You will leave everything you have on earth…

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If I believe I'm made by someone, then I should believe that that someone is the maker. What did he make? Well, he made me and he made entire creation. He is the Creator alcoholic.

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And when I came onto the earth, that same maker made me give value two things that I found on earth when I came here I was naked, I was not clothed, they made something called clothes, who made it people from what from something that that maker had placed on Earth. So whether it is cotton from the farms, or whether it is leather, from the skins and hides of the animals, whatever else it may be,

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that maker is the one who had left or caused the creation of all of that on earth and we as human beings then gave it value he gave us the mind and understanding indeed, to be able to transform some of his creation to something which will benefit us. Anything you have you found it on Earth, anything, anything of value, you found it on earth and you're going to leave it on Earth. That's what it is. Think about it for a moment what ever I have the most beautiful of my belongings things that make me so happy. You know the the blankets, the beddings, the houses, the paint, the colors, the cars, the handbags, the perfumes the sense the smell, every single thing that you have and you

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you believe has value you found it on Earth. Allah says we haven't yet shown you what we've created besides a droplet