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I testify. It is no true God except for a loss of Hannah was added to being the true guy means he's the only one that deserves our worship. He is alone. He's peerless. He has no partners. So Panama was added. And I testify that Mohammed bin Abdullah Salalah alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger brothers and sisters in Islam.

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This crisis that we are dealing with this pandemic reminds me of something that we should never neglect.

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That is the statement of a loss of Hanover what's Anna Keller in is en la Otto are stubborn

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in many low beaconed

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in a lot because a lot of times honestly says a larger Joe says he's

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in another insan Allah tala that mankind yucca from A to E n. He transgresses o presses or presses himself or presses other people. He goes beyond the limits that have been set by Allah subhanho wa Taala. When does man do that? Or wha hoo stoner when he believes that he is independent, when he believes that he is free of need. He doesn't need God anymore. Why? Because he has science and he has the latest medical

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technological advancements and he has everything. So he doesn't need a lot. We don't need God anymore. We have science, we have all of these other great things. In an incentive a Apollo on my stomach, when he believes that he is free of knee collapse? Why would he answer to a higher power if he has everything that he needs? And he got there without answering to that higher power? He got all of the material benefits of this world without obeying the law. So why would he continue to avail it thinks he's free of me.

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In the ILA become Raja, but to your Lord, you will return and sometimes Allah subhana wa tada makes us return to Him in this life, before that ultimate return to Him in the next slide. In other words, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that we are in fact weak, that we are fragile, we the collective we as humankind, no matter how advanced we get, we are in fact weak. And we're fragile. Yeah, you're ness and total folk on all illallah wa Allahu Allah was an eagle Hammond. Oh, man can you are forgot all in the love, you are poor, you are in need of a law. And the law is over. I mean, he is inherently rich. So Hannah was adamant. He has no need of anything of his creation. And he is an

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Hamid, the one who is Worthy of all praise. If there's nothing that we get out of calamity,

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and affliction and pandemics, except that we turn to a loss of handle What's our island genuinely seeking his aid, making our band with him stronger than the pandemic has done its job.

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And as Muslims, we don't process information, the same way that people who don't believe in Allah process information. We believe that ultimately this life is temporary. Anyway. And it's a test for us to see how we will respond to Allah subhana wa, tada is decree we can't control his decree.

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We don't control our own destiny, as some people would have us believe, motivational speakers and inspirational speakers and other you control your destiny. So when things go wrong, we all break down because we think it's something that we've done. Maybe I didn't try hard enough. No, these things are in the hands of a loss of habitat and no doubt our response to calamity is is what I tested. How we deal with these problems when they come is what I tested, but we can't prevent the problems from coming. Nobody had the power to prevent what has happened to us from hacking and so on.

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Want to, in this clip man? Just draw some light on how we should as Muslims be responding to what's happening right now. And brothers, let me make it very clear

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that we are at the beginning of this crisis not in the middle.

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This, you know, so Pamela 10 days ago, 10 days ago, there were approximately 4000, you know, known cases in the United States of America.

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Today, that number is over 85,000, we've surpassed everybody else in the world, including China, which has four times the population of the United States.

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And guess what those numbers are only going to increase as the testing increases, the reality is, is that people have it and don't really know that they have.

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And so we're at the beginning of this pandemic, even though, you know, we've been talking about it for two weeks, maybe, and I mentioned it had been severely affected as all of you know.

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But being at the beginning means that we have to do our best to curb the spread of this pandemic, that we have a responsibility as Muslims, to our society as a whole. And believe me, believe me, this is not something that is specific to any faith.

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The pandemic doesn't discriminate

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in New York City, so pantalon is a community of Muslims, many of them live in the same apartment complex. As of yesterday, 60 of them in the same apartment complex, have all tested positive for COVID-19. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect us to protect all of those who believe in him and worship Him alone.

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So that being said,

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when we realize that, that there's a lot of damage being done, that is destruction, that this disease is deadly, that it is contagious, highly contagious, highly transmissible.

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Then what do we do? What do we do as Muslims?

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Number one brothers and sisters in Islam, like to mention here

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is that we have to slow down,

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not panic, process the information, slow down, don't panic process, the information. The believer always recognizes

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that there is a silver lining to whatever lost and what Allah has decreed.

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Eliza gel tells us in the Quran, in the Malibu city use law in illusory use surround that with the difficulty,

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there is ease. With that difficulty, the same one, there is even more ease, no matter what difficulty we're dealing with in life is always more ease than it is difficulty. And this is important. Because how we process information has everything to do with our ability to be happy.

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So had a lot there was a course many years ago run called The Science of Happiness or something along these lines, it was the most well attended course ever at Harvard University. And the professor there, boiled it down to this, how you process information will depend on how happy or not you are.

