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In Al Hamdulillah in Alhamdulillah

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when I

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say Dr. Marina De La

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da da da, da da da

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when I said

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Mohammed Abu hora pseudo

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for calling me the

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ministry upon you're watching me Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim over Finally, son, everywhere anything here Santa Amala como

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wanna be hora de Allahu taala. On one origin column in the morning was Salam.

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ala rasulillah, color, color, color, color, color, color, and color book outcome aka Latina Salatu was Salam. For de la Mola lobby masakazu Luna bu Karim Allah daddy camino de Nino Al Hamdulillah me RME honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. Among the many bounties and favors of Allah tala upon in San Juan is the great number of parents. It is unfortunate and tragic. The reality of this nama generally dawns upon us very late, and some of those unfortunate children, that the reality dawns upon them after the parents have left this world. If a person studies Quran in Hadith, he will safely come to this conclusion that after a line he pursued after the rights of a

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line is resold, he is most obligated to his parents. And furthermore, if he does a more intricate study of Quran in any analyzes the Pharisees and reverses, he will come to the conclusion that as far as servitude is concerned, his obligation is many fools more to his mother than said to his father. Hence we find they are sufficient a hadith in Indian in the combination of hygiene that explain and express this particular theory that after learning Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The greatest obligation goes out to our parents, that he Karima is one verse among many verses that I have selected for discussion. While our brothers to honor your mother on one day with the world

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calls Mother's Day is an insult in Islam. Every day is a mother's day and every day is a father's day, there is no day that you are not duty bound to her. Listen to what Allah has to say, where Allah will now arouse your sentiments and Constantine's your obligation to your mother, whose challenges and difficulties started prior to you coming into this world. From the very conception from getting on with your mother was in pain for you. The Quran says our signer in San Giovanni de Santa, and we have enjoined upon men to be dutiful to his parents to be obligated to be obliging. Then Allah singled out his duty the duty of men towards his mother, Allah Subhana Allah.

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Quran was

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his mother born him with pain. She delivered him with pain, what was the sorrow most allatoona sorrow, she bought him. Then she delivered him. She circled him and then weaning him off. The Quran says it took a great portion of two and a half to three years of the the strength of this woman. The energy of this woman the abilities of this woman, in this initial stage and in this first development phase of yours Oh in San Juan

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de la tuna, Shara and this particular bond. Well, the thing is of the favor to the mother is a very critical juncture is a very critical relation between mother and child. Perhaps if you have to analyze the bond between any two humans, the strongest of bonds that exists is between a nursing mother and her nursing child between a second mother and her second child. That is why the commencing in the opening verses of surah hug. Well that describes the security of the day of Tiamat and the supreme horror of the day of Tiamat Allah says yo methadone artisan hello hello Moreover, hace nama that it will be that day when a nursing mother will become negligent and will abandon her

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nursing child. So when this relation will not remain, which is the strongest of religion, necessarily no other religion will avail you what whatsoever who could lose it Hamlin Hamza, and a pregnant woman will abort her fetus. Nevertheless, the Quran late mentioned in this is three times Allah speaks about the duty towards your mother. Brothers. Voila. The love of the mother is unparalleled. The love of a mother is unparalleled. We find when a lotta commandlets return moosari is Salatu was Salam muda well hyena Ilan Mimosa and

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this one side. Children have been killed goes

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blood in the left of the mother. Naturally the fear the history of the mother of Mussolini salatu salam, every woman can understand if a woman is possessive over her children. If anybody just stretches the pig, if the woman cuddles, the child embraces that child. The fear is that Chrome is going to slaughter my child. Allah inspires the mother of Moosa, while hyena, Mimosa and Demi, and we inspired the mother of Musa that second your child. For example.

