The Inked Remedy #06 – Will my past sins ever stop haunting me?

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haven't talked to anyone in so long.

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They will never breathe.

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We will fail

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throughout February,

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future me

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hope you're reading this shaking your head,

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wishing you could go back in time and tell me everything that will happen next.

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Last night my head was back in. So I decided to pray and go straight to sleep.

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Only problem

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I couldn't.

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As the day drew an error, and the night came to an end,

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I read a budget and decided to call my uncle.

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haven't talked to anyone in so long.

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Yeah, his words were so acquainted.

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They came as a warm embrace, telling me that sickness brings about benefits,

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as I'll call concluded,

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cold swept through the air. And once again,

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I was hit by reality.

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How could this be that such illness can be granted as a favor? Like, surely suffering is a punishment?

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Or is it something to remind me of all my wrongdoings?

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Is everything I'm going through now? Like years in the making?

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Was all this happening right now?

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cemented a long time ago.

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Did I bring all of this on myself?

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I don't I'm not going to challenge you.

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On any one of those questions which you asked No.

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Instead, I'm going to congratulate you. Because the sum total of those questions are taking you to a very good place. You know what that place is called?

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Rather than crying over spilled milk as most of us do during circumstances of loss, you're doing something else. You're asking yourself the question, what do I need to do to clean up the mess?

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Adam bro, this trial of yours has caused you to realize something so precious. You've realized that the biggest burden that there is in life as well as the afterlife is the burden of sin.

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But I don't want to leave it there. I want to add to it another layer of realisation that this difficult circumstance of yours is actually wiping away those things, the biggest burdens of life and the afterlife. It is actively erasing them. I share with you some words that were said to help the likes of yourself. Find your feet during the circumstances. When the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said now you will see boo and Muslim meanness or any discomfort that affects the Muslim world was up or an illness what I have on anxiety while I was named, or a sadness when as an aura ha welcome or worry had the shortcut to use shampoo or even a pricking of a thorn in Kaffir Allah who

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will be harming hotwire who accept that Allah uses that difficulty to erase some of his sins.

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That's why Adam and some of our predecessors would actually congratulate one another when they would recover from an illness as Muslim people no ASR. He narrated that they would say to each other Leah Anika Tahoe, meaning Congratulations with the purification. After illness they would say to one another congratulations for the purification. And it doesn't stop there. Because not only do these difficulties lighten our load of sin, which is the heaviest load that a human being could carry. But these circumstances also add to the account of good deeds as well. Without you actively doing that good deed

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and deeds are the only acceptable currency of exchange on the Day of Judgment.

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In fact, you might be known by him he speaks of a woman who was known for her worship

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who lost a finger in an accident, but she was seen smiling during the scene. They said to her you smile despite the loss of the finger. What did she say? She said Halawa to actually her uncertainly Morata victory her the sweetness of the reward caused me to forget

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The bitterness of its of its pain, Allahu Akbar.

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And that's why some of the predecessors would say that Lola masala Eva dunya. Now what organelle actually Rama follies, was it were it not for the calamities of life, we would meet Allah pettiness penniless.

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Adam, you know how it feels

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to dab an antiseptic into a cut or a grace? It stinks. It burns even. But what is it that gives you patience? Because you say after all, it's a purifier it's going to stop an infection, right? So in the same vein, the believer is so collected, so gathered so patient during a burning circumstance of life, because he knows she knows it's a much needed purifier. Every second of it, it's eliminating the infection of sins. That's such a soothing thought and a relieving one. So allow it to stay, allow it to do what you need it to do. And in the end, you are the winner in all of this.

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Your brothers and sisters the famous humbly jurist, Imam even though Kodama said

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that if a king said to a poor person every time I hit you, with this small branch, I will give you 1000 dinars of gold. Such a man would wish to be frequently hit not because it doesn't hurt but because of the outcome which he aspires for, even if the hits become painful.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted Adam, and how many are suffering just like him, it inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21