The Rights And Responsibilities Of Marriage – Part 2

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And then Allah says Allah who have their own hakama, your Edo era, he turns around, he begins creation and then he recreates it. So the recreation of the world isn't that you know he towards your own, and you return to Him. So here's look at creation, what what we're being told there's if you look at the world, you'll see that there's creation, and then there's recreation. And what that should indicate to you, Odin, Al Bab, people who think about this is that you too, have been created and you too will be recreated. So just like you see these hills not that long ago, and they were all barren. And now they're all green, like they were last year. So they they've been brought back to

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life after dying. We all met up almost sad too. And when the day when the at this moment really here it means I mean, sir, is not really the hour, it means the moment. Right? sad because, you know, poem insanity in Arabic, he got up immediately, the Arabs used to mean something that's immediate. And the PSA is, I mean, it's translated generally the hour, but it means that momentous event of the recreating up somebody's moon, and that's when the the criminals, the moody moon, the people of Iran, the people that did all these horrible things in the world, you believe so they have a blast. In other words, they despair. Because now it's suddenly all come home when you come to home in

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Shoraka, em Shiva. And they don't none of these things they associated with other than Allah, they won't intercede for them. What can will be Shoraka, even caffeine. And then they will even disbelieve in all of these things they worshipped in this world, they just believe in them. Because they they realize it's empty is one of the signs of the latter days is that money becomes so prevalent, that nobody wants it. It's one of the signs of the latter days, and the prophets, Allah SM said, people will actually hold money in their hand and they say for this, I killed people. The I actually took life for this. And now it's meaningless. So it's, it's about these mental formations,

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right? It's about how you're viewing the world. Because your attachment to it at any given moment does not mean that you're going to be attached to it at another moment. There's people that will cling on to life at any cost. But then if they get a terminal illness, they want to die. There's people that will actually ask other people to help them kill themselves. So attachment, the nature of that attachment is that at any given moment, you can be attached. But it's not permanent. Because what you're attached to is not permanent. As long as you're attached to an impermanent thing, then your attachment by its nature is not permanent. And this is really important in relation to

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marriage. Because that's one of the things about the nature of human relation is attachment, this idea of to unlock, you know, that we become attached to the ephemeral and especially the for things because the prophets lie. Selim said, Tonka had Mara, to the urban, that a woman is married for four things, he's speaking to the men. A woman is married because of four reasons, the Giamatti her, what do you marry her when he needs to be her only has to be her? What do you Dina, for her beauty for her wealth for her lineage? And then he said, and for her Dean, her relationship with Allah, and then he said, Follow, be that Dean terabit your deck for means refer in the Arabic language is

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really to achieve to attain, but it has the idea of attaining something really valuable. They don't the Arabs don't use it. He said, attain this woman of Dean, and may you have success, because the thing about Dean, those other three things are impermanent. They don't they don't survive the world. Whereas Dean according to our understanding, it survives the world so your wealth doesn't survive the world. Your beauty doesn't survive the world and your lineage doesn't survive the world because when the Nazca happens, the Quran says that and Savino homeopathy then there's no lineage between them.

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If and I best was asked about that in relation to the Prophet's family, and he said that's in the first

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in the second and then when the intercession happens, there is benefit in that because people have intercession. And obviously the prophets Eliza is the first and foremost

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and then it says well Yama, topo masa to Yama, edenia tougher raccoon and the day when the this momentous event occurs. On that day, they will be sundered they will be dispersed into groups.

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There's no unity then. So the thing about the nature of this world is the group mentality. What if it hadn't called the alpha via that every group has this idea of alpha BIA that I'm part of people. And and and you hold on to that pride, the tribal mentality, which Islam really came to remove that idea of, it doesn't mean to reject the people to reject the clan. But it means not to see the clan as your ultimate reality. Because the clan is incidental to your true nature. The Ethiopian cannot change his color and the leopard cannot change his spots, like the Bible says is that that the outward, it's only incidental to you. And as long as you're in the world, that's part of your

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reality. But if you make that your ultimate, if you identify yourself by your this outward form, then you're in a state of delusion. And that's why the prophets lie to them said that somebody asked him about our Serbia. And he said it is to turn into a coma out of volume, it is to help your people do wrong.

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That's what's prohibited. In other words, it's not prohibited to help them do good. And it's also not prohibited to be concerned about your people, first and foremost.

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Because they're your people. And that's important. And Allah made that for a reason. So you should have a concern about your clan or your family, Accra, Boone Oda out all those closest to you have more right to your good than those in a distance. So there's nothing wrong with that. But that also be is that when your Klan overrides your principles,

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that that's what is being condemned in Islam is that tribalism. So that's all over, people will come even to their parents, enough's enough, see

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that that's all over. So in this world that plays a very important role. And you can see how just in socio economic stratification in societies, how important even in this culture, which might not be as severe as other cultures, because there's a kind of upward mobility, right? In some cultures, there's no upward mobility, you're just you're stuck. In this culture, there's no upward mobility, but you can see that what what you're born into how much of an impact that's going to have on your success in the world. So to be born, white in this country is an advantage just by the mere fact that you were born with a different skin color, that's an advantage. So those things happen in this

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world, but in the next world, all of that has no relevancy. People are stripped of that reality. And they used it those people that used it for wrong in this world, it's a grievous day because they can't rectify those wrongs with it. They can't go to those, you know, they're shorter car, they can't go to all those people that they were manipulating or their, their false idols because that is an idol. I mean, the, the the difference they say between the savage and the civilized is the Savage. His idols are made of wooden stone, but the civilized his idols are made of flesh and blood. The real difference is that that the idols haven't changed. They're still idols, but it's just the

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form changes. And then he says,

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As for those who disbelieved and denied our revelation denied the meeting of the Hereafter,

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such will be brought to this eye that this state of total alienation and distress