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While at a coffee shop Sunny, and when you feel that the intelligence of Taro will locate your child, then don't fear put him in a basket and let him stay in there have a nice coffee work Whoa, whoa, whoa,

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whoa, whoa, don't fear his separation. And don't don't fear in his downing and don't lament the separation in our Lake, we will return this time to you. So on the command of Allah tala, she complies, and she puts her child but naturally there is a clash of emotions. She's overpowered by the sentiments of motherhood. So the Quran says in God that the Nativity Binky Lola or Patna, a mother you seen a child off at the airport five year old child going with her with her brother, but again, she's looking up Okay, my baby, look after my child, you will be well my darling. Can you see she's releasing yet the mother is putting the baby child and infant in a basket to float into the

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Nile on the command of Allah. Again overpowered by emotions and sentiments. The Quran says in Gaza to be de la putana. She was on the verge of divulging the secret of Allah. And she was about to say bring that basket back. It's my child what is to happen, Lola patina, but we inspired her, we gave her encouragement, and we motivated and she allowed this basket to sail.

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every woman's story will be different when she conceived you, your mother will tell you your story. My mother will tell me my story. Well, he says, because your mother has conceived you did justifies your application, not as long as she loved But even after she leaves this world of bear Hama Kumara biani. Oh my Allah, I have failed in fulfilling the rights of my mother. Well, I implore you, I beseech you, I beg you what has happened to that boy who has grown up today? And it's taken a woman in his nigga, by all means, but have you dropped? And have you lost your model so much? That you sit in seclusion with your partner and cherish and speak in love your mother dies? In short, sort of

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such a person?

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That boy who sits with his wife and speaks in lobby his mother and agrees with his wife? Yes, my beloved mommy is like that mommy makes those silly mistake may split upon such a man.

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Well, you will find another way to never find another mother says Allah says, Oh, my servant, I remember you when you remember me. And I forget you when you remember me, the time you forgot me also nothing of you. The child who is visiting his mother, he is in the throes of his mother, a child who has abandoned his mother and just kind of speaking to his mother, and let's kiss him till today his mother is crying for him, his mother does not forget him even if you forgotten your mother,

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brother moosari. Mother, then I can overpowered by emotion, we will come to this topic. And I want to focus on this year that unfortunately is a very hostile relation between mother in law and daughter in law. And I want to mention certain inputs as a husband, what is our role? What is the law demand from us, of course, if we are going to sacrifice the rights of anyone, it's a very, very sensitive place that we have two threat sons and husband. One side is your mother one side is your wife, but inshallah in the light of your heartbeat, I will explain to you your duty. And I will give you an option in the life of Quran and Hadith how you can, you know, mend this relation and come to

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a workable suitable solution. So my mother didn't tell her daughter that if the sister of Musa now you walk on the side of the river Nile and see what happens to this again emotion, a lot Yes, I will return this child to you. But the mother is the mother she can't forget. She went through the pain. That is why it is written in Qatar the most frequently when we must have booster drop, when Satan or musala in 1000 with Prophet would and it becomes the Navy of Allah and then under speaks with him in this rewrite. It comes Allah, Allah conveyed to him more than 3500 advises. But the final time when Moses spoke to Allah He said oseni Allah advised me, Allah said Osaka be on mc amasa My advice to

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you is be dutiful to your mother. In law, something of pertinence who seek of the homemaker Messiah, who is Musa, the one whom Allah spoke to who is Musa the one on whom Torah was revealed, who is most often Muslim Sharif second volume, who even sent Angel of get back an angel of death went online said or certainly an opt in library to remote the very masala is almost a beautiful, the discussion persistent and in the end

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atonium almost a lesson in Reba Reba amasa if you have secured the joy of your mother, you have secured my joy. If your mother is hurt with you, I am hurt with you.

