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In Alhamdulilah in Alhamdulillah, hinomoto who wanna start

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up wanna token or they wanna rubella Himanshu fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la vida.

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de la wanna shadow Allah Allah illallah wa sallahu wa salli ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Abdul hora sudo. I'm about to call along with the Baraka with Donna Majid al Furqan. In Hamid rubella, Amina Shea Pani, rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, what is Abu Zubaydah To whom?

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To whom a SWAT Dong Hua Kareem YAHWAH Amina comienzo Mr Boucher Robbie kohana mooning, amigo Sufi, arrabiata

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comun we're calling the BU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lo Anopheles sama?

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Is Torah goofy meaning la kebab mala woof in okemah Kala helenius

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honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders in the previous Juma we spoke about suicide and its devastating implications on society. And I coupled it with some statistics. Just to add to it, it is said that more Americans plan suicide, more Americans plan suicide than those who die as a result of the five deadly diseases combined. And like one brother told me after the way and he says, monona, there was a killer Byeon that was a killer, Brian in the true sense of the word in the same breath, and in the same vein,

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a crime of similar proportion, if not greater, is the crime of abortion. And we must understand we are living in a society in a country where Unfortunately, it has been legalized, and hence abortion clinics is a common sight that we see.

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While you and I frown on the pagan Arab and rightfully so, for the stigma he suffered at the birth of his daughter, and we find it inconceivable, we find it inconceivable for people to suffer a stigma at the birth of a daughter. Let us forget let us not forget we know the better if not worse, we are not the better if not worse, Allah speaks about the pagan Arab, ye da da da

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da, da da who must

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have him that when he was told that a girl has been born to you, one lover who must wash, his face will turn pale when we were cuddling Him and He will suppress his anger. He had a wild Amina comienzo, Emma bushy Robin, he will distant himself from society, leaving him with one of two options. A human seek ohada warning Amelia does Sumo fit to rob either I keep this girl in my custody and live a life of humiliation and disgrace and suffer the stigma in that time has been the father of a girl amiata Sufi Torah or rather I dispose of her and bury her alive. Allah Azza Amaya comun evil indeed what the choices they made under the commentary of this ayah ye the mo the two so

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a lot. What is alluded to so a lot, a lot paints the picture of the Yama and Allah says this innocent child will be given life interceded German, it is explained how brutally mercilessly the father would take the little girl into the jungle, dig a hole, beautify that girl and play with her jump in if then he jumps out she jumps in, repeat the procedure. And after a little while he drops his daughter inside. And then he covers the hole forever and she continues screaming. But as a person with half a brain will also frown on this nasty action and rightfully so. But then on the other hand in this so called Progressive Era with across gender, whether male or female, pro pro

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choice in the name of pro choice in the name of birth control. There are so many abortion clinics that are around us, and we have become immune to it. There was a beautiful write up of a woman that worked for the old medical clinic in India as a gynecologist, and she says as part of my profession, it was my duty to perform many mtps Medical termination of pregnancy. And I thought nothing about it until it was ultrasonically proven that the child feels pain and the child experiences pain. And this left me thinking for a moment I thought to myself, the child at the beginning of his universe, the sole occupant of his universe, satisfied in the solid solitary confinement of the womb. That

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would be great human perhaps

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or even an ordinary person, whatever he becomes happy, jumping kicking in the womb of his mother, knowing very well that my mother will risk her life. My mother will rescue her life in giving birth to me. And then she writes, she says, Oh foolish giant, that is what you thought gone other idolized idolized mothers of the bygone days. The mother of today she will not risk her life for you. She is the intellectual woman. She is the professional woman. She is the liberated woman who echoes speeches of equality. For her your birth will come at the inopportune time, it will clash with a foreign tour, it will jeopardize that career, it will rescue her future. So abort the child. That is