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So when we look at this, what's happening right now,

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we've got stay at home orders, our movement is restricted. This is the weirdest July if I can use that term, lightly. This is the weirdest Doom I've ever attended in my life.

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These are unprecedented times that we're going through.

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Now he should handle the fact that the houses of Allah across the globe

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in general, and I say every single one, but that they have closed down

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is something that is absolutely unprecedented in the history of Islam.

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We did so we deal with some with the illness of tough times, no doubt about the economy. I don't think we even realize how hard our economy has been hit

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in 2007 2008 when there was the global economic, you know,

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epidemic, if you will, crisis. It took over three years for things to get back to normal.

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You know, right

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Now we're dealing with something a loss. Teradata knows best. Airlines shut down hotel industry shut down, restaurants are being shut down. The gig economy is shut down.

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What is that going to mean long term we don't know. But guess what? Guess what? as Muslims, we realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala is in control. And we have trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. And we have confidence in Allah subhanho wa Taala, that he will bring us out of this. He is subhana wa Tada. He's our caretaker, he is our Lord subhana wa Tada. He is our nurturing, sustaining. And so we have confidence in it. And we have to the way that we process this information, let's look at some of the other things. people now have spent more time with their families in the last two weeks than they probably spent in the last two years.

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Not two months, but two years.

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You know, it has given us the opportunity for those for those who can see that the glass is half full, it's given us the opportunity to appreciate our families, like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, appreciated his family,

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the prophesised, some spent time with his family, he spent time in the house helping out you shadow the lone tiger and helping his other wives.

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he appreciated the fact that he had family, there's some of us who don't have that they're stuck in isolation for real meaning there's no one else around them.

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But when we you know we look at these times,

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we look at the fact that bars are closed, that's a good thing.

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casinos are closed, that's a great thing.

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Interest rates are at zero, that's a slam.

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We look at the fact that there is a lot of good that has come out of this pandemic. Now the question that I want you to just stick in your mind for right now we'll come back to it later in our lives. What changes are you going to make during this pandemic, that will be a permanent change for the better?

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Because we've all gotten a chance to slow down a little bit. While got the chance to think a little bit more. What are we going to do? What changes are we going to start making now that will be permanent changes for the better in the long time. So so this is number one that we need to slow down not panic and process this information, process it yes, we recognize that this is a huge trial from a loss fans out it's a fitness it's a tribulation is bad. And it is a punishment for some people, but it's a mercy also for the believers and we have to be able to process it then. The second thing that is very important for us to understand is the concept of tawakkol and how we put

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all of this together. Okay, allies are what john says he instructs us in the Koran he says Colet, you see Bennett, a lamb and cats have a long lenna who am Alana, why the law he forgets

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Allah subhana wa tada says to us say nothing will happen to us except what Allah has written.

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We believe that

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if I Are you or someone else is decreed to walk out of this thing, free no disease that was already written by loss of habitat, even though I may come into contact with a whole bunch of people who have who have dependents who have the the illness.

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And so Pamela I may have practiced all of the practices that they recommend by washing my hands every you know, so often using the the hand sanitizer social distancing, not mixing and it may still wind up with the with the owners claim to see banana ketchup alone and they only would have lost hands on as written that's that's the only thing that's going to happen to who are mowlana allies or gel is our guardian He is our mo Lester panacur with Tyler he's our protector

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and he is our Willie. So kind of attack.

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While along fellas get to work Kevin will be known and upon Allah let the believers put their trust

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in Allah Subhana Allah put your trust upon Allah subhana wa tada rely put your reliance upon Allah subhana wa Tada. Now this brothers and sisters in this man is a very important concept. I don't want us to miss. What does it mean that you put your trust in Allah. Unfortunately, we see too many believers who think that it means to abandon reason to abandon the practices that protect us are profitable, why they will sell them was the best one who ever put his trust in a lot when he went to Mecca, even though there was a presumption that there wasn't going to be fighting

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I'm in fact when they went into Mecca, prophesied Selim had his armor he had his helmet on

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he wasn't going around saying to people why do I need it? Yeah so it's there's a war but why do I need armor? Why do I need a helmet a lot of protection? Yes, a lower protection for the lies which was also instructed us to take means the same one who said while alive forget to walk in and walk me home and upon in a love Put your trust the same one who said that said who do his the Lancome, take your precautions, a loss and death and he said that

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our profit on a selected was set in in a famous Hadith. He says now I want to go to the end of the very beginning of Hades what I want to focus on he says that

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there is no nothing that is contagious. What What does that mean? With the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam is telling us here is that there is no contagion that acts on its own.

