Deception Of A Non Beleiver

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In Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you know, who want to start you know who want to start up when they want

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to run fusina say Dr. Medina May

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Allah Venetia to Allah ilaha illallah wa una serie Callan Vanessa one nessa Donna Medina Mohammed Abu hora sudo ameba con la Mota Baraka with ohana.

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Upon in Hamid

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Ponyo Jamie Bismillah in your Walkman in Watney, you need to know Allah.

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Allah Mati mono de

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la colline wU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam metabolomic Zoo when you had this behavior of Sukkot masala Shabbat in Milan nifa

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Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders diterima that I have recited before you olara police that very explicitly very emphatically explains that it is indeed the collective aim of the forces of Kufa to extinguish the light of Allah. And furthermore, Allah says one Lahu moochie movie and the plan in the agenda of Allah is that he will complete his Deen he will perfect his Deen one hour Cardinal coffee Romano carry heavy machinery cool, even if the kuffar dislike it, even if the policy is dislike it, we find the coffee would never admit this being his agenda. However, Allah makes mention, in fact, the kafir like another verse of the Quran, Subhana

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Allah, while the Western leaders in this very time and age claim to say the invasion of Iraq was to liberate the people of Iraq. But we find that one year down the line it is only deepened the crisis. And the caffeine would claim to say that no, no, he has no problem with the Muslim. I have no problem with the moderate Muslim. I have a problem with the radical Muslim. I have a problem with the fundamentalist Muslim. And I have a problem with the terrorists Muslim let's let's define these terminologies. The radical Muslim, the one who reflects the beautiful appearance of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. The fundamentalist Muslim is the one who upholds the fundamentals of Islam

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wherever he travels, he performs his Salah, he has his miswak with his woman, polka veils, and the terrorists Muslim are those Muslims who echo the sentiments of jihad, which supposed to be in born in a believer.

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So we don't have a problem with the red with the with the moderate Muslim. We have a problem with the radical Muslim, and I swear by Allah, it is this very so called alleged a radical Muslim that is a threat to the west. Save now Malawi alone is in Madina, munawwara and the Muslims are facing difficulty in the battle in Egypt. He receives a letter that the Muslims are asking for reinforcement, said now Maria, la new district is three people. What were the reinforcement never in the history of any army Have you heard three people is reinforcement. It is these three other infer reinforcement, that they resemble the life of Muhammad Sallallahu some totally and they are enough

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to attract unless mercy if any one of them shift from the life of navionics around then even if I replace it with 30,000, it will be of no avail.

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So what is the definition the word is afraid of that fundamental fundamentalist, the one who upholds the teachings of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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Let us not display for a moment. What are the seven Allah

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Allah says, Do not for a moment, entertain the thought that Allah is unmindful of the atrocities of the evil people in number three room, why they release their Messiah and it strikes targets. They call it precision I call it the clemency of Allah.

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They call it striking targets. We call it the grace in the tolerance of Allah.

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And let me tell you, this, the tolerance of Allah knows no bounds. Nevermind the respect that Allah has given to them today. We learn prior to tiama when you're judged modules will make their presence on this earth May Allah take us before that time. It's not a time to envy it not a time to look forward to love it the time.

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The challenges of preserving a man will be immensely great. Nonetheless, they will come on this earth causing havoc and chaos on this earth. They after they will say we now direct our arrows to the dwellers of the skies. And we want to also kill the inhabitants of the skies. Unless clemency and Allah.

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Allah will return those arrows stained with blood. Allah will return those arrows stained with blood, falsely giving them the hope. And this is the deception. This is the deception that the father had throughout the ages and the period. And the current happenings suggests that this is still the deception of a government

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If the Muslim leaders will be assassinated, then that would be the end of Islam. When we say Muslim leaders, but we are not referring to the head of any Islamic State, I swear by Allah they are not the leaders of Islam nor the Muslims. They they are the statistics of the prophecies of nabire salaam, who said it a time will come the most evil amongst you will sit in government over you. But this was the deception of the caffeine. When the Muslim leaders will be assassinated, that is the end of Islam. And this particular theory finds its roots from the very beginning when elaborate preparations were made to assassinate other than none other than w Salatu. Salam, and who else other

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than the hood, who else other than the world who played a vital role in trying to assassinate Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. in the initial stages nearly tsunami hits security with him Saba used to patrol around him, wherever he used to work, these two stayed with him. Allah then subsequently revealed the verse, voila, we have similkameen and NASS, voila we have similkameen and NAS, Mohammed salatu salam.