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the choice of the mother of today. But it's such a nasty thing. She cannot do it herself. She engages I don't know if you can call it the services of a gynecologist who will mechanically suck out the contents of the uterus. And as long as the child comes out as mincemeat maybe there's no there's no ill feelings. But at times when it is done at an advanced stage as happens in China under the under the rule of birth control and lump sum it pulls out and sucks out the child. And at that time you ask that woman from that day onwards study the psychological implications besides the physical hazards, there is a topic of its own the psychological implications that will stay at that

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woman life long. Well, I never in human history has there been a more gruesome murder as the murder committed against the defenseless unborn child

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and we are living in a society that condones it a society that it has except how many Muslim girls are having abortion being performed? The Quran says it is not correct for any Muslim doctor nor physician to have a hand in it whatsoever. You are not even at liberty to refer patients to an abortion clinic. You will you will share the sin in the process. What our new Albury what taqwa wha when it's me will assist in noble endeavors and not in evil things. Before I go into the prohibition of abortion. Let us take a step or two back and look at contraception and birth control. as Muslims we ought to know, one of the primary reasons of marriage undoubtedly is the continuity of human

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race. That is why we get married one of the primary reasons is the continuation of human race. And hence the Quran says what laguage Allah Allah can mean and forsaken.

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What Allah Allah can mean as awaji company Nevada, Allah has blessed you with spouses from amongst yourselves, and from your spouse's ally, his bless you bless you with children, and from your children. Allah has blessed you with grandchildren, scholars explained what the what is the tone of this verse? The tone of this verse is to suggest that the institution of marriage is there to secure the continuity of human race. more so in the lobby of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says it emphatically explicitly doesn't work.

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For any McCarthy run Beco model,

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Yama that when you get married, get married to a woman who can give up tremendous love. A woman that can give tremendous love

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who can be maximum children of course to identify if she can give up next seven children you will look at her family structure you don't have a test drive to see how fertile she is. There's no test driving before marriage you look at her family structure and from there you gauge nebulae Sallam said, why would Why? For any McCarthy Don't be como una mejor. Yama, the birth of every Muslim will enhance my pride and my self esteem on the day of Tiamat when I will see my own Mac come in numbers in multitudes in stores, you are bringing happiness to me. So rest assured when the world might say birth control brings joy to this one or that one, having multiple children brings joy to the heart

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of Nabi sallallahu wasallam. So, there is the first thing we need to understand. When we look at contraception, there are two there two, you know portfolios of analyzing it. One is the reversible one is the irreversible. In the irreversible Of course, the irreversible being totally unlawful and forbidden. There are two types. One is where a person Institute's a measure where he destroys his potency totally. And in this regard, there are numerous ahaadeeth will which will explain to us the moderate perspective of Islam, how moderate or religion it is. The chapter comes in Buhari bavuma yokocho minute perpetually, well, if they saw the prohibition of celibacy and castration, the

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prohibition of celibacy and castration. Were of the life numbers Rudra Yolanda says we came to an episode of loneliness and we said only be overlock we join you in Jihad we have noble endeavors, but at times we grouped up by

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Our feelings and we are overwhelmed by the need of a woman and at times it determines our spirit. Can we perhaps not castrate so that these thoughts don't bother us any longer, and we can exclusively channel our talent in jihad. The intention undoubtedly was Noble. But the method nebulae Salatu. Salam very vehemently opposed it. And he said it is totally unlawful and totally forbidden. The second Hadith or man

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who comes around, I would like to devote my entire life to everybody. And I don't want to have the difficulty of women and domestic related challenges. But at the same time, if I don't get married, there is the fear I become a victim of Xena. So would you give me permission to adopt monetarism to start off with only Viva La Liga, Kareem salatu salam answered him by saying in narangba Nia Tulum took the Ballina monetarism, he has not been ordained upon us hence it is not an act of piety. And then he said, Listen earthman for our law in the UK shall come with a further comb. Leopoldo de la nun can feel a lot more than myself, and I am married. Hence Getting married is not against fear in

