Sulaiman Moola – Beware The Curse Of The Pious

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the historical context and significance of Islam, including its title of Islam and its use of the " "pious" label. They criticize the idea of expressing love to someone by saying the name of Islam and the use of the god's name in religion. The segment also touches on the political and legal topics of the Middle East and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the importance of loyalty and being loyal to one's mother. The speakers emphasize the importance of practice and knowledge in achieving success in Islam.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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maybe one day when

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Surya and fusina amin say, Medina many De La

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da da da when a shadow Allah Illallah who after hula Shri Krishna, when I said when I say Adana Mohammed Abu hora sudo ameba con la junta Baraka wa Taala. Majid evil for upon in Hamid.

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Ponyo rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in alladhina amanu Amina Swanee. Heidi Sajjad. Mr. Rothman who would de la collina bu sallallahu taala. Honey he was Salam at noon. Oh c'mon Carla honey, his Sunnah

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honorable scholars respected brothers and elders, a lot of people is that has promised that those who bring a man upon him and coupled it with righteous deeds. Allah will instill the love in the hearts of the pious throughout the worth of the day of climate. Every person wants to be recognized and every person wants to be known. Allah promises if you have a man and good deeds, then Allah will instill your love and make you beloved to the pious. I specifically stress the word pious because we might, you know, be deceived by the fame that celebrities enjoy. Those are not beloved in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we are speaking about the pious the hadith of Muslim Sharif does

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justice and explains this hadith totally. The Prophet sallallahu seldom says, in the law, either Baba de nada gibril when Allah loves a servant, and Allah loves the servant, because of his piety, and his obedience, Allah doesn't look at anything else. It would be an discriminating against any one if Allah had to look at color, nationality or race, simply because men does not have choice in the matter. So that would be an unfair discrimination against anyone. Hence it doesn't hold merit in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it is by virtue of your actions and that is how you draw closer to Allah. So when Allah loves the seven Allah calls jabril and Allah tells gibril who is the

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chief Angel, that Oh God, I love this person for Africa who might come on to you is that you also passionately love him. For you, hey, boo jabril then gibreel loves this person in gibreel deals gently with this person, then Djibril Now, each person in his range he breathes and announces to the angels because the angels are under him. gibril announces in the heavens that in Allah have befallen and Allah has expressed his love for this person on this land in this country in this place. And Allah has instructed me to love him and I further on instruct you to also love him for your hibou your summer, then all the inhabitants of this guy's now love this individual. So my user Allah will

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fill out the prophets Allah says then His love is poured into the hearts of the buyers across the world.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is setting

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the alarm and co setting with gibreel la Salam in the form of defy Jacobi gibreel A Salaam when he came in its original form, then he would be you know he has 600 wings according to the rewrite of Buhari So, you would generally take the form of a Sahabi by the name of Dr. COVID, who was a very good looking handsome Sahabi hence many times people would not differentiate is this gibril or is this a Jacobian of the llamando. So it would come in the shape in the form in the appearance of a Sahabi which was not known to the general people unless the prophets a lot of some would point out that this is jabril and this again was the privilege of Sharia law that often he would enter and say

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your eyeshadow jabril yaku Aliki Salaam Ayesha gibreel easier and he's convinced salaams to you. In fact, in the Hadith we learn Isola the Alanna was the only spouse from the sponsors of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that gibreel would come and visit him even when he was with Sharia law.

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So anyway, the prophets Allah It was me sitting with devialet salaam Anissa Javi by the name of a boozer passes by so gibril A Salam recognizes abuser, and he says the abuser in La Silla Marina la de la. Am I not correct? Is that your Sahabi abuser? Luis awesome said You're right. So then jabril said he just walked past I guess he didn't make me out. So now Viva La ism says do you did you make him out? So then gibreel la Salam said Villa de Bahasa kabil hottie nebia I swear by that Allah who has made you a Navy abuser is more famous on the heavens in the earth.

