I Have Everything, I Don’t Need to Make Dua #shorts

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If somebody has that, that understanding that why would you make dog so intensely? Why would you cry in your DUA and and worship Allah so intensely if there's nothing wrong going on in your life, and you're not feeling any pain, that understanding, even was something that I shouldn't be alone hat. So I wanted to kind of like lay the foundation that it's even from the time of the province of the place that I'm that people have that understanding like, why would you make so much dua if nothing painful is happening to you? And the example in the story that maybe you might be familiar with is the prophets of Allah. They said, I'm used to leave Oddish aside, and he would go and he would pray

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all night, he would pray not all night he would pray and sleep. He was praying until his feet would crack, he would call to Allah subhanaw taala until his feet would crack. Aisha would see this and out of her love and mercy for her husband. She said why are you doing this? When Allah