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Brothers Allah speaks about the miraculous birth of Isa salatu salam in the Quran. In his infancy in his childhood, he spoke that those who had level of allegations against his mother he refused those allegations. In the hospital law. I'm the servant of Allah. The first statement that Jesus has uttered in his entire life recorded recorded in the Quran, the first statement he has ever uttered in his life, he is acknowledging his servitude to Allah and denying it. I didn't know where people come with conclusions that he's got the plan coaching the first statement of this man in his childhood in his infancy is that I am the servant of Allah. Nevertheless, that's not the focus of

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discussion. He says, Allah has blessed me with a Kitab which Allah Nina BR and Allah is made me His Prophet, while Sangeeta salah and he has ordained the performance of salah and the discharging of the God

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is a che and Allah has made me one that I am exceptionally kind to my mother. Allah speaks about the salient qualities of the various prophets. Allah highlights the outstanding qualities of Yara ceram in the Quran.

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Becoming Muslim in Allah will say either one will be a leader lomnica lumen come to Samia we have given him such a name that nobody previously had this name. And then Allah says, one with absolutely no inclination towards woman. This was the independent quality of centinaia where absolutely no inclination towards woman. And then Allah says Whopper one the one he the one who was trying to his Theron Jabara, NASA was not overbearing. The love of America is unparalleled. The device appears in both Bukhari and Muslim some prisoners of war were brought before to be occurring. salatu salam Sabah, and I'm observing this one woman suddenly she lost sight of her child. So she was running to

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and fro anxiously waiting is my child. Where is my type? Well, she doesn't look at times she doesn't look at health. She doesn't look at Well, the device appears in Muslim one woman comes to the door of Isla de la Juana. Oh, I saw I am begging one daughter on the right one daughter on the left. I started in Nana takes the three pieces of dates. She gives it to the mother the mother gives one to this child one to that sibling and the mother is about to take the third one children ate their respective dates and they look towards the mother with desire their own mother give us that one also, well, let's be honest me and you maybe we'll tell you why you're gonna take your child in

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green the other room? I'm hungry you put up another pot of food for him. But it is the mother that would sacrifice a plate of food will get up from her bed who doesn't know how to doesn't know well, who doesn't know time who doesn't know venue? What is it when to use of today have competent use of potential use the one with excel in this world, but you have forgotten the obligation of your mother. I wonder if you're progressing or not progressing?

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She takes a date she then splits it in half to this day we have to that baby I said the learner observes with anxiety then if you only return all of you will have peculiar thing happened today. What's it I saw? A woman came back in I gave her three pieces of data. She gave one to one side one to the other. The daughters looked with desire she split that she gave half to half a dozen said I saw and make you my witness then that is what you put it woman la casa de la la decal Jana. Have you forgotten this mother of yours?

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Nevertheless, this woman is running to and fro trying to look locate her child. Wherever Allah has likened his love. Allah has likened it to say I love you more than your mother, not to the Father. Why? Because the love of a mother is unique. So anyway, if this woman finally catches sight of the time, then the lady says, as opposed to the botany ha, she throws the child close. And then she circled the child. Maybe Sam tells the Sahaba Asana has

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been not Mesaba, do you think this woman will ever abandon this child? You've seen the love she displayed? Do you think she'll ever neglect this chart? Sava said no, never, never return said love love our hammer. Ba Ba da minha z. I swear by Allah. Allah love these servants more than this woman loves this child. When Safina Moosa was separated from his brother, and he goes to mount Dora, and then we return and in the interim, a person by the name of summary, initiate the worship of a camp. And then Moosa returns. Ingrid Raja musavat been a super angry upset, but then he comes to his brother and he grabs his brother. And yeah, again, just to digress, the Quran says he grabbed him by

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his beard. The commentators deduce that from this weekend, well imagine the length of the beard was sufficient that he could grasp onto it. This is something that the commentators have mentioned, brother, while I digress, I may add on to other points. There's one thing that I have out of my own humble analysis I have come to that it is a sin by itself. It's one sin, but it leads to 1000s of sins and there is misusing of the site. It's one sin by itself, but it opens up the doors of a lot of evils. And there is one quote that I have personally seen in many people. It's one good by itself.