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abuser You know, sometimes a person doesn't feature on local news, but he makes headlines on international front. I always use this example maybe not relevant in this you know, daughter in law might not make headlines in her own house. But in another house, she's making headlines, you know, medela sin Anika

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Whoa, that's a daughter in law. So in her own house, she's not making news or she's making bad news rather. But on another house in another side she's making she's making you know that that is an enviable daughter in law. I swear by that Allah who is radio and TV abuser is more famous on the heavens and earth. Such was his contact with Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, and you know the signs of the Pioneer service. We've been taught in the Hadith, that when we love someone motivated by his piety, this is something important that we need to know. Perhaps we do not, when we love someone motivated by his piety, or motivated by a spiritual reason, and I guess that in

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essence, entails the definition of love. If it's not that then I'm afraid it's lust or it is materialistic, it cannot be given the term love. Love is when we love motivated by by Allah by the obedience by the piety of a man, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, You should go to that brother, and you should express to him that Listen, my brother, I sincerely admire you. And I must tell you, every time I see you, you teach me a lot and it drives me It always drives the message home. You should express your love to that person by saying in the book of Allah, I swear by Allah on the name of ally love you. So this is important. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said at the

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same time he has been taught he has been taught that if somebody comes to him and says, You know what, I love you I can look at the beauty of Islam. I mean, he shouldn't say that Oh, well join the queue many love me You can also be one of them. No, no, I have baccala the alphabet Brittany Allahu, may Allah also love you for whose pleasure you love me. May Allah also love you for whose pleasure you love me. So whenever we love someone motivated by the piety of that man, and they are those by his servants of Allah is the description the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that inaudible lamb you have to do if they are absent, you won't search for them. They are those hidden servants of a lot in

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Heather Olam, Yoko Rabu if they are present. You will not give them additional hospitality of fear on Fifth dunya you will barely know his name. Nevermind his family, Maru funa sama. But every Angel knows his name. Low Baba haidakhan if he comes to your door, you look at him a poor guy, simple guy, ordinary guy. You won't consider him deserving of a 27 but the prophets of Allah ism said lo Oksana Allah Allah if he takes an oath on Allah that this will happen even if it's not meant to happen Allah will make it happen because of his own.

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Beloved Ravi alone who passes by the prophet sallallahu wasallam is a time of soul is engaged in eating food. Bill out of Yolanda passes by he says as if they are a soul alone we have a nice Morning everybody Sam says okay and he keeps on eating few minutes later bill comes again as birthday Arizona law. Whenever you have a law it's morning. Sam says okay so that cola keeps on eating. The third time when it comes well law he has birthday rasulillah Allah it's morning nobody says I'm held the hand of Bill and he said said down below it was in the morning on the first time neither is it morning now but on your custom Allah has commanded bread that the dawn the break of

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dawn to be early today. On your custom because you said it's wanting Allah has changed his system that your person don't go wrong. So up here on Fifth dunya they might not be known in this world, Maru funa sama. But every Angel knows them by their names.

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And we've been taught remember honey Fatima, whom Allah is famous capitalist, he always used to say, Oh heck was Sally haina? Well, assuming home, I love the pious, very passionately, although I do not include myself amongst them. But I hope strongly from Allah by my bond and my affiliation with the pious and the respect and regard I have for the pious this will avail me on the day of the Yama and that's what I want to speak about two things, in essence, the two hours of the pious and to avoid the curse of the pious, these friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, sometimes we can convince this one we can impress that one, but sometimes we tend the wrong manifestos. And when we

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try the wrong mainstone, then you pay lifelong in your generations pay for it. Don't let a pious friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala become the means of cursing you in any way. They sell them curse they sell them curse, but the reality of the matter is whether they curse or not offending them Allah becomes personal in the meta. Allah becomes personal, a great scholar manana korilakkuma sarin puri Rahim whom Allah was walking with his disciples, and somebody snubbed him, somebody insulted him. So he told one of his disciples, you know what, just tell him something bad. So they were like all hesitant and reluctant Islam says overlook and forgiving and be kind and you know, you say tell

