Brother who facilitated a divorce (Faskh) and immediately married her

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This is another common problem. very frequent question. Chef, this sister was divorced, and I want to propose to her. Yeah. How can I go for that procedure? I said, She's divorced, how long she's been divorced? I don't know or yeah, she was divorced last month or

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as one brother has done.

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And this is a case I dealt with recently and his wife.

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Unfortunately, she was

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she was not Muslim. And she accepted this law.

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And her husband was giving her a hard time.

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She was not Christian.

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But she was from the people of the book. Okay. She got married to a brother, who gave her a hard time as she said, then another brother, they knew about her and he felt sorry for her. And he facilitated the divorce for her.

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And then when they went to an Imam, a brave imam who dissolved her marriage.

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Okay. The brother proposed to her immediately on the spot.

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This is a big hello.

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If this wave

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okay if it is not

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provided that this festival is valid, I don't believe that it was a valid first anyway. Okay. But if you propose to divorce woman in her Ada, as if you are proposing to a married woman

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is it clear?

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Is it clear or not? As if you are proposing to any of your friends wives, can you do this?

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This is exactly the same.

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So that's why we need to understand this rolling.

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It is a rolling that is misunderstood. I always speak about it. That divorce see is what

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is alive.

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And that's why as we said yesterday, last time that she does not have to consent for