6 Sinful Women Part 5 of 10

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When the Quran was revealed, still pleases Allah today. What displeased the last displeases Allah. We are trying to please people who's joining is not known whose displeasure is not known. So we walk in a shop to purchase an article, knowing not if this will impress my wife would impress my wife. Last time she said she liked this. Then she said the color wasn't like, I don't know I'm spending money, time and effort knowing not if I will earn the benefits of that. There's no doubt if you get up for failure. Allah will be pleased or not, he is pleased.

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Yet we still run around trying to please the creation whose joy is not known whose displeasure is not known.

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So let me get a Salam as Ali Ali, what is the best gift you can give a woman

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who said I don't own a viola, I did it alone. When he went too far to mow the lawn. He said, Can I ask you a question?

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Now imagine we asked this question before I give the answer that every sister asked herself. If your husband is asking you, what's the best I can give you your father is asking you your brother.

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What won't come in the mind of our sisters and every one of us. So far, the model the Atlanta said, the best thing for a woman is like you're in a region whether you're Oh no, no.

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The best thing is give them such an environment that no strange man causton evil glands upon them. And they are in such a conducive environment that they are not exposed to any strange man.

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So I needed to learn about happy and he came back to me on Instagram, so don't ever like a dancer for you. Let me on instagram said what's the answer? So I don't even know the best thing to give a woman keeping in an environment where you veil her and you save her from influence of men nabire Salam sidman Allah kochava Who gave you this answer? So I'll either the one who said Fatima nabire salam said yes that is my Fatima it can only be my Fatima who will speak like this Fatima to bizarre to me It can only be my Fatima no other Fatima will say this. It can only be my Fatima to say this. You study in the throes of death. Up in the beauty salon passed away. Out of Yolanda Bailey lived

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for six months. She was in the prime of her life in her 20s

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she was young.

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One day she attended one janazah after the death of wha Salaam and then she wasn't very happy how the disease was covered. So she called us Mara the alarm on her and she said a smart

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listen. I'm very worried the day I passed away and I'm making you in touch. Then she broke few branches from a tree and she made a coffin and she covered it and she said a smile I make you in charge when I go you cover me totally. My entire body must be wrapped up I don't want any strange men to look at the clock nevermind my body

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in one that I read myself. liberally Sam said when humanity will congregate before Allah and Fatima bin Mohammed salaallah alayhi wa sallam will stand up then one announcer will announce Oh people lower your gaze Fatima wants to walk.

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Everybody will drop the gays in Fatima Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam will cross

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a malamala to Bishop Marina in LA to hottie Sharona o le o Fatima the first woman hanging done which are shown on the night of Naira she openly flesh to hear before strange men.

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as men we have been told to lower our gaze and a Sydney Monica vilano says the Hulk Juana was manipulate upon

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him right and fit 33 minutes at Tustin. I was coming to attend the gathering of horsemen evening of fun, and on the way unintentionally my gaze fell on a strange woman. And as I walked into the gathering, Othman evening, a friend of mine who said Yoku, Atacama artha, Rosina Bina, and

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some of us are making a presence in this gathering, when the signs of Xena are vivid on their eyes.

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So unless you've mnemonic said our Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam

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other doors of revelation still open.

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Other doors of revelation still open.

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Source money now fun said no, no, it's not revelation through which I've realized this, what I consider certain sadhika it is the inspiration in the heart of a believer by virtue of which I've identified this year.

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So really, there is the first point that we take to heart. The pride of a woman is in covering herself.

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Why melotti mohalla putten melissani hofa in the heart on these odar the second woman who was hung by Hutton in Ghana

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was because she was guilty of verbally abusing her husband

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constantly abusing. Now again, there are many cases where it is reversed, where the woman is a victim of abuse, and the man is the victim. So, whoever has perpetrated the crime, this is the consequences. The prophets Allah ism gave that Sahabi three advisors emblica leka dishonor, look after your tongue, cry over your sins and stay indoors.

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Look after your tongue, cry over your sins and stay indoors, and the very ceram tolaga even isami it can be some final motto that only shavon Juan la cara Marie de Oba Tryon, observe silence. This will enable you to accomplish your spiritual objectives. You know you have aspirations to obey, align, you have goals, you want to put those goals into practice, you want to implement it, try and make silence a common practice and Allah will give you the strength to to implement your good intentions. You want to derive strength to accomplish this is where it lies.

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There's a beautiful incident I was reading

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the first aha amongst a woman, woman who were very eloquent

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and who were very conscious of their speech.

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We don't realize what we say. One person came to Abu Bakar villano and he insulted Abu Bakar Subhan Allah who was Abu Dhabi alone to get our back and responded. He told him you know a mouthful you like this you like that of a Colombian man who said, If I am like what you said, May Allah forgive me and if I am not like what you said, May Allah forgive you.

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If I am like what you said then May Allah forgive me and if I'm not that May Allah forgive you that he's accused me for something I am not guilty of.

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When I read this, I cried. I literally cried. And I said if somebody has to come and tell us something that we are not innocent, we are guilty of we are guilty of it and he tells us how would we respond? And Abu Bakar said if I have done it May Allah forgive me if I haven't done it May Allah forgive you.

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So anyway, of the lightning Mubarak Rahmatullah is his courage to harden I came out for Hajj zrt based in LA Haram, to see the house of Allah was here at the property he sallallahu wasallam and after returning from hygena distance, I seen one elderly person so as I drew close, I seen it was a woman

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so I greeted and I said As salam alaikum so she said Salaam bola Mira Mira him

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the Peace be upon you, which is a verse Allah speaks about it upon the greatness of gender.

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So I asked her, you know, she answered, I asked

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mother that that's not enough. You have that makhan sister, what are you doing? Yeah. So she answered by saying, well, may you live in la oficina de la.

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The one whom Allah must leave, there's none to guide him to a novela so I got the message. She says she's lost the road.

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So I asked Dana 3d Where do you intend going? So she said Subhana Allah de la de la la manera Masjid al Haram, el el mistreating appa saw, All praise belongs to Allah. Muhammad says I'm from Australia.

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So I understood that was overseas going back to Australia.

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Beware of fraudulent copies of this and other media products, fraudulent copies prevent and destroy the possibility of future productions. Help us to continue providing you with digital media products. Buy a genuine copy

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of your CD needs contact simtech Islamic CDs 082 509 triple one syntek Islamic CDs manufacturers and distributors of Islamic audio and media CDs. So I asked her how long are you here says that she says tala tala in Serbia.

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I always have the Quran in each one elaborates on its own way. I've been here for the last three days.

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I told her Oh sister, you don't have any food. What do you eat? So she says What are you telling me while you're sleep? Allah feeds me and Allah give me what's up.

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So then I asked her how do you make Hulu you don't have water for a lamb today DOMA and Fatima moosari da. That if you don't have water, you make them