Tom Facchine – My Neighbor Doesn’t Pray, What Should I Do

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 tells a story about someone who asks a neighbor to pray for them and they laugh at him. The neighbor tells them not to tell anyone enterprise to stop for Allah and eventually they pray together, becoming one with the man's children. The woman tells them to pray for them and leave them alone, becoming one with the man's children.
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And I'll end with a story from my Sheikh Abdullah Shanthi. And Medina. One time someone came up to him and asked him, he said, My neighbor doesn't pray, what should I do? He said to the man, don't tell them to pray. And everyone started laughing. How could you say that? Don't tell them enterprise stop for Allah. He said first become his friend. Invite him to your house, have tea with him, get him used to him know his kids, he knows your kids. And then one day invite him for tea just before the prayer a little bit. You hear the A then and you said hey hamdulillah it's time to pray. Let's go pray together. That is sent to your brother. That is loyalty to your brother. And that is

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sincerity through your brother and faith. Wala Huzzah. Allah

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