Nouman Ali Khan – How To Get Closer To Allah During Ramadan

Nouman Ali Khan
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I do want to share something with you about Ramadan from the Ayesha hora mavala de una de el Quran.

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Allah azza wa jal talks about Ramadan only once. It only once in the entire Quran does Allah talk about the month of Ramadan and for Muslims all over the world. When we think of Ramadan, the first thing we think about is fasting. The first thought that comes in my head, as we think of tonight or tomorrow night, we're going to pay that fee. That means the day after that is going to be a very long day. And I'm going to be very hungry and thirsty. So we start thinking about food and drink immediately. But it's incredible that in the Quran when Allah introduced us to the month of Ramadan, he did not introduce the month of Ramadan with fasting.

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He did not introduce us to this month with song he said shall Ramadan, Allah He owns enough he'll Quran.

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The month of Ramadan is in fact the one in which the Quran was sent down. In other words, the first thing you and I have to think about when we think of Ramadan is the Quran.

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We Muslims, the ones who are knowledgeable and the ones who are not knowledgeable the erla and the common people among the Muslims. All of us know that Ramadan is a time to get closer to Allah. All of us know Ramadan is a time to make extra dough. All of us know Ramadan is a time to give up a lot of sins. To make us too far to go to the masjid more than usual. A lot of people who normally don't go to the masjid, they start coming to the masjid in the month of Ramadan. So even if you don't know a lot about Islam, you still know that this month you have to do a little extra for Allah, every Muslim feels this. But it's incredible that in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal give us the key, the key

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on how to get close to him in this month. And that key is the Quran itself. It is the book of Allah. So if you really really want to get close to a lion Ramadan if you really want to fulfill the purpose of Ramadan for yourself and I for myself, then the month of Ramadan has to be about the Quran.

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It has to be about the Quran for you and for me,

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and we have to treat it as though we've never had a relationship with the Quran before you're starting all over again.

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You're starting all over again, you know, even though I'm not going to talk to you in detail about those dakara it's incredible that it's a Madani surah which means the Muslims have been Muslim for a long time the Sahaba have been Muslim for a long time. And they know about the Quran and they know about the Quran they know about these things. Yep, in the eye of Al Baqarah. When Allah introduced us to them Obi Wan, he decided also to introduce us to the Quran. Listen to me again. He did not just introduce his total Milan. He also introduced us to the Quran. He said houden linas urbinati minella Hoda Well, for Khan, it is guidance for people the Quran is guidance for people you tell me

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that the Muslims already know that it is guidance for people that we already know that when the ayah came down we did. We had known dances since somebody said Giada they knew that the Quran is guidance for humanity. Yet Allah azza wa jal in the month of Ramadan when he introduced us to the Quran said almost as though you have to start all over again. So you and I have to start reading the Quran and studying the Quran and reflecting and thinking about the Quran in this month. Like we have never read it before. Like it's the first time like it's the first time and that's beautiful because you know what if we did fulfill the rights of Ramadan

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if we did, you know fulfill what Allah expects from us in Ramadan, who fear Allah Houma, Takata Mammon zombie, the promise of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that all of your previous sins are forgiven, you get a new start. Just like you get a new start in your life in Ramadan. You and I are supposed to get a new start with the Koran

How to get closer to Allah during Ramadan

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