heart in the tongue when nourish. It is nothing evil than the heart in the tongue when neglected.

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Brothers get child perhaps will be harsh to your domestic servant. She will stay there because he's desperate. The child will grow up with such a rotten tongue that society will hate him even Dean won't be pleased for him. Let's teach our children Good work. Let us learn respect let us learn politeness. In fact, the Quran says even what the copy of Apulia I by the Quran letting happen. Be polite in your speech. Save yourself from wrong. Oh my son when you in Salah look after your heart. Oh my son when you are speaking with people look after your tongue. Why La Quinta. butnot and when you sit in on the table, be discipline, discipline yourself in your food in your eating habits, take

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care of your stomach don't overeat over eating causing indigestion, constipation and sickness upon sickness. There was a doctor, a physician in the time of Libya, a term that came to Madina munawwara he opened up a practice Allahu Akbar, he opened up a practice. He stayed there for weeks and months. Nobody came to visit him. he inquired from the Saba, tell me your people food eating habits. How is it that you don't become sick? He says, I want to be as disciplined as we eat in such a way sitting on the floor so that we cannot overeat a third a third for water and a third for a massage and Abby Newcomb. Will Akita become leader, the newspaper and your Navy has simplified all my medical skills

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in these three words. There's nothing left if you will eat like this. I like to set my practice in go open somewhere else. Oh my son when you look after your heart, or my son when you when people look up to your tongue, oh my son when you're sitting on the table.

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The best part is the part of the restaurant. One day he used to eat one day he used to pass

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around us to say our one day I went to eat so that I can be grateful to you. And one day I want to be hungry so I can enjoy and think of the plight of those that are hungry daily in perpetuity. Oh my son when you sit in on the table don't over eat well I get it the good of both devils indeed advisors. It is upon us to now implement this advisor someone else when RM Marbella is a marina, what is wrong with the scholars of our time? What is wrong with our time, we cannot implement the advisors. We listen to it, but it doesn't affect our house. He came such a unique example. He said in our master plan, why cause and what can unnecessarily Yama,

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neon in the previous time, the Obama in the Obama was awake and the message was sleeping.

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awake and the message was sleeping falabella neon so that wouldn't

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To keep their duty and they awaken those that were sleeping. Well Mr. Zamani, nanea Moon one NASA Mota and I say this about myself and not any other scholar or any other alum and the owner of our time are sleeping and the methods are dead. How can you sleep him and revive a dead man? We conclude with the advisors of look Madeline is Salatu was Salam. The first advice

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why you couldn't have a baby nurse suffers is a no my son when you're in the house of people got your site. Top your site, lower your gaze, modesty chestatee natural, natural fertility. Saman facula fekola Moon fellow radio is the lustful gaze which is then translated into a lustful smile, which is then gone into a discussion exchange of phone numbers and opening the door of promiscuity, breaking up marriages losing happiness in their own marriages, or my son whenever you leave, or you're in the house of someone else. Drop your gaze all the laws of taking permission before entering the house is so that you do not glass the glass on any strange person. Oh my son, these are

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the four advisors we have condensed it to out of these things now I'm telling you, if Laney la koruma what Laney la San Saba ma two things Oh my son. Don't ever mention it or message any raise it and forget about it. And two things don't ever forget to do things that you got to forget Oh my son, and you got to never mention is done. Okay, Elena's what? To whom la don't ever mention and speak about your kindness towards people and their bad attitude towards you.

