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So I said you know what's this guy have some food you want to join me? She says sumati masama illa

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Allah says complete your fasting evening she understood she was fasting. So I told her but it is not Ramadan. Why are you fasting so she recited the verse or under Sumo highroller in contempt of Parliament but if you fast is obviously a lovely audio so I told her you don't want to talk like are we talking please when I'm trying to talk to you?

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So she said my Alfredo min Colin Illallah de la de buena it. Allah says you're worried of the cameras on the road. Remember I also have cameras monitoring every action of yours.

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You have cameras on the road? You're watching about this person watching you and targeting you and you're worried about that mile Fredo mini tolling Illallah De Niro t Boone it take care of the stump the second woman hanging in tandem because of abusing her tongue.

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One person says Yep, yep, nicotine says one person mounted onto a conveyance. And he was he was right in the foot of the animal slip. So he says we said that Mr. The silly animal. So when he said the silly animal.

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The angels recording good and bad started arguing for Casa gulia mean Maha Santa Tanaka bacala Saku shimelle manga Tanaka Baja, the angel recording good said well, silly animal I can't classify it as virtue so I won't put it on his noble deeds. The angels recording evil said well, it's not a pleasant statement, but I doubt it's a sin either. So I'm also not going to record it. So nobody wants to record it. For all Allahu Allah sothebys Shema. Allah inspired the angel that writes down the evil. And Allah said the screening and the grading process will be done by the angel that records good. If he doesn't classify it is good It will be recorded in his evil deeds.

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If he does not classify it as noble now misstatements we blurred throughout the day, which we consider meaningless and we consider what is so wrong about it. Now, Vla Salaam says many things a person is a statement, and then he just defines is wrong as I previously said in my opening comments, what does he say? La yarrabah

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in Milan della seconda moville Kalamata Minh sakaki la la la pasa he acts as if it turns the displeasure of Allah, but he himself, he suits himself and he says, No, no, I don't think it was wrong. It was about time time he's told. These are the comments he makes to justify and soothe himself. The Vla ceram says that's his opinion, but in the eyes of Allah using loopy hafi Narayan Nevada muy bien al mushrif. Even that statement drops him in the depths of john the distance more than between the East and the West.

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So anyway, I asked that sister

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Can I take you to your destination? So she says Mamata follow me along the law. Whatever good you do a law will reward you. So as I put the animal down she said, mommy Nina yokomen in a bizarre photo photo don't tell the believers to lower their case. So she said I put the camera down and she sat down and she was still sitting I had not tried the camera so the camera started running and it tore her dress. So she said Mama asaba Mimosa but in America submit ad con, whatever evil comes your way is as a result of what you do. On this year, a thought comes to mind. Sometimes when our day is going wrong then we say I think today I did something wrong. These are the common statements I

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wonder what I did. Now I always mentioned on this show my brother is not today you did something wrong actually you did something wrong every day. The Quran says Allah took you to task or you're wrong today only don't consider you're wrong in proportion to your difficulties. The Quran says you do wrong all the time majority I overlooked sometimes I take you to task.

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So it's not the one day when you met up in an accident and you're not your head in business is not right. And you say something's not right today. No, no something is not right. Every day the Quran says masaba Kumasi button for bamaca Sabbath ad kung fu and karate. Allah says more most of it I overload. Sometimes they take you to task Don't be foolish to consider your own proportional to the challenges.

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So anyway, I told Okay, sister Wait, let me tell you properly, so I typed the camel properly. So she said Nah, ha Suleiman

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Pham Nana Suleiman aku Tina Marie Ma. Se mounted and we started writing. Abdullah Mubarak said let me find out this woman is very pious. The question that he asked later and obviously he was a pious man we would have asked first Are you married sister?

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I look as old are you married a Lucky's old. Obviously he was a pious man.

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Just to find out who she was. So she answered your eulogy.

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Armando latas Hello. Shia in Tibet Allah kutesa are you believe don't ask questions when you will be told the answer you won't like it rather Don't ask. So I kept quiet.

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Anyway as we started writing she read so behind Allah de Saqqara la amaku not only Quran

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sahana Leviosa para la dama imagine a woman whose day is foreign and then she presents a plethora of food before you.

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Let's move to

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LA via what is left on savedata mfu Fatone bellafill.

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Enough suka fee haha Nia wonderful Mattoon levy veteran mania in La Jolla. Min Assad within Paseo de la via the poet says the Xhosa tune Mati ha and obedient wife

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iE nakahara via which brings joy to your eye. They say this wife was looking at the nickel certificate for a very long time.

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So the husband asked what's it My dear?

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She says No, man, I'm looking for the expiry date.

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I'm looking for the expiry date on this legal certificate.

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lazada The Xhosa twin mafia twin, that obedient wife I know can habia when you look at it brings joy to you for the Philippines soggiornato maffetone belavia, not to the Western world they want when a stranger looks at him he becomes happy. This is the contentious issue. Islam says that your husband looks at you and become happy. And the Western world says that the entire world look at you and become happy and hence we have a clash of civilization.

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Hence we have a claim you study study the western civilization and an Islamic culture. The very key difference between the two between the two civilizations civilizations is two components two factors. Islamic culture is based on modesty and simplicity. This is the basis of Islam. Now you can study the whole Quran and Hadith revolves around this year, let them be models and let them be sample of Indian Islam and study of Western culture, let them be immoral and let them be extravagance

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that is the direct opposite. So you have a function Let it be lavish and let it be immoral. Now you can study the whole Quran and Hadith he has been summarized in this year.

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It's based on these two things, simplicity and morality, if there's morality and simplicity So anyway, we resumed

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as we are traveling, we come close to a caravan so I asked her I point to the caravan and I asked Do you have any family members in this caravan Is this the caravan of yours with whom you're traveling? So she says Alma known as de la jolla to hayati dunya. So I realized that she has sons there.

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So I asked her, you know, what are your sons means? She says, What have I done La Jolla Bara Hema Padilla waka llama la moussaka Lima yah. Yah, yah. Nikita Babu.

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Again, brothers let me seize the opportunity she spoke on and she gave her children names that we put on today people are asking names ever mind put on even the Arabic dictionary doesn't have it.

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Believe me, even the Arabic dictionary doesn't have it.

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And I cannot tell you I'm inundated with calls.

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What did Zubair alarm say? In Nepal? Tata Tata, Vanessa, where you send me Benny, the asthma in MBR? What are the Anima? Allah and Mohammed? We're in a low Sammy Bunny, be a smart Shahada, Allah, Allah Mr. Sudden,

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what did he say? so bad. Now I'm said my friend, my colleague,

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in Natal hottub now obey the law. My colleague is naming his son after the names of martyrs, which I respect, knowing very well that there will be no Nabhi often to be at a salon. But I am going to name my children after the names of martyrs, simply so that I can create a resemblance between the newborn and a martyr by giving him the same name. What they'll hope that my child will also grow up in Allah will privilege him with martyrdom. That was the motive