JAR #82 Have You Abandoned The Quran 5 Ways To Find Out

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AI: Summary © The Bible is a powerful teaching, and its use is essential for avoiding falls in bribery and cheating. It has created various forms of abandonment, including not applying it to the title " Memphis or the people" to the Quran, not knowing the meaning of the title, and not applying it to the Bible. It is also important to address the legal system's impact on cases and seek help from experts. Everyone is urged to read and understand the Bible.
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Was that catered for in

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the Colorado

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federal meeting? Well now I'm going to login now

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. I want to get to learn hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allama aluminum and founder and founder of Mr. Lim tena was in the Illman era I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us in knowledge. My dear brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanaw taala make me a new from the people who learn and apply.

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In Surah Furqan, a number theory.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, we'll call a lot of Russell will call our Rasul Allah be in comi in Ko, meet

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the core Jew.

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And the messenger will say, Oh my lord, indeed my people took this call and as something worthy of being abandoned, My people have abandoned the Quran Subhanallah

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what does it mean that a person has abandoned the Quran will be our topic today.

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Now we have the Quran printed in the most beautiful manner, we have it distributed all over the world, we have it recited in the most eloquent manner by the best reciters we have it written in calligraphy, in many massages all over the world, we have it memorized by so many people and so on, so on. So how come

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with all this apparent beauty? Where is the abandonment?

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It will claim Rama Allah. He said there are five various ways of abandonment of the Quran.

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And we are discussing this today so we can avoid B being from the people who have abandoned the Quran Subhanallah we all know that this n is the manual of our life. This urn is the same Quran that the Sahaba had and they conquered the world. So how come the Ummah is in the state that it is in right now? One of the main reasons is that there is a lot of abandonment in the Quran. So what are the five types of abandoning the Quran? First, to abandon listening to it.

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Now we have many people when they when they are in the car when they are at home instead of listening

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and enjoying the Quran, they put music

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they put all kinds of music Subhanallah is that anything more beautiful than listening to the Quran? So if you are from the people who hardly listen to the Quran, you have abandoned the Quran in one way or at least a second to abandon acting upon it and ignoring its halal and haram even if someone believes in it and recites it. So the second form of

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forsaking the Quran and abandoning it is by not applying it's halal and haram. A person who

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is earning haram income is considered abandoning the Quran because he heard in the Quran many times to stay away from haram income to stay away from Riba, a person who is constantly gets angry.

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He is one of the people who abandoned the Quran because in the Quran, it praises the people who are controlling their anger in many places.

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A person who constantly backbite I'm not talking about somebody who gets angry once in a while, that we all get angry, but I'm saying the person that is constantly angry, constantly backbiting.

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He is not applying what he learned from the Quran and that is a form of abandoning the Quran. Subhan Allah if reading the Quran and applying its teaching

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As part of every Muslims life, then you will see far fewer Muslims lying and cheating and raping and abusing and taking bribes and backbiting and gossiping and discriminating against others.

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So one of the form of amending the Quran is not applying its halal and haram. third form of abandonment is to abandon judging by it

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and resorting to it as a judge when there are any kinds of

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Allah subhanaw taala told us in Surah Nisa a number 65 phalaborwa be kelia you may know in a hut, you have kibou Kaffee Mushara Bynum, Allah swearing by himself and saying they are not a believers.

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I am not a believer you are not a believer unless you make the Quran and the Sunnah. The judge in any dispute you have a woman has a dispute with her husband make the Quran and the Sunnah the judge a partner has a dispute with his business partner make the Quran and the Sunnah your judge a father has a dispute with his son with his daughter make the Quran and the Sunnah as your judge.

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If we do not make the Quran and the Sunnah our eyes our judge, then we are from the people who are abandoning the Quran. We are reading it and listening to it. But we are not making it as a judge for any dispute that we have among ourselves.

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And this is one of the biggest problems that we are facing this ummah, you see a person that is very practicing a system that is very practicing. And when it comes to a divorce or any problem with her husband, she wants to adhere to local laws and ignore all the Islamic laws, even though the husband is willing to adhere to any Islamic law.

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It also happens with the husband, a husband, that is not applying the Sharia law when it comes to disputes between him and his wife. He does not give her her rights. So when we put the Quran as our judge,

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then we are not from the people who are abandoning the Quran. The fourth form of abandonment is to attach it to abandon pondering over it and understanding it.

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And seeking the explanation of it. This is a very common abandonment. We many many of us read the Quran just for the baraka to get it with every letter 10 Hustler which is good, but at the same time, we should know that when we come across any verse in the Quran that for example that because it begins with Yeah, you are Latina Ave. I am reading the Quran. And I heard Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu or who you believe I should become all ears and see what does Allah wants from me. This is called pondering upon the Quran. The verses of the Quran are not simply to be written and, and hung in our cars or framed to adorn the walls of the house. No, these are meant to be Kitab Anza now

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alayka Mobarak Leah Deb baru at this Baraka that it's in the Quran, you will feel it in your life when you start pondering upon every single area in the Quran. So my brother read the Quran with tafsir now Subhan Allah, we have access to any tafsir to any language on our fingertips. Read the Quran, and under it read the translation, the explanation why this area was revealed Subhanallah even if it takes you one one year to finish one one reading, but at least you read it with with understanding. And the fifth form of abandonment is to abandon using it as a cure in all types of diseases.

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This is another abandonment. Allah said well known as Zilla with Al Quran ma Hua she thought Allah told us that in the Quran, there is a cure. So that does not mean we don't go to the doctor's and we do not take medicine but

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with that we also read the Quran in the form that I'm reading it here Allah because you told us that this Quran is a cure Surah Fatiha AYATUL kursi the last three is in the Quran. The last two years of Surah Al Baqarah. There is a lot of cure in the Quran a lot of Shi fat so we read them with the intention that Ya Allah, I'm reading this Quran and I'm seeking from you, it's blessings and it's Shiva.

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So this one is also has been abandoned. We seek the doctors and we seek the medicine before we seek Allah's help.

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We have to go to the doctor and we have to

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Take the medicine but also Allah told us that this call n has actually fat in it, we should as believers believe that there is Shiva in it and there will be a Shiva in it, if we approach it in that manner. So my brothers and sisters,

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we have to take this matter very seriously. We do not want to know what you do not want to be among the people who has abandoned the Quran. And these are five ways that we are considered if we are applying them that we are from the people who has abandoned the Quran. And I ask Allah azza wa jal to make the Quran the spring of our hearts. I ask Allah azza wa jal to make the Quran the spring of our children's hearts. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us read the Quran understand the Quran and live by the Quran amenable ALLAH SubhanA Calama behenic Should Allah Allahu Allah and stuff Heruka when a Toba like I love you all for the sake of Allah

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