Sulaiman Moola – 6 Sinful Women Part 9 of 10

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The loss of family members due to the coronavirus pandemic has caused negative consequences such as physical altercations and loss of family. The importance of avoiding sexual interactions and clean heart language is discussed, along with the use of shaming to avoid negative consequences. The history of Islam, including the divorce of a woman and the use of women as consort, is also discussed, along with the history of sexualization, including the use of women as oppressors and the use of women as oppressors in various ways.
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Because of two loans, number one

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manana tuna saga because she had the evil habit of destroying her good by reminders of her generosity, so she used to do good but she constantly harped about it. I did so much for this family I did so much for my in laws. I did so much for this. Constantly. She destroyed her good. Yeah, you know how Latina Amano la Cupertino? sadaqa chicken bill many one. Oh you believe don't just throw your goodbye remind us of generosity. Don't destroy it. The Vla sir salon says three people alone will not speak to one his manager who does good and speaks about it.

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Save 98 of the amount of said Don't forget the kindness that he's shown to you. And don't ever remember the kindness you show to others.

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Don't remember the kindness you show to others. manaton has sada and the other quality issue was very jealous.

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For others today, what a tragedy amongst us.

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That while we have our external enemies, you know I often say that when when your enemy insults you you don't have a problem. When I'm walking in a western country, and a disbeliever insults my beard, I don't take offense to it. Because he never claimed to say Mohammed was the greatest human hands he doesn't believe in the life of near a Salam. But when the so called Muslim, who chants the slogans that Muhammad was the greatest human and wants to echo the sentiments, our Prophet, our Navy, our Quran, yet he suffers a complex of identity and he gives me flack with my beard, I have a major problem.

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When the coffee hates us, then that is what is expected. But when there's internal amongst ourselves,

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which is weakened us, we just shifted our strength.

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We just destroyed our power.

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The Quran says that before the dwellers of Genet will enter into agenda, one as Donna Murphy sudo remains in linear one and Allah says he will remove all the jealousy from the heart. And as a result of that, they will become brothers and then they will enter into gender. And then they will see one another in a higher abode in general, but they will not envy they will not be jealous. Now the Quran says when the jealousy will be removed, then only they will become brothers. Believe me when jealousy is removed, then strangers become brothers. And when jealousy remains then brothers become strangers.

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But others become strangers.

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Someone seen him and his smile, seen a villager

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young you know same seen elderly men, but in good health and good spirit. his age was over 100 120 so he asked him what's the formula so they didn't make money out of it. And take that old man

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after he dies, dissect his body take his skin do this anatomy and that anatomy do some skin tests to get a d'amato and then make money out of it. They asked this man What is the secret to your age? He said thorak to Lhasa forgotten. My heart doesn't have a jealousy for anyone believe me. Allah gave me divine good health. I don't know what his sickness one thing I can tell you in my heart is no evil failures. As a result of that, I don't know what is sickness, obviously if you have medical connotations to our health, but they are also spiritual implications. One Sahabi said is a rite of passage and fatal big one and a botanic Wasserman and theistic farlam and Nikita farlam and Nakata

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Kalam tamala. Yani he either either Casa within a week when you see your heart has become hot what firemen and fear is the and you find businesses bad now that might you know spark some interest

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well 100 free button and you find you becoming weak and you know you you think of sugar is too high and you becoming lazy then rest is short on a physical note there might be 10 reasons on a spiritual note you've been flirting a lot of nonsense that is the result of what you see

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on a physical note you can analyze it and critically analyze it maybe this is not right that is not right. But on this spiritual note if you want to grade yourself and look at it this and that these are the options to look at you're not taking care of your thumb

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so clean the heart manana Tada. Hi marble sad to not sold out of the Aloha who came to Nevada. And so don't ever ever lie. You've divorced me Have I offended you? Nearly Sam said No, sir. Okay, oh, no, viola, do me a favor. Don't divorce me keep me in your nikka and on my night, you can go and visit your other wife Ayesha. Now, look at this.

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cleanliness, then the viola was about to divorce her. But because of her cleanliness, she scored on this point here that she said I want to be over law I passed the age I don't need a man, you can visit your other wife and i will free you have the obligation of meeting me by virtue of the cleanliness of a ha ha ha ha. She remained the wife of Navy and a Salaam and she remained the mother of the woman and she will stand up as the consort of Muhammad SAW someone the day of Tiamat if she allowed her jealousy to dominate, then maybe she would justify an argue and say this and that, but then this privilege will be snared by the how far her vision was, how much word her sight was, how

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broad her shoulders was, while we said you would tell me Allah saw his choice as blessings upon her. What are clean hearts

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as Muslims we were supposed to be a nation who desire good fathers. Allah forgive we have fallen so low we can see good happening to others, nevermind desire for them.

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ponder over what I have said. We were supposed to make good happen for others, that is impossible and that is far fetched. When good comes to others by other channels even that we can handle even that becomes a principle.

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And when when that day will come when a good proposal comes to my daughter, and I will refer that boy to another nother man, you will see the sun the boys Allah will send to your house, you will see who Allah was sent to your house. Then Allah brought Musa to the house of joy. Allah brought him to the house of shaman a Salaam the daughter said oh my father, why don't you employ this man he looks like a good neighbor of the father said why employ rather let me make him my son in law.

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Allah brought that.

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And the last woman well I'm melotti Allah surah tickle for him the Hakan

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Na Ma Mattoon cassava, the last woman that was in the form with a scene in the journey of Maryland. We only spoke on one howdy brothers. In the journey of marriage. Only one add opened the books of Hadith and you'll see many the woman who was changed into the form of a dog and the different forms of Azov that came upon her. She had two crimes and this is common to any person for in Narconon, nama mutton cassava. She used to carry tails. She used to carry tails, and she was a liar. What are you laughing money? hamotzi Masha mbean me one who carries tails, just to create fitna just to just rub just to just unite to create fitna between two people.

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A bit of money now for the unknown who comes to near a salon and he says I want to be over lahari the beloved is always interfering with me.

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So now we are in Salaam Kalahari then he said hurry. Don't interfere with a Brahman even now because he participated in butter.

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So far, he said on the viola you heard what the rock man said. But you know what? Actually he always interferes with me.

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So now Vla Serato. Sam said Oh, no, don't interfere with Khalid Allah has referred to holidays in Saudi

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Arabia, he said Ahmed each one conscious of the virtue of the other, look at measures to narrow the gap and not widen the gap.

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look at things that will bridge and not widen.

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nama Mattoon the one that carries tails

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said passes by the grave of two people he said these two are suffering and they have not committed a major crime. Now it is major but they trivialized it mama You are the burn up Kabir Bala in America to whom I am shipping NEMA. One of them had the evil habit of carrying tales. That what am I have written

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carrying tails amongst pleasure lessons. These are Kitab written on sins in which there is no pleasure as a matter of fact there's no pleasure in any sin. But there are certain sins that give you fake pleasure but some sense don't even give you fake pleasure. For example carrying tears what what pleasure Do you get a man might say looking at a woman is getting pleasure listening to music is getting pleasure carrying things His pleasure lessons, yet the tuna is so severe.

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carrying things back biting, in one derivative comes one person will present before a law. His book of these will be presented along with ask him his availa makikita Tl halfway done. As my angels are pressured they will say no a lot

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