6 Sinful Women Part 7 of 10

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evasion behind naming his children

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today you you and again pressure the wife you say it's got to live and then oh no we got a Fatima in the house. We got the ISI in the house.

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We got this one in the family. But when it comes to other things then it doesn't mean that we duplicate it each one was have their own.

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We got one devil box in the house is not enough. Each one must have their own but one Fatima in the house is enough.

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Hi, If you only knew who Fatima was to my Navy, you would have named your every doctor in your every game doctor. If you only knew who I was to my intervene, you would have named me every woman in your family I saw

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you wouldn't have suffered a stigma.

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So as these children come running,

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she says it can be very fickle Mojave, Lana Medina Take this money and go to the town and bring something so they bring the food and they presented before before we live near Mubarak.

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So she tells a Filipina Mubarak Kudo Chabot Honey, I'm being slept don't feel milania

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eat and enjoy the food that Allah has given you of the lab now Mubarak says no, no, no, no, no, it's too much. I need to understand what is the secret of this woman? You get those those three children? He said tell me Who is this woman and what is the story? So they said Harvey haven Mona, this is our mother.

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In Santa for the last 40 years she's added nothing other than porn

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for the last 40 years simply out of the fear that if she is anything else, it can become the means of uninterruptible law. She has an attorney any other statement offended he only speaks bruh and she communicates a message through Quran

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so who was that second woman hung in Johanna more Allah Putin Vinny Sania patina Hakuna to these Oda why she was guilty of verbal abuse. The third person the Vla. Sam says I see.

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Well, I'm miletti

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more than bcda hoffa in the hot tub pseudo ferocious out to the woman who was hung by her chest. She was an immoral unchaste woman. And she had betrayed the integrity of her husband.

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She was outgoing.

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That a wife of

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a law book about when say the night by Emily Salaam comes into Egypt, and there was a titan Runa and he was told that Ibrahim is traveling with a woman who is very beautiful. And any person traveling with his wife, you would have ducked the woman and satisfying his lust.

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And that is what the world has made the woman today

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to satisfy their lust. And that is all what it entails how they have degraded the woman. Look at the integrity of this woman and look at the divine intervention for the safe God and the preservation of the chastity of this woman. When that is her vision. Right of Buhari she performs to rocket Salah she makes Lulu she performs to recap Salah she said Allahumma

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inni absent to 4g illa Allah so

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Allah you know very well. I have lived a very chaste and an upright life. And I haven't given any male access to myself other than my husband found out to sell it on a yard sale copy Allah I'm not going to allow you to let the scalpel touch me with his evil hands. To get this woman out she spoke to Allah. Allah you know, I've only given access to my husband. I'm not going to let not This meant that to me. And any woman that would come he would have ducked and satisfied himself.

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So as sought up the wife will say the night but anybody set out to a salon went in this man with these even need to stretch his hand as he stretched his hand towards sarada at the bar, he says he then became paralyzed.

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His hand became paralyzed.

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He apologized and he would throw what throws his head again he's provoked by his ego again he stretches again he's had on three instances it becomes paralyzed.

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On three instances, nebulae Salaam seen one person eating with his left hand, the bat Sam told him politely will be a minute. My brother eat which are right here. He said, I don't feel like

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that is the more or less translation. last a few I cannot. I don't want to end the hadoo says mama who lol cable. The only reason why he didn't want to do it was out of pride. You know today we tell many youngsters my brother optic music is the mustard.

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Don't feel like those are the attitudes, maybe at least around says you don't feel like less.

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My curse is on you may Allah paralyze that hand. That why it says from that day onwards, he could never move that handle that he died. He could never lift his hand.

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Literally when failed them.

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So anyway, this woman Look at her integrity. On the third instance, this man makes Toba. He makes Toba and he says, forgive me. And that is when he gave a holler at me by Emily Salatu was Salam. That became a gift to me by ma salatu salam and then became the mother of the Arabs. So the third woman talks to the ferocious jihad. When, when the wife of when the daughter of Satan or Mussolini's Salam came to call satana Musa, the daughter of Schrieber Islam came to call Satan a moosari. Salam, the Quran speaks about this year. And this is a very important thing. We often hear this that sometimes women have to communicate, we are living in a world it's a commercial world interaction

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takes place. Yes, undoubtedly it happens and there are certain occasions, but looking at the manner in which the Quran explains Yeah, a strange woman is speaking to a stranger, later to only know that she becomes the wife, the stranger been moosari salaam, the strange woman being the daughter of Shiva etc. But the Quran codes the reaction and the walk of this woman, Fatah to a pedometer machine.

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The Quran says she came in such a modest way that as if she was walking on modesty in the light of evening Kathy O'Meara villano commentating on design it used to say in assembly so behind Allah what he lays at the Center for a minute Nyssa de la gente de la jetan.

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She came totally modest, covering her face, not like an outgoing vocal, outspoken, you know, chanting this slogan and that slogan, that type of woman very modest, very polite. Tone him down she came in she said, Oh stranger in the Royal Canadian Zika drama satiny. Jelena. My father is calling you he wants to talk with you. Now look at the piety of an abbey. He was tired he was hungry eight days away, but he tells the daughter of shravan A Salaam do me a favor. walk behind me. walk behind me and from the bank you can tell me which way to walk. If it was asked me know what we would have done. Allah forgive us say the man told his son Yamuna. Insha Allah said well attempt

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on my son if you have to walk walk behind a lion but don't walk behind a woman.

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You know your weakness don't jeopardize it more. So that was the condition of just Allah bring morality into our lives. Allah bring integrity. Allah bring faithfulness in husband and wife loyalty and faithfulness between husband and wife.

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The first woman well I'm Melody sohara. So finzi

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Mr. Allah Al Fulani, Mina la da Oh honey, that fourth woman whom I seen who was disfigured and upon whom came severe forms of Azov for inaka net Laguna de forma de la mina. Hi Eva Genova. What does z ob Sala I'm afraid this woman was very negligent when it came to taking her Ghazal when it came to performance Salah she used to delay in animals. We know the ruling that if this 10 minutes before sunset a woman becomes Park did that officer namaz becomes compulsory on that woman. Now the woman ideally delayed to the next day 12 o'clock in the start animals from

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a sir McGreevey shotgun.

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It comes into your yard that the woman amongst the Sahaba I read this divide in the night they used to get up they used to keep a Lenten on the side whatever, light something and then they used to get up at midnight to make sure have they become park or not. If they have become pure than English, it is for us on them. Today we have all the comforts we have an en suite we have a shell everything found yet so many numbers are neglected in this way.

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What this does is it will be set up and she used to neglect her salah and the same thing goes about fasting. So much fasting is missing this regard.

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Allah has been kind to a woman that Allah has made it a hot Ramadan does not terminate at the sighting of the crescent of chawan