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him back. So there was a degree of reluctance he that meant too few steps and he collapsed. So then he said, Listen, I told you take revenge, or else my Allah will take revenge. And really when I said it, I said it in a kind gesture. I seen the Roth come in that way, and it's not the first but I've seen this as

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Do we need other times as well? Now I want to speak about this year daddy that I quoted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, fear the curse of an oppressed man, being a believer does believe that there is nothing that veils his supplication. Don't, don't be the means of earning the curse of any any oppressed person. The prophets, a lot of wisdom has taught us in another Hadith, that avoid, avoid provoking curses, avoid provoking curses, how, if the cool mala in there is a beautiful Shady Tree, and a person might be coming there to take his lunch, now somebody comes in relieves himself there, whoever is going to come there routinely to come and sit here is going to inevitably curse the man

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who comes to mess that place. It's a Shady Tree, it's a place where people will come in, sit and relax. So don't provoke people into curses Don't provoke people into curses. I know of any instance nevermind curse,

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where a person was withholding money that was own. Now we know everybody needs his money, everybody. And then when you ask for that, don't ruin the friendship. It's not a matter of you, well, you're not paying You're ruining the friendship by not paying this person the provocation that I meant because he gets desperate, he gets desperate that Listen, I'm not asking the money for myself, I go to pass it on to the third man, you withhold in my view, which puts me into jeopardy. Now obviously, this is going to provoke a curse from me on to you, either verbally or mentally or psychologically, but inevitably a hurt will be transmitted from me on to you. Every time I come for my Do you give me

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a long, sad story? inevitably that's going to transmit a pain. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Be kind to those below you under your employment that will bring mercy to you that will bring Blessings to you. Now that's what I want to compare that the pious if we will bring them and secure their doors, the prosperity it will bring our way. And on the reverse Allah forbid if we become the means of earning their displeasure.

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Satan Amara vilano makes Saudi Navy workers in charge right is in Bukhari and Muslim makes him in charge of Kufa, the governor of Kufa. People started having certain comments and reservations about him that no we're not too happy with him. And we find this to be rather incorrect. And we find this to be peculiar and this is questionable, and that's debatable. So they came to say the now Maria lavon who said no Maria Ilana said no problem. He was taken off the post, and Mr. Ravi Alon was then given the post. And then amongst the allegations that they leveled against Saudi Arabia workers was that under hula, you see, no, you're suddenly he does not know how to lead the congregation

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correctly. So is that Amina photography alone? And that's the beauty of Islam. They never they never jumped to conclusion till they did not investigate has a domino villano called sarcopenia. What causes this and there's been certain concerns about you. And amongst the allegations against you is that you are not leading the congregation correctly and adequately. Society of Navy workers said very strange, but nonetheless I lead the Salah in the minute I seen the Prophet sallallahu some leading us so I read the first two Salah the first two records lengthy well, okay fulfill. And the third and the fourth are relatively shorter than the first in the two. But the first two second,

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Amara delana said Dr. Van obika is hot outside, I expected that from you that you would be performing Salah correctly, and I don't believe and I don't take those allegations against you. But nonetheless, just to appease people say da da da, da da da notice I didn't pass and it a few other people. He said Do me a favor, go to Kufa and let's just get the general assessment of the subjects and the public. What is the taking is this few individuals that go to a motive behind him that they got some other agenda behind him or sincerely there's some problem again about about Saturday alone. So they start going from mosquito mosquito lesson sorry, maybe what class you know, he's the

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governor of Kufa. What's your take on demand? No, no, brilliant, great man. No problems. Haha Hello mosqueda libanais obscene as they were moving, they came into one particular small mystery belonging or close by was the tribe have been wavs. So the these people came in and they said, Listen, you know, your former governor Sadie baby workers. We've been sent by Amara delana. We just want to make some queries. What's your take on them and how would you view them and how does he feel? You know, they talk of zero to 10 where would you write them in? So one person stood up he said ama either Nasha Tana since in you insisting on query at the on demand for in the hula syrup is Surya Walla