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But what law it opens up the doors of 1000s of good Canadians the lengthening of the beard, as long as you will not lengthen your beard and resemble the appearance of nearly ceram you will camouflage your identity wherever you travel. Let's be honest brothers and less technology from our heart, you will camouflage and you will disguise but yes this will clearly depict you in society as a Muslim as a level of salary. And just one quality will motivate you further and enhance your spirituality towards the obedience of Allah tala. Nevertheless Muralitharan grab his brother, the brothers then seek the sympathy. So he says, You have no oma Oh the son of my mother. It doesn't say when my

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brother or my biological brother, he says Oh, the son of my mother. The commentators say when you use the word mother, he was he was playing on sensitive guns. He was using the terms simply mother denotes sympathy whenever the mother is used, it means something the quarter in the beginning revising Buhari Sharif, a person comes to me via creme de la isn't only over la who is most deserving for my best relation, the visa Some said your mother, whatever you will learn next in marriage, your mother, whatever you will learn next in marriage, your mother whenever you have a law after that, then on the fourth instance whenever you have a left with your father, three times in

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succession than if you have unless he is your mother. Once are we continue via creme de la creme Yasuda la jihad, I want to go in the path of Allah and fighting the path of a lot what he was the hero but I thought I will come and put my situation before you and take advice from you the resources that have come in only do you have a mother? I said yes, the services are answered. Yes. Let me add something somehow in the janitor individually. Go and secure a good relation with your mother. serve your mother in general it is yours. But there's many times we want to apply it on other on other situations. delay your vacation and serve your mother. delay your holiday and serve

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your mother in law says it is gentle for you. Another intern a mentor a love but when I read the

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lyrics Salam says I feel like nobody is the narrator of the story. Listen to the brothers, Leno Omakase? Sorry baignoire the date? What was the sake of Houma? Were you a conic have been menjadi can be saved on my Sahabi your presence, sitting on a bed the words of your sleeping or sitting on the bed in front of your mother and bringing joy to her. just bringing happiness to a wallet. That is what the mothers are wanting. How many mothers told me The only complaint I have is tell my son not to shout me. Tell him not to be vulgar. Tell him not to be harsh with me. Tell him not to raise his voice in front of his wife, the woman who came in his life today? Has he forgotten me for the

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for the sake of this one woman? Oh my Sahabi it is better for you to sit in front of your mother to the hecho Houma and make her laugh with 1000s of viewers are making their mothers cry. We are those of you that will make the mother smile when 1000s of us are making the mothers wrestlers were those of us that will bring soothe and joy and happiness that when the mother turns decide it's a pain of agony for one child that is away from home. When will it be when the other son can come and bring joy and happiness when she thinks of you also his joy when she lifts her hand when she in the dead of night also your thought comes

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around says Your presence before your mother Angelina happy word and feeling a good word is better for you can holding the sword in your hand and fighting in the ferocious battle and killing the kuffar bringing joy to your mother if your home is better for you. So that somehow becomes available I want to make Jihad but I've come to take your permission Let me tell some kids do you have any parents? I said yes I have my mother let me sell a lot instead of tequila happy ha Faiza for antigen one more time you don't want to secure your religion with your mother. If you have done that, in the eyes of Allah you may have also you may do more also you may Jihad also, if you've done that you've

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made hard you've made you've made your heart you make everything secure your religion. Allah was there one time he says I was sitting with an aviary in a place called Giovanna and levier is somewhat giving some meat to those Sahaba that was in Jacksonville Lachman is up in Brighton. Suddenly, one woman came advancing towards the viola. He stood up in respect in all bossa nova Rita who he took out his shawl, he told the Sahaba to move, and he told the woman to come and sit down Sahaba all perplex, Who is this woman that enjoys such hospitality at the hands of nearly from the savvy with an elite of the adhesive, I kept that as a hobby. I said, Who's this woman? So he said he

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Oh, and let him know that this is his foster mother, who settled him when he was a child.