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That the things only spread from one person to another person by the will of Allah subhanaw taala these are not independent actors independent agents. They only act by the will of Allah ladwa. So there's nothing that independently can go from one place to another place, in fact, this person and then that person, except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. We believe that. And then what did the prophets right Some say at the end of that same Heidi? Same Heidi, where it says that none of that happens except for the will of Allah. He then said, What Phil wanted me to do me come back to the Federal Minister and run away from the one who is doing it the one who has leprosy, which is a which

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is an infectious disease, run away from him the way that you would run away from a lion. Okay? If we're saying that there's nothing contagious, that can act on its own, then why would I run away you run away because you have to take the means

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you do. So the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam is teaching us here, to rely upon the creator of the means. And the methods

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don't rely upon the means and the methods, we use them. Use them, but don't rely upon them. So we have our Etsy calm, we have our belief as Muslims, and our practices are surrounded, or our practices are based on those beliefs, very important concept for us to understand because many of us are taking this thing to light. And we have extremes. We have people that are absolutely hysterical. They lock themselves in a room, they don't want to see their own families put the food under the door. I mean, just absolute hysterical. And then we have people act like it's business as usual. Today is just like yesterday, and it's fat. It's really hot. And this is not the summer, even if

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this is you know, we want to go with conspiracy theories and things like that reality is that's, that has

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nothing to do with what the reality is today. If this was a conspiracy theory for I mean, if this was a conspiracy to control populations, and so on and so forth, whatever it might have started as it is what it is today. And we have to deal with the reality of today. So it's very important for us also to recognize that our tawakkol and Allah subhanho wa Taala is not negate us doing those things that the professionals in their fields are recommending that we do how ever

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rather than and this is the point that we want to make today in this equipment

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is that all of those means that are being talked about our physical means washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, staying the certain distance coughing in the crook of your are

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self isolating a quarantine into the end. These are physical means

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nobody except for a believer and a loss of habitat and is going to remind you of divine protection from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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As believers we again don't process things the same way that other people process

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and therefore we have to seek

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protection from Allah subhana wa tada from something that is far more dangerous than COVID-19.

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Pay attention.

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What is far more dangerous than COVID-19 and what has crippled more people globally than COVID-19 is the fear of COVID-19.

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It's the fear it is the anxiety

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that comes with a global pandemic.

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How is it that we fight this fear, or we protect ourselves from this fear? And I meant talking about taking precautions. We already said that we have to take our precautions. But how do we keep ourselves from panic.

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There's only one way. And that is for loss of Hannah with Allah to guide your heart. It's for you to allow Allah subhanho data to guide your heart. You have to get out of the way, and turn your affair over to Allah subhanho wa Taala this fear and this anxiety the same way that every illness has symptoms, right? We talked about what we're dealing with today, the COVID-19 and talking about the fever, and the dry cough and the other things that are associated these symptoms. But there's an underlying illness, fear and anxiety are symptoms, the underlying illnesses that we don't have enough trust a lot.

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The underlying illness is that we're not really sure what the law is on Rob, is he really our caretaker.

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We don't have that confidence in a loss of Hannah, who were to add, to remove from us the affliction or to decree what's best for us, even if that means that we're afflicted with the illness.

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And so, what I want to do

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is, I want you to consider some prophetic advice.

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And I know that this clip is a little longer than the normal ones. But But it's important for us right now, these are extreme circumstances.

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And so they call for extreme measures, if you will. So clip buys a little longer than it normally is. But I want us to understand this prophetic advice, because the evening led to either it will begin to cure us It will begin the healing process that we all need. I don't care how much knowledge we have, how long you've been a Muslim, we all need this healing. We all need this advice from the Prophet It is my two cents. In fact, advice I'm going to give today from the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam is so important that the great scholar of Islam isn't okay you wrote him a long time, said that we are more in need of this advice I'm going to give you today. We are more in

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need of it than we are in need of air, food, drink and clothing. Now imagine that.

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Listen to this at the London Hobby Lobby alone Tiger annual. He said we went out on a dark, rainy night

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looking for the prophet Isaiah selected with Sadam to lead us in prayer. Presumably what happened was because it was dark and rainy.

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They didn't pray and dimension to the loss of his animals best. So they went out looking for the profit at a salon to sit in.

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And once they finally found the practice of the law while he was selling them the profit as of the love and Cobain oscillator, did you all pray?

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And he said I didn't respond. I didn't respond. Now the scholars have had he said that he didn't know how to what to say to the prophet Isaiah select was saying maybe I should tell him we didn't pray because we want you to pray with us. So maybe it's a little late. So we should have prayed so he didn't really know how to respond.

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Then the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Sadam said to him

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the law said I didn't respond. I didn't I didn't say anything. He said the prophet SAW Selim said it again. Call. Say, sir, I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. I didn't respond.