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a law that is part of fear in a law. What does anybody have a law say in the robinia talent Dr. Ballina? It's no act of nobility and then Sahaba said Lo, Edina laughter Cena if the Nebbiolo would have consented for celibacy, we would have castrated but he said it's an absolutely no go. The third Hadid save Nabu era, Yolanda comes to the big ceremony of a lot. I am poor, I don't have the financial means, I doubt I will able to adequately Discharge the duties of my wife. I've said this before every man is responsible to sustain the needs of his wife and not the luxuries of his wife. Otherwise, we all will be sudden as you are responsible to sustain the needs of your wife and not

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the luxuries of your wife. There's no end to it. Whenever you have a law I doubt I will able to sustain it. Would you consent that I do not get married devote my life to it. We bought it and we know he had devoted himself to hurry. he narrates 5374 ahaadeeth despite being married, he enjoyed the privilege of narrating so much. ahaadeeth navionics Salatu was Salam said you will have to I do not give any consent for celibacy. It is totally forbidden. half his evening Abdul Pervitin is kita Palestinian stay up late in this industry got many others have also came and asked permission. But maybe a creme de la usim decline? alhama bedruthan heini Rahim Allah Who is the world famous

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commentator of Buhari rights, what will it take for that to adopt any measure that will destroy the men would have a person is totally unlawful, it is totally forbidden. We look at the other side of it and that is the reversible measures. When we analyze the ahaadeeth in this regard, then we find somehow the quotation stand at a neutral point without explicit indication of permissibility. Likewise, there is an emphatic explanation of prohibition, it's somehow neutral with a slight inclination towards disapproval. It's somehow neutral with a slight inclination towards disapproval. I must also add by saying one of the tragedy of our times is that a person today picks up 100

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isolates that honey and then arrives at the conclusion of permissibility How foolish can a man be if he stands at the shore and he estimates the depth of the ocean? He's standing at the shore and he's talking how deep the water is. You will never did do this year. You'll never pick up a book of medicine and start treating your sick patient or Treat yourself but today we find people in this very gathering in law forgive one in all that will go direct Montana, but I was flipping through the Buhari and then again you're going through a translated version nevermind to speak of the basic sciences that are required. You don't even know Arabic The man comes to you somebody come chef give

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Halak or he comes Salaam you ask him the next question. I don't know more than that my brother only no give Holic sorry, that is about all his knowledge on Arabic entails. But he wants to serve through the Buhari. He wants to go through the internet and he wants to arrive at conclusions. If you feel yourself capable. Why didn't you apply that methodology with business? Why didn't you apply it with your health? Why don't you apply it with everything else strange when it comes to hygiene? You sidestep all the scholars and you add nobody there's a hadith in Bukhari Oh, there's a weak Hadith, I can only say you are the statistics of the prophecies of the law. It was seldom if that is

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the attitude of any person. So when we analyze the Hadith in this regard, we find the first Hadith narrated on the strength of Abu Salah Allahu taala. And

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when he came to me said it was Solomon. He said, whenever you have a lie, you have a slave girl. And she says to my domestic chores, and I have relations with her.

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So you know that they're captured through jihad. Would it be permissible for me to practice the action of as well as a polite translation of which will be withdrawal. There are medical terms to explain it, but I'll choose to

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This word now withdrawal. Would it be correct for me to be over law to exercise withdrawal with her so that she doesn't conceive it doesn't hamper her domestic duties. Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam gave an answer with a sense of ambiguity. Ma de la falou whether you do it or not the words of nobility Salaam, whether you do it or not, mommy nessa meeting in a teen in a young male qiyamah ilaha illa. Every soul that is meant to be born through the day of Yama will inevitably be born. Regardless of the measures you Institute. Another hadith of nabire salam, maman Colima yaku it is not every semen that produces an issue. It is not every semen that produces a child, what is the

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long held passion in lamium nahusha and when Allah has decreed the birth of a child, nothing but nothing will stop Allah from creating that child. Third, how do you think Muslims are in jameelah Yolanda says one person came to LA Salaam to be over like a slave girl and I would like to exercise precaution with her would you consent for me to do this may be a salon said a Basilica in shape for in 18 amaku Allah do whatever you deem is correct. However, whatever children is destined for her she will be the mother of so many children. Few months later the Sahabi comes back only be of a lot this woman has conceived This woman has conceived maybe having Salaam said I had for one year that

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you're planning will not able to avert unless decision in the favor of that woman.