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But this is the application to a foster mother, you tell me what will be your obligation to your biological mother, Allahu Akbar. I haven't got time to explain

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Makita Taiwanese American human rights in the risala when he speaks about hajian Kobani on page 29. It says when Satan is Miley Salaam was taken by the father to be slaughtered on the command of Allah and they came up with precise location where son and father got ready on the command of Allah

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chubby. And then the son tells the father of my father, I think preferably you turn my head down so that there is no eye contact, so that you you do not become reluctant while you're slaughtering must not happen this eye contact, and then there's a bit of reluctancy while you're in the odd overlap, but then he goes on to say it gets to the point I deduce from this quotation on my father, when you slaughter me, in my human reaction, I will kick and when I take, my clothes will be stained with blood. And believe it or not, this will be the only government that my mother will say this, I don't want it to be stained with blood to aggravate the agony of my mother when I'm gone. Once upon a

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time, the smile of this old man was so sensitive to the to the sentiments of his mother, who took into cognizance, the joy of his mother, when dying under command over law, what has happened to the smile of today, that boldly, loudly, clearly, repeatedly, aggressively speech to his mother, in the presence of his mother in law said, No, no, nothing. No have you know, Socrates accepted of death men who give preference to his wife over his mother?

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One person came to

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you set your pious men but I never see you eating with your mother. He said, Can I tell you why I don't, of one plus package at Yamaha illamasqua if I eat with my mother, I feel out of the sheer respect that I have put it mustn't happen that her gaze falls on a muscle, and I pick up this muscle which he has intended to eat. If I do that, I consider myself to be disobedient to my mother.

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In the books have

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two things I want to say mentioned.

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One is, as I mentioned, the relation between mother and wife. This is a very sensitive religion. I personally have been involved in many marriages, which are in jeopardy because of this religion. I'm going to prove I'm going to present to Hawaii to substantiate my pattern of thought. And what I am suggesting in advocating at this juncture is very important. It's very sensitive. The first Hadith is narrated, in turn will provide the narrator of the Hadith is Sharia law. When we attempt sallallahu Sallam says, nausea, heartburn, nausea heartburn, Allah virtually mucho

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El Mirage is the greatest obligation a woman owes his to his spouse and our husband. And the greatest obligation a man owes is to his mother. Let's analyze.

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The first sorry, the greatest obligation on a man is to his mother, and the greatest obligation on a woman is to her husband. The second Hadith

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is narrated by Phil Knight. Now Bertha Nana is in Benghazi, Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam plays man up Bahama tea and when

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he gets up obeying Allah with regards to his parents, asked bahala who Bhavani musk to Honeyman agenda. He gets up in such a way the two daughters of gentlemen are open for him. Woman

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ATHLEAN lilla is the windy day and he who gets up disobeying Allah with regards to the relation of his parents. While you and I sit here and I focus on the elderly people with the utmost respect. You might think this is a wonderful topic for my son to be present. I'm asking you oh my respected father, and oh my respected uncle, those that are elders in me in a with utmost respect. Why do you want your son to respect you? My cry to you is my call to you is when last Have you visited the grave of your mother? When last Have you visited the grave of your father? The device appears in Muslim the ultimate canopy of Allah says some people enjoy high abode things and then they ask Allah

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Allah but I did not perform this. Allah says no, no every day your your son is making dua for you. This is the rewards. But as I'm addressing the congregation that is silly effluent Allah has given you well, then you will not say is one of the best ways you can reward your parents after the demise is to initiate Daria Daria has various form. One of the best things in the view of analysis is to make water available to people. The ble Synopsys make water available to people, some remote place some jungles, some parts of Africa, where people will come and drink that water. Whatever you can give your health and your wealth. Like one man told me so sadly, you know, he said well, and I'm so

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sad that when I had my parents I didn't have a diet nor did I have wealth and lots of my parents away today and that gave me help. Also Allah gave me wealth also, I have some money. I wish I could take them out but they are gone. I wish I could take them for one day I spoke about the reflects of parents. And I came up with a lot of brothers that were time he came to me one brother he embraced me. He said mama You are lucky you can go and knock the door of your mother and ask for forgiveness ask me. I know how many times I've heard my mother. Where do I know who do I know? What do I do? I spoke about many years ago I gave a talk and I spoke about the harms of giving priority to your wife