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Allah has taken it upon himself that he will divinely protect you. After the revelation of this verse liberalism to the Sahaba. Now you can leave me Allah has taken care of me. He still didn't work freely in the streets of Medina. At any time when anyone had any nasty agenda. gibreel amin used to come cautioned him they would invited him he sit down in the meeting jabril comes in cautions him they about to drop a boulder on your move from yo Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who poisoned the food of Muhammad SAW some other than that you who the woman. Let me tell you brothers, historians have written there hasn't been a nation that has been more merciless to their profits

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than the goods that

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surround us or to be hot in Libya. A saddam said the yahood Allahu Akbar, assassinated 43 MBR. On one day, the award assassinated 43 MBR. On one day, that's not all, and 170 pious people who invited them towards the law.

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So this was the end in the backend of awkward in the Battle of our heart. When Satan or Musab even a mermaid or the Alon who was killed, who resembled the features of Mariela Salatu was Salam. Then immediately the kuffaar seize the opportunity, and they pass the rumor that Muhammad has been slain. Muhammad has been killed, to echo a message of psychological defeat to the Muslims. And this is exactly what the media is currently doing, psychologically to defeat the minds of the Muslims. Can we imagine the chaos it must have brought in the rings of Sahaba that in the midst of Sahaba The news is being brought that Mohammed says and he has been assassinated and murdered and the Kufa

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rejoice in

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certain Sahaba quartzsite of Libya, a Salaam they fold a human wall, Abu Jonathan has the way they actually found the human wall and the arrows that were being shoved into the back of Newberry Salaam. And once again, they announced that luquillo Mohammed Salim is alive and he's saved when they realize that they could not assassinate Libya is Salatu was Salam. Then as the Quran says, they started saying Natasha Basu be here even in my noon. Natasha should be here even noon. Let's just wait for this man to die let this prophet die once we die. That's the end of islam once more Manila with at the end of Islam. Allah gave two answers in the Quran. The first answer like if you meet a

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woman who Caledon if Mohammed dies, are you going to live eternally now in the coming

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to Mohammed is to leave and everyone is to leave the discussion on the face of this earth. But history based testimony to the fact that if the demise of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the most critical juncture in the annals of Islamic history, Allah inspired Abu Bakar with the same zeal and the same sentiments, and hence Abu Bakar steered the woman and he rightly and the title of being the savior of the soma at the demise of Abu Bakar. Allah transmitted that zeal into Homer at the assassination of Omar, Allah transmitted disease into horsemen at the assassination of Horace Mann, Allah transmitted disease into la palabra. Tim claimed the lives of one let him claim the lives of

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to let them take Osama let him take Mullah Mohammed Omar May Allah saved him from the nasty ploys of the enemies of Islam at every given moment, just as there will be the enemies of Islam, Allah will rise certain individuals also to defend and to protect these deals. This is the promise of Allah

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Subhan Allah Hafiz Muhammad Ali moon in nama, you, Leo mean, this episode, Allah has a plan and Allah has a system and Allah is giving grace. Allah is giving grace to the kuffar over what is happening.

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The point on which I want to focus one incident of seasonality that comes to mind.

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I was speaking about that i a woman and nassima Coca Cola who feel hierarchy dounia Allah speaks about one coffee. What does the Quran say? So behind Allah, just look at the Quran.

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Look at the current slogans of the Western world. Among the people Oh Mohammed Gerson are those mean your chibuku Phil hayati dunia, who are very profound in the articulation, who are very impressive in this speech who chant noble slogans. When you say the La la mafia,

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and who claim to say that allies they witness that he loves you. We wish to liberate the people of Iraq. Those are the slogans being chanted. And what does Allah say? What you thought Oh Allah saw fill our belief See, I wish you could understand Arabic your hearts would have burst.

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Why is that so? Well? Ah, but when he leaves your gathering Oh Mohamed Salah Filardi, he's only object is to cause mischief on this earth.

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Why he turns to slogans and he says allies may witness I love you in the Muslims occasionally to call few Muslims in the White House to help you thought to appease the Muslim world.

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Why is that? So? Well, Lavine leaves your Catherine Sara Lee, you see the FEMA when you really can hurt the Oneness law, to destroy character and to destroy men. What is the law and when you stoled fear Allah and when you're reminded of his pledges that he made, that rule is the true belief. Then he's taken with arrogance, that Who are you to tell me

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brothers but it is the risk of a law it is the grace of Allah.