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Another honey that also comes in Muslim Sharif Jabulani a lot of many people latch on to total permissibility on the strength of this quotation, but like I said at the very beginning that it is incorrect to isolate one quotation and arrive at a conclusion. So he says that could not

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be Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. We used to practice withdrawal during the era of NaVi occurring sallallahu wasallam. When he learned about it, he had not prohibited us explicitly from doing this. on the reverse side we find a hadith that indicate prohibition. Also a hadith of Muslim Sharif narrated on the strength of

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Allah tala on her when she says some people came to me via creme de la de with cinnamon they asked permission. The Viet Karim sallallahu Sallam said that he was happy that actually is bearing children alive on a discreet note that actually is bearing children alive on a subtle note. And when one reminder, fitful patina vionic salam said macoun Torah Muslim and be fairly he, I doubt a Muslim will never do this, I doubt a Muslim will ever do this. Hence putting all the quotations together scholars arrive at the conclusion that it is permissible due to certain reasons. However, it is not encouraged, it is not encouraged. We must also remember that at times a thing might have a degree of

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permissibility provided it is done with the correct intention to space between children. Undoubtedly there is concession in this regard from a Sheree perspective. But what I want to stress here today is unfortunately we have interrupted in the system of nature. Now if we look there are a lot of doctors here gynecologist and many other professional people who will give you a medical explanation better than I did when a woman gives birth to her child. If she's suckles very promptly, promptly for two years, provided she feeds very rapidly. This is what I was told by gynecologists. Yeah, please, I'm not a doctor in any position. If she feeds very rapidly, there is so many feeds per day,

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then the body will release a certain hormone, which will naturally become a contraceptive measure. But today we're doing away with the cycling period because the mother has to go out the mother is. So if you look at the divine arrangements that nature has made, the divine arrangements that nature has made, while elevada Dotty Europeana Allah, how Laney Cami Laney lemon Raja UT Mirada, Allah says let the mother circle for two full years. So if she abides to this diligently, then she won't have to take within the two years.

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If we look at the origin of birth control, we look at this movement when it was founded the motive behind it, what was the aim that was being achieved and the slogans that will be enchanted. It was founded in the latter part of the 18th century by the world famous English economist need not to mention his name. But the theory that he had promoted was that the habitable place on this earth after all was limited and so with the resources, and the production or the potential for human production was always impossible. If human race continued to produce in this manner, then at time it will find this planet too small too.

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to heaven itself on this planet, and it will find itself restricted from resources. Now that should never be the viewpoint of a Muslim because the Quran says very beautifully that Yana Mustafa raha wamu sto da, de Kitab. Removing a line has taken it upon himself the sustenance of every child, and likewise the location of every child. And like at every instance, whenever men interrupted with the system of nature, they were the repercussion of that. Hence, there is a French author is a French author that has written in his book, that while birth control has not made the institution of marriage redundant, none can deny childless couples are more prone to separate, childless couples or

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couples with less children are more prone to separate these are the direct implications of, you know, trying to control the size of the family.

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So we find this is how it was founded, and this was the mission behind it. It is also written an author an American author writes that white majority people claim to say that birth control is like the size for this reason or that the true reason is to maintain to maintain their financial position so that it enables them to provide the only child with the most superior education to provide their only child in inverted commas with the most superior education. And that now brings me to the topic of abortion.