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Walla Walla Yellowfin? Do you want clarity on demand? I must tell you I have three grievances with this man. Number one, he dispatches everybody out in different expeditions, but he daily he barely participates. And that's not all. He does not rule and he does not distribute the spoils of the war very justly. When it comes to the judgments that he passes and the rulings he made, then I think he's way of justice and his way of the middle cause and he went on saying historia Sardinia Viva Casa de over he said, I'm over

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He then stood up now you're talking of a man who never saw some said agenda in this world. You know you're you're touching the wrong man. You playing with the wrong man? You you interfere him. There are only two places in the Quran and Hadith where Allah said You dare do this then it's war between me and you. There is no other place in Quran and Hadith where Allah has mentioned this morning. One is Allah said you touch interest then it's war. And one is Allah said you interfere with my friend and you with me and you are at war. So this is the only two places in the whole Quran and Hadith. One is in Quran and one is in Khadija coochie. Ma Li and then two who will harm you they interfere

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with my friend, then it's not him and you it's me and you. It's me and your direct. So Saturday we work class with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said gender. He said he stood up not along, not an emotional draw, not begging for sympathy. Allow them in Ghana, Abu kochava Maria and wasa Martin Allahumma. In Ghana to kochava. Calm Maria and wasa Martin, Fatima on Bravo, bravo, fatten Allah, this man has stood up, and he has blatantly accused me alive beg that you intervene in this matter. My curse is as follows. Can you imagine what what what it must have caused amongst the people there? Generally speaking, Allah prolong his life so that his sufferings can be prolonged. Allah prolong

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his life, not for prosperity, so he can suffer long and what are really the Holy Spirit and let him not die till he doesn't see every difficulty and face every difficulty.

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They say Sandra vilano made this Diwan he said nothing more. He went away. This man then became so old. One savvy says I seen him that his eyelashes had draped over his eyelids. And he used to walk around saying a saw button he went to Saudi and I am the living victim of the curse of Saudi Arabia because he then lost his morality is to sit and flee is to sit in flirt young young girls and his past his life as the victim of the curse of sodre villano. He loved the long he lost his vision, he lost his sanity. And that was the end because of his blatant accusation against one friend of Allah. In the very same hurry the next few years in gohari, there is one woman she accuses one Sahabi she

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accuses him and she says this man has usurped my land. And she takes him into court of Marwan. This is the rule of the turbine. So Marwan asked him that this woman has, you know, put this allegation against you that you have usurped the land, she said is that I, you serve the land of anyone, nevermind this woman, when I get it correctly, emphatically heard my inner be sane man, aka the Shiva mineral ARB, that person who's who usurped the rights of any other person you serves the land of any person, the seven earth will be made into a necklace around his neck, which will be unbearable for him, that person who will pay you serve the right of any person, this will be the

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repercussion. I heard my Navy saying this, and then you accuse me Allahumma incarnate katiba. You can decide let me decide between me and a lot of us. He told the judge you make the ruling debtor accusation you say what you want to but I got something to tell her a lie. If she is a liar is you know it for me bizarre ah ha walk out of the heart. Allah * her sight, make her blind and let her die on that very land for which he accuses me that I've used subjects. So what happened to this woman she lost her sight cannot tell them he saw judo. They say she used to walk around, nobody would dare give her a hand. And that very land, there was a well on that land that she accused, she

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felt she lost her sight. Hence she did not know her way on her land, she fell in that very same land and that was the end and the fate of this woman. So the pious friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala they do are in the very same way one to have from them means a lot. And likewise one curse from them. Allah speaks about an incident in the Quran. Allah speaks about an incident in the Quran.

