Responding To Provocation, Bitter or Better

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The speaker discusses the importance of being a good step ahead in life, rather than just trying to prove yourself. They also mention a teacher's actions that caused a embarrassment at school. The speaker emphasizes the need for consistency in behavior and a focus on one's own success.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim needless to mention that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam possess the most sublime character in just 29 in chapter 68 verse four Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in Nicola Allah Hello clean, Avi or Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam surely you possess impeccable character. Today we have a quick look at two amazing qualities in the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam number one years before Hale mo Jalla. His forbearance always surpassed his anger and his rage. In English They say he who angers you konkursu but the second quality is even more amazing every quality is amazing Hassan a Jimmy Rufus Ali, he will act as the do * that

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will Jahangir la illa helma The more you provoked him, the more calm he was, the more you try to enrage him, the more composed he was. Now every one of us at some point or the other. We had to interact with a person who was either irritating you or provoking you. As a parent, it could be a child throwing a tantrum, and you've been embarrassed in front of people. Are you going to succumb to the provocation of the child with the tantrum? As a teacher there is a student in the class who's deliberately or inadvertently but doing something that is upsetting you and that is frustrating you How do we respond to it? So they've been Sarna he says, I studied the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam his life I was convinced he was a priest prior to accepting Islam, and he said I needed clarity on this year. Long story short, I had borrowed the messenger sallallahu wasallam some money, and I said that I will collect it on a particular day. Two days before the period had labs I came in this was deliberate on my part, because I wanted to provoke the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam so I came to him and I said, Yep, no Abdul muttalib Oh, the grandson of Abdul muttalib you know what the period has lapsed and you owe me money. You people are notorious when it comes to settling debts, I need my money. And as I started provoking Amara, the Alon who was looking at me with fiery

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eyes, ya know, who to do ironical, Fela Kilmister deal? He looked at me and he said, Yeah, I do with Allah. Oh enemy of Allah at the cooloola rasulillah Hema asthma. Are you literally blurting what you bloating and talking to my prophet in such a harsh and an abrupt way? The messenger sallallahu wasallam calm Omar down? What does he do * that will generally Allah he'll hilma The more you provoked him, the more calm he became. He said, Omar Omar, that's not the way you react. That's not the way you react, what you should rather have done our Omar advise the him to be more lenient in demand in his view, and you should have advised me to be more prompt in paying my debts. Allah

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Akbar, Omar, now you take him, give him the money I owe him and give him an additional amount because of the manner in which you responded. Amara villano obliged. And on the way this man they've been so honest, confess that this was the deliberate ploy I provoked I am convinced this is the Prophet of Allah and he took the Shahada. So what's the message my brother and what's the message my sister, if you cannot change what is happening, then change the manner you react to what is happening. That is where the strength lies.