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Spanish. Allah gave such grace to fit around that for centuries, he lived for centuries for centuries, he never hid and hidden. By the Boston Marathon, Lani has written that Allah hit only keep your own hungry one day you would have never claimed to be Allah. But this was the direct result of the perpetual effluence that Allah gave him.

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Saving your loved one. It is the Battle of hundreds one elegant Kafeel comes out. He comes out and he says menu bar is only who will take me on the very summit. This is the savasana Viva La take him on I don't like this man's arrogance. Nearly Some said he is in November, he sat down this is a hammer whose strength is equal to 40 men again he stands up menu bar is only who's ready to take me on Sydney so don't even let me go This man is really provoking me. Let me read some says relax Ari This is a very senior copier. Again, he says and this time he now stills the Muslims in agenda two como la theatres omona an omen patella mean cuando la la whatever the paradise you people thought

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that if you match it, you go straight with that paradise. Satan it became emotional signal he became emotional. To remove the sentiments of jihad from true believers is like removing the sweetness of honey or the liquidity of water. What do you tell hibernate Zubair say? He used to say it's a very warm heartedness where you send me Benny be as smart in MBR record Allah Allah Nipa Mohammed that my companion tell hibernate Zubair has named his children after the names of prophets, knowing very well that they will be no prophet after Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam were in Nila Sammy Bunny, usma Shahada, La La Buena Vista shadowed, but I will name my children after the names of martyrs. So the

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minimum resemblance I can create in that newborn in a month is have the same name with the hope that this child will grow up to be a warrior of Islam and present his life. Allah gave him seven sons he named every son every day I'm inundated with calls. I think this platform once again towards the brothers and the sisters. For Allah say give your children the names of the Sahaba for Allah sake, I beg you busy to implore you, I mean undated with cars when people want to give either other names. Brothers, are we tired? Do we suffer complex? Are we monotonous? are we feeling bored with the names of Sahaba the Savi says I give every son a name after the name of a matter. He names his first son

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Abdullah after the Great mark of the life. He lives his second son amber after the Great matahari Blue Moon. He names his third son or after a great motherhood wife number. He names his first son honey. He names his first son Mossad. He names his six son Jaffer, all after matters.

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This was the spirit nonetheless,

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as the leader of the olana advances, Allahu Akbar, as he advances mounts onto his horse, the scaffold tells Ali Who are you and he says, My name is Ali. Are you the son of abdominal? He says, No, I'm the son of Abu Talib.

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So he tells me but you know what, I don't want to finish up the analysis, but I'm thirsty for your blood. But nevertheless, I mean, hi Haile, he can who were the youth of this Omar, while 1000s die in Palestine. And we wonder why isn't the help of Allah come in my president before you get a negative perception of the delay of the help of Allah just see when the US are congregating on Saturday night as well like we have a fraction of Emanuel cry like a baby

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one side 1000s are giving their lives you begging Allah Allah make a decision, but see may use or congregate in and out intense in an effect in a law

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phenethylamine highley can lead to Nah, it just mounts from his horse like flames of fire and it'll be alone within couplets when that was, you know in the nature of Arab lotta Jelena taka taka Mooji busaba Tikka you stop your arrogance the one to respond to your bravery is here today. See me at the opa sirotkin was see the permanent Yakuza is a stand with conviction and hope in a lot in Nina Abdul Malik and now Jana is without button Nigel Ah, yeah, because the criminal has is, I will finish you in such a way this will serve as a remembrance in every battle that is fought on the day of the omics. Then he advances to Ali, he strikes in unity alone when the head photographer ajar the tusks

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rises, the scene is made Saba become tense literally Salaam falls into such a signal, you will be allowed to take out his sword and he says Allahu Akbar, and he strikes him on his shoulder. And he says finally the enemy of Allah has been destroyed. And then he's saying couplets.