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satana Mussolini's Salatu was Salam. When Allah called him to mount or to communicate with him. And in the interim, he had left his brother Harun in charge, and he told him as a quality of sitting that you see to my nation, and don't follow the path of the wrongdoers. In the interim, there was a man by the name of somebody who provoked the worship of the worship of the calf the Quran speaks about it in great detail. When say the name Musa got to align Allah said Maha Jana can comida Musa Musa, you've arrived very early. Is that a line the anticipation to speak to you? Allah said for inaka fatten nakoma I appreciate the fact you came early. But May you be politely informed this

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chaos back home

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There's chaos at home what is happening to Allah, they have been deviated and they have initiated the worship of the cup. Now Musa alayhis salam we know the grandeur of Musa the might the authority, his brother Harun was older than him. But there was seniority to the position of Musa they both were prophets, Harun was the elder of the brother Musa was younger, but the position amongst the galaxy of prophets also was that more senior to that moosari Strom musallam comes and then he takes each one individually. Kalia Tommy Alameda Morocco Martin Hassan, our is wrong with you my nation, Allah made a good promise I went to receive the Torah and this is what you do in my epsons then he takes

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his brother Yamanaka at home Hello. Oh, hello, what has happened to you? You seen my nation deviating? Could you not engage them in Jihad? Could you not break away and come away? So there was difference of opinion, Harun said to me out to me out, my fear was that if I left them, perhaps it would lead to permanent you know, division and dissension amongst Bani Israel enhanced my logic told me to stay within them and encourage them. Then he calls this person by the name of Samira Kala firma hataoka, Samira. Samira, what got into you, you initiated this year. He said, Yeah, well, you know, I just felt that the actual word of the Quran is Waka danika. So relatively enough same. Now,

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this is a phrase which is very common by our youth, because Anika So, let me see if I may translate it in the youth lingo as they say, you know, to to rep the lingo, or to whatever the tune is, in that particular terminology. It means just for the buzz, it just for the cake for the fun for the throat, so some purple for the buzz, some womanizer for the buzz, he said, Why did you initiate that workaholic? I felt like doing it. That felt like he said, Okay, now you see what I feel like doing with you.

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Is the hub for intellectual field hierarchy and topo Nanami sauce. Now this is a curse of an abbey, a curse of moussaka de Mola, that generation is gone. Nevermind that individual for intellectual field hierarchy and tabula mythos, you will move around, isolated from society, you will be quarantined from the world. Moosa barely cursed him, he developed such a sickness, that if any human came into contact with him, that human would get sick, and it would aggravate the sickness of this person. Hence, he loves the remaining part of his life as an animal in the jungles. And if anyone would come close to him, he would say, lamesa Don't come close, don't touch don't speak, you see,

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can IMC Allah quarantine him from society isolated him the curse of an abbey. Now I bring you to a sensitive point and remind you of the curse of a mother, Allah save us all, and make us among those fortunate people who take the draws of their mothers. You know, brothers, I have been speaking about this topic very passionately. And I say this year throughout my years Alhamdulillah you get comments, some positive, some negative, and I hope people take things into context, I had never suggested that a person must be kind to his mother, by virtue of which he must disobey his wife. That's never my objective. But I don't know where and when one particular brother in I don't know in

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which country or where anyway, he got hold of some of my lectures, and Mashallah he became very devoted to his wife to his mother, and he had a backlash on his wife, and I once received a very nasty call. And absolutely, perhaps in my whole years of speaking, Never did I ever but I made that sister and I wished her well, I said, All the best to you, your husband has taken things out of context. You cannot hold me responsible. But this is the position Allah has given to a mother. I'm only concentrating the men and your husband over the position of his mother. We learn from the Hadith, that there were three children that spoke in the cradle. There were three children that

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spoke in the cradle. The Hadith speaks about it in great detail. And one amongst the three was Sahaba. One was easily sallam, he defended the honor of his mother when they accused him and they accused his mother.

