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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam alayhi wa sallam were bad. As believers we take a cue a lesson from every situation around us in Arabic days a proverb, a serie doom and worry Bobby Lee. Fortunate indeed is the one who heeds the happenings around us. In today's lesson we focus on the fact that life is full of disappointments in the face of the Coronavirus. Everybody's plan has been crashed from simple basic average local domestic and international simple family get together social get togethers, pre Ramadan arrangements or gels as a graduation ceremonies, I myself can speak of for tours lecture tours that I had in place from early March to late April from traveling to British

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Columbia to East Africa. You know gradually each program was cancelled and we had no choice as the the spread of the coronavirus became more deadly and intensified. So the message we learn from this is what matters Sharona in sha Allah horrible and I mean that nothing happens as you plan and you wish and you assume and calculate, but rather it happens as the almighty decrease and ordains, Marsha Turkana, Masha Masha to Alam Tasha lahmacun Mohammed bin idrissa chef, Allah said, Oh my Allah, what do you intend will happen if and if I don't want it. And what I hope wish and pray for will not occur if you do not allow it to happen. in Allahabad, it will embrace La la la, la, la La

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Jolla, como la Machiavelli. hakomi different verses of the Quran. Allah says I accomplish my goal. I nobody can override what I do and I can override. Like first time in the history this event was canceled. First time in the history this has happened well, whether it's the first or second well as Allah says, while ah ha for Aqaba, when Allah pronounces a decision, and Allah issues a command, he does not fear the repercussion of the consequences are what people will say how people will react. When Allah decrees something it will happen. When I when my daughter in law, who and only Allah knows what forms and constitutes his armies. At times, he unleashes a wind and that's it. In fact,

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in the case of Pharaoh for our Santa Ana Hema tufan Today we are talking of a virus right, a virus that has incapacitated and paralyzed the world and we ask Allah for ease and afia Allah speaks about

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the power and the mind of Pharaoh, that Allah destroyed Pharaoh and his people. What what for our Santa Ana himo tufan. Well, Gerard was with Lucas was the father What frogs? What frogs? something so small and insignificant, right? I mean, you you could be having the best of meals and it just takes one fly or one mosquito to disrupt the meal. And then you try to get all of it. Are you trying to burn a candle? Are you trying to get a flyswatter? Are you trying to call the hotel management and one fly and one mosquito can make your night restless can can disrupt your entire meal?

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And Allah says the father the Father, what frogs fulfill boo to the Father.

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Official. Historians write that everywhere. They were just frogs and like shabu, Hassan Ali nadwi Rama hula, right? Would you know de la isla de menoufia.

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And when Allah releases his army, you cannot use weapons against the army of Allah. You cannot take up your battalions and positions right? Okay, where's it where's the where's the virus? Where's the virus? Okay, right right right? No, no would you know the law and the army of Allah Allah taumarunui has Seaham So our focus and our lesson today my brother, my sister, my listener, my viewer, his life is full of disappointments. How much have we prepared ourselves for disappointments? I often say I often say that we plan and then Allah graciously allows things to happen as we plan so we naively and foolishly think it happened because we planned so I'm a very calculated person. I'm very

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methodical you can ask my kids I'm circumspect. I have my timetable for a month in place up or seven I'm up. I rise in the morning at 5am I perform my prayer then I go to the masjid then I'm in the gym then I have a light breakfast after seven I leave the house eight o'clock in the office. Opposite is my first appointment nine o'clock I meet with my stuff 10 o'clock I see to my emails never like wow wow, this guy is calculated his hands on. You know what ducks in a row dots. His eyes crosses his teeth.