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So haka, anyone who has hobby and Yama, Yama, O'Neill, Farah Hafiz at the time had to come where you meet your match. And today was the day that I decided, Well, I'm not going to move from this battlefield that I don't finish this copied. My arrow wasn't going to miss it was going to strike target as being a one to one linear control. Destiny as swaby. Then we address the entire Muslim world and he said la de La Villa de la people don't ever think that Allah will abandon his Deen and desert His prophets. Don't ever think Allah will abandon he's been in desert His Prophet, brothers, I can continue speaking about the atrocities of the hoods, and I can continue speaking about the

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Jihad of the Muslim ummah. My question that I open up to the congregation Yeah, when to see is the global climate, the global situation of the oma as Muslims, what lesson are we taking from this, a 72 men will either be ready here, an intelligent person is one who hears the happenings around him when

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so you cannot be alone who passed away. Amara Viola sing few couplets and he said is an urban living in

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dunya, La Casa La Mo, those whom we loved and cherished and revered, and our spiritual mentors have left this world. So he addresses the world at the demise of Abu Bakar. He addresses the temptations of the world. And he says just as I have but failed to aboubaker over Let me tell you I equally but failure to you and your temptations in your luxuries. To the carry in a lie is fine. Allow yourself

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to never try and tempt me with the comforts of this world. After I seen how my Muslim Brothers die in other parts of the world. I have now divorced the comforts of this world, in the Euro, the Euro bizarrely in what they flew in a moment and far more, I was been suckled by Abu Bakar my example is like a child who's been circled by his mother and his mother tragically dies in an accident. And instantly the child has to be weaned off Can you can the words of any language describe the restlessness of the child? Those that second we have left this world I'm like a child that needs to be instantly window. Just Fimo See, but the study kick, Hiraman suku take it is better for you to

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empathize on the tragedy of your brother than to be silent. And it is better for you to be silent on your own tragedy than to moan or groan What beautiful words. On the contrary today we moan and groan on our personal problems. But we are silent about the tragedy that stays at the entire Muslim oma. But what is the spirit of Eman? mancanza moto moto brothers what message are we taking? One person was standing by a dead body and he's sympathizing with the man and he says I feel so sorry for him.

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So someone came past he asked him what's the metric he says no, I'm sympathizing isn't my brother Don't sympathize with him sympathize with yourself you know what he's over with three stages that you and I have to still go through. Well those that fall in Palestine they die as much as they are intended inshallah say I mean brothers

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when the Treasury's you know, a survey was done, approximately 80% of the youth of Palestine have witnessed the massacre of one year in jail one cold bloodedly in front of the eyes.

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And yes, Saturday night when we heard the demise of chef of the largest one PC Rama Humala, do we still continue with our agenda going to around place to what some haraam like this life is continuing like this fast when Abu Bakar when Omar said after the demise of Abu Bakar did the end of conflict in my life as long as I love

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so what does he say? Man can we do? Well?

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What can I do? What do I need? Oh, that person who has an appointment with the angel of death.

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Whose house is the grave whose abode is the soil? Whose companions in the grave are the insects? How can you find time to rejoice? nonetheless this maintains it don't sympathize on that man sympathize on yourself. sympathize with yourself, you and I have to go through three things that they have gone through. Number one go to medical mode, the frightening sight of the angel of death. Every one of us has to go through they're gone. You can see a man may have an accident you say May Allah saved me from the tragedy. You can see a man having a heart attack May Allah save me from that, but you can see a man dying and see me unless saved me from day. One love when you see that mother, mind me

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saying daddy The second thing you must sympathize with yourself is the pain of death. My levy said that the only pain a mother feels is when that Messiah strikes him is like one Thorn pricking you in debt sets. A tone for him and his engine nuts while a man died on his bed is like 360 swords pierced into his body. So don't sympathize with him sympathize with yourself. Number one, the frightening insight of the angel of death. Number two, the solidness of death. Number three, the fear of dying as a Muslim or not. We have to sympathize with ourselves. I leave you with some thought provoking advice. For others. It is time we reflect it is time we introspect. How long will we continue seeing

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the streets of Iran bring the blood of this oma and a change doesn't come through my life. My wife still remains unveiled. My children still attend haram places I don't curtail my evil. I don't have been in a life of sin. When this is the price. There was a young girl there was an article in two weeks in the paper, young girl in in England, she was walking veiled with the stuff, she was harassed, she was victimized yet she said I will never give up Islam. Now I want to ask my sisters who are listening to me on the receivers, when in other parts of the world in the era in which you love. There are certain girls that have been victimized that have been hurt and been injured, but

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resist everything to look like more this Muslim girl, my sister, you enjoy freedom in this country, you can bail yourself and yet you don't seize the opportunity. I really fear the challenges are going to be bleak for you on the day of pyramids.

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What were the advisors, they say there are three eyes. One is the physical eye with the human and the animal is no different. In fact, the animal's eyes more beautiful. Look at your local domestic get. Once twice. We went hunting in the night you shine the spotlight and you see those Impalas and you see those deer What beautiful eyes, but that doesn't make men superior. Even the animal has that he has a better vision than you.