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They told his mother that Makana you know what's wrong with you? Oh, Mary, you come from a noble family or Makana tomoki body or your mother was not immoral and unjust, but how can you produce a child without wedlock? And it was that which provoked this whole discussion if the accusation came to the limit, that how much are you going to accuse Mary and just then Isa stood up and he spoke Carla in Navajo law. This is our belief that the first words that Jesus peace be upon him, uttered in his own life was that I am the servant of Allah, how dare you call me Allah myself? Anyway, that was one child who spoke in the cradle of Buhari and one was Saku Judah is the child of gerade. What

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was this incident of jurij the prophets Allah Islam, he says in Bani Israel, there was a man by the name of gerade. I was reading one rewired, one revised says he was a businessman. Then he left business and trade and he engaged in Ibadan, Fatah for the summit and he built a monastery, he built a synagogue and he then devoted himself exclusively to the worship of Allah.

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He engaged in Salah while he was in salah and he worshiped the law people lived for centuries and you know for decades and centuries, his mother came to him and his mother said your age by today's way are you my baby? So he was in salah and he now debated now number one to start with how fortunate a mother that you look for your son and she's in Salalah make that a reality. Today how said you're looking for your son he's at some club he's doing some wrong he's signing some haram deal how set aside for mothers outside the site for mothers How fortunate a mother she looks for her son is in Salah but that's not all he's in Salah in our debates now again it's important that we

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learn the right thing and it's ignorance is no excuse ignorance is I didn't know when it's time you know my brother and it's time it's upon your conscious that you find out I did not know read signals that I must stop well that's your consequences the ticket comes your way you need to know ignorance is no excuse. So he debates in his mind each time IE Java to me what it masala tea Do I go my to my mother or do I complete my salah and he continues his Salah his mother calls once twice he goes away Oh lady, you know how long she's going to scream. The next day she comes here to rage. Again. He's in Salah How fortunate aside for this mother How lucky Amada again he's in Salah he completes his

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Salah the mother goes away. The third day she comes into the way it is authentic hadith, and he's again engaged in Salah Yaga rage. The son is studying engaging Salah the mother is a human she's provoked by anger Allahumma in Shahada Julian Ebony No mother is talking. You know when a mother makes then my brother you'll see money without a shop. You see prosperity without a degree you will see on without degrees and without certifications. And Alaska some when a mother's tongue goes the opposite way you will see disgrace despite all the privileges. You will see humiliation I've said it to many people in different parts in America and Canada and Australia because many of them have

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tripled their income they for other reasons forgotten their parents lost their parents whatever it is, every time I travel I must have one topic on this is very passionate and very dear to my heart. I can't make any claims My mother has to speak about me. I can't say how loyal the child is. I only make dua and hope and I know I fall and I tried May Allah guide us to serve our parents. Anyway the mother now speaks Allahumma in July agent Ebony, Allah says my son jurij ally gave birth to him. Were in a column to about you can lemony Allah I spoke to him once ally spoke to him twice. Ally spoke to him thrice, Allah He did not respond. Let me intervene and interject by this junction

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remind you the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said lo conjuration fucky Hon laulima Naija but the only Allah allow me to be here. If jurij had the understanding of Dean, he would have known it was more ideal for him to respond to the call of his mother than to complete his prayer if you raise your head but he didn't have and ignorance is no excuse. If you had if a man engages in optional prayer, and his mother calls him You got to tell me need that Salah you got to turn and get to your mother. That's the call and how do you don't do it when you engage with your wife or your business or your sports or your paper? When when the command of Allah is you talking to me and your mother calls

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terminate and go there? How do you don't terminate when you engage in anything else? Call me crude my sister it's your choice.

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Whatever you feel if you had liberty, I'm telling you what the line is living has said.

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Allah I spoke to him three times Allah He refused. Allahu Allah to meet who had to do who would you miss out? Allah now My heart is painting Allah now My heart is painting and I believe me a mother's hurt is the curse not the curse. No mother verbally curses. They don't go but the hurt is the curse. And and the joy is the drama. It's not a you know, my late daddy used to say a login agenda. That whenever people used to tell him make dua she said, you know, moto Honda was dead Walker a Koi da da da. Mother makes draw for all. But some children are fortunate they take the mother makes law for every child. That's a mother. That's why she is a mother. But some children, they compare the mother

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in the support in the loyalty. Allah let him not die until he doesn't see the despicable sight of prostitutes repeatedly.