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If we look into the common reasons, the common reasons why today abortion has been performed, it's been performed in the 1000s per day, in the 1000s per day. There are five reasons why commonly abortion takes place and you can pay me out on this year. They say the first reason it happens as a result of poverty. When a person feels that I won't have the funds to sustain this time. I have two children I've just conceived now, what should we do with this child? There is debate amongst the doctors with regards to the time when the soul enters the embryo. islamically very categorically the Hadees says it comes after 120 days, and of course the spiritual implications of abortion after the

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child has taken the full form of a fetus is much more severe. The hadith of Bokhari substantiates it very beautifully. liberally Sam says a huge amount or aka token fee button meaning

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that you are formed in the womb of your mother for 30 days you remain a sperm sumaiya kuno aloka tomato tomahto no more than 40 days it remains a blood clot. They after 40 days it becomes chewable flesh and heavier incidences up to 120 days has left Allah since the angel the angel comes with four things your motto be kitabi be utterly shocking, oh, Sally be cut to be reasonably well actually he was he was a thing you know, salad, the lifespan of this child, the sustenance of the style, the destiny of this child, whether whether fortunate or wretched. So at this point, at this point, the soul is transmitted into the child. And hence, the scholars explained, scholars explained to claim

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the life of a child after the soul has entered the fetus, that crime and the crime of killing a Muslim on the earth is equal there is no difference. Hence, just as it is a it is a major crime. Let me just tell you for a moment before I tell you the common reasons of abortion, what is the severity of the crime of killing one Muslim? If you study the Quran cover to cover

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against any crime committed against men a sin committed against men, I doubt you will come across more stern warnings, more stern warnings for any crime committed as there is for committing the crime of killing a Muslim unjustly. There are three reasons when when the killing of a Muslim is justified. And the Hadith explains that but for Islamic reasons. what the Quran says woman Amina Mata Amida I wish you could appreciate Arabic and run your mind through the grammar in these words, but nonetheless, I will try my best to adequately translated woman. Amina Mata Amida whoever kills one Muslim intentionally understanding aborting the child in the Muslim on the road is equal there

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is no difference. That woman is not at liberty. It's not her prerogative to terminate the life of the child. I will explain to you the dignity Islam gives to live life in any form, enjoys the honor enjoys dignity and we will leave it that person who kills any Muslim for jazza oh jahannam his punishment is Jana first number two Holly then fee ha he will dwell in jahannam forever. It may have been 30 olana on the grounds of this is a there is fear that that person loses a man for the simple reason that the torment of eternity in Ghana is exclusive to the infidels. While the majority of scholars hold the

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That eternity here denotes a lengthy period highly than fee ha what are the BA love it he Allah becomes angry with him when I know who Allah curses him. Well I della Lima and Allah is prepared a very, very severe punishment for such a person. The famous incident of that woman in Bukhari, who committed the act of Xena inmaculada Media. She comes to LA Salaam Yasuda line isn't it? I have committed Zina, so purify me and then we are a ceram turns his face away. She says that whenever you have a lying if proof of my crime I have conceived, look at the dignity of life. This woman needs to be stolen in relation to the crime perpetrated but the fetus developing in the womb of this woman is

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innocent. And Islam affords this child the dignity of life. Now Vla Salaam says come back to me when you've delivered good child. Come back to me when you delivered that we cannot kill this child because of the crime committed or perpetrated by the mother. She goes up to delivering the child she comes back the next day over losses and what happens to the suckling period of this child? Get this child on to solids and then come back to me after what what was the piety of this woman I can cry brothers that has not looked at the mistakes she made you and I have made 1000 mistakes worse than that. Let us admire her for her suffer. Let us envy her for her suffer when the child was on solid

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ground. And Viola said now execute the law of Allah Sahaba started stoning her and then Holly. Ilana made a comment when some blood splashed onto his body and he's you know, showed a sense of dislike maybe a sunset millennia Khalid Khalid Hold your tongue Hold your tongue don't look at her like this. Alaska Sam, she must make dwarf 70 people's mcphillips will be made now. Hold your tongue and watch what you say. So anyway, the dignity of life, the respect of life, I was speaking about the five common reasons of abortion. The first is out of the fear of poverty, I was able to sustain this child in Islam This is not permissible at all. When those woman came to pledge their allegiance to

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to nebulae Salaam, the Quran speaks about the oath of the woman. Yeah, you end up you either Minato yerba Yamanaka Allah, Allah your shrieking Happy lanisha Allah this dedication of women are coming, they are going to make the following pledges listen to them out. Number one, we will never ascribe partners with a lot of hope every mother listening to me now is making that pledge between her and Allah and every brother is well what is retina they will never come at the act of step one.