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So you have this and you are full of energy and you work and you deliver, and you work under pressure, and you plan and then Allah allows those plans to happen as you anticipated. So you foolishly and I naively think it happened because I plan and you plan and then one day Allah pulls the plug, sometimes on a local scale and sometimes on a global scale like now in the COVID-19. And then you realize my brother, it never happened because you plan, but it happened because Allah allowed your plan to come through fruition. Yes. That's the lesson we learn. That's the takeaway from today's lesson. what's the takeaway? Allah is sovereign, Allah is in control. So often a person

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while Mashallah you have very well mannered kids. Yeah, you know what? I discipline them like this. I showed them love. I've been an active father I've been hands on. I've been an amazing mother. I've been working and multitasking. And you can ask my kids, you know, I've done so much. Wow. Okay, great. So you are impressing the theory of how amazing a mother You are and how awesome a father and I speak with the cap of a father on my head. So I'm pointing no fingers to anyone. I'm sure I'm impressing the point that Elian is in control. So you you you have this amazing formula of parenting. And people look to you as an ideal parent and as an amazing parent. And you get the

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notion that you're a perfect parent. And then comes your fourth child, and he's the rebel of the family. And he's the back black sheep that whether it could be the fourth or the third, I'm just using an analogy here. And then he comes and he's wayward, and he has his own weird thoughts and ideas. And he goes against the norm of the house. He breaks all values and principles, is not productive. He's not obliging, he's not religious, he's not compliant. He's succumb to social evils. And now you drop your head down and you say, No, no, my first three kids were obedient, not because of my formula, but because of the grace of mine Allah because of the grace because I applied the

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same principle to the fourth child, but unfortunately, he or she did not take to it. So that's the message. The question I ask, How much have we prepared ourselves for disappointment. Life is full of disappointments. And in cases like this, you know what people become suicidal people become suicidal. I had a youngster who phoned me he said, I'm frosted. I'm cooked up. Just the thought of self quarantine itself is noisy at me. And I just cannot contain myself. I know of a personal gaze where a couple had planned a wedding. And in today's time, it needs to be innovative, it needs to be out of the box. So they decided that their marriage will be solemnized. In a hot air balloon. The

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marriage will be solid, nice in a hot air balloon. Now I had the opportunity on a safari to do a hot air balloon. It's very weather dependent. It's very weather dependent. So they had a forecast and every forecast of the weather. It's the good months of the year. It's not windy, the weather is good. This is the day for the for the you know wedding, and they will have their flight in the hot air balloon and it will be unique. It will be a spectacle come the day of the wedding. And the time of the flight. The winds are strong and gusty. And the pilot says there's no way we can take on this hot air balloon. One out of the two prospective couples committed suicide. Yes, committed suicide.

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Sometimes we mollycoddle our children. We over pamper them. We don't prepare them for, for disappointments in life. And then when they have to deal with it, it's just too much they throw their toys out of the court, they lose their marbles they become suicidal and in this case, literally committed suicide. I am reminded of an incident that I had read in the biography of the great scholar and legendary scholar of Hadith. Sherif Zakaria Candela, Rahim Allah when he speaks about his childhood and he says it was my days when I was studying at the seminary and I was looking forward to going home to the village to connect with my mum and relatives etc. And throughout the

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month of Ramadan, you know I was I was planning and hoping and my dad said that's perfectly fine. On the eve of eat you can go and you know spend eat so it was this excitement of reunion with the family and eat a double sense of joy. And each day I retired to bed with great excitement and planning and hoping only to come on the night preceding eat and I came to my dad like you know I need to go and he says no plans have changed you going nowhere you spending your India and you will not be going home. And he says I retired to bed and I cried the entire night I sobbed I wailed. And the next morning my dad called me and he said my young boy It was very painful for me to see the to

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see you in pain. It was hurting for me to see you hurting but a great level.

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sin of life was taught to you. And that is life is full of disappointments. And so I consciously cancel this plan in preparing you mentally, physically and emotionally to deal with disappointments in life. And Shakira Rahim Allah who we know was a legendary scholar authored odriozola Masonic amongst many other works of ease. He said, for the rest of my life, I could deal with disappointments. Because at a very early age, this valuable principle was ingrained in me. It was entered into me it was embedded into me, and I dealt with such a blow like as a kid as a child, my whole life. Everything just came crumbling, it just came crumbling. So the takeaway from today's