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Oh, my son, what the words brothers, let it sink down in our hearts. Our life inspired that we implement this in our life. The honey coated in the beginning selasa to law you can leave home a lot. Every person today in the house is going to recognize me understand my contribution. The father, the mother, the son, the daughter, everybody is claiming I have not been recognized. This principle is teaching us we don't want to be recognized. Yes, we want to embrace the contribution of others. We want to honor the viewer and complainant others Mashallah we accept and acknowledge your contribution. In fact, the Navy of Allah has taught us a method of gaining the reward of every

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person and that is compliment the others acknowledge the good of others, to become men enough Mashallah I salute you, Allah reward you, instead of being filthy and dirty and jealous and using ambiguous terms and in our hearts just in the man. Let us learn to acknowledge and say good words for others, who knows Allah will grant us the good qualities. Now Vla ceram says three people Allah will not speak to Allah doesn't want to look at them. And Allah has a severe toman abou sorry, scanning haba siru most evil most wretched, most unfortunate Who are those people who own a viola loving themselves must feel that person who lowers his trouser beneath your ankles, but does

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understand is the work of nebulae. Salatu was salam, that person who lowered his trousers below his ankles. Allah doesn't want to look at him Allah doesn't want to speak at him. Well, I used to speak about this before comments in my Salah on many, many venues, but I have stopped it because while standing on the masala before commencing my Salah I used to make the announcement and the severe warning and I used to turn around and see people ignoring the warning. It gave me such a shiver. I don't have the courage to mention it when people are openly challenging the words on one side I'm telling you the consequences are grave. The main J's you and challenges you entered into it. I don't

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have the courage to mention because of the response. I say this way I like it, I almost feel what is the second person who destroys his good by reminders of his generosity. Such a person Allah doesn't want to see who destroys his good by reminders of his generosity. While monaca salata Moodle holofil guarded, and the third person who promotes an item with a false oath, who convinces someone in his business by taking an oath which is false. It's the cheapest, it's the best, the quality, the price, whatever it is, he promotes It doesn't say that falls out, plants will convince that customer is take that item. But let's just work when you introduce life in your business. Allah and His love He

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stepped out of your business. The choice is yours. Maintain honesty, analyze part of your dealings, and get rid of honesty and allies a part of your dealings. Oh my son, don't ever speak about the good you have done to people. And don't ever speak about the wrongs they have done to you. And let us rather recognize the good of others. Satan says a lot of work but the person who taught me one letter of the one Deadman alimony hearken, acknowledgement to those who gave me I am a slave. It remains his prerogative and his choice either enslave me or liberate me but I am his slave. Well, I have seen this from my start, and I think it's my duty to mention this, my assata

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after my parents, I think the most obligated person I am to is my authority that on many instances, I had the opportunity of giving a talk before many of my

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Asakusa. And I have heard him repeatedly addressing me by saying, my friend, my colleague, whereas one law tutored me for seven years. And I know how much they taught me and what they gave. Not for a moment, they mentioned a kindness by saying, I taught him and I educated him. Whenever they made reference towards me, I seen this repeatedly, a friend of mine, I know he will just a colleague of mine, and never ever did they make reference by saying this is my student, that so nothing important, but no mention my ally accepted. And while it because of their devotion to the Silsila is continuing, and male knowledge and knowledge spread throughout the world has to do with the needs of

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all the students. The last two things I terminate my talk was nailart and savunma. Oh my son to think Don't ever forget, whatever happens, those two things, forget. That is the kind of your kindness to people, and they evil attitude towards you. But two things, I sum it up for you, my friend, my son, don't ever forget, one is a law, and one is

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not so law, a fantasy of home, let's not be those who forgot the law and the law. So let them oh my son, don't ever forget the law. And don't ever forget that law, law law that often my Navy said 400 to 1400 years ago, if it wasn't for the fear that you will stop getting your disease, I would make what one law that Allah reveals to you and unfolds to you and unbeknownst to you, the torment of the grave, but I fear when you will witness and observe the consequences of the grave you will lose carried in lower in your disease in the grave. Otherwise I would have made it unless shows you what happens so that it strux consciousness into your May Allah tala by his kindness in his wisdom, give

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us the tofik in the ability of implementing these wonderful advisors in our life. May Allah reward Lockman the wise for imparting such person in points which can serve and reflect this guidance for humanity till the Day of Tiamat while sort of dawned on me

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