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Then the practice of it some of the third time said Paul,

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say and Abdullah obey, Toby Allahu anhu said jasola man uphold. What is it a message of a law that I should say? So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, quoting holy who Allah who I had one more hour we the team, he in a tomb scene, where he and and to speak, the lack of a lot, technical fee governing coalition. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam said, say kulu Allahu Ahad that is Sora teleclass.

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And the more out we the chain, the two sources in which you seek refuge meaning, so little follow up and sort of finance so the last three chapters of the Koran

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three times in the evening, and three times in the morning, listen to this. This is our prophecy. Solomon he does not speak from his own desire. He said 10 feet and including the shape, they will fight you in all respects. In other words, they will protect you from me

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Everything, both physical harms, metaphysical harms, things that you can see and things you can't see. They will protect you from anxiety, they will protect you from fear. They will protect you from being stung by a poisonous insect or animal.

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They will protect you from everything. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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brothers in Islam, this is significant. Three times in the morning, and three times in the evening. Guess what? Almost every Muslim on planet earth knows those sources.

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These these are not like the middle sources in the Quran. Almost everybody knows these sources. But are we taking this advice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to save them three times in the morning and three times in the evening, understanding what it is that we are reciting. And that's why I want to go over briefly what these sources mean because they will protect you, as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, from both external threats and the internal threat.

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And that is what a lot of people don't recognize when reciting the sword. So I'm going to start with sort of develop and sort of finesse

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sort of develop. You start by saying call me Rob bill fella. Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of the feather, which is daybreak.

00:26:35--> 00:26:40

We always say I seek refuge. But what does that really mean? Do we when we say

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conscious that we're asking the loss of henna water Allah for shelter, like a refugee that shows up on a border. He's running away from something that he fears, whether it's political persecution, whether it's poverty, whatever it is that he fears, and that land that he's in, he shows up on the border, he's a refugee, he is seeking what refuge he wants protection from something that he fears.

00:27:10--> 00:27:21

So when we seek when we say at all do be Robin Fela, we are seeking the protection of the lord of Daybreak Allah subhana wa tada

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from something that we feel we're seeking his shelter, we're turning to him. We're running away from something that we fear and seeking that a loss of Hambleton to protect us and of allies will protect you. Well, law you don't need any buddy else's protection or promises.

00:27:43--> 00:27:47

cool to be Robin, Fennec Minh certainly met

00:27:48--> 00:27:57

from all of the evil that is created, because from the creation of a loss of Hannah woods, Adam comes evil things.

00:27:58--> 00:28:05

And then there are three things that are mentioned specifically from the darkness as it spreads

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and shutting you may or may shut when one may shut the last thing that will come from the darkness as it spreads. Now look at look at that. What normally happens in any society, crime and think about is higher in the daytime. Or the nighttime is higher than

00:28:28--> 00:29:16

people like the cover not just people. They like the cover of darkness, the cover of darkness, to do their dirt, to do their criminal activity. And some people are just scared of the dark as it is. So you seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Lord of daybreak, the one who is going to bring you day after night. After that darkness spreads in his allies of a gentleman who is double Philip who is going to bring about Daybreak and so he's going to remove that physical darkness that overcomes just as Allah subhana wa tada removes darkness from our hearts. He removes darkness from my eyes because we're in a dark time right now but there's light at the end of the tunnel for those whom

00:29:16--> 00:29:19

Allah subhana wa Taala gives like women and

00:29:20--> 00:29:59

family and whoever love doesn't give light then you will have no light but allies with Joe gives us light. And he guides us through our emailing him in led to me wanting to solve the Hattie IDM Rob boom, he managed him. Those who believe in Allah do righteous deeds Allah will guide them through their email because of their faith. Allah Joe will will guide them He guides them through them. So Eliza Joe brings guidance he brings light after darkness he has not been further you seek refuge in Allah brogden fellow from these things from the darkness as it spreads from the sorceresses those

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People who are practicing sorcery and that is real and it has effects so you're seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from those who practice it, and from the sorcery itself and from its its evil effects, and from the hasin, the one who envies as he is envy. Now all of these acquired look at these things. These things are threats that come from the outside, whether it's darkness and the criminals that do the dirt during the darkness, whether it is somebody who is trying to affect you through sorcery, whether it is has saved in MB, so all of these are external threats, we seek refuge with Rob bill Falak. Now look at this. Well as we move home, to be Robin ness, I seek refuge in

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Robin NASS, the one who is what the Lord in the Sustainer in the cherisher and the caretaker of all of mankind.

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But I didn't stop there. Medic Ines. The one who is the sovereign. He is the King and Master of mankind as a whole. And he is Illa Nance, the true guy of mankind. So here I'm seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala using these