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lesson is that life is full of disappointments. What What better story to share in this regard, then the incident of de BIA, right? So hon Allah Subhana Allah, it's the sixth year of Hendra. It's the sixth year of Hitler Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Roja, the messenger sallallahu wasallam sees a dream. In the dream he sees himself more Harriman, he has declared himself in the harem, as Allah speaks about it later the hold on Masjid al Haram. Sha, Allah meanie Mohali Trina ruse mamuka sweetie nella Taha foon, so he narrates the vision to his Sahaba that we will be entering into Mecca, Sahaba, elated, ecstatic, they're overwhelmed. There's no words to aptly describe the

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euphoria. Understand for Sahaba mockup, you know, had a dual role. It was their native land. It was the birthplace and it was the sacred place of Makkah. So each Muslim has a an affinity to Mecca. But for them it was the birthplace as well. Mr. Bahari coats the couplets of Satan a bailout of the Allahu anhu

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beaten a Latin word in holy illuma jelly Lou Sheridan, Yeoman, Mia Hama Jin Ali Abdul Malik Alicia Mattoon Watteau fee Lu. I just wish I just wish I can get up one morning

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and see around me the shrubs and the grass and the trees and the leaves and the flowers of maca while eridani oh man Mia Hamm agenda and I wish I can speak from the water of Medina. Mahalia Donnelly Shama to Novato filou and I wish I can see the sun rising that I can glance at the mountains of Sharma and tofield. So it was that nostalgia that nostalgia of Mecca that was evoked in them they all excited they all elated they don't they around and they have the heavy the animal sacrifice. motormouth to be so heavy matamata and be so clear headed in the books of FIFA and jurisprudence, we speak about this year. And then they come to her day BIA and to cut the long story

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short, the infidels of maccha get wind that the messenger sallallahu wasallam is coming to perform a camera and they said there's no camera in place, you will not be performing camera, and the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, but we've come purely exclusively just to perform the minor pilgrimage. We have no malicious intentions. We don't want to engage in battle or anything, allow us a safe passage and we will return and they said forget about it. It's non negotiable. It's non negotiable. La ilaha illa Allah and at this time in the COVID-19 I know of a friend who was in London was about to board the flight I know of a family that will be planning an ombre and it was a

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plan long in advance and everything was you know calculated, and they were saving for a long time. And plans just crashed plans just crashed. Life is full of disappointment. It's only what Allah decrees that will happen. I can wish and pray that tomorrow mustn't rain but if I allow it, it will be thunderstorms and and gusty winds and it will be raining buckets. Ultimately, what Allah decrees is going to happen. It's absolutely in the control of the Almighty. So the Sahaba leave, they come to her day BIA and they are denied entry into Makkah, and then a pack that in agreement is signed. And in that it wasn't just denial of ombre that was painful enough. But the infidels of Makkah were

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obstinate, they were nasty. They were malicious. They were they were counting so they denied total access. Then they signed the agreement. Then in the agreement, the prophet SAW some growth This is an agreement between Mohammed salah and said they said no no, no, no, no, no we don't accept you as a prophet of Allah. Masada Nakanishi, if you were a prophet, in our eyes, we would have given you access so please omit all this year call yourself a doula and don't call yourself the Prophet of Allah. Can you imagine Sahaba excited elated you go in you were the Prophet of Allah. It's maca. It's your native land.

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The Prophet of Allah had a dream it's this excitement, this ambience, this buzz, you come here you denied, then save now, for the Alon who goes to negotiate goes to negotiate. So say North man goes into Makkah news comes here to the companions that say now as a matter of Yolanda has been assassinated, a blow upon a blow from a journey of happiness, joy and excitement. Gradually it took a turn of disappointment, challenges, uneasiness, and now you're dealing with the news and the rumor of the assassination of Satan. Now with Monrovia Ilana, that's when the Prophet of Allah set beneath the tree, the famous street, and the pledge was taken from the noble companions, la casa de la,

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Nakata shahdara. For Halima Murphy pu, B, we will never able to understand the extent of how their planes crashed, right? We I'm folding my travel agent, and I'm trying to adjust this year and put this flight in for cancellation. And then this host is going to be delayed for two months. And I'm like we'll see and we don't know because everyday things are happening so swiftly they change in by the minute. In the morning, there's a news in afternoon. It's different in the evening, unprecedented. I've never witnessed something like this in my life. I mean, I'm just thinking of the time when the floods came when the floods came and the time of new alayhis salam water from the top