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over your mother. As I walked out of the message there was a brother was sobbing literally seven brothers. He gave me in place me

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Then he says, you know, Trey, you've opened up a reality to my life and you've opened my eyes. And I remember that brother I wasn't even married. He says, manana May Allah make it easy for you. And may Allah reward you for the advice that you have given me, believe me the day the reality will prevail on you, and this will stay true the situation is totally different. Nevertheless, they come back to the party just so much to mention lohani Malanga, samina lopaka, gentlemen ofin lanahan Daddy, if there was any way of disobeying your mother lived in the Word of Allah would have even made that forbidden, Sonia melaku Masha, Yama

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says disobedience and to do whatever he wants to he will be deprived of the fragrance of gender. A Yakumo galvanising revised appears in the Buddha would then appear when law says, Whatever send you to Allah will punish you inaccurate, but there's one sin if you do alone, leave your job, no one leave you there and it is this obedience to better

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his advisors isn't a moron. He says, I give you three advisors lattakia Nava Salatin way number

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two man Moncure. Don't sit in the company of the kings and the rulers. Even if your endeavors are noble to invite them towards good, you will be engulfed with materialism. What does that mean? Why not to run, don't sit in seclusion with a woman, even if you are teaching a parent, what has just happened not only what it is, don't ever befriend a man who is just obedient to his parents. Allah has no regard for him. We conclude with this hurried way. I urge the brothers in this gathering brothers, if you think that your mother From today onwards, I asked you to go back and speak to your wife and tell her this is what I told my wife and I mentioned it and I said it to a lot of times a

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lot of occasions. Indeed, it's a hostile religion. Let me explain this.

00:26:43--> 00:26:46

It will make it easier for you to comprehend what I'm saying. Then.

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If you just open your parents, two doors have janma open the Sahabi says But what happens if your parents oppose you and they oppress you? via Instagram said Wayne Bella who were in Panama who were in Panama who even if they oppress you not once or twice or thrice if you disobeyed him Dunham is open for you. He will be guilty for his wrongs she will be guilty for her wrong but there's a time at no right Is it correct for you to raise your voice in front of the woman that circled you that nurse you that Can you do that for us it took you from pain to pain brothers. Tell your wife From today onwards that your relationship between my mother and you is hostile. Whatever differences you

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have take it in your heart and in your favor, if you will make me happy and just my concluding advice. Let's look at the situation objectively the greatest obligation of the wife is to the husband the greatest obligation of the husband is to the mother you serve my mother and don't wait for my mother I am happy with you. If I am happy with you in a viola says your gender is done if my mother is happy with me might have done that which is jeopardizing our marriages and breaking our marriages. Why not look at it with a spiritual eye on my wife Timothy for your generosity for me, may Allah tala dawn upon us the reality of the numbers of our parents, those of us that our parents

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are gone. Let us go to the covers and try. Let us make one law that has give charity in the past of Allah tala, those of us that our parents are alive. We do not believe in Mother's Day. It's an insult to your mother to one hour, one day in the job. Every day, every moment, every second is a mother's day. And if you are going to give a gift on the Mother's Day, then apart from it, you know being wrong you will be harmed because it is coming in the resemblance of the enemies of Islam everyday secretive, but of course not in the resemblance of Kufa. May Allah Allah give our parents long life May Allah give them protecting the health in the world. May Allah give them a bit 15

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reward May Allah give them brothers, I know personally I would choose I can tell you I was studying and I left the madrasa and I did not want to study a lot. My father who helped me with such kindness and love and mercy, I think of this in a civil goes down my body, and he helped me and he embraced me. He said, Oh my boy go and study the future ahead. But with such kindness and love that he told me if it wasn't for that advice, perhaps I would have never been here. May Allah give him the best of reward for the wonderful advices that He has given Walker Dolan and from the left