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One is the intellectual eye that is exclusive to the human. The animal doesn't have and the third is the spiritual eye. And that is exclusive to the believer who eats everything for Donna Carlin lima bean ha ha ha ha ha putana cannon lima bean ha ha ha ha we ever spoke about anything unless it and immediately remained the folders that we live in in the time. I mean, this is an eye opener to serve as an admonition and a reminder for everyone. Let me leave you within the advice

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of one father, who leave behind young children that this global crisis can Constantine this Muslim oma.

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The Quran makes mention of the incident of Musa in February Salatu was Salam. And as they come to that locality where there was a wall,

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and the wall was about to collapse. And federalize Salam straightens the wall. masari salat wa salam interacts with Fiddler and he says, but these people have been so harsh to us. They have refused our hospitality. They have not entertained us.

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And on the contrary, you have been so kind to them. Why do you fall no shade?

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Why don't you take some reward from them? Why don't you ask them for some money. So at this point of the separation, federalist Salam then discloses the wisdom of why he took additional care in protecting this world. The Quran goes on to explain the 16th use of the crime the second page the first line, why marriage is arasaka Nicola mania TV film Athena wacana, Dr. Hawkins Allahumma Wakanda, Abu masani ha, we need this wall, there was a treasure which belonged to two orphans, and the father was very pious, and on the grounds of the piety of the Father, Allah told me to safeguard this treasure, so that when these children will grow up, and they will be at a sense of maturity,

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faint, honest to mean humorous then, when you perceive intellect from those youth, from those orphans, as the Guardian as the uncle, as soon as those children mature, bring them forward. Oh, my little nephew, your father died at this age. This was the estate he left behind. These are the documents I took access over the estate of your father. Yeah, he returned everything what your father left behind to you in good care. lhaviyani salon says the man who will save got the st. Tobin open in that manner, and embrace that often, myself and him will be so close on the day of the AMA, and then the vlsm indicated his closeness, but my question to you in the advisory

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Which I leave you what was the treasure the father left behind? What was this gift in Missouri called Tenzin in the second volume and likewise in the Hershey of Jelani, and it is written, it was a plate of gold. It was a plate of I wish we can also leave that behind our children. Enough many of us have left palaces and home. Those children didn't even know where their parents were buried. Nevermind contained so up, they forgot the grave of the Father. But let's see the advice this father, it was a plate of gold that he left behind for his children, on which the following advisors were engraved. He actually may you may know Bill 30 came soon. I am indeed astonished at the man who

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believes in the end prediction destination yet grieves over the loss of this world. RGB Tony may or may not be raised Keifa yet I am astonished at the man who believes that Allah is the sole sustainer yet exerts and exhausts himself in accomplishing this world. argiope truly may or may not be bill mode gave a yes, I am perplexed at that man who believes in death, yet finds time to rejoice. Hello, Darrin, we're in let's Salama. Yeoman said to Derek and Nicobar when our bow every palace, even if its prosperity is prolonged. Inevitably it would one day be gripped in sorrow and mourning. Every home every way weddings to play functions to play. A time will come the palace will be gripped in

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sorrow and sadness. For others. We've entered into the home with Joseph where people couldn't be bothered of the food burning on the stove. People could this quotation, every home will inevitably gripped in sorrow and sadness. I am astonished at the man who believes in death, yet finds time to rejoice. I came to Lima you mean Bill hasankeyf a young people. I'm astonished at the man who believes in accountability. It lives the life unmindful negligent he lives on in upon one in janaza upon janaza every child slave I live every time I see a child die in Iraq, or a child or person dying in Palestine actually feel some spirituality been transmitted into me is like a message coming

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directly. How long will you carry on with your life? Are you not seeing what people are doing for last day? I'm astonished at the man who believes in accountability. It looks alive negligent of Allah. I came to Lima Yari for dunya watarrka loopy ha I'm perplexed at the man who sees the deceptive nature of this world yet obsesses yet obsessed by this very same thing. May Allah tala bring victory to the Muslims wherever they are. May Allah make this the turning point in our life brothers, each men abandon the sin on which we were persistent for the last 10 years and then make dua to Allah and you see how Allah responds to your call give up jetsun for me, perhaps let me stop

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abusing my site for another brother give up interest as you walk out of the machine for a third man give up the TV from your house for a fourth men give up that haram and then they will be who you ask him. You will show Allah your commitment when you abandon you're wrong. Before you look your hands Allah will send the jaws of victory Allah inspire us all watered down and