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This was my mother, she, I always tell the students Forgive me brothers bear with me. A man might be evil in his own life. He'll be answerable to Allah, but he's your father that doesn't give you justification to disrespect. Because for he's wrong, Allah will deal with him separate. But you have to be loyal to him. No Wrong of him between him and Allah gives you loyalty or gives you grounds to be disobedient to him. He might be an evil man has no start. But he is your teacher. You've got to be loyal and faithful. That's a system of a lot. It's not mine. So your system. If it was legislated by me, you could give me your input. This is a law system. It's not it's not open to, to to to input

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or open to any tests.

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Question anyway. There was a woman let me get cut the long story short there was a woman that she was known for her beauty. And you know, that is that's the strongest weapon of the devil Allah Allah save us all. They presented this woman before this boy was meant to raise and they said this woman will mislead him. So this woman came by the union UNITA Mr looby, Hosni he came in a seductive way. And she presented herself before this man, but he was not like us, Allah forgive, we will fall for a phone call, nevermind anything else. He was one pious friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He kept his gaze down, and he did not fall in any way. Then what she did was she gave access to someone else.

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And that men, you know, fornicated with this woman, and she conceived and the child was born, and she said, you know, who is the father of this child that pious man's rage? Now things took a different turn, why and how, but then inevitably, the curse catches up with you in life. That's my message. My message the long and short of it is you will take different turns and twists in life, but the curse will catch up. You will hit highs in your life. You will hit prominence in your life. You will climb it's in your life but the curse will come your way. And if you've taken too far, you'll hit drops and drops and you will fall with the drought will come your way that's Allah

00:31:13 --> 00:31:52

system. And Allah has a well entity that uses natural law, hitta Videla Allah said, your systems and principles are flexible AI minds are inflexible. If I decide that's how I operate across the board across the board, that's how I work. So anyway, they didn't accuse this person. And people they fall for it. They said, Oh, this man year, you know, having a image of piety they when they demolish his monastery, and they put him on the back of a donkey. And then they started humiliating him and disgracing him, moron into ha Dr. Nasir biharmonic, Laia imposter, evil, adulterous, immoral men. And he says y'all know the truth a lot. And they took him from street to street he was silent. Then

00:31:52 --> 00:32:31

they brought him on a particular street where the most immoral unchaste prostitute woman will live in. And as they went down, they they was flush of emotions on his face. There was a smile. There was tears and then it was sobbing. Then it was just sobbing. So someone said What is this generate? We took you there you just patient we took you there you were patient. But when you came here You broke down. He said My mother is long gone. But today her curse stares at me. Today her curse is she said Allah let not this man die. Tell he doesn't not know for a man who feels a law. Just the sight of a strange woman is paying nevermind the sight of an immoral woman. We need to look at it ALLAH forgive

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we don't feel so that's not a sin. That's not a crime for us. Allah forgive For some it might be an honor Allah save us all. But for one who fears Allah that is nothing less than there for me to be shown in front of such evil wicked immoral unchaste woman. He said My mother is long gone. But today hackers is staring at me. The cartoon data on me I Li called the curse of my mother. He was a pious friend of Allah. He said Take me to the child. He performed to record salah and then fatahna houfy button he took his finger and he poked it in the stomach of the child. And he said yeah gulaman abou child stand up and speak. Who is your father? Does the Buhari Sharif there's the hadith of Bokhari

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sorry if the child and said My father is that shepherd and you are not my father, people, you know, they'll fall for them. They built his monastery again. But what I'm saying he was honored and everything but the curse of his mother came with him. We make dua to Almighty Allah, he make us among the fortunate people, that every morning we take the draws of our parents, we take the draws of the pious people take the draws, they are those respectable people in society. Take their doors, those doors will go a long way. And likewise, don't oppress. Take the two other men who came to clean your garden is 20th and 30th. And give the 30 day and let his heart be happy. Your children

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will be happier like an ancestor understanding

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