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water from the bottom, and it was chaos right across the globe. According to narrations, the floods were right across some say it was limited to one place and others saying it was right to cross and for further Hanna Barbera sama ebrima in Mohammed journal, una Marina amarin podoco de Allah says the water from the top and the water from the bottom met in the center on a common cause of destruction because Allah had decreed it. And then when he attached a beam Fimo gentle Jeevan Allah says the ark of knew was sailing through these waves, can you imagine and then looking and seeing how people are drowning? Can you imagine the chaos? I mean, at this moment, there's panic buying

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this impulsive buying people are completely dazzled and confused. What were the floods in the time of no honey, his Salatu was Salam. That's why Allah told him robbinsville Neiman's, Allah Mubarak and Manzini finally when Allah decided that the storm must subside, and the water must hold as Allah speaks about it. Wow. And this virus will only end when a law decrease it when Allah intercepts it.

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So Allah says, what the law

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is. Really my word, the Bulava in this is just beyond. And then we told the earth now swallow your water and we told the sky halt. So no more rain from the clouds and no more water from the earth was the word of God. And then this art came and halted on Mount Judy, with geographically many argue is in present day Jordan, and then Allah addresses all those that inhabit the earth today. Lee Yattaman Hamilton Manu all the offspring of those who boarded the ark with New Orleans Salatu was Salam so can you just imagine at that time when that Ark finally halted what it must be around like you know we hoping wishing and praying that this thing ends and like Shabbat hasn't led to LED lights that

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when Allah releases any challenge upon men, right the entire army of of Pharaoh was destroyed I was it destroyed for some Nanaimo? tufan Well Gerrard, Allah destroyed Pharaoh was the father with frogs. Frogs yes Pharaoh his power is mighty his cloud is muscle, fulfil boo tip of the official rabbit mafadi in the house, in the clothing wherever it is, would you know de la la dama Luffy has the home and the army of Allah you cannot take up your weapons you cannot equip yourself this is this is the subtle doing of the Almighty and the planning of the Almighty. Anyway, just to wrap up the lesson when the Prophet of Allah finally told the companions Okay, it's time up, stand up, shave

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your hair, slaughter your animals, we're going back the hadith of Bokhari not one Sahabi stood up, not because they did not comply because they were still latching on to the possibility that ombre will take place or mana will take place. And then he took went into the tent by our mother and his honorable consult on the center of the alarm rang her and she told the Prophet of Allah to hibou Dalek Is that what you would love to see? And and he's a lot of them said yes. So she advised and counseled him that go out, shave your head slaughter your animal and they will follow and the noble companions then followed suit. And as they left all their plans had crashed. All the plans had

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crashed. That deadenylation goes on to say God the back of the home a walk to the back of an allama out of the intense grief that they were denied Amara the hostility of the infinite

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The antagonism, the room of Satan, our mantra, the alarm was assassination. And there were also some assassins that were in ambush to assassinate the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but that polar plot of theirs was foiled and they were apprehended, which Allah speaks about the 26 Jews in Surah Fatah as well

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as the farrakhan member the way Allah says that he gave you here, one lady cafe do ye d a common one be Bocconi maka member de fora kumala him. So, there was a sequence of events where things just went out, and that's my message, learn to understand, life is full of disappointments. And whenever things have happened, as you have planned, they have not happened because of how calculated how methodical how circumspect how wise you are, but it is because Allah has allowed the planning to happen, Allah has allowed it. And hence we conclude on the note as believers, whenever we make an agreement, we speak about the word in sha Allah, I will see you tomorrow, Allah willing, God

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willing, we will meet next week in sha Allah insha Allah, what a profound What a beautiful way, probably up to this day we used to just say it as a you know, as a customer as a practice, but I think after COVID-19 how the entire world has just changed. And and and everybody's plans have crashed. I think everyone would now be you know what, using this word more meaningfully and objectively that we will meet this will happen if Allah was We ask Allah to alleviate this crisis from the Ummah from the entire world, and May Allah restore normality and ease and cure to the entire planet. I mean, your bladder mean