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They will never abort no children children. Now Vla Salatu was Salam they came, they made this pledge and really some from behind the veil accepted it and then made a mark for that for them. So the first is to kill a child out of the fear that I don't have finance. In Islam. This is not correct to abort for the simple reason that we believe we are not the we are not the sustainers of the child. The sustenance of the child is coming from Allah. Yes, it's coming via us. But we've seen so many times a man dies tragically to these children die with hunger. No, no Allah reroutes the sustenance of the child. It was coming via the father it comes via the brother comes by uncle comes

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via the mother sustainer is Allah it's coming via you. You are not at liberty to abort. In fact, we learn from the Hadith that many times the seniors are sustained because of the juniors

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acuna in libido alpha calm because of the poor you are getting because of the week, so that is not correct. The second one

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is that woman who aborts why because of illicit relation. The third one is the finger conscious woman. I'm not ready to settle down with the family. The fourth one who is a rape victim provided there isn't any provocative behavior on her part will sympathize with recently the judge made a ruling that what these oppressive Raven aggressive rape, and the first one is the abnormal fetus. Let's just look at it. My time is out. Let's look at the common one, the illicit relation they have in relation the child the woman has conceived I can I cannot tell you I'm inundated with calls. I can cry my heart out how many Muslim girls have phoned me one on one to say today one girl told me

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today one girl one night got involved. This is what has happened. I can't tell my father, if I break the news. It will be limited on what do I do with a child? Where do I go? abortion has been performed on young young girls. Let us look at the illicit religion. I mean, I was astonished to find out I just heard a program on radio the other week that there is an operation that calls himself the cheaters. And they have a website and they would probe and alleged, you know an alleged accusation of infidelity against your partner, and they are operating nationwide and they charge 3500 and they'll get you footage to prove it and sell because of the pressing demand to prove

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infidelity of the other partner and to process the case. This has become common and Muslim people are also featuring you look at the reasons of rape instead of one crime leads to another instead of giving them permissibility to abort it. We need to curtail you. Look I was reading some statistics. I don't have time to elaborate. The three most pornographic magazines the three I don't want to mention it

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In the house of Allah. conservatively It has been said that enjoys 15 million readers monthly across the globe. The three most pornographic magazines enjoys 15 million readers monthly, which has direct implications on this abortion. You study the physical implications, the psychological implications of abortion. There is startling statistics between the alarming rate of breast cancer and abortion and there is correlation between the two that when the system has been interrupted, millions of cells in the chest of that woman is left at less to develop cancer. And this is happening more and more common. I leave you with daddy nibio Bella says lo anahola sama, lanakila sama

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a stirrer Kofi dummy mumineen la cabeza como la MFI not, if the dwellers of disguise and the dwellers of the earth unite to claim the life of one child unjustly. Allah will defend this innocent soul and the law will take revenge and Allah throw everyone headlong in the fire of jahannam. Let this be a teacher and we call upon our sisters. Let us learn to discipline ourselves. Let us learn to understand what are the implications of this year. This has just been one ploy of the enemies of Islam sent upon sent vise upon advice it is continuing. May Allah Allah safeguard our society, our daughters, our mothers and our sisters. We understand life comes from Allah the Quran says man

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cattle enough some nothing for kanima cattle and NASA Jamia you have killed one child in justly rest assure you have murdered humanity woman for Ghana mafia NASA Jamia you have saved and protected the life of one individual you have protected humanity and that is the viewpoint of Muslim in Islam. It is not permissible abortion under any circumstances. There is some debate with regards to a rape victim that also in the first three months scholars have explained it in great detail. Allah grant us the correct understanding walk with the 100 in Nairobi.